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May 05, 2007


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The world's economy was greatly affected by 9/11 incident. While in recovery Palau's economy spiraled deeper into a black hole when SARS surfaced right after 9/11. After years of stagnant and unstable economy. Our people have been patient and hopeful that our leadership
will prevail by stabilizing the economy.

Seikid el taem el mer elechang el mla rulii a beluu ma rechad metemo bekikl. A elbuul a dirk melemolem. Ma betok el mengeteklel a beluu ra beluulechad a mla mo dmak e tometemii a real ma lechub e tamla luchesii a map el tir a mo okiu eng mo sebechir e lomakes el beduluchei. Ea domes toachel ra remeteet mar mechebuul a di merael mo klou. Ea rechad e lorrurt er kid a di ketouch e kid a dengchokl el diak dodengei el kmo kede ngar ker mekede merael el bedul ker. A klukuk ma ngiaos erkid a mla mechoit. Ea sils er tirkal mengetekled a mochu ngmelt el di mesaod er tir ma deruchall el tir a kaiskurs el kirel.

Mada leuaisei e mai me kulengit er kid a rengelekel Belau me lak deluut kongei me luut el deubech a uasei el teletael. Mei mekulengit me bo dedak e denguu tial lorretel a beluu ra imorir tirkal chad. Mei mekulengit me dengul loia ra imorir a rebeches el chad, beches el mad, beches el uldasu e kuk desang. Adang

A luut el deubech a diosisiu el teletael. Le kedemo lotutii sel tekoi el kmo "Keko ra katuu el de elbedii ra ongall, e ngii a di lmuut el mong."

Kom kmal mesaul

Please excuse my writing...It's very late, I'm very tired....very poor spellings....Mousubes...hope you still get the message.

Good night....

Very late?

How about very early? That was in the wee hours of the morning, 4:22am.


Sen. SAsanuma, Please detail a little of what majors bills are W&MC, RCTDC,; i.e. corporate registry, tax net income/profit that lure Yahoo from Japan that were request by Sen.ASeid last 6th OEK. he was talking millions of fees he meant 2 millions revenues from japanese overseas corporations. Or are they just like internet pachingko, ect.

Aren't we all tired of this merekos e melaok el decheduch???? NATO.

verytired of no action talk only.

Dear Del. Cio Isechal,

Did you know that VP & Director Tellei recalled police car, cell phone from officer Blau from Peleliu precint.

I am curious why they did this to our only national police officer in Peleliu state? He is our public safety officer. Plis find solution to ensure our safety first.

In addition, VP was stunned by CNMI report/list Palau as drug traffic place for asia to the world. Where was he in the past 28 months???

Extraditions of Indonesians fishermen7 to Taiwan. MOJ/AG failed to charge suspects in committing crime in Palau jurisdiction. Extradition happened bewteen two couontries when committed crime in one then fled to the other. Another, MIYOKO's unsolve murder/mystery. To much siasing era simbun less work/actions/compaign AD/..

Marijuana raid in peleliu, VP/Director telei made an order to raid. Why , why???

tire of moj/dps

im glad you put "new face, new idea" into prespective. i would be very afraid and woried if all it matters as "mosi and others" put it -give new people a chance. you are absolutely right, we palauans supposely got tired of same thing and voted Diaz into the ofice and look what we got...it goes with the old english saying,,,,you did not know you got golds in your hand and trading them for cooper until when you realized and by thn it was too late. Id rather place my bet on record and accomplishement rather thn just the mere idea of "new face idoicy. YES, mosisecheklak, VP Elias Camsek Chin was also justice minister at the time when Mitoko was brutally killed. do you still remember what he said at the time...I think you all still remember....nothing have change or been done since....and now his looking for higher office...i dont think so...i think it was jones or somebody said something about aimeliik farm and how portion of it is being cooked and served at the campaign gathering. its interesting how we all against of...election barbecue ma ochil a malk a lolab lo mekang el mengerker a sengkyo, and what you think about aimeliik subelek farm produce. its a same thing , just different smell.

?????? I wonder? Sechersoi,

What gold did you get out of this leadership of today? Is it some of the 27 million that is unaccounted for in this administration?


Diaz was and still is a puppet by the elder statesmen. The old timers are pulling his strings. You are pointing a finger to the middle and not the root of the problem. What gold are you talking about?

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