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May 11, 2007


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A Sen. Alfonso Diaz went to Honolulu, HI to attend his son Kalande's graduation. He claimed to make $10K gift to his beloved son. Hearsay from Airai airport, Dean went to halt him but failed. Sen. Alan Seid is running after new elected HBaules to convince him to Seid group. Well, to oust President Whipps and leave his group at bay(no committees) at all.

President Whipps must try to hold his post until the end of his term. He must his strong leadership if he run for President-ROP in 2008. Or else he will be VP for Kuniwo.

Senator elect must show his leadership. First thing he must do is to put salary increase to all government employees from Division chiefs and under at least $75.00 COLA across the board. Especially, teachers, nurses, police officers, sewer staffs, road beautification. Also, $25.00 COLA for retirees.

We have voted HBaules and time is running out so, let us give him our full support for his senator job.

We ask him to repeal the existing law ban compaign like before but put a strong penalties for any candidate or any supporter local (people, companies) or foreigners from giving any funds for copmpaign. Please learn all compaign activities that were praticed by both Kun & Tommy. Using government funds and dollar diplomacy. Hiring government employees unbudgeted.

If you can recall, In 2001, President Tommy, made his inaugural speech at old OEK under monkey pot tree. "non-payday weekend and freeze hiring"
but he hired more political cronies for his re-election and he won. Now, over 1,500 hired after Kuni.

Now, he is sending Lisa and Leeland to Oregon, USA for 3 weeks to play band for President Day using "your tax dollars".

Speaker Bells and his majority group claimed that "line of credit" is not a loan. Info, Palau National Development Bank have a loan program "line of credit". Hon. Del. Cio Isechal was at the First Hawaiian Bank, Honolulu, HI, PNDB, PNCC and he must know the term, definitions and detail. Please, stop acting naive or marons but if you all lack of knowledge then, ask pro-banker Del. Mario Gulibert for right application of "line of credit". All FDIC bank have line of credit program to help businesses in Koror. Speaker Bells you wasted our time and taxes when spoke of "Ngedub" next will be Ngesung or Ngerdebsiu. Might as well resign before SP catch your illegal spend in Manila. SP ask how you be sick in the heart and still can drive around to buy small digger with trailer. While on extended TA erkau, this action is not Ngermadelyang conspiracy.
May I suggest that you ignor Del. Joel and St. Augustine while you lead majority to move forward for better Palau and Palauans.

You represented in the OEK so, raise our salary the low end and low income bracket in our state national government.

We defintely tired of your to much TALK TALK and action.

Speaker Bells is well known for his words: "berokel osengel-leader". Now, omerk a chutem era Ngerdebsiu without EQPB permit. He said, EQPB charge easy $200.00 for diggin & building broad walk, bridge to otherside, it meant to him that he can pay the same $200.00. While Sesario was issued "ceasist and deceasist order" for diggin only 18 inches in ground.

Kede kmal meral mla mo ebuul er tirkal leaders erkid.

Dollar Diplo:

Kmal meral tekoi aikal molekoi el kirel a Sen. Elect el Hokkons Baules:

Kirel mo ometok era sel ongesecheklel a ududir a President ma re ministers er ngii. Sel do mes ra Speaker "MERDEKEKL" Bells ma Senate President Surangel eng sorir tial RAISE.

Instead, Sen. elect Hokkons Baules should propose: 1) $25.00 increase for all retirees; 2) increase at least $100.00 for Social Security benefits; 3) $25.00 across the board increase for COLA. Lastly he should also raise the following questions regarding our Government's financial accounts: $2 million from the pension plan; $2 million from PUC and the $1.5 million in the 7 (seven) accounts that are not quite accounted for and why seven bank accounts.

Let's see what our our newly elected senator will do!!!

Ng kmal melemalt el tekoi e
Dollar D., Kau ma Uchelmelis, Ak dirrek el kmal loldubech er tilecha luldasu.

A beluu a dirk medinges ra kall ra sengkyo. Me kahall e domes ra kluluk ma ngiaos erkid el kmo aikal raise ng mora imorir a rengarbab a lechub e tengmai el mesterir a rengariou.

We have all heard the old adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." So what makes you guys think that HB is going to do anything different? Provide a new set of eyes? give a new prespective? Too much optimism can kill the cat or was that curiosity? So should we expect the best but prepare for the worst? or will it be politics and business as usual in the OEK? Come to think of it, all that our esteemed (no bench players) will be doing until next year is setting the table for the next president. Who will that be? We will have to see what President TR says because right now he holds all the cards.

Joe, my friend:

I am a pessimist by nature, but a kora di omtab a bkngek ra yabd leltang mo diak a ses el yolt.

