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April 25, 2007


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Her chances are very real!

Chances are they thought that with the first three that filed.... they still can maintain control with who ever wins.

It's a whole new ball came now with Emelda in this race. I think you are right Omdui. All of a sudden a compromise is on the table which was none existant before Imelda decided to run.

Hmmmm.....Very Interesting

Now I am bigining to think that the Koshiba group are regulars on this website.

I think some of the boys are threatened by Ms Emelda. We all know that she is going to win. We need a scent of a woman in there to air out the musty and stale odor.

Ms Emelda, you have heard our cries and disappointments regarding these guys, therefore, get in there and clean up the mess.

I know that you won't think as Palauan (melengmes) in regards to what's needed to be done. So, get in there and do what's right for the people regardless of any obstacles you may be faced with. I will be praying for you.

In my opinion, the Koshiba Camp is not so much reacting to the potential candidacy of Imelda but rather have their eyes on the Presidency. Like I've said in a previous post, Koshiba is not in it to win but merely to prevent VP Chin from ascending. Also, why do you guys think there has been talk about raising salaries for Ministries et al.. If Toribiong wins, you will see the same names. Seid is salivating at becoming Ministry of State. Why? I let you guys finish the thought. What's that saying again the more things change, the more they stay the same. Bye for now.

Well joe,

I'm thinking that the VP Chin has already won, it's just a matter of time now. And there's no quastion about it. Secondly, Imelda just might win because she has the courage to face the dragon. And for that, I give her my support.


Questions to be considered:

Has Imelda ever been arrested or criminally charged? Has Imelda ever had the need for a pardon? Is Imelda a proud Palauan mother who is concerned for the future of her children and the nation of their birth? Did not Imelda's father demonstrate time and again, his love and concern for his country? Did not her father prove himself to be a patriot and leader with the "common touch"? Can one say from any of her past actions that she seeks the Senate seat to enrich herself? Is there anyone who knows Imelda who has not witnessed her compassion for others, her belief in the written laws and her respect and protection of traditional customs? These are but a few of the questions each voter should consider--the answers will clearly show if Imelda deserves your vote. Palau needs Imelda and others, who know right from wrong and what equality under the law truly means. Go Imelda, GO!

Joe Australia,
and Ometikl,

For presidency, plis don't count your eggs YET.

Today, Youth Conference were held in Amayong Center. I heard guest speaker from abroad telling VP and Director of Public Safety had no plans at all about drug users and prisoner have rehablitation program and many others lacking in his ministry.

Secondly, there more leaders who have not been charges on their misconducts, fraud, embezzle public funds for their personal enrichment. VP is using government resources like all other leaders. He had forgotten his compaign ad like hospital boat ramp and chapel. His is lack of VISION for our future.

Plis, keep your smart brain open to learn more while you are studying for
yours and our children better future.


Japanese ancestors' said or claimed that BLOOD is thicker than water.

Joe Australia,

I forgot I know yu from high school that you were very smart.

One may be very SMART but older women in Palau once said that she is still young "ngdirk mengerngur a uldesuel". She need to grow up to how to be a woman (kloul Redil) medengei a ngerchelel.

Just wait until you get more gray hair and you will get wiser to understand.

Gud dai.


Sen. Diaz were on his radio with Dean Joshua last week or two. They were defaming Sen. Surangel "ultechei, smecher, komla mellomes ra oingerang".

Diaz, does not understand politics nor Dean's mind. He does not know that we the people are long suffering from his stupidity. Now, he have two guaranteed in US Army retirement income and Senator's paycheck. He act now and joined the leaders play his paycheck drinking wine and eat meat. He had no VISION but re-action to attack the weak and have nots.

A good leader is not necessary Harvard graduate but know and understand his/her basic needs. He msut have a VISION for his poeple and Belau.

I have learned from President Remeliik to Salii to Tomas to Etpison to KuNakamura to Tommy.

Today we have experienced a no vision no action but environment talk only and act opposite.

