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May 03, 2007


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Yes, Palau should elect the former President who wasted the Compact money and is for the decimation of Palau's marine eco-system. That would be a really smart choice. Elect another man who will sell off Palau to Taiwan just to fill his own pockets with cash. When are the people of Palau going to wake up and see the corruption of its past and current leaders. Just because a candidate offers you beer, beetlenut, and taro doesn't mean he is the best candidate. This country is going down-hill very fast.


I don't think we are awake yet. And by the time we wake up, the foreigners have taken over. I guess, we should continue to voice our opinions and do the best we can until we can't anymore. At least, I can say to myself, I did the best I could. But in the meantime, each of us has to look out for ourselves and our children. Do what you have to do to make sure your children go abroad to further their education and may find a better life for themselves. Prepare yourself to survive when things becomes worse in the future...

These is what we are doing these days. Kid el mechebuul are working hard these days to save some money to send off our kids abroad for opportunities because it is a bit difficult to find any these days due to the corruptions and favoritism in the goverment system. Diak a chad el soal choitii a belual e oureor el meringel el kirel a klungiolel a tara beluu. Very soon we are gonna end up like this philippinos down here that some of them are well educated but seek jobs as domestic helper or housboy because it is hard for them to find jobs in the Philippines. Of course, its the population there, but the goverment have to find ways to handle all its people. As for Palau as a small nation not like the Philippines, there should be more opportunities for our children.

We continue recycling the "old ulak" to surface again and again. What it is that they keep coming back for? Did they forget to accomplish anything? Or,is it the prestige, and glorified self esteemed that they miss?

I believe that VP Chin is the right person we need at this time. He will serve his country as he had with Unites States. If we let this opportunity go by, then I can't see us moving forward with unified vision. A true leader is someone with integrity, hospitality, respect and knowledge. I truly believe that he has this qualities...

I wonder who President TR
will endorse now? Will the
reciprocity factor come into play? That is, former President KN endorsed him in his first run so now does he return the favor? Culturally, one would have to say yes, but the bigger question mark is probably on the political side of the equation and the impact his endorsement will have on the presidential race in '08.

Ngarabras astute comment in 2005 has seen the light.
Inspired by the Company of former President KN ability to pump almost $2 million dollars into the palauan economy thru the trochus trade, Ngarabras asked rhetorically, why not ask KN to run in 2008. Since that time, their has been talk on the blog about his coming back. As can be predicted, there have always been those who are for and those against his run in '08. So now that his run for the presidency is finalized, what does it mean for the other presidential hopefuls? In my opinion, the candidate who will feel the most pinch in his numbers is the VP. I mean how much more votes can he get from Peleliu if its split three ways. That's the VP's base so if its weakened like that, he almost has no leg to stand on against JT. It makes me wonder a bit about KN's intent to run and that just maybe its a power check against the VP. At the same time if VP Chin loses the election in '08, it ensures that the old power bloc maintains control of the executive branch. Four to possibly Eight years of the same thing. How much more can we stand?

Bol meklou a rengmiu.

Except for the VP, Kuniwo and Johnson are running for the office of the president for all the wrong reasons. That is why both these men are not going to win.

Besides, Kuniwo is too old and his health is shakey.

Kun again? Well, there you go folks, Palau is definately running out of people who are capable in leading the Republic. We see the same faces again and time and time again whether its in the OEK, the Ministries, departments, and other popular offices.

This is a democracy, so we the people have the power. Let's make sure we put the right person in office. A person who we know will get the job done no matter how many people he pisses off because he's doing what is right and not just get caught up in the web of Palauan politics. For those of you who are not registered to vote, you can go to the VP's website, download the application, fill it out, then send it in. Let's do all we can to put the right person in the top position in '08.

Our votes in 2008 will definitely have a major impact in our beatiful island in the next coming years. who to choose needs to be carefully analyzed and thought of. $20 billions movement of the marines moving to guam, percentage of it will be in Palau in some ways. Now weather that percentage benefit the whole Palau or fall inside the greedy individual's pocket is up to the voters of Palau in the coming elections. It also depends on how we market Palau to the military organization. Let's joins hands and choose the right person. VP Elias Chip for president. It's the right choice that brightens up the future.

Blame my last. VP Elias Chin for President.

I've always thought Kun couldn't resist the urge to throw in his hat into the 2008 presidential election. A while back I used a baseball analogy in describing his potential candidacy el kmo kor tirkel mla mo rubak e dirk orribech a basio ra mekekeriei el buik ra team ra Ngerbeched.

Mekngit a renguk leng mocha oltitech ra VP's chances.

Telulechoid el remurt ra elsel Oreor a kurrengs el kmo dirrek el Polycarp Basilius meng soal el mo remurt.