But this potential KUN/SURANGEL'S ticket is giving me the goose bumps. Between the two they can buy the whole island.

joe, i hope your still leaving that door open for mr.nakamura. when the time comes for him to make his announcement frm ngcheyangel to sonsorol will feel it. joe kau ma rubakramedorm, we need nakamura....i will begin again to blog...

I'm hoping Sen. Baules will be smart ediak el loberius el mora bitang.

Aikal raise ra udoud. Local papers says they'll raise salary for all full time employess who are working as Medical Doctors (does this include the MO's - Phonpei grads)? I'm just asking because etekora kmal betok ar mla mad el heart related e somehow ear MO's ar mle omkar. $61+ is too much for the MO's. Bai dolai rar MD el mei edomesterir a chouaisei ludoud. My auntie was admited 3 weeks ago eleng mle mesel. After the attending MO gave her the shot she turned PURPLE. We brought her straigh to Dr. Roberts clinic. She couldn't breath. As soon as we brough her in, Dr. Roberts had to pump 7 medicines out of her body. she was overdosed.

Rengulbai's sister from Aimeliik adirek el mlo mesel eal nguu el mora hospital eterirsur ra kmal mesisiich el kar ra di chelsel a 5 hrs meng di mlo mechiuaiu el mad. A ngelekel a ulelengit mel call ra personal doctor er ngii ra Dr. Yano ea henji ra attending MO akmo, ngdiak betik er ngii cherei ek resur. So 5 hours after the shot, she was dead.

Is this good enough for a raise? And another thing. If we raise their salary, will we get an increase AGAIN on our Hospital bills? Ngkmal dikeal mochar a ukeruul.

buik ra Artingal,
I almost lost my sister while I was there in Palau. We rushed her to the hospital and one of the Mo came in and start ordering the nurse to give her some medicine. I stopped her cause if she would have taken the pills, she would have died. Be careful when you take your loved ones to the hospital. Take care ra beluu.

Meng techa mo sebechel el mo president er kid el meral mo olngeseu ra beluu. Kid ngkmal soad ar betok a ududir e bai diak dosiik ra chad el mo rulii tial beluad el mo klungiolir tirkal ngelekel belau el mermang? Ngkmal diak understand el kmo, a dongiil el mo diak a udoud ma rechad bol cheremii a ringel, engkmla mo meringel ade change er ngii. Akumerang el kmo a VP Chin a sebechel nguu tial challenge as evidence by his past performance. If we let this opportunity go by, we have nobody to blame but us, voters.

I think we have to prioratize what is more important for our country before jumping to wage adjustment. Its not a bad idea but it then raise the question of funding,which to my understanding the government is lacking of.
Palau needs a president who can ensure a growth in
our economy which will ensure a wage increase.


I agree will all your comments that I've read so far. Our country welfare as well as the citizens must be prioritized first before we raise any salaries for these officials mentioned who I believe have more than enough with their present salaries and their side businesses. Alii, fuel price gone up again. Why don't HOD leaders push through the $25.00 COLA benefits to all goverment employees first which will be probably fair to all.

what the hell...seems like our so called leaders are going for broke with this money here money there ideas but not really have a clear concept or idea as to where the monies coming from. the compact money will not last forever and the biggest revenue by the government is your tax dollars and yet our coconut government keeps growing. pretty soon every mother and child on the island would've been a governor, senator, delegate,minister of something, director of what country is next to beg money from,president,vice president...sorry if i missed something but our government has become a joke. in the meantime, i'll keep on fishing and selling fresh fish to support my family.


VP Chin gave a convicted felon the opportunity to repay society.

Just locking him up is not a real solution. After all, what would be better, to rehabilitate a felon or ignore crimes that go unpunished?


What VP Chin did is the right way to go. If we all do what is right, then Palau would be o.k. today.

I'm a supporter of Chin and I challenge any of you to go after Chin with some charges of substance - cheating, lying, stealing, etc.

Face it, Chin is a formidable candidate with a clean background.

I totally agree. VP Chin has nothing to hide. He thinks of the people and not his own pocket. How many other leaders can you say that about?

I believe in the rehabilition of convicts. However, I think people who committed violent crimes should at least serve at least a third of his "time" before he could be allowed to participate in any rehabilitation programs like the SUBELEK FARM project.

Example: A tara chad el blel pardon er ngiii a former President Nakamura a dimlak el bol two years el ngara beluu e lmuut el tomellii a tellemalle meng liluut el mo kelebus (ngulul terau a ice). Meng kired el mo kerekikl meng diak do mellekl a uaikaikid el mistakes.