Look it does take college degree person but Yotsieng to see to understand our belau.

Adam yang

Imelda will save the day. She's going to join Santy, Surangel, Yuki, and Otto and reverse all the illegal and immoral things the current Majority have been doing to our people and our country.

This is Imelda's purpose in life, to serve her people.

God has answer our prayers. He listened to our cries. Now He has given the people of Palau an opportunity to save itself. Imelda's Voices is coming to the rescue.

Imelda will save the day. She's going to join Santy, Surangel, Yuki, and Otto and reverse all the illegal and immoral things the current Majority have been doing to our people and our country.

This is Imelda's purpose in life, to serve her people.

God has answer our prayers. He listened to our cries. Now He has given the people of Palau an opportunity to save itself. Imelda's Voices is coming to the rescue.

The more we think we understand the less we know, the less we know the more we think we understand eh Elabama? Responding to the comment made by KBB2 regarding the verbal attack on Senator Surangel by his fellow colleages namely Koshiba and Diaz. using WWFM as the medium to question his intellegence probably says more about them then it does about Surangel. Could we call what they are doing "negative campaigning" ? Why attack a man who is just doing his job? Perhaps its because they are cognizant of the fact that Senator Surangel was the leading vote getter in the last election and the existence in their minds that Surangel teaming up with VP Chin will almost surely mean a winning ticket for President and VP in 08. Who are Koshiba and Diaz doing this for, you ask? Off course, its for JT. Consider if you will for a moment when and if JT wins, Koshiba will want the UN Ambassadorship while Diaz will whore his services as Minister of Propaganda. Boy, those will be some dark days in the Republic.
Why do you all think President TR has been sitting on the fence witholding support for any one candidate? TR wants to see how things play out. Like anyone he wants to back the winner. Its the one way he can preserve his presidential legacy. To me this has been always TR's biggest drawback, that is, his need to play it safe by telling the people only what they want to hear and really depriving the ROP of the leadership it has so desperately needed these past years.

COCONUT POLITICS!!!!!!!! that's what it's all about. Imelda "marcos" won't even save the day either. you can put an honest man in the political arena and soon enough they inherit the skills of politics....lies, deceit, mud slinging and plastic personality. so no matter how you all bitch and whine it'll be the same as yesterday, today and tomorrow. here's a kicker for you all to ponder about...by the year 2015 our coconut government will bankrupt...you're all so smart so think about it and firgure it out.
take care........

I would hate to be in the same team with you, baku. Instead of looking to find solutions of a problem, you predetermine that we are all going to fail.. attitude matters the most in anything.

Oh yes, Batukioll...and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Prozac might help, you know?

did you know quitters will never see the light at the end of the tunnel.
If a man can't reach beyond his grasp, then what's heaven for?

You should get your facts straight before making comments. VP is working on everything he talked about in his campaign. Just because he hasn't built a million-dollar facility in 2 years doesn't mean he hasn't been working on it. If you ask him about it, he'll tell you that the plans for the Emergency Dock and multipurpose hospital building are done. What remains is finding a source of funding. All those who were gung-ho about supporting the projects in the beginning have surprisingly backed down. I know because I asked him. I e-mailed him and he responded. You should try it.

VP doesn't have to build an expensive facilities because he's trying to conserve and knows what Palau can and cannot afford. Look at subelek farm that's able to provide food for the prisoners instead of spending money to order food. He's utilizing prisoners for projects to minimize all costs. That's the kind of mentallity all Palauans should have. Know where you're and go from there.

my bad....then don't quit whinning since none of you have solutions but bitch and whine. truth hurts so live with it. remember..2015 i will personally tell each and everyone of you "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!"
me...i'll keep on fishing and sell my fish to your relatives...the phlips, chinese, japanese that are taking over the islands...HA!

What's the truth re: 2015? Care to elaborate?