We're in trying times here in Palau. With our current state of the economy and the compact negotiation looming, I believe the only presidential candidate daring enough to negotiate or be in the office for our betterment is non other than Kun. What do you say?

ngikul, i socond your motion. i also believe that we need experienced negotiator to face the US government, not the one that used to be taking order from them. bottom line is we need somebody that is a result oriented and we can see result of nakamura's eight years in office. as always the romurs at furusato is its going to be Nakamura/Surangel for 2008.

Olekoi, mereko lolenguul aikal mechut lulach engdikea ngeuil e kud domes ra chad such as VP
Chin who took orders from his superiors, and was well respected in his field, who accomplished his tasks with honors. In all respect, Janet, the US government as you said, will respect a man with such credentials. Adang mekerang e kei..

For those of you Palauans who are going to president's day in Oregon, let's get together to find out ways to make sure Chin get elected. See you there..

If what my friend Uchelmelis says is true with regard to Polycarp Basilius entering the presidential race, then we can say that the old guard is gearing up. Essentially, VP Chin will face the same opposition as the late Roman Tmetuchl when he was denied the presidency. Just like Mr. Tmetuchl, the VP stands alone. The old guard's tactics are the same, inuendo and misinformation, only this time by parading more candidates in front of the voters will eventually mean a more watered down vote. In the long run,this will not bode well for the candidacy of VP Chin both in '08 and '12. What VP Chin needs to do now is choose a worthy running mate to deflect any gains made by his opposition.


Now is the time to make a 'clean sweep.We need fresh faces with some new ideas. Let's turn the minority into the majority by giving them reformed minded condidates.

In a Democracy, the power is ours to lend to the leaders for a litmitted amount of time, not theirs to keep indefitely.

Perhaps we need a change not only in the Executive, but also in the OEK. Some one who can ask those hard quastions.



whether we like it or not there will be a change in the 2008 election both the executive and the legislative branch.

In the OEK at least 14 legislators will be stepping down including the present speaker Toni "JUMPING" Bells as he has become known. As we all know TR will be stepping down unwillingly -perhaps.

I doubt if Surangel Sr. is willing to be Kun's running mate considering his age. Surangel Sr. will certainly be running but who will be his running mate is the million dollar question for all the candidate.

In the meantime please vote for Butch in the upcoming special election to show our apathy and disgust regarding our politicians!!

Ometikl and Joe,

Kuniwo has experienced and resources, and a based in beliliou, anguar, tobi and sonsorol, airai and outside. He has legacies and he still can do more. I can vote for him again.

But my only question is WHY does not give others a chances wihle he enjoyed his full retirement.

Joe, I failed to see your comments for VP in comparison to late Roman Tmetuchl. First of all, Roman spent his full time to separate Palau from form FSM. He initiated 15 years compact which I believe was much better than our COFA. But those who opposed COFA took the leadership and squander our funds.

VP spent his time gan military knowledge of leadership and flying helicopter, guarding missile in Kwajeline, now, he has an opportunities to enjoy left by others leaders. BY the HOD claimed that VP is over $400,000 a year as compaign funds like PRES/V-PRES. It is not new to me and I am not suprised, So, Ometikl wake up you only know the water surface. VP had more inside info not sharing with you. Please, act as staff not as vice pres also enjoy yur pay check. You have no authority to make changes and let me offer you Salary increase for Teachers, nurses, sewer staffs and all under paid while yur political hired with high pay. You may talk politics but do not compare nor oltutakl to VP. I have full right to express like but in higher level. I have done my part in past many years and enjoyed every moment.

Joe, I know and had confident and trust you will be my good leader in the near future.


I do have extremely deep ( deeper than the Mariana Trench) reservations with the twice popularly-elected President Nakamura’s candidacy for the presidency. I would like, however, to reserve my comments now. But I welcome P. Basilius to the presidential race arena. It will give us more selection and adds more excitement to this coming election.

My candidate can also negotiate the compact on our behalf. He would do better job than your candidate. I definitely doubt if the US could increase the Compact funding substantially due to the Compact’s Section 211, Article 11. Also, we might not have a national development plan in place as required by the Compact’s Section 231 of Article 11.

The United States does not really care who shows up to the Compact negotiations. They are going to dictate the terms of any "new" Compact and Palau will either have to take it or leave it. Hasn't anyone read any of the audit reports of Compact spending from Kuniwo's administration. The U.S. is not impressed by him and they fully realize how he will use any extra money. Palau is of little major concern to the U.S. right now, they have way bigger issues to deal with. Just ask the U.S. Charge d' Affairs (Mark Bezner). Palauans still believe that they are the center of the universe. Palau needs to recognize its own reality.