The Hadley Renguul and Mioko cases do not resemble the W. Horton Case that ruined Gov, Michael Dukakis’ US presidential aspiration and chance. It is difficult to control criminal minds and his/her intentions. Even here in the US with well-trained prison personnel and technologically advanced equipments, prisoners do escape from high maximum security prisons. In addition, there are unsolved “cold” cases here even though my US city has one of the best detective departments in the US. I am sure the Mioko case is still open. Remember it took us almost seven years to finally solve President Haruo .I Remeliik’s assassination mystery. The FBI and its agent Mr. Bennet did not help us, either, and Mr., Roman Tmetuchl was framed and his close relatives were wrongly accused of committing the heinous crime.

We have to be patient with the Mioko case. Somebody will come forward some day as in the Remeliik assassination mystery.

Do the Renguul and Mioko cases change my mind if I were to vote for VP Chin for Palau’s presidency?
Absolutely no! Do I think the above-mentioned cases will be a major issue this coming general election? I do not think so. Do my friends and relatives have changed their minds about Chin’s candidacy for presidency and might vote for other candidate? The answer to this one is simple, “NO.”

If we were to compare all three presidential candidates’ honesty and integrity and leadership attributes, I would personally say Chin really stands out. He will bring with him his no nonsense approach to the presidency. He was in Army listening and receiving orders from his superiors, and in doing so, he moved up quickly to the rank of colonel. In other words, he was a paragon of well respected man in uniform whose success is best exemplified through his diligence, integrity, effective leadership and management style, etc. I think Chin will have the best ear: he can listen to us once he gets elected to Palau’s presidency.

the question shouldnt be "about a blal temall lodoud ma lechub eng tekoi a VP-chin. the question should be...what exactly have he done in the last 10 years that have greatly benefited palau and be specific.is it subelk farm? while I dont have anything against rehabilitation of felons, im wondering why we spend time talking about rehabilitating them rather thn discussing ways to help the victims. while many talks about intergrity and qualification of being president, honestly who is the most qualified to be president of palau. stop this nonsense about giving other people a chance to be president...last time i checked this is a democratic nation, so under this very emblem let all who think and have the platform to serve present their case to the people. and we will untimately decide.....again name one specific act that VP have done that have benefited palauan people..beside subelek farm and felons going fishing...


I think our justice system is still weak. Our police officers should be trained further on conducting investigations plus be equiped with investigating tech. Alii, there are incidents happening this days caused by mostly youngsters and I believe that most of the time it is influenced by televesion or parenting problems. When time goes by, you never know, it might be worst.

I'm also terrified that even there's a higher rate of suicidal cases and it has started on teens.

I think our leaders should also concentrate more on these issues especially finding ways bringing up more technologies for to aid on crime investigations.


Your posting is refreshing. Looks like you are supporting my candidate as well, and you make a very good point. Any candidate to the office of the President should have demonstrated leadership capabilities. That is by experience.

With that I ask all of you out there for your support to former President Kuniwo Nakamura for President. He is what Palau needs.


If you want honesty and integrity, you should ask Chief of Staff Billy Kuartei to run for President. Not VP.

Naiiro, Janet and all,

What is interesting in this coming election is that the ticket to be voted into office will depend so much on the VP. This should not be so...the initiative for one ticket that was voted for in 2004 left much to be resolved.

The VP should have been added to the ticket after some kind of primary election of only the presidential candidates, like the US. Then we can say that the constituents voted for the president first and then in the general election, the ticket.

For example, Kuniwo understand the number of votes that Surangel carries which might be more than Kuniwo himself. That is why "his supporters" are vying for Surangel.

The other issue is: Ticket without party? So who holds the candidates accountable to their platform? And by the way, no candidate to date has put out any platform at all. So are they running for the sake of the office or sake of a vision. So.. Why are all of these people running for President? To manage the status quo? What is the Vision????

Something to think about..as I remain Paradoxically Blind

Paradoxically Blind,

you've proved my point that the last ConCon was a waste. It was supposed to resolve problems such as the one you've mentioned.

Palau is doomed.


to the contrary, Chin has been doing his job in the two times he's being the MOJ miraculously.

Remember my friend, as the VP, you are only the spare tire and your ministry is given to you by the President. So as MOJ, Chin can only do things within the MOJ jurisdiction.

MOJ's job is to uphold the law and prosecute the criminals and rehabilate them back to society.

Victim's assistance is a whole new ball game that needs money to implement, something that is not a luxury to this current adm. and not the task of the MOJ. Maybe you can create an NGO to handle this.

Subelek Farm: only those who qualify (behavior) become eligible for this prog. They farm and sustain themselves so money going to jail can be reduced and redirected somewhere else. The excess veggies are given to the old people and the not doing to well people. And this is a true Palauan trait!