I do not blame Mr. Koshiba if his action was unconstitutional. I think he is fed up with all the bullshit thats been going around and want to take the seat to resolve some of the issues and to be heard. I think that all the senators should learn alot from him. "Voice". No matter what it is, its your right to speak what you believe in. Thats why others do not really like him because of his loud mouth but he knows that its his gift that god gave him and he has to use it.

Depending on your perspectives, it could easily been Koshiba who was bullshitting. The other half of the aisle could have done exactly the same thing to end the "bullshit" coming from Koshiba. Instead they chose to uphold the constitution. Perhaps, they are the reason you go to sleep with a peace of mind when you know that there are leaders out there who respect and will fight to protect the constitution from unhinged congressman.

Are you saying that I should rob a bank to feed the poor? It must be the right thing to do. By any means, what he did was wrong? What a disappointment he has become with his wrong choices? He can't have his cake and eat it, too. maitai!

I am not saying that you should rob the bank and feed the poor plus I am not saying that Mr. Koshiba did the proper way based on the constitution.

As a Palauan too, I am frustrated seeing such fights in the senate that concerns a position which takes a lot of time when theres a lot of issues out there that are more important which concerns lives of all citizens.

If they can fight hard to get Mr. Koshiba unlawful act to resolve, how come they cannot fight hard the same way for our childrens education, hospitals and other benefits.

Why couldn't they just solve some of the important issues concerning the lives of our citizens before they start fighting over the shiny chair that makes you sit taller than the rest.

Why not rob a bank and you have enough to spare, help the ones that have been struggling hard to make a daily living with their low salaries and cannot sleep well at night worying about tomorrow. (Alii, HOD wants to increase the salary of the President and other officials.) What about the majority citizens if there's enough money. What about our hospital that sometimes you get misdiagnosed due to lack of testing equipments? What about our school- facilities, learning materials and our childrens lunch programs.

lets hope that we will choose the right person to get in there and get the job done for all the people of palau. So diaz buckle up and let's pray for Imelda to win the sit of OEK.


You and I know that committing an unlawful act does not justify the end results. We should put pressure on the president to tell the truth. His intent to reorganized the HOD was his way to quiet some leaders.

These leaders has enough money now to provide the best care for themselves and their families as far as education and medical needs. So, the question you and I should ask ourselves is this what are we going to do?
Sit on our ass and watch them continuing committing these injustice acts.

We have eight years left before Batu's prediction becomes reality. I would hate him to tell me that " he told me so"


I do not think we are going to remain unperturb and motionless. We are a nation of intellectually concerned citizens, who are fed up about our political leaders. Leaders who think they could get away with their criminal and illegal activities. No way Jose! This election is going to be different form all previous ones. I, myself,
am willing to go all out
and do my best to expose
any form or shape of corruption germinating in our political backyard. With your help and friends here, we will do somehting to change the political course taken by the current
leadership and to uproot all the plants of corruption pollinated by evil insects--corrupted leaders.

We do not have to be an Einstein to know that something is wrong back home. These Satanic leaders possesed with greed, arrogance, power abuse, deception, lies, dishonesty,etc. think they can hide themselves by sticking their heads in the chest of gold while their butts are sticking out like a crock of s---, where everybody can see and smell them. Who are they kidding!

Congratulations, Senate President Surangel Whipps! I know you will lead the senate with integrity and fairness. May God bless you!

Alii Belkul,

Thank you for forwarding my mail VP. First of all, I don't mind hearing from VP but he should be responsible for his words unless he intended to make lies to win votes.

Can you check if he had paid his account KR enterprise. When charging for materials used to build BRT. Also, plis ask VP to remove the buoy at the shallow "btila rael" going in to Chelochel dock, Peleliu State. I know that the buoy were used for Passenger or commercial ships coming thru west passage or east passage not for shallow area. Look, when the tide is low the buoy hit the bottom tilted to any direction that fit right.

I know Elias and I like him Mr. Nice Guy.

Another question? If two attorneys with different last names recieved two benefits like housing allowances? conflict of oppion or interest.

