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May 08, 2007


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What would be the top 10 things the public would want implemented after 2008 election?

For now I think transparency would be my No# 1 choice.

NO# 2 - ?

No# 3 - ?

No# 4 - ?

No# 5 - ?

No# 5 - ?

No# 6 - ?

No# 7 - ?

No# 8 - ?

No# 9 - ?

No# 10 - ?

To be continued......Have to think about the other nine.

I think this country needs a united leadership...the people have been united but our leaders have not.

But, of course, we've been divided during election times.

Today's special election will attest to that!

Now that! I totaly agree with you Ores.


No# 1 - Transparency

No# 2 - United Leadership

No# 3 - ?

This sort of off the topic here but I wanted to take time out to wish "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to all the moms here and there.You know who you are!!!

Ten seem to be too many to think of at this moment...even three seem to be too many. the bigger question may be is it time to press the panic button? are we going to be able to make the next pay day, the government that is? this is not a 99 year lease or silver hair issue, this is more immediate than that, i am thinking we will be digging into the trust fund yet again to make ends meet. are we to lessen expenditures or are we to increase revenue? how big a boost would we need to stabilize the nations drought...? or am i crying wolf...
well it might not be wolf or even butch (someone's dog), but i do hear crying...kleenex anyone, man i got to get out and hit the plantation, gotta have a fall back this 8 to 5 aint gonna cut it anymore...lol, the irony
bo de delmii a kelel a klukuk...greenbacks? what fertilizer works best? any suggestions...


The best fertilizer would be a combination of cow's manure tinted with valium..

Better early than never I say, Kngibech,

Ng diak mongiil el milekolek e bo momengar lekemol lotamet a illel a euas! lol

How about making sure school lunch will always be available. I think that would be the third one.

#1 - Transparency

#2 - United Leadership

#3 - School Programs
should be mad top

Mesulang ra uldsu e Kngbech


# 1 - Transparency

# 2 - united Leadership

# 3 - School Programs
should be made top

Kekmal mesaul ra uldasu e Kngibech...LOL...Ng meral mla mo mekngit a osengek!

My brothas and sistas,

#1. God

Transparency, united leadership and school programs are essentials for a better palau. But without a spiritual, ethical and a moral compass, your vision for a better palau is clouded by “your mind.”

A future president of our palau who believes in God will be able to do miraculous things including transparency, united leadership, school programs etc. This leader would be able to do to our Palauan government what would seem impossible to achieve viewed from the political worldwide arena of politics, why? Because God gives him or her the “ability to think outside of his or her mind.” This principle will not only apply for the presidency but to all leadership roles in the senate, hod, and including you, as a school teacher, a husband, a wife, a student or an employee. It works for everyone.

I know it is hard for some of you to comprehend this but there will be situations, and events happening in your lives in the future that will force some of you and to see and understand what I have said. When you do, you will know what to do first.

I love you all.

Thank you Ngaraardian. I agree...That should be #1
So here it is.....

# 1 - One must believe in

# 2 - Transparency

# 3 - United leadership

# 4 - One Vision(Where we
are and were we are
going to reach a
united goal.)

# 5 - School Programs
should be made top

To be continued.....


My Thoughts:

1. Fiscal Responsibility in Government
2. Transparency in the operations(executive)of the government and transparency in the legislative process.
3. Financial Security (i.e. voters need to feel secure about the future of Palau - see #1)
4. Involvment in policy decisions - i.e. having a legsilative body that actually listens to the electorate
5. Equity - shared resources in terms of providing opportunities for Palauans to benefit from our resources such as tour/boat operators, local markets and others -

Not presented too eloquently right now but this list has got my mind racing.

Convicted Gang Rapist arrives in Koror tonight.

Did you know that the Palauan Police, at its own cost, are bringing Hadley Renguul back to Palau to "serve" his sentence.

History of the case -




Maybe he can go fishing with the SDA murderer?

hey mosi, did you hear that...maybe he can join SDA killer on the fishing trip. just for your information, this is another good work of VP/minister of justice..what a joke...its becoming a talk of the town of his kissing ass politiking action..

You are very good on finding negatives and pointing fingers My friend Jones. I wonder how you make decisions in life?

Do you throw away the whole dozen of egg because one or two were spoiled?

Do just read or hear things and believe instead of asking why?

You have made your decision and I can't force you to think other wise. So the only thing I can say is good luck to you and your circle. And my God bless and guide you all to make the right choice for the sake of our Repbulic and for our future generation.

Thanks for your thoughts my friend Jones.

Wow Jones,
Here we are trying to figure out what Palau needs in a good leader, and all you do is find ways to give our leaders a bad name. VP/MOJ is doing his job. That's all I can say.

Sorry My friend Jones..

It's "May God Bless and Guide you and your inner circle of Friends to make right choices in Life."

I will Pray help pray for you too.

God Bless,

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