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May 19, 2007


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As we cycle thru the inventory of this class of leaders, we must keep in mind that they don't have expiration dates. Rather the longer they've been in the political game, the more predictable they become. It's in that predictability that voters find solace or an established level of comfort. You can call it what you want, the sweet spot, the groove, or the pocket. In essence, this is where KN resides politically regardless of whether he is in the old guard or not. Being from Peleliu, I have to admit that maybe my own analysis might be a bit biased. I prefer instead to borrow a bit from my friend Uchelmelis regarding advice on a certain politico. Note my inserted word in caps.

"Bai dolebodeb er ngii ra urelel el mora BELUU ma omerellel ra buai- tiai kid a kumdasue engbai ungil el Lolbedabl."

Really timely advice when analyzing candidates potential or otherwise. My only question is why do the 'scales of justice' in Palau always tip one way? Poor Deano!

If anyone feels anger with KN and his presidential legacy, they have to get past it.
I idea that he misdirected the country for his own ends is nonsensical. Are not the OEK legislators during his two terms equally to blame? Besides, its the OEK that comes up with the budget and the executive branch that spends accordingly. Lets just say all were culpable in fattening up the govt. to the point now that it cannot even support itself. How do we solve this problem? The easy answer is for the incoming candidates is for them to advocate cuts but that kind of talk can take away votes. Reducing the govt. will effect a great many palauans if its to drastic. As we can tell by recent news its much better to talk about the promise of giving raises. And even with that there are still some of us who believe strongly that we need a change with other priorities in terms of the way we are running our govt. At the same time, we must keep in mind that its counterproductive to think that the govt. is their to solve our problems. That's a lot to put on the plate but essentially what it boils down to is that supporting any candidate is inconsequential. The work of the ROP is there to be done. The question is always do our leaders whomever they may be have the courage to make the tough decisions for the betterment of the ROP in the years to come.

joe, you are indeed on the mark here. you should run for the senate next year. i will support you all the way. well said...let's turn it into action next year. commercial break again.


why is KN running again? What did he forget to do? Isn't his wife ill?

I'm still not convinced by all your excuses.

Joe and all,

I still quastion Kun's motive this time around. What is his vision and his agenda?

Does he have the courage to make the tough decisions
for the betterment of the ROP of the year to come?

There are so many unanswered quastions out there, and, I wonder if he plans to address them should he takes the Office.
Is it fair to say that the VP's role is to back up the President? If so, then comparing Chin's work now to that of Kun's is more like comparing oranges with apples. As a VP, Chin can only go so far. It's the President who calls the shots!

At a time like this, people are looking for a leader who has the courage to ask or deal with tough quastions. Someone who keeps the people well informed. Someone who is willing to weed the garden. Chin?


My fellow bloggers, you may need to reread Naiiro's dissection of the anatomy of Palau's politics. It is driven by Suikang. JT is the son Palauans want at the helm now, not KN or Chin. JT knows how to traverse in our traditional/cultural ways and the ways of the new world. Grandstand your candidates as you must but the power of Suikang will show its force comes election. We are just talking heads who have yet to get the attention from the silent majority of our people. JT is the MAN at this time of need for our people.

I am sorry my friend Joe,

I just can't swallow what you are saying about the "nonsensical" sense of misdirecting the country for his own ends. And anyone in the Senate are not only ponds in this chess game, but are only allowed short life span in the office. The impact is minimal.

It's hard for me to think that our Commander in Chief, the President of our Republic can be allowed to once in a while have an itchy feeling. The buck stops at the President is my understanding. You are like saying that it's ok for the father who is the head of the household to once in a while show his kids that it's ok to do things like that because his kids are doing it too?

If you ask me I say that if one get's the opportunity to do it once and get away with it. One will likely to do it again.

Not too long ago KN did it again by trying to lease the whole rock island discreetly in the dark. He ended up back peddling when the people found out about this deal. Now do you really expect people to get over it? I say good luck to all Palauans if they pick him agian.


Mosi I appreciate your thoughtful commentary but even friends can disagree. I do know one thing and that is we both want what is best for the ROP. Look at it this way, if we continue on that tangent then we will more than likely get to the heart of the matter on any subject regarding our young govt. Before I go, I want you to consider this thought, if KN gets all the blame for what's wrong with govt, does'nt he deserve at least some of the credit for what's good? Anyway, just a thought.