Another ?? Is deaf? Is afraid to rise up to audit and investigate our national finance crisis?? AS MOJ, what are his roles in this financial crisis? No funds, No gasoline for patrolling cars? Boat?

In closing, if he fail to build boat ramp, Dr. Yano is smarter guy and he knows that no boat coming to T-Dock because of the Babelthaup road. VP can used Dr. Yano wise words.

Belk, If he cannot do his promises. Please ask him to change his campaign ad. His ignorance showed his military (militant) attitudes " he do the thinking and I do the work" or Military lower ranks are labelled "wheelbarrow" such Diaz.

Military officers are "dictators" using the name USA "I shot you and report as defense". They well trained killers or murders or defenders or liberators by Chief military Commander / President of USA.

Quotes: Andrew Tabelual, once asked the young students (ladies). Why do the boys treat girls very nice in many ways, using chocolates, perfumes, dinner, movies and manymore? TO GET LAID and you get pregants.

We, are ladies and we real Palauan people and voters. If you cannot do them , please, do not SAY. Be honest to your people.

I close now, don't words in his mouth you are not elected VP. Stand up and speak your mind for yur corrupted government.


You got some Serious problems with VP that has very little to do with his over all performance. He just came in yesterday while the rest of these leaders have been running Palau forever. For you to single him out tells me you have personal problems.

And like I said, If I pick you Elabama to lead I expect you to do the thinking and I do the work. Otherwise if you expect me to think for you than I will fire you.

Have a nice day Lady Elabama.....

Chin's military awards and accolades should speak for themselves. The man is disciplined and his leadership styles propeled him to leadership roles in army, which he served honorably. Plus President Remengesau is running the whole show in Palau, not Camsek Chin. Give him a chance and he will serve his country admirably and honorably as he was in army.


It's ovvious that you have a thing against the VP. Amuse me and name any condidate who is more disciplined, or, and, can do a better job. With the way things are, we need somebody like the VP. And I have a funny feeling that he is going to be just fine. In another words, I see no worm in this apple!So what you say you join the rest of us and give him the support he needs.

Adang mekerang?


Thank you Mosi & Naiiro. I was trying to make sense of what Elabama was saying, but it was too difficult. FYI, President submitted request for supplemental budget in the amount of a couple million. There was nothing in it for the VP or MOJ. Looks like VP will have to go looking for money elsewhere, yet again. Hopefully the new chairman of House Ways & Means will put something in for VP/MOJ. We can only wait & see.

i see you have a different perspective on the military and of course our honorable VP and as a concerned citizen you have a point to make and other people to convince for the better of our mother land. We both share the same interest, an effective leader who will do much better job for Palau as a whole and good for most if not all the Palauans.
Well, I see Mr. Chin as an effective leader who knows what the goals are and comes up with a stategy to achieve those goals. I hope you're not misguided by his words " I do the thinking and you do the work".

belkul and all,take a look again at mr.chin. you have not seen him take stand on national issues that of great concerns to common peaple, instead he has spend time mastering palau politics and now doing exactly what many of us are complaining about....olab a kall ma ilumel el mengetikaik ra rechad....case in point..
-subelek farm, we've heard all the good things about it, but the part where his supporter are using portion of the harvest for his town gathering are not heard . prisoners are free in aimeliik, and this had promt aimeliik legislature to pass a resolution calling for a stop to the program in aimeliik land
-prisoner are going all over palau fishing and again you know where the fish go....his explanation is that it goes to he elderly and poor
-do you still remember the guy who killed the SDA missionary family...on his sentencing the shrink who testified sad this guy is beyond help especially palau with limited resources on mental health. the guy was sentenced to 99 years, guess where the guy is now....his working with VP chin's brother mr. cammen at the conservation corner...and mr chin's explaination is that is from a big family in ngarard so we need support from his family in 2008..this guy was senteced to 99 years and his out working in an office and out and about with the rest of the public....
-when PSB went down, where was mr chin and where is he now on this issue.
-there was a prison break and prisoner went missing in march...did we know or was the public informed of the break...NO, his instruction to director hazime telei is that " tiang a tomellid ra 2008, find him or your fired and not a word to the public.
there are not made up comments..these are comming from people close to him that are begining to doubt his leadeship ability....stay tune for more

Ng kmal lungil tutau e Mr/Ms.Jones......