I have tremendous respect for KN, and I voted for him twice in 1992 and 1996 (dates?); but I would hope he realizes he's had his turn. Let others get their chance to lead this country into a different stage.

Carpe diem and create no regrets that will be totally impossible to rectify!

We need a disciplined leader who will put our house (govt) in order after 2008! Believe me, I am just a nobody and a common folk, but I care about a future for all of Palauans, not just for my own interests!

A bol ungil a errengelel a beluad engmo ungil a dersta ma dersta el chad!



like you I supported KN when he ran. And like the rest of Americans who are tired of the Bush/Clinton Dynsties, it's time to bring in new "sails" into the picture.

Let me go out of subject this moment... I would like to get the opinion of ORES, Emelk, Mosiseklak, and Uchelmelis.

I do not know if you elders are song buffs like I am but I have a song for you.

Miss The Boat by Modest Mouse

I am an alternative music listener, came about this song, and it is like an anthem for most of the politicians in Belau. Not all just most.

Well okay not just them guys... well everyone... in analizing what is :)

Again... Missed The Boat by Modest Mouse... Great anthem for the politicians in Belau right now. Analize the song :)... good song too.

President Remengesau must implement his own recommendations to reduce the size of the national government. We need action now. Tommy needs to take action by formulating policies to that effect so that the next president will continue to make sure all cost-efficient measures will work effectively. If K.Nakamura had had some visions, he would have set the right course for the government to function without wasting funds on the Uab government. Fifteen years of supporting Uab is enough! Get help from Nakamura! He started the Uab Government!

For those who support Nakamura, are you past beneficiary of his big government, big spending schemes, nepotism, favoritism, leader-client patronage relationship, etc.
or are you just his messengers running around before the 2008 election, supporting his third presidential bid, knowing nothing is new about this man? No new ideas! In addition, he may recycle his old team back with him, and you will be left out.

Sorry, Beldechakl L' Ochad, I listen to Snoop Dog and I would like to hear more from you about this song...and how it applies to our current mishaps!


Right on, Lukes. We need new 'sails' to chart a new course for our country!

It is amazing that Imelda choose to run in special election despite popular opinion. She should have asked. Idiot!

For Namakura, it is a shame that the worst President that ever was in Palau is going to run again. He had the most Compact monies in his hand, a compact which he opposed. He truly had such shallow vision and now he thinks he can run. I think the Nakamura's days are over and for Kun, he is a power hungery SOB.


Monet reused his canvases. Underneath his paintings, there would be other, worthless works. Even though he created these "ghost" paintings, he was still considered one of the best. Could Kun be Palau's own Monet??

Like wise I too don't know about that song Oolad,

I'm into railroads, steamboats, rivers, and canals by Jim Reeves. Please enlighten me.


I love free speech, don't you? What if everyone actually took the incentive to run for President? Well, not everyone but those whom discredit those who run, those educated and not, I wonder ... Would they do a better job? Idiot, would you do a better job? For someone who names himself idiot, you sure do know how to present yourself in such a compleling way; maybe you should declare yourself; and we'll see how well you do? Can you handle it? I wonder . . .

It finally took President Remengesau and other politicians 22 years to realize that we have to downsize our government, to privatize some departments, to institute a hiring freeze program, to reduce all government employees’ salaries, etc. That is why we, all Palauans, have to work harder together to change our government. Tommy get Nakamura to help you before your term ends. Cut all government waste and reduce the size of the Uab government that you and Nakamura have created with the Compact funding. Actually, it was Nakamura who started the Uab Monster and you have just come to your senses a few weeks ago, but still consciously following his footsteps. At least we still have some hope and I am so happy that you finally understand that Palau really needs cost-efficient measures to save our country from going bankrupt in six to seven years, unless you want to see chaos and turmoil in the foreseeable future that would tarnish your legacy.

In the meantime, the senate under the new leadership has passed the bill to raise the salary of the president and his ministers on the first reading.

Now that Mr. Baules has been elected, the President will have both houses under his wing. We can bet that this piece of legislation will fly through the senate just like it did in the HOD.
Meanwhile the regular Joes will continue to earn less than $2.50 an hour.

Akoi tiang mo rael ker e sechelei.

The issue of posterity is not an issue of powerful manipulation of "public good" but "public good" having to move you to make decisions to protect the populous. I despise the very essense of those who for one reason or another think that puppeteering our political innocence is acceptable.

While I truly understand the very fabric of your blog, I am dismayed by a public of opinion of those who truly think that Senator Diaz is legitimate. In that respect the very sanctity of governance and statesmanship becomes a mute arguement in thinking about those who want to run of President.

Do they really care for Palau? Why not a team among them with the common agenda? That a consensus be reached in attaining "a bellul Belau." I hope you understand the frustration that I and my mind and my heart feel for this motherland.


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