Fellons Going Fishing - again, Janet, it's pure common sense, a pure Palauan sense. Inmates go fish to feed themselves so money appropriated to jail can be redirected to MOE. The prisoners feed themselves and the exess goes to the mechuodel mar mechebuul. Nothing wrong with that and the inmates are fulfilled by helping their society. And what is wrong with that.

You did not charge Chin with storyboard carvings - the sales go to sustain the prisoners AND percentage of the sales go to pay for elementary school meals....now what a geniuse scheme. And no one mentions it....why????? Because it makes Chin shine above the rest.

Janet, I challenge you, once again, to come up with a much more substantial charge against Chin! I'll be waiting.

Paradoxically Blind,

You are right. The personality of the VP candidate will determine the next President of Palau.

I believe Dr. Kuartei is a formidable candidate. He's established himself both family and finances so he will not steal from the public.

He comes from a respectable family and a big one. His wife is from Ngerchelong, a much needed state to win. and he has more constituents than Surangel- his patients over the years.

Dr. Kuartei is definitely a formidable contender.

wisper, you must be out of your mind. again, with the state of our nation's economy in dire help and here you are talking about prisoners. as far as im concern prisoners should get the last crumbs if any. VP-chin was incharge when Mioko was killed. are you telling me that VP formost resposibility is to makesure his ready to rehabilitate the criminal who did this crime instead of solving this case so that mioko's love once can at least begin to bring some closure to their pain. for your information MOJ consist of justice dept, police department, fire department, conservation, security and safety of this nation on land,air and water and last but not least subelek farm "prison". that is exactly the idiotic mind set that borderline insane. as a VP you can do more than just rehabilitate prisoners. many of those at the subelek farm are not even close to being trustee. come on, there are more pressing issues facing palau and there is no one other thn Kuniwo Nakamura who is the best qualified for the job. i dont doubt mr chin and im sure his a good man but i live here in palau and there is nothing he have done that impresses me or convince me that his the man for the job. let me give you another angle, KN is now a private citizen...under your analysis he can just mind is own business and live his life as entitled to...well mr nakamura is a chairman of NGO called "belau care". have your heard of the organization. belau care have help countless palau citizens in many ways including overseas medical care and we seldom hear mr nakamura taking credit for the assistance to the needy. not too long ago a kid from ngeremlengui was in a dire medical situation and "belau care" came to the rescue. mr nakamura used his restaurant -longshoreman inn- to gather support and donation for the boy and his family so he can make that medical trip to the phil. we didnt hear him comming boasting about his contribution, instead belau care came out with "a thank you" adds on the news paper and thank those who have helped. this is the kind of person we need to lead our nation. a man who has a broad and sincere concerns to many instead of tunnel vision who have a mind set of "not my job syndrome".


is that the best you can throw at Chin? C'mon woman! At least your charge against Chin is not in the category of cheats, lies, stealing, etc.

Mioko Case, may she rest in peace. That my dear, Lady, as we all know, was a matter of technical ineptitude on the part of the investigators.

Yes, Chin should be accountable for the problem, but should not be blamed for it. He inherited the people your candidate Kuniwo placed there when Kun himself was the MOJ, right?

Now, if you compare the Ministry of Justice now vs. then, you will see a big improvement in terms of morale, work ethics, new programs, etc. You failed to mention the new airport runways in Angaur and Peleliu fixed in case of emergencies. Do you know that Chin is working with a private company to start flying again to our outer islands?

Have you heard of Chin's program called LEEPS? I bet you have.

As for Kun, his time to serve is done. What did he forget to do? Why can't he trust the next generation to run Palau? Doesn't he feel sorry for his wife who is ill? What Vision is he offering? I don't think he has any. He should enjoy his retirement and spend time with his family.

Do you want to see your candidate humiliated like Sandra?

Innuendo is an effective political tactic in swaying votes. Consistently its been the same insinuations against VP Chin. What are they? He is not palauan citizen. He is a lousy Minister of Justice. He shows favoritism to the US He is using govt. time for campaign purposes so on and so forth. VP Chin is a pretty straight forward person but not without his faults. I mean no one is. But because not one of his opponents can get political dirt on the VP, they resort to unfounded accusations . He does'nt have a criminal record and contrary to other notable individuals in the govt, he worked in one of the largest organizations in the world namely the US Army and thru his own hard work made his way to the the top eventually earning the rank of Lt. Colonel. If that does'nt say enough about the man then I don't know what does. To me, its becoming more crucial for the VP to name his running mate because as we all know VP Chin has more political enemies then allies. That is why, a couple of threads ago, I made the comparison between what the VP is facing and what the late Roman Tmetuchl faced in his run for the presidency. Let's review. So one tactic being used by the VP's opponents has been primarily innuendo. A potential ace in their pocket is the ideal of running enough candidates against him in order to water down the vote and juke the election. In the end, this will leave a political ninja like my friend Uchelmelis wondering wha... wha... what happened and JT the new President of the ROP. No more excuses not to run as its JT's turn according to those well travelled in palau's political circles. nai nai new blood, new ideas ................

