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May 11, 2007


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wow! how can he rest in peace if his illegal dealings and deceitful acts are becoming known to the public. Now, his name will no longer be remembered as honorable and respectful. Let this be reminder to all the elected officials that soon or later, their" sins will be found out." Ngkmal
mekngit al ngemokel a rengud ra diak el klokled.

I commented a while back that the death was no accident. Had to be foul play or suicidal. You decide what it is as the facts reveal itself. I still respect him for his long term public service. He's done some good during his term, however, it's just unfortunate that he allowed greed to take over his soul. Let his soul rest in peace though, and let this be the BIG lesson learned for our politicians or anybody for that matter. Everyone should take "inventory check" on themselves to make sure we're all walking on straight line and not step on other people to get to the top. It's very lonely at the top and from there, there's only one way to go..."DOWNHILL".

Woa there Nelly! as they say somewhere. I forget..:)

Slow down there people..Nothing has been written in stone..Yet.

These are allegations and
suppositions yet..nothing has been proven.

Silly me for saying this but
I shall with a clean crispy Crystal Conscience say..

It aint over, or in this case, true, until the fat lady has sung or the judge
utters guilty as charged and bangs the gavel...:)

Assume nothing...Argue Facts
and tell the Truth, always..
and ye shall live life in Crystal Conscience...

Cristal Anyone?..:)


you must have been smoking crystal meth!!!

Cristal and Crystal meth..Woowee!!

What a combo Uchelm..:)

I'd be too highly strung out to bother with ya all in here...:)

Like we have not noticed already here.. WooWee!!!

I was very curious regarding this claim so I went to the Court Clerk and requested to view the suit. I must tell you that the allegations are very convincing. There are letters from Johnny Reklai himself acknowledging the debt a month before he died plus all the social security records. Though this case has not been decided I suggest anyone who doubts the claim go to the courthouse and view it.

I am suprised but I hope things will get by Okay for his family. This thing that are comming out in the open might be true but as a person with heart, I pledge my full respect to honorable Johny Reklai for all his generousity and work for the republic of palau.

Of course that he may have done all this but he had his reasons and hope things could get cleared up for the sake of his family.

you've got to be kidding me. Martha Stewart went to prison because of the exact same situation. Andrew Fastow will serve life sentence in prison for the downfall of Enron which was the exact situation with the PSB.

Do we have justice in Palau? The whole PSB’s fiasco must not slip by us, although President Remengesau has already bailed us out by going abroad as usual and by borrowing money from Taiwan. We have salient evidence that all people involved in this bank’s failure did not do their job right, for instance, by lending excessive amount of loans to their friends, family members, associates and political leaders, who failed to make payments on their loans in accordance to their loan agreements( among other reasons), and thereby the bank went bankrupt. I want to see all involved with the failure of PSB arrested and charged with embezzlement, fraud and forgery,etc. If convicted, I would like to see them receive long prison terms so that they can learn their lessons for their illegal activities. They are thieves and the poor people are righteous among them. For the person who rescued the thieves: Is there justice in Palau? Or are we just going to let them walk free with their pockets full of the loot?

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