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May 21, 2007


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Why do Marv's comments not suprise me besides have'nt the charges against Shane been dropped? What happened to the presumption of innocence? It's ridiculous to move beyond that inference. Societal ramifications my ... oops I am not Mardi. The only problem that I see is that Shane has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

PS to Mighty Marv. Read some articles on self-loathing and maybe edumicate us on the blog.


Please use prudnce next time you decide to share stories from other jurisdictions with the local community.

Since when did Palau Chamber of Commerce become an agent of local newspapers. Besides, Mr. Ngirmidol had been released by the police. Someone who looks like him is the perpetrator, but not the Palauan. What you have done is disservice to the Chamber of Commerce and the Republic of Palau by expanding the coverage area readership of this wrongful piece. Read Ms. Ida Kilcullen, and realize the contributory effect of your service to this blog.

Instead of an image of conducive to foreign investment, you have painted Palau as a crime infested society. Is that what Palau Chamber of Commerce aims to achieve.

Stick to the aims of Palau Chamber of Commerce and let the media do their part. In fact, one of the things you can do is to help bring real professionalism to the way local papers do their reporting instead of misleading the public.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Ngirmidol has not been convicted yet of any wrongdoing and therefore let us not arrive on any conclusions. We only talk about these things when the “innocent” have been proven guilty.

And so my brothas and sistas, let us move on with our lives and make the best of it without any disruption or illusions.


Auwei! Komeral tulechoid. Aika email el mlora box ra kemiu.

Al blel sorir tirkal chad el post a comment er tir ra tial blimiu e tirka meduch ra Internet meng sebechir el di tir el me ra Open Thread e post.

You abuse your anonymity and hiding behind it you post private communication, likely without the permission of the writers.

It's cheap and unworthy of ones who claim to be "curing the malady and bringing back the senses." You're ignoring the malady and aggravating the senses.

You owe the persons whose email you have posted a very public apology.

If, however, you do intend your blog to be an online tawdry tabloid, so be it, it is yours afterall.

It matters to me because I should have wished to respect you and your efforts. But with this you've lost my respect.

I have known Mr. Ngirmidol. I am saddened by this terrible news. He's a very quiet guy and I do not believe that he is capable of such action. If I were him, I sue the media plus the DA Department for ruining his reputation in Hawaii including his people of Palau.

Shane being our fellow Palauan should have had his rights respected until he is proven guilty. Kede meral smiich. What if it was the other way around and we were in his shoes?

What ever happen to our Palauan spirit, togetherness as well as upholding each other when one is down in the dump? Kedemeral kora mlamo tirkal chad ra merikel el diak lomekereu.

Typical of Marvin thinking he knows what he's talking about. The charges have been dropped, so why try to make something out of nothing? HOW in a positive way is Shane's story gonna bring awareness to child abuse in Belau, especially when he's been exonerated? Do you think that's fair to him? Try other means to support your cause, Marvin.
Shane is being used as a convenient scapegoat.
So sad, are any of the mentioned emails yours? If not, why bother? I'm sure if any of those people had a problem with that, they would be the ones who will take it up with Omdui/Okedyulabeluu, not you. When it does not concern you, stay out of it. Aikaikid a uchelel a drama er kemiu.
MZ.Omdui, get off the high chair, aren't you getting too old for the hooplahs? You do know what I mean, and it does not have anything to do with the subject at hand.. I KNOW.

Is there anymore decency on this site? Not too long ago someone posted a bit about Diaz for giving his own child money. We give gifts and allowances to our own children. I don't care who it is or how much it is. It's none of our business. And quite frankly, I don't give a damn. For the person who posted the communications from the Chamber of Commerce, You should take a deep breath. Step back. Re-asses. Life could be some much better if you didn't have that kind of attitude towards the world. There are a lot of unhappy people in this blog. I think after today I will take a few months break from reading and participating as my view of Palau and the world have just gone spiraling down towards Satan's fiery home lately. Good luck to you all.


I hope you find yourself forgiveness as well as those “lot of unhappy people in this bloc” for unfounded comments made in this bloc. Make a note, ignore them completely, or pray for their poor soul. Sometimes these absurd remarks are not necessary asking for respond but simply represent a personality. Rebut them or letting them have impact on you can lead us afar from reality, resemblance of domino effect. You know in real world we have access to movies, songs, and stories not to mention what we see in our TV’s. Instead of letting get to you, make sure you put it into an educational perspective and pass it to young ones.

