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May 02, 2007


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Yah yah? Tia sel meral mla mo elsensang el Olbiil er kid. Beluu momes er tirkal chad! Tial bilsenged a diomtitechakl kung ea rechad ma rengalek a mechedei a renrir e songerngerang. E tirkal lomekal er ngii el bilas a dengchokl el kautitekangel e achechei. Tia sel meral klebelung el tekoi ra beluulechad.

It's a reasonable attempt to fairly move the Senate to work together by sharing committee work and forging an effective operation of the Senate!

A President ra Senate a obengkir ar tedei ma VP meng obengkir a dirrek el tedei. Ulturkokl elmorngii a omelobech ra delongelir meng kirir el momuchel el mesa sei. Tiaikid a loruul erngii! Let's give them a chance!


Is there anyone out there that can give us a listing of legislation that is waiting to be acted up on by the Senate since this fiasco started?

It would be really nice to know what actual work is being neglected due to this infighting and disagreements.

Wow, $50K a year to rant and rave while nobody is looking out for the interest of the public.

Can I have $50K a year and go out and start a bar brawl too and then come back to the office and stonewall and delay work that is needed for our people.

Koshiba, Alan, Mlib, and Diaz - Get your heads out of each others asses and do you F%^&N jobs. Accept the court decision or appeal it - in the meantime, get to WORK.

Yes, what ever happened to the" spirit of unity." And these are supposed to be our leaders. Childish and foolishness if you ask me.

Other countries are moving forward with current time and changes, and we are to busy fighting to prove our points which is useless. " Better give your path to a dog than be bitten by him in consenting to the right. Even killing a dog would not cure the bite." We are incharge of our attitudes...

I don't get it, Joshua nominated Surangel to the position and turned around and boycutt the meeting?

Tell you what guys, do our country a favor and resign. Radiak lengerang tekmal mlamo mechut ra OEK metolasch reng a blekerdelir.


What a waste of the beautiful phrase, “the spirit of unity,” and so the phrase with its wonderful intentions just did not mean anything in the OEK anymore. Thus we cannot trust our leaders; whatever comes out of their mouth does not contain any truth or seriousness anymore. Therefore JK’s words or phrases are just a pure, meaningless exercise of thoughts and no action. It is a sad, sad day in our history.

A "SPIRIT OF UNITY" a kmo kede mo "dmak el rokui" e
rokui loureor. Meng di bus a tar tir el Alan, ea Surangel a ongechii tial resolution. Tia lomeruul a kmal di uai se lurruul erngii a rua Joshua, Alan, Mlib, Johnny and Diaz. Te dio sisiu el rokui.

Mekngit el dolekoi endi, halle e kdung. Te kmal naive ra tekoi ra legislative maneuvering a rua Santi ma group er ngii. Kilo uchei ra accept re tial Resolution el nominate ra Surangel el mo President ra senate e te ngiluu el mei locha amendment er ngii el distribute aikal chairmanship, mechelechang eng diak a mondai.

Josh's group- one rookie.
Surrangel's - two rookies.

Ke de meral ebuul.

Naive? Inexperience in the art of legislative maneuvering? Maybe so..But
at least Senator Whipps is willing to move forward and distribute all the work among all eight members..

While JK and the others, having lost their case and positions in the senate are doing their best to stifle
much needed work and or movement on the many bills
that are sitting idle.

They dont seem to care that
the people out there are struggling to stay afloat
and that our economy needs to be stimulted and stabilized for the future.

Our banking and financial laws are still in need of change to reduce
the chances of another PSB failure...our tax laws as we speak are being debated and drafted. Is the senate prepared to recieve the recomendations of the Task Force on tax reform?

I can go on and on...

Surangel at least is trying which is alot more then the other side has done the first 6 months of this year.

The other side is more worried about their positions and what committees they're on then what they should be working for...ALL OF US..ALL OF PALAU...They seem to have forgotten that they represent ALL OF US in the OEK.

Say what you may about Senator Surangel and his naivety...just remember though he's trying to move things along so that actual work can be done in the senate.

Good intentions alone do not get things done in a political arena where rules of the game are quite clear.

To me they (all members of OEK-senate and HOD) are all the same. They all look after their self-interests. A lot can be said about both side of the aisle but it would be a waist of time and energy. They are all cutting the branch their perched on.

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