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May 18, 2007


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I don't get the negotiation part? What exactly is Palau negotiating? Let's call it what this is: a handout. And I don't think it is insulting that the country giving all this money away would want to see it spent properly and not wasted or abused as has clearly happened in the past.

What makes Palau different than the other two FAS on how they abused their first COFA monies?

With all the cheatings, lyings, stealings of our current leadership, it is best that the US gets a grip on how the peoples' monies is spent in the future.

I feel better if Uncle Sam watches over Palau again. And this is all the doings of the old school, Kuniwo and his cronies.

Our independence and right to self determination are only in theories. The reality is, US still looks over us and has the power to dictate to us. The message is clear that US thinks we still need hand holding. One assumes that this posture is due to their displeasure as to how our leaders have applied the compact money to achieve the goals in the compact agreement. US thinks we have done poorly despite what we think. Is this the result of the corruption and ineptitude of our leaders? The relationship of Palau with the US never traveled from from the TT days. The only difference is, now it is dressed in a veil of independence but under the dress the dynamics of the relationship is still the same.


Until such time that we as a nation state are able to sustain the operation and maintenance of the government by our own means, and provide for the welfare of our population, we will live by the golden rule. Remember the golden rule? He who has the gold rules, and the compact gives the US that latitude to impose its will because it has the gold, the money that fuels Palau government.


Until such time that we as a nation state are able to sustain the operation and maintenance of the government by our own means, and provide for the welfare of our population, we will live by the golden rule. Remember the golden rule? He who has the gold rules, and the compact gives the US that latitude to impose its will because it has the gold, the money that fuels Palau government.

"You have to think differently before you can act differently. For 50 years we have been provided with practically everything by the United States. We need to change the attitude, especially for our young people."

Kuniwo Nakamura
Former President of the Republic of Palau

I say continue the compact of free association

Say what? Really? According to President TR, the U.S. will treat us differently because supposedly our issues are "entirely different than those of our FSM neighbors". Thats his direct quote from his state of the republic address.Did he bother to check with the Interior Department before he said that? I think not!!

Its called Sugarcoat leadership thats riddled with lies and false hope and our citizen's continue to believe in them wholeheartedly. We have never been and will never be truly independent. We dont have any leverage or advantage that can be used in our negotiations with the U.S,Lets not kid ourselves!!

Pay close attention the next presidential elections in the U.S., I'm hoping for a democrat because they're more understanding and more caring to the poor! thats us, I'm reminded of the then speaker Santos Olikong when he yelled in a house session many years ago, "A TECHALL A WA TIAL MORA EANGED" what a joke!!!



It is expected of the United States IG to make such recommendations. They would be fired if they recommended that Palau be given free hand on US grants in the next compact aid package. And it is up to our leadership to make its case and to convince the US that we are an independent nation capable of handling such matters ourselves. The IMF has vouched for our capacity in its report. What gives the US misdirection are comments from our own people that are irresponsible, reckless and based on mere speculations and innuendos.

Every little innendo and speculation adds up to create a nagative image to the detriment of the republic. Consider former Speaker Mesebeluu's letter to Senator Daniel Inoue reqauesting for an oversight accounting of COFA funds, or Kerai Mariurs' baseless accusations of $27 million aid from Taiwan missing, and repeated accustions of irregular expenditures of the executive branch by our congress. Combine those with settlements and plea agreements the SP has successfully prosecuted with members of OEK, and you bet the US IG is duty bound to recommend more restrictive conditions for the next compact funds.

and that is the challenge that the next president will have to face.

Kemiu kom chad ra ker el meluches a ikal tekoi? Kom imerikel?

Kamluut, we are just like you. We are sons and daughers of Belau.

Come back,

Aki chad er belau e medengei el kmo a chance er kid ra merikel a mo meringel a deluut el negotiate er tial compact er kid. Leng temilskid a chance el dimle kid el control a ududir meng ngarngii a right er tir el mengederedel ra next time, if indeed there is going to be next time.

Malsekum te meringel el check up aikel facilities el run by government funds ediak lolengmes, e ngerang amo kmo ngdiak el uaisei el merkid adouspech a ududir. Metemo omes a neral evidence el kmo aikal omelekoi ma reprots el ngara babier mgnerang malechub ngdiak. Tia mo klungioled alsekum temo control aikal funds. WEe better get our ducks in a row before the negotiation begins...

why so pesimist view with many of you....KN said, as long as im the chairman of the review comm..." we will recieve better and improved from the last" in other words moving up and ahead...i hope the palauan nationalist spirit have not been lost on many of us.....

The Palauan spirit has not been lost with some of us, but most of us are living in a dream world including our former president KN..

Alii, all

I hate to believe that the future of Palau is depending on KN or next president. Not when mentioning or speaking about Palauan spirit. Back in early 80’s, a word ‘PARASITE” was very popular inference in describing a society that tried to claim its own right. It was in Arizona, where a Palauan student can see and fully comprehend the relationship between American Native and Reservation Act, an example of parasitism. In comparison to Palau at the time, it was a process of negotiation of free association, that turn out into an impressive, excited, and historical for Palauan to voice against the US policy, six, seven times. But, PARASITE SYNDROM was more powerful than opposing forces.
I think that was our last expression of Palauan spirit at its best. We are no longer seeing ourselves in term of culturally kind and sociology structured, but politically minded. Today, perhaps Economist have formulated some equation using such parasite syndrome into systematic when creating nations relationship.
Our leaders, politicians must not for one minute believe that we are depending on them. The Palauan spirit is yet to prevail with the people so leaders can set the dream to the next generation.

It's not surpising for U.S to move towards control of these funds. Over the years they have been patient with us, while we make promises after promises to correct ourselves. It's required now for transparency purpose because we allowed ourselves to fall in this mess. Yet it does not mean that U.S is going to abandon us. They can't afford to abandon us with all the problems they(U.S) have today in tersm of war and terrorism. So if you guys think that they have the upper hand this time around then you are wrong. A lot of countries out there could easily offer us billions just to have an upper hand over U.S

We just need a good leader that have worked with them on a high level who is able to organize our government to fall in line. The only person that has that kind of experience that I can think of today is our current VP.

Here's a footnote that we all should ponder: tirkal chad ra lach ra ikal lerul iingukl ra amt er kid a kmalo di chad ra MERIKEL. Kmal di mle tal Imelda e thanks to SWAYING BELLS eng mla modiak el loureor ra HOD legal office.

Sel de bora Storyboard ete mla mora urukel e ka kelulau e melasech ra orretel tial amt er kid. A rengelekel belau el chad ra lach a kmal betekngang e kid a di ousbech er tirkal chad ra ngodch el beluu. Dosiiik a eldechulel tial blekeradel el meterob.

Ngdiak el sebeched louspech ra rengelked el mla tuobed ra skuul ekmal soad louspech er tirkal menga oats. Akureor lobengterir makmal medngei aksertir. Tomdasue el kmo ngdi tir a medengei e meruul. Mereko doubech rar ngeleked e deluut el nguu tial ibelau er kid ekededi merael el mouaitir el diak el kaukereu. Adang

Ng kmal meral tekoi e Uchelmelis. Ng mekera mo sebeched el di kid el mengisemuk ra delengchekled al sekum meng diak de besterir a rengeleked a techall?

Ng kmal meral tekoi e Uchelmelis. Ng mekera mo sebeched el di kid el mengisemuk ra delengchekled al sekum meng diak de besterir a rengeleked a techall?

mosi,mori,star and the likes....go to the corner and cry, while the rest of us do something about it...at least that is what your good at, many of mangang a Oats as you put it work under me and while their good at what they do they also know very well that im their boss...who you are depend solely on what you decide to make of yourself. im begining to understand why you cry so much about diaz..your exactly a carbon copy of diaz himself...us young palauans do not want those jobs because we have better offers...that is the beauty of a democratic nation...choices....have you seen or observe AG's office..turn over of the locals is high...very high, why? because of the better offer....my advise to you is this, get better than good at whatever your doing and contribute to palau, your family and clans...if your old enough to blog your too old to cry and whine...

You really crack me up everytime you show up in here my friend Jones. Who is crying? All this things are just here say. If you think there is a need for outside layers, because we are lacking qualified lawyers in Palau than put that in this blog and everyone will debate and conclude on the validity of your claim. We all want what's best so don't think we will short change your arguement. You are the one throwing tantrums in here if you really read what you wrote.

mosi your not my friend...im particular who my friends are...theres a difference between intelectual debate and whining...but i guess that can be argued as freedom of speech...." its better not to speak and be considered a fool, than speak out and remove all doubt my friend...not...

Oh mosi,i forgot, your into politics also...so your not that bad at all...elik yang..metmut ma kikaid el di chad kung ra balatiks....bom sebechii a kelel ngersuul...

I wouldn't waste my time reasoning with someone who doesn't make any sense to begin with. He will come around when he realize that VP Chin is who we need as our next president. Let's work hard toward this goal. Adang

I hear you Mori,

Mousubes er ngii e di doluluuch el kirel eng meral ebuul el kmal mla ngmasech a rengul.

I believe everyone has their own way, reason to come here and simply put his/her piece. This blog is meant for moronic games as well as reality at its peak. As soon as you hook to it prepared to be entertained. The question is how well you represent yourself or how you perceive this lifetime.
Oh, as moron as I can be, I still have reservation every time I come here that there is a room for an objective minded. Trust me, we really don't want our grand parents to come here and tell us how to behave; especially in this globalization age.
Unless, you have figured something and we don't, in that case, smile because at the end of the day, you suck.... excuse me, but i had to represent the young generation on this.

Please, long live palau!!!!!!

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."--C. S. Lewis,
Irish author

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."
--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,poet

Nothing happens unless first we dream."--Carl Sandburg,
two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and politician

Think P.I.G. -- that's my motto. P stands for persistence, I stands for integrity, and G stands for guts. These are the ingredients for a successful business and a successful life."--Linda Chandler,
corporate motivational speaker

A closed mind is a dying mind."--Edna Ferber, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet and philosopher

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts."
--Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former U.S. senato

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."--Anne Frank,
German-Jewish diarist, Holocaust victim

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix."
--Christina Baldwin, educator and public speake

Kmal dmeu a renguk el mesekemiu el betok el mellomes ra elsel tial blai. Ng dikea mechuu ra elsel tiang. Ma kdi melekoi meko di remengs emoit ma lechub ekO morsel tekoi er belau el kmo: MESUK MELAS.

Ak lemuut mo melekl: A rechad el shape/mold a lach ra elsel belau ma oltaut a lechud a rechad era belau di rechad ra merikel-legal counsels for the OEK, Executive branch, SP, and DA.

“In the palauan circle of life, a time will come when all palauans learn to ‘see’ and ‘describe’ the glass as half full instead of it half empty. This is one of the keys to a proactive, and progressive government.”

I love you all,

I'm ferociously astonished, not!

It seems to me that we are like the American Indian whereas some of us live on the "res" while others live off. Was'nt the last figure provided by the nat'l govt. something like 25% of Palau's native population live outside the ROP. And just like the Native Americans, the US Congress controls our destiny in economic terms. What does that mean more us in the long run? Consider for a moment that just the other day someone bought a Andy Warhol painting for $71 million dollars. This is tens of millions of dollars higher than the entire yearly operating budget for the ROP Govt. If you mull that over in your mind a bit you will see the inpropriety of our relationship with the US. How much longer will we need the hand holding by Uncle Sam? Probably for some time if you take into account the way that we have handled the money from the compact. Maybe in our re-negotiation of the compact, our reps can go old school and point to the fact that in the 1980's, the Reagan administration pointed out to the reservations that they needed to take aim at developing themselves to be more self reliant and pro private business. Long story short, this ultimately led to the growth of the casino industry on some reservations. As many of you are aware, this has been very lucrative for many tribes. So is Casino the answer to Palau's financial woes in the future? Could we get technical assistance from Uncle Sam?I don't know but when I look inside my wallet and see that greenback and it says somewhere on the bill " in God we trust", I think to myself, yes, but I'm left wondering can we trust ourselves?

I was told that the ex-General Manager from PPUC (Peavey) was requested by the current US President's Administration and the US Department of Interior, specifically the Pacific Island Liason to be on the direct negoiations US "Team" to represent the US and work on this. While we may have cast him out, and he did not want to go the way he did, he spoke highly of Palau and it's people, but not of our current President and the President's specific staff. I would hope he still likes Palau, as he seemed to then, and didn't he marry a Palauan girl?

That is something to ponder on my friend Joe.

How can we convince all that things needs to change. How can we unite our leaders to work towards a vision of self sustainable economy?

You are right, Can we trust our selves?

How many years now since the TT era until today?
How many leadership have come and gone and we are not even close to a self sustainable economy.

Do we really trust ourselves to complete this task?

Ladies and gentlemen,

When palauans say, “Can we trust ourselves” or can we trust ourselves to complete the task, what do they mean by these statements?

now wait a minute, I can almost hear someone say, oh, oh, here we go! Ehehehe.

Sometimes we just need to push each other over the edge, so that each one of us can learn to fly right?! Ehehehe. I don’t know about you but I’d sure want to fly don’t you? Ehehehe.

Continuing… can you elaborate and let us hear from you. Also, in your own words, when you say, “a self sustaining economy," what do you mean by that? Elaborate on this as well.

In fact, we should be deep in discussion about these things because they push us to share and talk about new ideas and solutions and as a result it pulls us together.

The floor is yours, ladies and gentlemen.

You have a very unique way of writing Ngaraardian. You address the whole crowd, yet you use what we Palauans call, "Ometech a tekoi" towards those who are on the side.

So if your questions were meant for me than my friend I will try to clarify what I really mean in Palauan language.

Sera dirk de ngara eungel a Trust Teritory. Ea mloktek er tir a milasem e lolengeseu er kid el mo sebeched el di kid el mengisemuk ra siorai er kid. A rechad el miltutk el mo olab a deruchall el mo oltaut er tiakid el tekoi a di millasem eng mo merrek a TT.

Kede mocha soiseb ra Compact of Free Association ea uldesuir a rechad ra Merikel a dirrek el di mle osisiu. Kede mle negotiate el kirel a ngesu el ngosukid meng mo sebeched el di kid el mengisemuk er tial siorai er kid. Tial mei el rrak e kid a lemuut el mo dengchokl kid ma rechad ra Merikel e lemuut el mo mesaod a diosisiu el tekoi. Tial taem a dirk merael mei ea Merrikel a mla mo mesaod a teleteled ma tekoi el doruul el ngii a mla ruuleterir me temla mo bekikl el di ngmai aika ludoud malechub e ngesu el locha ra imad.

Sei a uchul ma kora mla mo melekoi kesuk e ra klemengetel a taem, ma udoud ma ureor el blal beskid aikal beluu e kid a ka de sind el mong ma ka de sind el mei. Ke dirrek a teleteled. Ke dirk acherodech. Ke dirk achechei. Ke dirk ketutek.

Mada leuaisei eng kirred el di kid e loker er kid el kmo "Kid ng sebeched el loumerang er kid el ngiltii a chad el mo kutmeklii tial ngerachel?"

Malechub e ng sebeched el di kid loker er kid el kmo,"Kid el ngelekel Belau, Ng sebeched el kutmeklii tial siorai er kid el mo sebechel di ngii e diak el di yakai ra bebil ra beluu?"

Ediul! A kmla obes, "Ke kmal mesulang er tilecha lulebetech el luldesuam. E ngak oureng el kmo tia mo sebechel meskau a klou el siasing el kau a osiik er ngii."

A ulaol a ngar imam er elechang.

The key phrase here is, "the implementation deficit." Our Compact Presidents, Kun and Tommy, have created the Uab government and they are the root of the problem. I personally welcome the US scrutiny over our financial matters, especially the future Compact funding, due to our top leaders' incompetence. They have never had a real vision for Palau!

As for one, we need to trust ourselves, so we can occupy ourselves with whatever task needed. But completing the existed task regarding our need for change, I would say it is a morally duty for Palauan to live responsible and conscious about the coming generations. Things you do in this lifetime will play a role with “self sustaining economy”. A lifestyle in your daily lives will be the attitude on how we become “a self sustaining economy”.

Now, what I hope to learn from this blog would be the big picture on self interests-sustaining economy. As an independent nation or so we acted, what tasks and factors do “we need to push each other over the edge” for. Is it the self-interest of our leaders? Or is it about what we do today with our young? They’re the one to own it someday because of our actions that pass to the next.
I’m naïve about these fuss of investments and developments but for whom when our children have been ignored if not neglected.
Remember back in TT, moms telling their children to get education, which was an introduction of sustainable approach. It wasn’t Palauan leader at the time but more from US version. Today, we need to have our children not just an education but trust, loyalty, and responsibility strictly coming from Palauan form.

80’s – Parasite country
90’s – Compact country
Today – Diplomatic country
Tomorrow – Democratic country?????

Time is running out……

In god we trust to be the Palauan country

Wow! Very deep....I like that Husky. It gives us some type of guideline about what must be done.

ok people....a bug for your ear. Belau is not an independent coconut..i mean country...it's what the U.S calls it virtual U.S territory, so with that said, all these so called senators and president and or whatever you think are our leaders are, they are merely puppets of the good 'Ol U S of A and nothing more. we don't even have our own curency...HELLO!!!????!!!!...it's U.S dollars not Toluk or Bachel. Therefore, when it comes to this so called renegotiation of the new compact CRAPP...the U.S of A will still dictate as to how are things going to be and not so much of our coconut leaders say.

Ngdiak a Ised.....?????????????? Kedemeral Ebuuuuuuul


My previous blog was meant to bring “an awareness,” a concentration of "two subjects topics" that I want to share with our palauan people in my future blogs. I am sorry you took it the wrong way.

I also do not use palauan trash talking such as “ometech a tekoi” because they are not “proactive” words, and therefore "I choose" not to use them.

Instead i believe my brothas and sistas that we can take our palauan democracy and make it work a trillion times better than any democratic country in the world simply by eradicating what i call “palauan psychological suppression statements or phrases” within the walls of our government as well as in the public place. Stand with me my palauan people and Let us choose to make this so.

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