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May 10, 2007


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As of 1 AM (10 April) with Peleliu (central and proper), Kayangel (proper) and Angaur (proper) unaccounted for, here are the unofficial results:

HB: 2,102
PU: 1,379
SP: 1,332
IN: 523

ORES reporting live WW-ORES, better than WWFM!

Now I can say, I TOLD YOU SO!

And I did. I asked you to vote for Hokkons.





Palau has voted into office a person with a felony conviction in the United States He is not allowed to enter the U.S. Well done Palau voters. Looks like another qualified Senator in Hokkons Baules.

I'm very sad and disappointed with the outcome of this election.

Aikal kall ma ilum amla mo dach, ea future er kid a ngarmedad el mei. Batukeoil, I think, I'll join you and become a fisherwoman. Temeral mo chebuul a rengelked kid el mechebuul..

Yup...there goes our country, right down the toilet! There goes the younger generation of college students who actually care to return home after they graduate...Time to naturalize!


Lakelkesib arengum erar voters ma candidate. Le mo sowad loker elkmo kemam luleyakuchei e mora skuul e mei emla kiei el betok era 5 years. Akidi kiei ekemiu a mo candidate lengerang? Kemam ngdiakim chad.

Lakemongetukl erkemiu.


Congratulations to Senator- elect Baules. Now we can put our differences aside and support the new senator elect, and share with him and the OEK issues of concern that need immediate attention.

totally agreee!the people have spoken! so let's all put our differences aside, move forward, and continue to help our country in any wich way we can.


Alii e Rebeluu:

Tia el kekka (result)ra sengkyo bol osisechakl er merkid a re beketekoi el kmo a balatiks er Belau a dirk ultuir ra kot el ngariou el denominator-deled.

Tia OSUBEDRENG. Ma 2008 el sengkyo e bo mngai a tutungiu el mo betok e meklou me bol sebechemiu el smuk a betok el kall ma iilumel.

Ngdiak el tekoi ra uldasue ma lloms, le terung el kmal meloms a rengrir el chad (Imelda ma Sandra) a dimlak el ngasech.

once again, palauan voters still havent learned how to vote...havent they learned their lessons from these bogus leaders we have now.....there goes my future......

It really interesting to note how local politics is still the same. It really requires a candidate to spend a lot of money to attract voters. So dining and winning with possible supporters are still very important: they could sway voters’ minds better than educational credentials and noble ideas.

I think we should ask one of delegates or senators to pass election finance legislation prohibiting anymore feeding activities such as barbecue gatherings before and during elections, preventing candidates from donating monies to individuals or organizations, eliminating other gratuities between candidates and voters,etc.

I am afraid, however, that three announced presidential candidates so far probably will expend a lot of money to win the presidency, unless election finance law will come into effect as soon as possible.

We have learned our lesson from the senate special election, and so any candidate running for the presidency, the OEK seats, or any other high profile elective offices, must be willing to spend more to get more votes.

So campaign money and political, social gatherings with lots of barbecues and assorted drinks will win votes, unless there will be enforceable laws starting immediately to prohibit such activities from occurring. Thus money and political gatherings in addition to candidates’ grassroots campaign organizations and platforms, excellent media personnel, leadership attributes, among other reasons, are still very important in today’s politics. As the late US House Speaker commented: Politics is local and money is the blood of politics.

In politics, we have to be prudent, practical and realistic. We must play games right and be functionally right. We have to be Machiavellian, but we do it cautiously. We cannot underestimate our opponents. Always capitalize on our strengths and we must know how to capitalize the media.

Please respect the decision of Palauan voters. People have spoken and they have decided that Mr. Baules is the right man for the job. Stop this non-sense crying like babies. Mrs. Pierantozzi is well known and respected women in our community, she has the ways and means to ran to any elected position in our government. Ms. Franz on the other hand comes from a well known family, who at one time ruled this nation. If they really wanted Ms. Franz to win they would have done so. But, Mr. Ueki is just an ordinary citizen with simple life who is Semeriar to represent the interest of Palauan people. Mr. Ueki stood on the side of the roads to Babeldaob and Koror showing his interest for this position. Unfourtunately, he lost the election by small margin. I strongly believe that if he decide to run for the Senate this coming General ELection he would get elected. Hokkons Baules, is a true Palauan with great respect to the people of Palau and our culture. Ngdi uai sel tekingel a Senator Tmetuchl 'KELTMOKEL E SEMERIAR. Mr. Baules invite people to get together so he can conduct his compaign. Palauan culture is very clear, only the higher clan feeds people of the community. It is impolite to invite someon into your home and ask them for support and not give them any refreshments. This is something that almost every nation in the world practice, to regulate this issue damn and uncivilized.

Dear Naiiro,
I have read your postings and think that you are not just smart but quite articulate in presenting your opinion.

The special election provided some fundamental elements of the behavior of the Palauan electorate that we must analyze.

1) Women in Palau still do not think women ought to be in elected position. The Census 2005 shows that women can vote themselves into office if they chose but they are not. Look at Sandra and Imelda.

2) It is not just barbecue and dining! For this election it was the "percieved" ability to perhpas influence those who are there. Many voters voted for a "bekeu" to stand the bastardizing that is going on in OEK.

3) Personally I know all 4 candidates.. I know Imelda the least but know the other 3 rather well. I feel for Ueki because he truly wanted to help in his own way. He lost BUT he stood and I truly respect him. Sandra is my friend and I wish she had not run for this or for any other position. I think her days are over and she needs to accept it and do community development type of work. As for Hokkons, he is a convict (pardoned) but on a personal level..he relentlessly stands for Palau in his own way. Is he perfect, hell no but, I agree the people have spoken.Hokkons will listen to the people!!!!

4) Looking forward to 2008.. Many who are on this blog or visit this blog... get engaged. If your not in Palau, get here and make a difference. If you are here, run for office and make a difference.

5) Those who have declared..Chin, Johnson, Kuniwo and Joshua, why not agree among yourself for one ticket which we can support by concensus. Are your egos beyond what is good for Palau? Please do not tell me that there is a vision beyond Ngerchebal that would change Palau. What Palau needs right now is COHERENT POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT as the mandate of the electorate. That is what is needed.

Paradoxically Blind

This is a very good example of why we need to organize some sort of movement or
group to educate our people about choosing a candidate
and why.

People need to know too the
responsibility of the office they are voting a person into and what that office means to them as a voting citizen.

Anyways Yes, we should honor and respect the peoples choice this time around...and Congrats to
Senator elect Hokkons Baules.

Time now to set aside the petty differences and childish power plays and get back to the real work of the OEK.

I hope Mr. Baules can change the scenery in the senate and help get them
back to where actual work is done for the people.

We'll see.



I would like to congratulate
Senator-Elect Hokkons Baules.

I, myself, have imbibed practical lessons from the Hokkons Baules phenomenon.

But my heart goes to the other three candidates who could represent us equally well in the OEK Senate. Let us, however, sincerly give Mr. Baules a chance to prove himself. With our full support, he could serve us beautifully and has that potentiality to do so.

May God bless you, Mr. Baules!

Paradoxically Blind,
I have also read your fascinating postings, dealing with a variety of issues. You have shown that you have that proclivity to change things back home for the betterment of our society and that you have incessantly presented or shared determinate solutions
to our social, political and economic problems. I have truly enjoyed reading your political analysis and problem solving skills. You are indeed eloquently intelligent!

You are doing such a great job! Please keep up the good work!
Do not be suprise! I think we have the same candidate in mind.Yes, I agree: we all should have one candidate to support. It would be wonderfully nice!

What do you think Omtikl, Mosi, Mori, Jones,Melke, and others? Can we reach a compomise presidential candidate for us?

Well Naiiro,

I woild like to see a debate between the condidates to see how each of them address the issues facing our nation. Not who gives the most gifts (bribes) for votes.

To get the best condidates in office we have to look beyond kinship as a reason for our votes.


Well Naiiro,

I woild like to see a debate between the condidates to see how each of them address the issues facing our nation. Not who gives the most gifts (bribes) for votes.

To get the best condidates in office we have to look beyond kinship as a reason for our votes.


I agree with you. I also need to see their political platforms, and above all, I want them to articulate their visions for Palau, among other things. I quess we just have to wait for them when they are ready.

A do agree with both of you Omtikl and Naiiro,

Ng kired el mo dmak e omtikl a bambungel tial luloled e moungil mesa emrungel e ruchei ra detetkii a chad el mo tmuu.

Naiiro ma Omtikl,
A challenge el bode chelbange el dechelbang er ngii a rechad a dirk vote in a chedrir ma whoever came to see them. Tidir omes ra immediate and short term solutions e diak lomes ra ngarmedad el tegoi el mo happen as a results of their actions now.

Maikel tegingel a Joe el kmo, TR hold the cards in his hand. Tirka oreor er chelechang el kuk melilt amo oba belau ra bol merek.
Tirka olab a udoud ma klisiich er chelechang. Mengdi uasel tegoi el kmo, kedomtok ra berius el mor bedul. Malsekum somiu el mong, engkired el mo ready with everything we have.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here is my question to you my brothas and sistas here at oyekediulabeluu and to my Palauan people:

“If a Palauan has committed a felony conviction in the past, why do you folks elect him or her to a leadership role? “

What is more important to you, to judge in your mind of what “he or she has done in past” or to put him or her in leadership role based on “future promises? “

Smart palauan voters, "vote from the past, not on future promises and barbecues."

If you are a smart voter and you want change, tranparancy, ethical and moral standards in the highest office, why do you my Palauan people keep voting the way you do?

Here’s what my friend, MEKOMSESEI said, “ Palauan voters still haven’t learned how to vote…”


NGARAARDIAN SAYING >> Palau can reach can only reach an ultimate utopia of enlightenment, wealth and social stability only if palauans can reach a point where politics can only be followed on a “written form” and “not in their minds.”


Alekong temle vote er ngii leng "bekeu". What I don't understand is this, Are we looking for someone to win the boxing game in the arena? Please join us to change ra uldesiur a rechedad. Adang mekerang. A berious a domtok er ngii eng meringel ngdi if there is a " will their a way"

I am a CONVERTED MAN. In this coming election I will vote for the candidate(s) who will feed me and/or pay me the most money. My vote will be up for sale in 2008. I will hold a candidate's placard, just like Belechel did for HB, every day. I will even go to WWFM or T8AA and campaign for them as long as my pocket(s) is lined up.

Bo de senkyo ngkel chad el betok a Barbeque er ngii ma Iimelel ma lechub engkel meskau a betok el udoud.

LOL....Awwww! There only few of us left...Don't do it my friend Uchelmelis.

Dear Folks,

I think that its about time that we see our government run by women and see the outcome.

It's really invigorating to see all of you debating the differences of your political ideals and opinions in a civilized manner. Usually Palauans are known for their name calling, no compromise, and oppresion tactics when it comes to arguments. However it boils down to this. The reason the people keep voting the way they do is because they don't know or haven't been shown that there is something better out there. This is politricks, if you payed attention in civic class it's who ever has the smarts, money, and the best lobbyist that gets his/her results. Though our present situations clearly shows to the world how corrupt palau is..it's a given, Palau is a small island so it is that transparent where in the big countries around the world it is not so evident..so if you want your result..open your wallet..campagn hard...and get it.

To be a smart voter, you don’t look for “something better out there.” Because if you do you will keep allowing anything out there to influence the way you vote. And so you will be swayed in the wind to and fro everytime the voting season comes. Meaning that each candidate will have a way of controlling the way you vote.

In your civic class, it shows you historical facts about a group of people, but it does not teach the Palauan people to be smart voters, ehehehe. That is the key because a better government depend on how the Palauan people choose.

Palauans who are smart voters have acquired pertinent information thru out the years. Every voting season, they improve in their way of voting because of “new information” that they have banked into their voting accounts. Therefore our government becomes better and better each year because it’s in the way we vote. We become better and better in our choosing the right candidate.

A progressive change in our government comes from our progressive change in the way we vote. Voting is a learning process because you look at the past to find out what you did to put the wrong candidate in office and therefore you make changes to your voting in the future.

A better government comes when the people of palau learn how to vote. Now most Palauan will say, “to have a better government, our leaders must do their job better.”
This statement is partially true. What we ought to ask ourselves is this, “how can we put a ‘better team’ to run our government.” By asking ourselves this question, we put the responsibility on ourselves. We act when we have the responsibility. We the Palauan people move our government. It is not our candidates. Our candidates sole responsibility is to “prove to us” that once we put them in the office they can do the job.” So to put the right team in place in these offices, we have to look in the way “we choose.” We have to look in the way we vote.

When it comes to voting, the Palauan people are the board of directors. When you are in the board, it is your responsibility to acquire information to become a better voter. When you are in the board of directors, you voting right to choose is not persuaded or influenced by barbecues, money, or whether the candidate is your relative or whether he or she comes from the same state you come from.

Instead you look beyond and deeper than the “noise.” And the reason is because you have evolved in your voting learning experience. You are not a rookie in this voting process anymore, instead you are a mature, responsible individual who knows how to vote because you trying to put the right team in place to run your company, your palau.


Though I have tried to read this blog from time to time to get the pulse of general constituency of Palau, writing is more daunting. I am sure other elected leaders are also reading more than you are led to believe.

I know because they read the Bridge. And this blog is as good a place to gauge public opinion minus the bad language. My e-mail add is santyasanuma@gmail.com for those who would like directly communicate with me.

May I add that these two qualities be added to qualities of elected leaders 1) rely on power of reason to solve problems 2) and believe in the rule of law no matter what.

Personally I did not spend a whole lot of money in campaigning. By the way it is illegal to recieve funds for campaigning from foreigners. The Code of Ethics covers this and if it is not enough I will make sure that it will be improved to prohibit foreign manipulation and interference in our public policies like Solomons, Tonga, and PNG to name a few examples.

And lastly, I truly believe that when people are provided with genuine information they are likely to make the right decisions. This said I am open to any criticisms, comments, and suggestions on my bills or work as a senator. After I am your employee. Mesulang ma uriul.


KMal mesaul e Sen. Asanuma.

Tia a ontik ngak ma re bebil er kemam el kirel sel ongesecheklel a ududir a rua president ma re ministers er ngii: PLEASE E MSIIK A ELDECHULEL ELAK EL BORA 2nd READING. BO MO METOK ER NGII. BAI LENGASECH A cola MORA REBEKLECHAD.

Ke kmal mesaul. E momes ra rebecheklechad elak dil kemiu el ngarbab el chad moritm a ungil.

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