Ng di soak el mo kmu sesei e kau a lsebechem e mluut el meskak a bebil ra kentil ngkal chad. E bodungil michi el mora ulebengelel melak el sal kmal mo klou a rrau el reng ra rebekel chad. Adang?

A kot eng soak e loker el kmo tengar ngii a rechad ra beluu er sera lenguu tial deruchall a VP el mla metemall ma lechub e te mla merechorech a kloklir le tial Program ra VP a uchul?

Ongerung, Ngikal VP ng mla emoit a tela e lududir a tax payers e meruul aikal tekoi?

Ongedei, A kall er tial sers el mosaod erngii. Ngera mlo kdek er ngii eng mokdubech? Ng dimlak e luchul a ngeseu el mora beluu ma skuul? Mal sekum te supporters er ngii a menga ikal kall e tirka ng diak el chad re beluu, ma lemuut el tang tirkal supporters er ngii tediak lorael lomes e lolengeseu er tirkel mechebuul ma re mechitechut? Te di dengchokl e omengur e merkong malechub?

Ongeuang, Ngikal VP a dirk mle er elii, e dirkak a udoud ma fund el mora obis er ngii el blal temall. A ngerchelel a kmal klou ea funds erngii a kmal kekeri malechub eng diak. Maikal program ma temir a rechad el kelebus ma supporters erngii a di tada. Meng sebeched el kmo ng meduch el remuul a tekoi el diak el uai tirkal meketeketang el ngar tiang el di mengitakl a udoud e diolekngemed erngii e diak a ngerang el blal rrelii. Ma lemuut el tang. Kau a mesaod a oreuikl el loldars ngikal chad. E bai diak momdasu a steisai ma boox el blal temal a betok el mengeteklel Belau el mla mo rak ma rak el di molilt er tir e diak a mla merruul ea belsed a mla melketeke.

Sel momes ra chad el meruul a tekoi eng bai ungil a omomes ra klou el siasing el kirel a rokui el chad. E bai diak msal spend a temem el meleliuek ra rebai el mesaod kuk mlo kelel elechal sils. A di tal tekoi el mera bteluk sel kumes aikal eldechedacham e Mr/Ms.Jones e kedi locha supporter ra kuk tara kohosia. E bai diak mosaod a klungiolel ngii chad ra rechad el uai kemam. E mei el me measod a kentil a kuk tara kohosia. Me ngochotau el kmo kebekikl.


Mosi, for your info i support VP chin and continue to be his supporter, but im bigining to look somewhere else,
-akot elkrim, yes..one of the prisoner that was loose in aimeliik was found drunk at ngetbang with a stolen 25hrs power boat frm medorm..isnt that considered tellemall mo ra chad lou bilas ar tial bilas,
ongerung, how many convicts are under his payroll...hatsuitsi ngirchomlei is one them...on his budget hearing he admited hiring him to ministry of justice under "political hire" even thou the guy was fired from the police department for stealing...dont you think that is misuse of public fund...
third, the harvest that are being cooked are for his headquater where he invite group from various village of palau for a compaign metting...but he calls it town meeting...that doesnt sound right dont you think....guess who prepare those food during working hour under govt payroll instead te melul a ngikel ra medalaii...henaro antonio, hatsuichi,harry besebes and more...
let me ask you again....the prisoner who killed the SDA missionaries is walking among us with VP brother cammen and the conservation...again do you think thats rights..why is he not helping over 7 thousand depositor of PSB as many of them are poor,old and weak......again i am his supporter but im begining to wonder....