As I've said in a previous post last year, JT is the dark horse candidate. His chances of ascending to the presidency are good if both VP and KN run. Add to that in August 06, it was reported on this blog that JT was negotiating with Patrick Tellei to be his running mate in 08. I'm wondering if that ever worked out. Anyway, if JT secures Mr. Tellei as his running mate, that would be a winning combination. Another point to consider is the fact that JT was the leading vote getter in the ConCon 2 At-Large election making a case for the argument that JT has broad natiowide appeal. However, the dark cloud hanging over his head is that in November 2005 it was reported in the Taipei Times that JT was being summoned to testify in a Taiwan court regarding the involvement of palauan bank, FFBC of which he is the chairman, and its alleged involvement in the illegal selling of funds in Taiwan. Whether or not its politically damaging mileage has played out remains to be seen besides TR has not annointed anyone yet.

Wow! Thank you Joe,

And you are right. That is what I have been trying to say to the rest of the bloggers who are for or against that it would be more productive if they stick with their condidate's plat form. In that way we can compare both sides in a more professional or civilized sense than trying to throw mud on others. I really like what you are saying my friend Joe.


The one thing that would set apart KN from the other candidates in my opinion would be his historical success in moving Palau economically during his previous terms. One may make a point that it was a time before the Tiger in Asia, but he was able to bring the National Government to a level where the people were not on edge as much with the financial health of the nation. This come back was mostly during his term, this instead of the now popular line of credit crap being spread by the current leadership.
There may be relevance for productivity and success in the private sector to the Head of State position. Hence the rationale for selecting successful business men for that position. I could be wrong, but the current state of the books by and because of TR's lack of business management experience seem very convincing.
SW can be classified in the same manner as KN, as a successful business man. While JT has not specialized in that arena, he does have business experience to his resume. And VP to a lesser extent.
What do you think?

Anybody would have done what KN did during his tenure. Remember that KN was in office when the compact windfall started. To think that the economic success of his administration was his own doing is quite naïve. Most of the compact money was earmarked,i.e CIP projects, that in turn rang the cash registers around island. We cannot continue to spin that economic success is from the immediate term cash flow from the compact funds. It's not as if he created this new source of income. He was just there at the right place and the right time. For a leader to lay claim to an economic leadership role is to be evaluated in terms of the policies he has put into place and what those policies means to our countries development and well being.

KN with all the accolades about his economic prowess let slip a great opportunity to set himself apart when he failed to implement what I would consider one sure way of making sure that our needs as a nation are addressed, implement the best policy to strengthen the island economic base. Palau Master Plan 2020. Right now, as former Speaker Mesebeluu said a while back that Palau has no unified vision. I think that is true and is one reason our leaders and even that of KN's time failed to articulate that Master Plan 2020 vision into meaningful policies. He was there only to implement the terms of the compact with no new initiative to take advantage of it all. Except of course the many lighthouses he built with the ribbon-cutting celebration afterward. We are reaping the policy of shortsightedness from our leaders. If our leaders could have just have a bit of fragment of good sense to take seriously our Master Plan 2020, however unpopular it would be, we would be in a better position to weather in storm coming our way. It remains to be seen from the candidates to layout their economic vision for the Republic. May be than we could start evaluating their plans and would have something concrete with which to measure the success. Right now, their economic policies are just to muddle through and see what happens. Nobody knows what his doing.

Kedelk, its not a coinsidence thatKN was there when the compact got into affect. His ingeniuity in palau and politics in general brought him to that moment. And who in Palau would not have wanted to be in his shoes when it happened. To sum up his accomplicement it that manner is rather a disservice to majority of palauans who had voted him in twice into the office of the president and had now signed his petition for the 3rd time...that is over 6000 palauans. many can look beyond the compact funds and see his many accomplicement beside and outside the scoop of the compact funds. when he said powering the whole palau he meant it...the new bridge and the new airport and the new dock in peliliu that just had a ribbon cutting cermony are just some of what can be a basis for argument of his accomplicement. But thats not the most important issue that palau face today, whats inportant is the future and what it may hold for many generations to come. Its not what you want to have, but what you already have and what you can do with it that will make the difference. My friend be rest assured, there is no storm looming ahead. With KN palau will only move ahead and today will be better than yesterday and definitely tommorrow will bring sunshine. Palau is poised for greatness for many, many years to come. our restless leader will come and go and be replaced but palau will be here now and forever.

My palauan people,

Make what you already have and what you can do with it, a reason to what you want to have in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Focusing on “building palau” is great. But this should not be the main focus on choosing the next president.

I would rather choose a president who knows how to turn a $1.00 into $2.00. Our future Palau is going to be “built” on this money principle. You build palau by the “excess cash” it generates.

My question to each and everyone of you my brothas and sistas is this:

How is your future presidential candidate going to achieve this?


why didn't KN do all of these things that he is now planning to do if elected again when he was in office? He had 8 years to do it.

You're all repeating the "why KN is running" when he first ran in 1992 -Boaring!!!!!

Let's hear some new ideas and plans KN is going to do, please.

Kedelk, if you feel that KN failed to charter Palau's economic direction then I should vote for you as my presidential candidate next year. Give credit when it's due rather than dwell in your naive and cyncial criticism. True, we should wait for that time to evaluate all of their economic visions and I guarantee you that KN will lead the way. Just my own naive opinion...

If its one thing that we palauans have is a high tolerance for mediocrity in our leaders. Yet if you look at what motivates us you'll find the need in all of us to rise above ourselves. For many, that is our criteria, creed, and motto. The problem that I see is that for the most part we only apply the concept to ourselves and not to those who supposedly lead us. If you apply it to KN, you find that he has been rising above himself all his life never settling for mediocrity. So maybe the better question is, are we using the same criteria to judge ourselves as we would a presidential candidate and statesman like KN? Its only fair. Then again, depending on the time of day, any one person thinks that they can president of the ROP especially the taxi driver from around my way.


First let me congratulate your team,Airai aces-I am assuming you are from Airai from your pseudonym, for winning the PML championship, eventhough my team lost in the playoff.

Now, I am curious as to what new Peliliu dock are you talking about. Why credit the dock to KN and not TR?

Oh! and the New Bridge, what happenned to the old one? Didn't it fell down under KN's administration?

New Airport, yes I am very pleased with the airport especially with the CARGO HANDLERS, CAFES AND THE RESTAURANTS.

Alsekum soam el mengitakl ra eliteklel a KN mention something else not those.

The IPSECO blals is one but not the above you have mentioned.

Joe, we are approaching that threshold of electing a taxi driver for our presidency. Just look at our state governors, Delegates, and Senators.

... Why do I bother!!!

Hello All,
Reading through all your comments, I cannot help but notice a complete absence of the ENVIRONMENT as an issue for candidacy for Kun or others. Building the economy is like motherhood...nobody disagrees with building a stronger economy. However, expanding an economy with our ENVIRONMENTAL resources, our distinct and irreplacable lands and seas, that is the question of the day.

I wonder if we can get some ideas on which candidate would push a environemntally conservative platform.

My brothas and sistas,

Most of our infrastuctures have been built, and this should be an on-going strategy to make more and build new but it should not be the main goal for palau.

The problem you and I are facing now is “maintaining” these infractures and in-order to that we need “cash.” Not only that but to raise the minimum wage, we need cash, to maintain roads we need “cash.” to lower hospital bills we need "cash" And the list goes on. The bottom line is this, to “create,” palau must need “cash.”

So then the new strategy for palau is no longer “a sustainable economy” or” infrastructures.” Rather, the new strategy is simply a “wealthy economy.” A sustainable economy is living paycheck to paycheck, whereas a “wealthy economy” is having more cash than you can spend. Therefore,you need a leader who will tell you “how” he or she is going to achieve this vision and how he or she is going to “maintain’ and “build” on this principle. This my brothas and sistas is the “united vision” for a future palau.

2008 should be a year for new ideas, and new information with an emphasis on “building wealth” for Palau.

Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Our "palau environment" should be the main architect dictating and imposing as to "where" and "how" we should achieve this vision.

I strongly believe in this one more than anything else. Many thanks to you "mardingaol."

Kedelk...kede chebuul. The thread speaks to the possible criteria which may be used to asses the candidates for presidency in 2008. I proposed business sense as a possible point to analyze. Naiveté is hardly an answer to the question or related to the thread.
Although you may wish to offer implementation of the Master Plan 2020, great, but that would mean the candidates would have had the presidency to perform the acceptance of the required policies, none of the named candidates with the exception of KN have been there to judge their performance. Have you read the Master Plan 2020? Are there not components therein which are creditable to KN? Please feel free to expound on the absolute nature of your comments.
Again it is only in my opinion that were it to come down to business sense, KN then SW then everyone else. But KN is not my candidate for I believe there is more to it than that. Please pardon my ignorance, I must have failed English 101, so as to not have presented my point clearly.

One strategy that I know will kick-start a wealthy economy is by turning 80% of the palauan people to private entrepreneuers. Private enterprises is one of the keys to a wealthy economy.

Today if I am not mistaken, 80% of our palauan workforce work for the government and that is why we live on a “sustainable economy.” But it should be the other way around. Our government should “shave” some of its operations and services to private enterprises. Our government should be a bare-bone, lean and mean machine, ehehehe. Infact, 20 % of the palauan people should work for the government, 80% should own private enterprises.

Our government operates on a sustainable economy because that is all they know based on past history. but I believe ladies and gentlemen that it is the people of palau that great a “wealthy economy.” A new president of palau should come up with a strategy to instill a “dream” on each and every palauan to be entrepreneuers then “equip” and “reward tremendously” inorder to inspire and motivate. Net result? 80% of palauans who own private enterprises sooner or later will have to look “outside” of palau to invest or create more business because now they have the money to do it. This will generate a tremendous amount of cashinflow to the islands which the government can use to maintain roads, free bus rides to students and maybe free health-care for the poor.

As I have said befo’ my palauan people, new ideas, and new information for 2008. Can you find a leader in palau who will shake the very foundation of our governement to the core?, ehehehe.

Let’s kick it, and put it to the metal my palauan brothas and sistas.

Since TR is the President thought a little history lesson might be in order. One starts to see all the same issues and candidate predilictions start creeping up when it gets closer to election time. 1 out 5 priorities completed but whose counting.


Top priorities for Palau should be:

Completion and implementation of the Palau Master Plan.

Responsible leadership as a sovereign nation becomes even more significant is the management of internal and foreign affairs.

Membership in the United Nations and establishment of relations with appropriate countries for economic cooperation.

Emphasis in education and training of our citizens to fill up the leadership and job market.

Infrastructure development and wise policies conducive to quality development and protection of Palau and its ecological system.

Uchel, I did mention IPSECO when I said, KN promised to power up all of Palau and he did. IPSECO blals was reduced and PPUC upgraded with sub-stations and power line extended to Ollei hatoba with a 32 million grant from JICA not compact fund. Peliliu dock grant started during KN administration. if you have a way to review that particular grant you will find that the process started under KN. copy can be obtained at the JICA office in koror above Continental office. while accomplishments can be a basis for electoral argument, the most important issue today is what we face as a nation and people and theres many to mention....KN in my opinion is by far the best for the JOB....

Dear Ngaraard et al.,
There exists such a wealth building plan for Palau...Stay tuned. 'he, he, he'

QUESTION >> Is it a wealth building plan for the government of palau? If it is then you are talking about the “master plan” for the republic itself as a nation. Its master plan I believe is focused solely on the Government of palau and how it plans to move ahead. My plan is a wealth building plan designed to teach, equip, and reward each Palauan citizen who wants to start or own a business. The master plan is focusing on the government and how it is going to move foreward as a nation. My plan is focusing on each Palauan citizen and how she or he is going to move forward financially.

Besides, if there is an existence of a wealth building plan, you mean to tell me that it has been sitting there stagnant all these years? Talk to me now my brotha, ehehehe.

But befo’ you do, let me remind you that I’ve got all these “demok” piled up ‘ova hea ready to be thrown at your side of the ‘hood by the handful ‘ye hea, ehehehe.

The nation of palau is more focused on the republic as a nation, i am more focused on each palauan citizen. these two approaches are both good, it is a plus for the government as a whole, and it is a plus for the individual palauan, saavy mate?

