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May 15, 2007


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I guess our President has to go back to Taiwan to get more stimulus. If not then the money they plan to use to raise their salary could be used for this type of dilema.

Kaysngel Residents,
Wait until next year to ask for repairment. One of the candidates will come up with the money in return for your votes. You have waited for three years, what's another year?

Like someone else said before in here, let's take advantage of the situation otherwise, we are all going to drown....

Bai mereko loterur e locherar a tara bilas....im sure theres a buyer.

The North Star was a "DONATION" and now we want to ask for money so we can pay for spare parts.

this is a typical problem when government(s) is involved.

Bo loureor e longerker me le borngii a udoud. Sel meruul tial bilas el moungil ele bol charge ra rechad el ngarngii el ua bilas beluu ra Beliliou el mla mo charge ra passengers ma telechull.

Bol blak a rengud loureor er beluu. Tia beluu a mla mo mui ra rechad ra rengodch el beluu el meringel el oureor e kid kmal di milil e expect a HANDOUTS.

Mla mo diak a rrenged. Diak de merur el di milil e olengit a mo eral a keled, iimeled, olcheyud. blid, mlid, eral a eluchud, ma lmuut el betok el tekoi. BO DOUREOR. "KELSIB RA ISNGED EKE DE MENGARA KELED."

Ngaukai e sechelik ra Uchelmelis, Ak di mo meskau a kuk di uldesuek e kau a lsebechem e moklemeltak.

Te kmal ebuul a rechad ra Southwest, Angaur, Peliliu,
ma rechad ra Kayangel el diak lulech ra Babeldaob.
Sera bode sengkyo el melai ra Compact ea rechad ra ikal beluu a dirrek el mle ngeiuul a olechesir el kirel a omengeiul tial tekoi.

Mada leuaisei eng diak a eldechulel leng diak el sebechir el remuul a real el mo ra ikal beluu leng toachel a delongeled. Malsekum ng rolel olideyuul. Eng Goverment er kid a kirir e lomesterir a ileiakl e ludaoud el kirel a orretel a olideyuul er tir. Ak bai kongei el kmo ng sebechel a SP el mengeriil a udoud el temall a rechad e loungerachel a ududel a bilas beluu. Eng di ng diak el sebeched el mechititerir me bol ua longeluch a mo rolel a bilsengir.


This is just too irresponsible! How can a state not come up with a plan to raise or earn money to fix a boat in the past three years.

Does everything have to come out of the National Government or the President's office? What would you do if your car or boat break down?

Mosi, your the teacher and I wouldn't dare try too straighten what you have said because they are all very true. I also agree with you that aslekum mlarngii a miltemall el udoud el tillemall a rechad than they should be investigated and prosecuted.

I would like to add to what you said though about the outer islands. Let us take Kayangel, for instance. Here we have a Governor who has been sitting on his behind while the state bilas is "lyinging-in-state." What has he been doing? waiting for hand-outs from the national government. On the other hand we have Peliliu. what has the Governor do? He enacted a policy re. state boat-that passengers must pay and freight must also be paid.

Elechang eng parts, ea klukuk eng eluch, ea ngiaos eng salary for the boat driver, ngiosel eng udoud el echeral a tawasii mo melatch ra eungel a bilas, next week eng udoud el mo eral a uak ra bilas,... etc. I could go on and on but you do see where I am coming from. When will it end. We cry about the bloated salaries of our leaders and the bloated gov't yet we want this ad-ons. There is no umbilical cord to Fort Worth Bank. It has to end somewhere sometime and I think it is time now to cut the state governments off. If they cannot generate enough revenues to sustain themselves then they should declare bankruptcy and voluntarily shut down.

But what do I know!!

Akora melalt el kmo, even a Merikel amlo reguir er tirirei el ngara welfare el loureor for certain number of hours weekly. Leng temla metik el kmo adil lomesterir a udoud etedi kiei ra blai lomechell e meral diak sebechir el mesuub a responsibilities, ma work ethics a diak leng tesmau el di milid. Meng meral kired el mo mesuub ar chad er belau el diak did depend er tial government er kid mauchul engdi kea ududed mekede olengit a udoud.

Tiadi uldesuek, a merikel amlamo medengei el kmo, adilomeskid a udoud engdiak el sebeched el mo mesuub el kuk di mokid losiik a cheldechulel e melasem el kuk di mokid.

Malsekum a merikel amlamo meringel a tekingir el mora rechad ra belurir ea kumdasu etial negotiation el mora compact amo telkib el meringel a lomeskid a udoud. Tia kuk di uldesuek..

I hear you my friend Uchelmelis. And this is no different from us picking the right Senator or the right President who will make sure that accountability is a must.

The thing is...It's the suffering of the innocent
public that concerns me. After all they pay taxes too just like the rest of
our leaders.

If it requires minimum payments from the public to help for gas and oil than by all means implement this policy. Other wise we should not punish the public for others mishandling or mismanaging the state budget.

Also...Ak dirrek el kma loumerng er tilechang e luldesuem e Mori,

Ng di mo yor er kid e lochotii ra Merikel el kmo a ngeseu el mlei a beldukl ra ikal babier ma omeruul e lochotii el dimlak kimtemall e tir a mosebechir el mo oumerang e mo sebechir mo mimokl e lolngeseu sel dousbech a ngeseu.


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