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Joe, Joe, my friend, you never cease to amaze me.

KN will not get into the running without 150 percent sure his going to win and a full blessing from his family especially his wife. i personally know mr nakamura and he have not declared yet. i think all these commotions are because of the real threat he posses for all who aspire to run including JT and VP. we shouldnt be asking "why is he running again, what did he forgot". we all know that he still have a lot to offer. you'll be suprise to see the people behind the initiative to draft him to run again. Joe, lets give him the support we had for him once more should he decide to run...what you say...


You don't have to defend our candidate. He is a genius in Palauan politics and will surely win if he decides to run.

For VP Chin supporters, just remember who welcomed the minister with open arms on his return to Palau. President Nakamura gave him a position in his cabinet as MOJ, and in effect, made him a political asset that you are now proud of. If Mr. Chin did not become a minister on Mr. Nakamura's administration he would not have the exposure he is enjoying today.

There is a real Colonel Chin in Palau and he is hardly known by the public. That is VP's uncle, the younger brother of VP's father who is also a retired US military officer, with more colorful military background and higher achievements than the VP. The only difference is, he remains in obscurity because no political leader welcomed him in a way that could have placed him on a pinnacle like what Nakamura did to VP Chin. And he is a supporter of Nakamura.

By the way this VP's uncle was already a US Army Officer when VP was still a high school student and could have been the first Palauan to become an officer in the US military, and not the VP. Many do not know him though because he rarely speaks Palauan and uses an
American name.

One of the reasons that Hokkons Baules won the recently held special election is because of the support that Belau Care. Despite Mr. Baules criminal background, he got elected.

But since you mention Belau Care, this NGO is doing many good things for Palau that do not appear in the pages of local newspapers nor the airtime on radios. Go to the hospital and see patients whose lives depend on hemodialysis machines and you will appreciate the compassion that drive Belau Care because it is the NGO that donated those life saving equipment to the hospital.

Ngarabras welcome back. I don't disagree with anything that you said but let me give my take on the matter. Uchemelis my friend, its good to see you have not lost your sense of humor. I take back what I said about you being a political ninja maybe samurai would be more appropriate. You know the one's that carry two double-edged swords. Anyway, like some palauan voters, I've been sitting on the fence regarding who to throw my support to in the upcoming presidential election. Last year on the blog, discussion had already begun about the possibility of KN running again. There has been talk about platforms and the lack thereof from the various camps committed to running for the presidency in '08. For the most part, you'll find that this is true to a certain extent but if you look back you will see that KN has a platform. That is, he is against the 99 year lease legislation; he is for raising the minimum wage; and he has called for price controls in the form of legislation. Perhaps there is more forthcoming that I am not aware. As for the other candidates, I cannot say the the same. Maybe I am wrong. It would'nt be the first time. I want to give a little background with my own thoughts regarding the candidates specifically VP Chin and KN and what my mom said to me regarding these men including the late President HR :


All three qualities in combination make for excellent leadership attributes . With KN and VP Chin, they both bring a little of each of these attributes to the table. In short, they are more alike then different. The question then is, does the old political general make way for the colonel? or does the colonel step aside for the general's last hurrah? Either way, we are still "crabs in the bucket". Right Mardi???

A Uchel Obak demal a gevernor ra Aimeliik el Demei Obak ma Rubasch Obak a tara mle merael a chisel el chad ra burch in the late 40s into the sixties. In other words "ngullab a tekoi ra daob"ngkmal mle sechelil a ibedul Ngoriakel ma Ngiratemarikel Delemel a ullemak erngii mo chochellel. during that time there use to be spear fishing competition among the villages now states lomuchel ra bkul ngeraoul ra elebacheb ra Ulong el mo tuobed ra touachel mlengui. most of the time it was goodwill gathering among the leaders or chiefs of all villages of palau. some other times it was a way of gathering large amount of fish,turtle,mesekiu for large feast "mur" sponsored by Oreor ma Ibedul. when it was an ordinary competition without merit for prominence a Uchel Obak compete for Aimeliik edi mesebech a cheldil "leng chad ra Aimeliik. And Oreor a di chltobebed ra rua iyechad re chemai ma rua rechuld me mle espangel leng kuk di belsechel. But when all Palau gather and as we all know palauan people do not know the meaning of second and third place and so on. there is a saying in Palauan " motebedii sel mor Belau. this saying is essentially mean " give it with all you got and more..sel bode mad rengii el tekoi. Late Roman Tmetuchel used this term in his speech to the 1969 palau olympic team to Saipan..we all know what happened during that olympic game...when it was all over all the micronesians inluding Guam did not even know what had hit them. Anyway, going back to spear fishing competiton story...as I've mentioned, when the competition was for merit of prominence, Oreor ma Ibedul will not and can not stand to loose or afford to loose. Seikid ea tekingel a Ibedul "mesumech" el mora Obak elkmo ngmla meketii a udoud el meluked el mora rengulbai ra Aimeliik le Obak a mo chomtechei ra Oreor ma Ibedul. Sel llomuchel ete dingara chelmoll ra medal a Aimeliik e dobechii ngeraoul el muut ra chang rekemais le ngikel ma uel ma mesekiu a ulterikellel a cherrengelel a keiukel ma desbedall ra idisel. At this cross road of the journey of our young democratic nation at the verge of prominence among the small pacific island nations or colapse in dispair engkirel llak el tobed "sel mo ra belau" eng metacherbsul. ngkired a mo meklou a rengud ea tekoi a mor "ngerngel" ra Kuniwo Nakamura.

joe ngarker a rubakramedorm ede luut lomes ertiang lomerael..


Just a bit of correction regarding the name you've been assigning me lately: Samurais do not have double edge swords. They carry two types of swords: a long one that is used for actual fighting and a short one. This short one is used only for one purpose-to commit HARA-KIRI(cutting their stomach or committing suicide) when either they have failed in their purpose/mission or "loss of faced". I have yet to see a PALAUAN LEADER , past or present, who will acknowledge or admit that he made a mistake , KN included.

He was against the Compact because it was politically convenient in the eighties and early nineties only to turn around and endorse it later. Now he is against the 99 year lease but he wants to develope Ngedebus... I keep wondering. I know he is using the four Rubaks as his proxies.

Hell, I could go on and on but what good does it do??

I will use the short katana if Chin loses to KN. Now you know my Candidate.

P. Blind,

Our government is almost a carbon copy of the US Government. Anybody who has taken an introduction course to American politics should know that political parties are essentially and importantly vital parts of the US democratic system with its processes and institutions. We have tried to copy the US in the foregoing aspect, and we still came out wrong. Since the inception of the republic in 1981, we still have no viable political parties. We need to have permanent political parties, and so they would be held accountable to their platforms and the electorate’s mandate.

Sen. Santy Asanuma,

I think we are in the process of creating the new era of enlightenment( a new era of politics ), where reason will prevail, but we do not have a name for the movement/group yet. To adduce from your point # 1, I agree with you that we need people who have logically and critically, independent minds who depend on the power of reason as in the 18th century (the world advanced scientifically and took a giant leap forward in areas of politics, sociology, politics, economics, science, etc.) to represent us. This blog is the good start, but we still have a lot of work to do to espouse our ideas,visions,etc.

Julie and Janet,

The reason why I have kept mentioning VP’s Army leadership experience is this: Army evaluated his leadership and management styles and concluded that Chin deserved promotions predicated on his excellent performance, diligence, stamina, intelligence, leadership skills, etc by proven, unbiased military standards, not based on hearsay statements or pure opinions. And for someone to be promoted in Army, which is the most efficient and mighty armed forces in the world, shows that Chin worked hard and should rightly deserve our recognition. Name any Micronesian who has had a higher rank than that of Mr. Chin. None.

Did Nakamura trust Chin, and so he appointed him to be the republic’s Minister of Justice? Yes. Was Nakamura ever reprimanded Chin for not doing his job properly? None. Has Chin withdrawn his presidential candidacy in order to support Nakamura due to Nakamura’s leadership experience of creating the Uab Government and Metara Diplomacy? No. Did Nakamura ever question Chin’s leadership experience and intelligence? No.Does Nakamura have records proving Chin was not an excellent leader/Minister of Justice. None.

By the way, Kun set the wrong course through his dismal leadership. For instance, he created the Uab Government and increased the National Government’s payroll. He also rewarded his minions and regular government leeches with well-paying jobs. At the same time, he did not give well-deserved pay raises for his Belau Transfer Terminal Company employees nor he employed his political servants/messengers with his company. Why? Why the poor national government?

Neither we need a big government nor we need big spending schemes. Not Kun again! We do not need a quantity of employees, either. Rather, we need quality workers. Please no Kun this time!

As you know, he opposed the Compact vehemently and vigorously. When the Compact was approved, he went on the uncontrollable spending spree like a drunken sailor.

So he was for a big government and lacked a grand vision for Palau. Therefore we do not want to see Kun’s terrible leadership to resurface again. The US probably does not want to see someone like Kun again who used the Compact funding unwisely. Numbers/figures do not lie. Check this blog for them! Thank you!


Correct me if I am wrong but weren't the hemo-dialysis machines donated by the Japanese NGO's . I beleive there were 5 or 7 and one was appropriated for personal use.

And you have us believed that all these benevolent "philanthropic" overtures were coming out of his good heart without ulterior motives.

I'll say AMEN to that Naiiro!

We need new faces, new ideas etc. And I strongly believe Chin is the right man for the job. If I many, what has Kun done to deserve another chance, and, what can he do that Chin can't do?


Uchelmelis, I tip my hat to you my friend. I will forever be the Ando to your Hiro.
The road to Ngerulmud runs straight thru Ibobang. It was reported in RH Smith's book that Ngara Modekngei compromise 800 or so voters and that they have a tendency to vote as a block. With the exception of your vote for VP Chin, could we say that KN would get the remaining 799 votes from Ngara Modekngei ? lol Anyway, I can see VP Chin getting some of those votes but one of many common denominators for Ngara Modekngei voters would be the time when VP Chin gave land so a new catholic church could be built on Peleliu. Whether it was out of the goodness of his heart or courting the catholic vote, that is besides the point. Because VP Chin is a political figure , his motives will always be up for debate. With KN and JT in the run for the presidency, it becomes a numbers game that does not bode well for the VP but favors JT. When it comes down to it, KN and VP Chin will canabalize each other votes leaving the door open for JT. Ngara Modekngei voters need the attention from the candidates. Seid need not apply.

I couldn't agree with you more on the Modekngei votes. KN pretty have them in his pocket. JOe, but Alan is our president.


How about USMC Col. Falcam, son of former FSM President and a graduate of Xavier High.

He is a US Marine Fighter Pilot and flies F18. Relatively young and could be the first Micronesian to become a general.


How about USMC Col. Falcam, son of former FSM President and a graduate of Xavier High.

He is a US Marine Fighter Pilot and flies F18. Relatively young and could be the first Micronesian to become a general.


If you are not living in Palau you can get the pulse of local politics if you carefully read postings by Uchelmelis, Joe, Ngarabras.

I can say this, Senator Alan Seid has done more for Palau than VP Chin.

The only things that VP Chin had done and is good at is grabbing headlines with his work for prisoners to secure votes of their relatives.

Remember the female prisoner that became pregnant at Subelek farm? That prisoner owes her vote to VP.


Dean, you disagree with acting CJ Judge Materne, you claimed conflict of interest. I have found out that CJ Arthur and AJ Salii are both in your blood line. These two have conflict of interest that is why CJ Arthur chose AJ Materne. AJ Miller is best friends especially your kids were very good friends. There is potential conflict of interest.

Those two female judges appointed have clear consense and ethics. I beieve they will their best to have JUSTICE prevail. They are not politicians and your appeal is wasting public funds and time. To save money, please stop PHS 9th graders and get free language reading of Article IX,sec. 13.

If, yu are true leader return all public funds you spent while president of 7th senate, OEK. But I know you have not guts to return funds.

Just enjoy your less than 2 years in senate and SS retirement benefits. Create Joshua Let's Go Fishing like Shallum who create Etpison Cup with Palau Sports Fishing Association.

Be creative and pro-active.

OMG Julie,
you really think AS has done more for palau than VPC? Please enlighten me!


I quastion Kun's motive this time around. Is he tough enough to ask the hard quastions that may need to be anwered?

After all, democracy works the best when people are well informed.

It's time to weed the garden. New ideas, new perspective.

Adang mekerant?


Well said, Omtikl, I hope palauans will realize what's in store for our future if we don't choose the right person to lead our country.
Why do we look into the past for someone who once created Ulab government that has continue until now. In reality, things are not going to get any better if KN takes the leadership again.

Again, VP Chin is the right person who can do the job. His past performance speaks for itself.
Adang mekerang..


You have very good points. We have not experienced any financial crunch to understand that we have financial problems plaguing our nation. So our politicians have had opportunities to fill up their pockets like Kun while people are oblivious of the fact that we may go bankrupt. It would be a slow financial death, and so people can hardly notice anything.

As you know, we have an open-ended relationship with the US (Palau’s future Compact negotiation team could renew, change, or unilaterally end the Compact of Free-Association with the US or vice versa.). Fifty six million dollars is needed for the government operation maintenance after 2008, and this amount could go higher as our national government is getting bigger and bigger unnecessarily. This is a bleak financial picture, intentionally jump-started by Kun and religiously driven by Tommy, for the republic. When the Compact fund is drained if the US does not intervene to stop the Compact fund’s wide-open implementation deficit, chaos and turmoil may ensue. The gloomy financial picture is obviously Kun’s product, and Tommy has learned from his mentor to continuously feed Uab with the Compact funding. Tommy must find ways to get rid of Uab before the next president is installed. Please!


When VP Chin assumed his position, he has changed the police department enormously. His persistent efforts to improve the department have produced excellent to exceptional results. But I agree with you that there should be more advanced trainings along with technologically appropriate detective equipments to help the detectives in their work. In the mean time, the department is in a continuous improvement plan. VP Chin is charismatic and guides the whole ministry with a courageous leadership, that is, he leads with exemplary example. Kudos to Chin and the entire MOJ, especially the police department.


Yes. If Senate President Surangel is to run as Kun’s running mate, it would be a kangaroo ticket. Like you, I believe Surangel Sr. will probably garner more votes for the ticket than Kun himself. Surangel should be Chin’s running mate, though. They do have a lot in common! Surangel should not be Kun’s running mate; he should stop associating himself with Kun: he can run for the presidency himself. I do not trust the dishonest, incompetent Compact President, Kun, who created the Uab Government. Good short, excellent political analysis, P. Blind.

Dear Julie,

I do not like to see Mr. Billy Kaurtei as our president. I do not like Mr. Seid, either. Kaurtei should be praying for Palau because our country needs to find a right course soon. Kun and Tommy have used the compact funding inappropriately for wrong purposes, not as spelled out clearly and precisely in the Compact. They have betrayed people’s trust, and they should just fade away. So Kun must stay away from politics. We have enough of Uab.

Seid belongs to a cabal of dishonest self-serving politicians like Mr. Kun and others while Surangel, Chin and others belong to a coterie of trustworthy politicians. It is the latter group that I like to see leading Palau, now, tomorrow, or forever. The former group has inveigled us to believe that they are doing Palau’s collective good. That is not the case here. I believe I know more questionable things that Kun has done to enrich himself, but it is too early to reveal them now. Be patient! We are not gullible and ignorant as the Compact Presidents, especially Kun, have led other Palauans to believe. I will prove my points if Kun officially announces his presidential candidacy.
I have relied heavily on the media, friends and relatives to inform me about our political pulse back home, but you are right that I have to be at home to feel all correct political pulse. Good point. But all information I receive so far indicate that Chin has an excellent opportunity to be our next president. I have had some interesting conversations with voters who supported Kun and now they say that they would vote for Chin if the election were held today. I hardly hear JT’s name. One more point. We have more Chin’s supporters in this blog than Kun’s, particularly the regular bloggers. Am I right?

I know I have to really work hard to get some votes for Chin. Chin does not know my true identity. Actually, I am totally convinced that nobody knows my true identity, either. But I am doing this for Chin and Palau because I believe that Chin has a set of leadership qualities needed in Palau now and is honest. I can trust him with all my heart.

As you know, Chin’s past and current position as our Minister of Justice has been just titular, and therefore it is perfectly correct to assume that Kun ran the whole show in Palau expending the Compact’s funds to lead people to believe that he was doing great for Palau. Again think about Uab!

I still believe Chin still holds that distinction of the highest military rank bestowed upon Micronesians. I believe Mr. Falcam is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. I could be wrong! Yes, he may have an opportunity to become the first US Marine general.

Naiiro, Imelda had 97 percent of support on this bloc,the other 2 percent went to sandra while the left 1 percent went to paul ueki, including you....Hokkons Baules had zero support....imelda is Kun's niece yet Kun did not believe or supported imelda...instead he supported Hokkons Baules. do you know who supported imelda among others...VP-Chin..now do you see the diff...even a an all time popular Sandra couldnt even see Hokkons on the curve...please, its not even worth talking about subelek farm here...listen to Julie or ngarabras or Joe..you might learn a thing or two about palau. and by the way..palau will not go bunkrupt as most might thinks....we were under TT for over 30years and none was done until compact came along...i say we dont go to Washinton DC to beg..lets go there to collect....if you read history, Japan and Taiwan were "metara" government and look at them now....Palau's "metara" is not enough....we should send army of metara around the world...who knows we might recieve more than enough..


You can't use this blog as
a barometer on who has more supporters. Maybe access and knowledge about what is going on in Palau today, but not the number of supporters.

If you really want to know who has more supporters in the dark, than just look back to the previous election result.

I don't need to tell you that when Chin ran for Senator he garnered the most votes. When he ran for VP he was way ahead of everyone in vote numbers.

So what you are really doing right now is trying to convince some of his supporters to move to your candidate. With out much to say about Chin, your tactics revolves around subelek farm and Myoko incident. I really don't think that is good enough to convince people. I say talk to your candidate right now and come out with a plat form. How it will turn heads I don't know, but I think that is the best route to take right now other than these baby punches your trying to throw in here.


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