Is that the best you can dig out of this guy? You say you are a supporter. So your in his circle and you mingle with them. Is this the best you can report to the public? You talk about a guy who was drunk, but did not hurt anyone. You talk about a convicted persons history like it's VP's fault for Hatsutsi down fall. Everyone has their weakness. But to cast them aside like some of our previous leaders of yesterday and today is not an answer to what Palau is facing today.

While you point fingers, VP is reaching out to everyone. Please look around you again. Are these petty claims worth more than what we all can achieve with one vision?

Or are you very comfortable with what some of our leaders of yesterday and today have carved for you?

In regards to PSB...Why don't you ask the President yourself. The buck stops there. Do you really think that VP will go over the one in charge to solve this problem? Or are you not so sure about the Presidents motives to solve this problem?

Mousubes, mollemalt, moldak, e momakes el beduluchei....to make it count!

Kekmal mesaul e Mr/Ms.Jones ea ledirk ngarngii a rrau el reng em luut el metech a bebil el mei.

People people alii,

Haleuyah, my candidate declared yesterday at Green Bay Restaurant, owned by George Ngirasaol at Ngermid, Koror state to run for President in 2008.

Meka kuk mlecha uldesuem.


the reason why i mentioned the SDA killer and them convict rehire as political hire is because all these happended under his (VP)watch. he release the killer to work outside and reason is not because his a "trustee" but because his family is from a big family in ngerard...and that is plain wrong...director hazime telei had it worst when he was called in by CJ-ngirakelsong to explain why this kiiler is out and about with the public. well the killer's release paper was signed by VP himself. to me what VP is doing is no worst thn the rest of them politicians....ask around town...the rumors is that his closest ally and chief of staff is about to jump the boat...the rumors has it that his tired of cooking at the headquater..take a look again....

someone said VP's chief of staff is about to jump the boat. If he does, then Beketel E can do better job.

VP receives court orders to rehabilitate prisoners. It's an ORDER from the court, and he has to do it. If the order said don't let this guy out into the public, he wouldn't. But it says rehabilitate this guy. So he's doing his job. I bet if he kept the guy in lock up 24 hours, people would be all over it saying he's making up his own rules.
And about the town meetings, each state the VP visited made food for him and his staff. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but it's definitely not valid.
Were you in the room when VP told Hazime those things you claim he said? Be careful when quoting people, especially if it's not true.

who is your candidate?

Kamesang e Mr/Ms.Jones

Tirkakid a rebebil ra rechad el mla answer a bebil ra ikal tekoi el kau a kmung rummors el merael.

Kau tiang el kmo ke supporter ra VP. Mada leuaisei e mei mekulengit er kau me morael el mora obis ra VP malechub e kautiang lou e-mail me moutekangel el e-mail el korir ra ikal tekoi el mla rulau meke mla mo rrau a rengum.

Kau tiang el kmo ke supporter meng locha mla er ngii a tekoi el dilung el kau a soam e oldubech. Ngaukai a kuk denguu er ngak ea lsekum kede dmak el meruul ra tal tekoi, ea kmora rael e remenges a tekoi el ngodech ra tekoi el kid a melasem el merruul er ngii. Eak di kokongei, engdii a kot ea kma ekoloker er kau el tirterii el mo medengei meng diak bo de ketauch ra di blulak el tekoi. Al sekum ng merang ea krongesii ra ngerem meng sebechek el subedau el kmo ngak a okiu a tara rael e diak el soak tiang.

A tekoi ma tekoi e kid a sisichii a rengud e di merael ra llemalt. Al sekum ng mo rrau a rengud e kedoker. Ng di soak obomodengei el kmo a VP a di open a esmerel ra bekel taem. Ngidil chad el ngarngii a keril el morngii a sebechel e-mail malechub e temora obis er ngii e oker.

