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May 15, 2007


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Is this some kind of James Bond gadget that does all kinds of things. Wow! $30,000.00 for a xerox machine.

It's your last term, so why not! Instead of triming the fat pig, why not empty out the Compact Funds. Let the next one in line worry about money issues.

Ng mla mo diak el sebeched el kmo "Ng meral mlo mechas a renguk."..."A kilebetiekl."....malechub eng ekede kmo "Tirka te uaisei?"

$30,000 xerox Machine? Oh my gosh. They should have checked E-Bay first. The Delegate's cousin "Philip Reklai" would be more than happy to give out a bid just for that xerox machine. I agree with you Mosi. It's GOTTA BE from the James Bond Movie "To Die For". HIGH TECH.


Oh yes. Mario just had to fund PCAA employees. Most of the employees were victims from the Defunct PSB Bank.

There was a reason for the reorganization of the HOD to take place. TR can ask for anything he wants now. Kedemeral chebuul er tirkang. What's next, his private plane with his own pilot. Why not.. jumping Bells, how do you feel to be someone else puppet to use. I wonder what you get in return? To pardon your sins, maybe. what a joke,

TR seems to have great confidence in whoever will be the next president.

getting a raise-2.7 mil

sending the team
to a game-350k

xerox machine-30k


for everything else theres always a loan to apply for

We better wake up and realize that he has the queen of spade in his hand. we have been bought and delivered to the next president which he has appointed. His tactics is far more than we can comprehend. We have made our bed and we might as well get ready to sleep in it. Good night everyone...


The xerox is being made in hong kong according to some inside info!!

It has a special capability to xerox and/or make carbon copy of these morons leading our govt. Its paper costs 200.00 each and the edges are lined with diamond.

It also allows our delegates to xerox their faces and comes out with a new face and new attitude.

This xerox has been also known to prolong human lives especially their sexual drives


kede chebuul


our pre'z'ident have something to say >>>

“Good morning my Palauan people, the key to sustain our economy lies in a $30,000 xerox machine. It can print $1.00 bills!”

Melemalt, I would like to make a slight "amendment" to your comment "for everything else theres(sic) always a loan to apply for" to there's always Taiwan to.... you the rest of the line.

last sentence should have had "you know the rest of the line."

Sometimes it helps to take our minds off ourselves. The "sticker shock" reaction to $30,000 for a copier sounds legitimate if one is considering buying a personal copier for their small business or home office etc... but prices for office copiers with the ability to make color copies can run higher than $30,000. Take for example the price of the XEROX 4595 which starts at around $47,000 but with printer functionality it goes up to $53,000. So you see $30,000 does not seem too unreasonable as the low end for these machines usually hovers around $12,000. My only contention is if we are willing to spend that much perhaps we should consider spending a little bit more for a machine that can functionally last longer and is readily servicable on island.

ssshhhhhhh....you guys may not know it but this copier can print money which means our GOVERNMENT financial shortages have been answered...HA! on top of that all of our senators,delegates,governors,legislators,president,vice president,all the ministers...shit...give all the belauans raise with this copier that can print money...why not...ha!!!

Gush 30,000 for xerox machines. Whats the purpose of this xerox machine? OF course, I know but a bit confused if they would spend money on this xerox machine instead of minimizing the spending and get the cheaper ones.

Maybe, there's something behind this xerox machine request as additional but silence.

i'l tell why the 30,000 dollars xerox machine. it is a favor for aimeliik deligate Tus since their now new HOD majority. the xerox machine is sitting at PR and Lei's place next to furusato just waiting to be picked up by HOD. yes, you heard it here....this rumors is from the horse mouth

The reason why this xerox machine is too expensive is because of it's capability to make coffee in the morning, checking the appointments of the leaders including their frequent lunch meeting and massages...

Watch out you secretaries, your job is just about to be replaced by this modern technology if the form of xerox

It looks like only Joe understands and is familiar with the type of copier machines that can meet the workload and demands of our national congress.

The $30,000 price tag is not exessive. It is a normal price range for the types used by congresses, given its capability and extensive use. The congresses of the FSM, Marshalls, Saipan, Guam use machines of the same price range.

Easy on our congress e lak mkora odedongel.

Relax and have a little sense of humor in life...

Melke, Of course 30,000 price tag is not expensive engdi, tekor ra dirk mlo merek el mesaod ra reduce a expenditures ra gov't. Tial xerox machine al lak el mengai, eng mo diak el sebechir el remuul a urerir. Ng kmal kirir lousbech ra worth er tial ludoud el xerox machine.

Ng kora mechese rengud. Ele lolekoi a kmal auanai ra omerellir. Me bai le concentrate ra lemuut el meklou el issue.

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