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house i lived in, or the kind of car i drove...but each palauan would be different because i contributed.

Instead of our government looking frantically to provide us fish every year, teach every palauan how to fish.

This i believe is the key to creating a wealthy economy in palau.

Instead of our government looking into the future, start by building inside the heart of every palauan because that is the future.


Very interesting. That should be a mandatory advice that school teachers and counselors should instill on every pupil. The students need inspiration, drive and support to become responsible individuals capable of undertake your advise.

Your posting was interesting on TR, Jr.

They seem to have worked to put Palau in the spotlight for environemental conservation and efforts to balance it with development. We just have to get our crap together with the whole support for Japan on the whaling issue.

Anyways, before I go further off-topic, Ngaraardian has posted some interesting questions. I guess if Mr. Red Torch is referring to the Master Plan vs. a "wealth building" plan (I hope I am reading you right Ngaraardian), then I would have to state that the Master Plan is a road map to economic self-sufficiency. The term economic self-sufficiency does not mean that everyone is going to be wealthy, only that Palau will be able to make due with what it has - its resources - to be able to provide for the people and set up a system that will allow individuals to have the opportunity to prosper.

The talk of the Master Plan is that it will be revised with a grant from the Asia Development Bank to make it relevant; after all, it is dated and needs some tweaking in some areas to have such a plan reflective of the global changes in economy, environment, and security as well as other changing variables which will impact Palau.

Now, the Presidential candidates, most of whom may not be fully familiar with the Master Plan, should take a good read through it. It is a Plan that sets out HOW we would set up/improve our system that will facilitate growth of the economy and lead the way to a more even distribution of wealth from the "exploitation" of our resources.

We cannot propser if our system of government is not set up properly to FACILITATE such economic growth and provide the opportunity for individuals to successfully attain wealth within the context of good laws and non-preferential resource allocation.

Just my thoughts and our Presidential candidates should carefully spell out how we will achieve these ends based on the Master Plan.

might i ask what masterplan is this one?

We have had 2 or three master plans since 1994 for the National govt and each of the states have their own Master plans and none of them matches up together.To much plan has come and gone and we're still the same.

Maybe this is the Mother of all Master plans...




Well put Mardi. I suggest that all candidates interested in the 2008 legislative race should also read the Master Plan. It is incumbent on the part of the congress to cooperate and work with the executive branch in the implementation of the master plan. Without OEK support, the plan will continue to languish in office shelves.

Sorry Folks:
It is the Master Plan 2020. This is, to my understanding, going to be re-examined and updated by that grant from the ADB - I beleive this was a result of the CRC Economic Symposium.

To clarify Ngaraard,

We're on the same page. I agree whole heartedly with your postings. The plans are for individual, family increased business without construction, or environmental degradation. The individual, the family will prosper, and thus the country. It has been long in development and next month I will post a link to info, or you all will hear through the coconut line.
I believe the future of Palau can be very bright, and it will be an economic, environmental, cultural model for all island countries.
Stay tuned...

Ngaraardian you have so much good in your heart, but it is hard to look every person in a nation indivitualy. I know every one knows that every nation divides the group of people into 3 classes. The Upper, the Middle, and the Lower. So, who are the ones who fall into every class... everyone knows very well but none is discussed... well not really, the Upper class is usually the ones who are being discussed.

I feel that the reason why the Upper class is discussed here and there is because they are the ones... first, yes, who hold these gov't offices, and second, yes, they have the power to pass bills and laws. Most of these Upper class people are business owners and/or they hold stocks to some of the profitable businesses and they hold these gov't offices.

Will there ever be new taxes for businesses? So, publicly funded school can pay more for education and the educators, the public heathcare, to clean up M-Dock because most, if not all, major businesses dump their garbages there... and most of all, our elderly and the physically and mentally challenged citizens. Shoot that down in flames! I do not think so.

The Upper class gov't officials have CUT off the, what?..., $30.00 a month for the disabled and the elderly so they can put out bills to beef up their salary and their times in public sessions?!? There is no compassion.

I feel I do not need to speak about the Middle and the Lower class because I feel we all know what each are going through.

Beldechak’l Oolad,

Thank you for “openning my eyes.”

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