“A man's errors, weaknesses are his portals of discovery."
James Joyce Irish author

hey bart...i agree with you when it comes to other people's business.."I don't give a damn"...the big BUT is that...a rechad ra belau a mekekad el sorir el mesaod e melaes rar bebil ra rechad el diak ledengterir.
and as for ken uehara and marvin...unless you're both holding psychology degree then shut up and mind your buzwacs. let the appropriate people handle this and you two do what you're good at...whatever it is..in which case...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!!!! but please don't play doctor like you know what the hell you're talking about.

good riddens

Edeng, "RECHAD" a belkul a kmo ngkid rokui el chad er Belau. Soak el subedau el kmo ngak a diak mekekad malechub ak tulechoid mesel omdu a rechad er Belau engmal metirm a renguk. Kid a rechad ra kekerei el beluu el population er ngii a less than 25,000. we all know each other by their last name mesel leborngii a tekoi el kmal meringel er kid a oumerang el kmo chad ra beluad we all start talking about. ngdi tengarngii tirkel lolsiich a tekoi metekelekall el mengiuetokl er ngii el mo uchul a mekngit el cheldecheduch ra delongelir ar chad. mei medebai becherei tial topic e dosaod a ikel mochul a klungiaol el mora beluad er Belau e dekaingeseu ra ungil luldasu. ma tara ongtik a kmo lak do soad a klekikingir a rubliil ebai dosaod a klekikingel a ureor ra chelsel a olbiil. Molengemes rar bebir ar rengelekel Belau.


Ng diak el klekad a uchul ma drengsii a tekoi eke de mesaod er ngii, kede di melemlim el soad el chemoit a udesued ra klechad er kid ma delengchekled e mesaod rar bebil rar chad. Ng meral kse rar bebil er kid ar chad er belau el di mesa tekoi e smodii me sel blal bol merek el mechisang rar betok el chad eng di 25% er ngii a klemerang, ea 75% a cheluid.

Al mekngit me kede smodii ma lungil mekede smodii. Me bai de concentrate ra klechad ma klengar er kid elak kuk dorums rar bebil rar chad. Kid a kakerous el chad meng kakerous a udesued. A chosenged ra tekoi a kakerous. A omesa chad el kuk ngarsei e mosisecheklii -al ngara mekngit. A omesa el ngiluu a klungiaol, em kerir el kmong milkerang mel sebechel kuk meskau a idea.

Kede belchoel mesa chad e me smodii e obesong el kmo a backyard er ngak a direk el ibaselei. Ng diak a chad el perfect el kuk di meduch ra rekoi. Ar bek el chad a di ngarngii a talents er tir. Ngarngii a omeduch er ngii el kuk metitur er ngii mak kuk meduch er ngii el ometitur er ngii.

Anwyas Friends, please e me bai lak de kaiungasech er reng er tial website e bai de input a comments for sharing.

omung, mousubes alsekum eak tilmir a rengum raikel tekingek. ngkmal etik el orrenges ra rechad el mesaod a tekoi el diak el lodengei. ngdiua tekingel a Lebong elkmo "Al mekngit me kede smodii ma lungil mekede smodii" e kmal meral tekoi. becherei eke dechad ra belau mal melemlim a rengud malechub ekede mekekad engdiak eldechulel eleng teleteled.
with that said...keep on blogging....
regards and God bless!!!

Alii El Rokui,

My friends informed me that I'm being discussed in this blog regarding my comment in the Palau Chamber of Commerce webamil.

Mak dumiang el me aiamar.

I took the news of Shane from Richard and the print news from the Honolulu Adverstiser as is and responded, not to condemn Shane, but be of support to him for what I thought was the case.

Later I found out that it was a case of mistaken identity and police negligence. I was in Hawaii last week and the folks there verified the information.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to apolize to Shane and his family from the bottom of my heart for this problem I have caused.

I am very sorrry.

Marvin Ngirutang

Becherei e kau tial mla iamar. It takes a courageous person to admit their wrongdoings. Perhaps, we can learn from this and continue to support our fellow Palauans. I hope Shane and his family can start building their lives again..


please email me privately at jon-marvin.ngirutang@law.ox.ac.uk


Husky & