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May 01, 2007


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Talked to one former Senator in Palau before this judgement came out. He/She said that we told him to back away from this one cause He is going to loose. Appearantly he did not listen.

For him to say something like this makes it sound like everyone agreed with him.

During his on air hosted by Diaz on his radio station not too long ago. He said something about, "If majority of the voters decided than we have to abide by that." It was something to that effect.

To me it was funny for me to hear him say that cause when majority picked VP to be our Senator. That same rule did not apply to VP.

Now the Judge is wrong too?

"Mngai a dechil a medam ruchei ra obomosaod a dechil a mederir a rebebil ra rechad."

The distinguished gentleman el mla duubech a risel ra ulolel a Senate a kmal mla mo kedidai a rengul el lomdasu el kmo te mla mo diak el kirir el oltirakl ra RULE OF LAW.

Waaah, the Judge is wrong, I didn't get what I wanted. The ONLY thing that Koshiba hasn't gotten in his public service career is the Presidency or Vice Presidency.

This brings me to my point. Our system cannot function properly if WE continue to weaken it by this Koshiba nonsense. Easy for the Dean of the Senate for questioning the decision of the Court and saying that the Judge is immature or what'not. That's pretty dumb and if I were the Judge I would charge your ass with Contempt of Court. This is all a GAME to you senators out there whom have gotten used to getting your ways all the time. GOOD LUCK FROM NOW ON.

If the good Senator is so upset, then his faction of derelicts have the right to an appeal. That way, four Justices will have told him he's wrong, instead of just one. Go back to Beijing, you communist.

What else can you expect from the Dean who is party to the OEK Senate faction whose top priority above all else is to maintain/retain their power in that legislative body. We should all be ammused but not suprised.

Just because Sen. Koshiba cannot get the Presidental Senate seat, which does not favor his interest, starts pointing fingers of "wrongful judgements" done by the AJ Materne just because it was not in Sen. Koshiba's interest. Bravo. What else is going on? Face it, if you cant get that Presidental Senate seat, tough luck, just deal with rather than lose your hair over it. I dont know, maybe that seat is very important to Sen. Koshiba. How bad do you want it Sen. Koshiba?

Oh gush... I can believe he would say that. I guess he's just pissed about the outcome and you know how people get when they really want something. I just hope he'll get over it soon and start behaving like a true politician. I have believed in him over the years and I am dissappointed with his judgement. I quess he got too many things going in his head, especially with his oponents.

It's more like behaving as a mature adult. His decline in mental abilities, poor judgement and impulse control demonstrate a need for early retirement before he makes a fool of himself. He can't stand losing control of anything...


People, some 36 years ago the Liberal Party had hard time to choose between Joshua Koshiba and Jonas Okeriil to run for Palau Legislature. Tmetuchel, Sadang, Baules and Itelbang decided that Jonas is older than Joshua. Joshua was young smart , energetic graduate from UOG with math degree.
"hall e jonas ekemla mo klulechad melebong a kekerelchad el Joshua".

After 36 years, Dean is drunkard and he drinks everyday since Diangel Bar, Pirates Cove, Blue Bayou now Drop Off bar. He needs a break/day off for himself.

There is dog story that when he was young he barked and fought without loss. Now getting old, he dugged under the house to sleep, he barked huhu huhu while young dogs are mating & fighting. The old dog sleep in duddged place under the house and barked hu hu hu chou chou to the dog owner".

Deano is maybe does not respect himself nor the law. He claimed that our government is the government of law but acting the opposite. Is half drunk or getting sinile.

Man I have lost my respect for Deano. He is making or acting for his age and knowledge, smartness that may show indication of "mengutlulach" mekngit lomerelel a melemall chisiir rar meklou chad mar mo mekloule chad.

He is loosing his mind due to his drinking life style.

I wish him getting medical treatment and go back to GOD/church to redeem himself. Detaxicate and rejuvenate to re-start fresh/new. God help him and give a chance.


Elabama..Thats what happens
when you lie down with dogs..You're bitten by fleas, become rabid and start foaming at the mouth.


Emelk, is that what happened to u when u slept with one? Kokau er ngii..

I was alluding to what Elabama was saying about JK barking like an old dog..

And to answer your question. Nope never have slept with one..Though if you were smart enough to read you'd have understood what I was saying...and you don't need to sleep with one to recognize the symtoms of rabis inflicted rabid dogs..or people.

Still lost?... Of course your are..:)

Ha, Ha! Ya EmelkDaWan, becherei engmla medikik meng ngomriid ra ngesechel a rengul, elekong kora kmal medengei a ngerang el uaisei el deua klebelngul. Ngcha di omeluches era chelsel tiang a sebechel mekukii a ulul, me didepsa techall me longelaod er kid. Kedebai di ubur e merekong. Bol bechei a kluao e bol lotutur a ngalk.

Mr.Koshiba has become the "Dean of Nonsense". His relevance to Palau's political scene is slipping away due to his assinine antics and comments.

The truth hurt but I agree with you. Before, he makes a fool of himself.. a medical leave is necessary at this time.

Dear Emelk, and if YOU are smart enough, you would not have actually taken the time to answer such an obvious sarcastic and stupid of a question, right?... You have foam in your mouth, calm down, step away from Omdui for a day.. it's okay, your'e not going to miss anything that really matters.

Yaayaa...Komeng kung Emdawannbe...Kau kulungelakel engak a abarer?...Komeng...Mousubes..Endi kedirek el mo mesuub el loungelakel meng diak dekora mo ibaselei el lossik a choteched el souad lometch erkau ra ngelekelem elkora melnguull ra tedobech..:)

Mousbes adang..


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