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May 18, 2007


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This is just ridiculous for this guy to question the ruling of an appointed judge. And to call the judge "wrong and too amateur and young" What does age has to do with anything? It was her ruling and you have to accept it. Kedemeral chebuul.
By the time his term is over, everyone most likely by then will loose any respect for him. Better stop now while the going is still good..

As wise old Ben Franklin used to say, " If you argue and rankle and contradicts, you may achive victory sometimes but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent's good will." Is this too important to you that you are neglecting your duties as our appointed senator to prove the validity of this case? Well, I think you are doing this to boost your ego and self esteem. In that case, you have lost before you even begin.

its simple; should chief justice materne make appointment for the appellate panel regarding the trial that she ruled on? if so, then it constitutes a conflict of interest. the mere fact of her choosing who sits on the panel needs no arument; however, if she is doing so regarding a trial that she presided on, then it is a conflict of here own conscience. she cannot allow herself to do that. the other judges who were appointed by her should know this as well. it's what you call an ethical issue. there are issues that speak for themselves and as simply being human beings, we have and should have the ability to see what is RIGHT and WRONG.

till next time

Mr. Isim,

I like yur message. But after I read it. question comes tgo my mind "are you and deano married to sister"? Two argue with one or two in-laws create conflicts or are in conflict>.

For two of you, Yur term conflict of interest rule of procedures is not equal to write and violate our constitution.

Nevertheless, Dean said " senate rule of procedures gave him right to hold senate president seat" Over article IX Sec. 13. You decide. (right or wrong).

For your info, high school student who read constitution also said that Dean was wrong for not protect constitution. She claimed that Dean took an Oath to uphold and protect constitution. Deano failed his Oath. Many PHS young girls read constitution in simple face and understand to agree with Judge. And the boys too. Even Ibobang students. Especially, President Sur Whipps read/agreed constitution on its face but not Sen. Diaz/Dean. Or yu check with the Clerk of Court for rule of procedures and ethics for yur understanding

he he ha ha aleko..

ngerikiil bridge,

your still missing the whole point. yes, judge materne ruled on the case. in turn, an appeal is warranted. now, again, should a judge be allowed to appoint an appellate panel on a trial that he or she presided over. it does not matter whether it is this particular case or any other case. if you are in agreement, you are misinformed, my friend


Deano is way in deep and trying to do back paddling to save face by shooting his mouth like a drunkard. What judicial rules is he citing to us now? Is this not the same guy who could not figure out the majority of nine or eight? And to call himself math teacher. Deano is lost in the woods and should be looking for his way out instead trying to lead us while lost himself. He should give it a rest and do a bit of senatorial job before his tenure comes to an end after almost thirty years in the senate.



Sorry, Rsei if, missed your point but for your information Dean and CJ Arthur and Kate Salii both are blood line with Dean Joshua. "blood is thicker than water - conflict interest".

CJ wrote back to Dean site no conflict of interest.

You decide.

ng chemotang el kmo kemorcheroid el mo ra skuul e tuobed loba babilengem ra daingak, ng di obor belau ea ureor el soam e modengei kmo ngarngii a klaumedengei er ngii a telkib el meringel. meringel a om apply elengarngii a chedal a Director, minister, and etc. el apply el direk le chance er kau.....komeng mluut losiik. kede meruul er kid el meiukeu lekong diak dues a ngerang. a chad el kudengelii a dimlak el applied or interviewed el mora ureor e omuchel el loureor while ete process a babilengel. later, i found out el kmo a chochedal a demal ngkel mo pick rar applicant. ak di mle soak el tauorer. favors are always and will be important part of applying for a job.

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