Trust me I have done that and I was satisfied with the answers to my direct questions.


butter,VP is also mandated as justice minister to keep public safe. the prisoner in question was found beyond help that is why he was senteced to 99years. and the reason for letting him out was not for rehbilitation but for his big ngerard family to help in 2008.
VP's comment to the people working under him is that he does the thinking while they do the work....no wonder henaro,hatsuichi,besebes and many more are tired of meruul a belsoil ra every other week...ngmla mo bechachas a chimorir ra omelul el ngikel...
Mosi FYI many others including me have asked that question and the answer in our inner cirle is that winning is the only game....well, Nakamura/Surangel is on the making and iam really tempted...

Well let's put it this way.
If you are planning for a loosing team because you don't like to play a winning game, than you got me there.

I guess that is why you don't like leaders to think while we assist with the work. And you are right. It's better that way. Just jump right in and use your instict to get the job done. It would be to organized if we let the leader think and lead. We might end up winning and that is not good.

Good luck to you and your inner circle.

Mesulang er tial llomes.

Well let's put it this way.
If you are planning for a loosing team because you don't like to play a winning game, than you got me there.

I guess that is why you don't like leaders to think while we assist with the work. And you are right. It's better that way. Just jump right in and use your instict to get the job done. It would be to organized if we let the leader think and lead. We might end up winning and that is not good.

Good luck to you and your inner circle.

Mesulang er tial llomes.

I try my best to include verisimilitude and to avoid frivolous statements about presidential candidates, and so I would like to be fair by employing a single standard by stating the following: As we come closer to the general election of 2008, we will support different candidates for the presidency. It is your right to choose your own candidate, and I will respect your choice. I will officially announce my candidate’s name soon. I, however, humbly ask you to join me and others here and to vote for our candidate, who will lead us if you ever change your mind before the election of 2008. We need you and you will have a special place in our heart. But make sure that your candidate does not have anything negative hidden in his basket because you and I will scrutinize each other’s candidate. This coming election will be totally different from all previous presidential elections. You will hear or read all truthful information about your candidate. So if you are still undecided, please do a thorough research on the three announced presidential candidates. I assure you that this coming election will be fun, exciting, entertaining and informative.

Additionally, I would like to warn all three presidential candidates’ spouses that anything about you will also become public information. For example, if you have substantiatable, questionable business dealings, be careful now. Moreover, if you have been unfaithful to your husbands, it will be an issue this coming general election. Whatever degrading statements you have made about Palauans in general and certain individuals in particular will be reported as exactly you have said them (verbatim). Illogical statements have no place in our new era of politics!

Nobody has ever tried to sue me for slander or libel remarks in my life, although we live in a very litigious society.

Believe me I have all courage in the world to tell the truth and to stand up for what I believe is right as in the past. I fear no harm or threat. Nothing will dissuade me from publishing truthful information. I love Palau, and I cannot be persuaded to do wrong by any means.

KB-Bridge 2,

As you know, Diaz has committed the ad hominem fallacy or the poisoning the well tactics every time he opens his mouth, especially when his back is up against the wall. Diaz has no dot or a drop of logic in his argument when he could not find his way out of any intellectual arguments or discussions. He always resorts to name calling when his thought process ceases to exist.

Surangel is a smart man. Diaz is not VP Chin who has proven his intelligence and leadership skills by moving up Army’s ladder of success based on impartial, stringent assessment procedures by the most powerful military in the world. Chin has set a new military standard for all Micronesians to emulate as Harvard University has set an academic prestige for all world universities to imitate.

You are not even to par with JK’s intelligence. I know JK better than you. You will fall flat on your face if you follow his footsteps like other politicians who have associated with him, except Mr. Reklai.

The last paragraph is a piece of advice for Mr. Diaz.


You may be right on your prediction that our government will bankrupt in 2015.
Starting with the Nakamura Administration, the government has been getting bigger and bigger and it is on the spending spree like a drunken sailor. Our tax revenue is about 30 million dollars a year, and our national budget is about 56 million dollars. Our Compact Trust Fund is about 166 million dollars and will be used for Palau’s government operation after 2008. So it would take us seven years (7) to deplete that amount ( We need about 26 million dollars every year from the trust fund to keep us financially afloat.).

Very interesting observation and prediction!
Good Job!

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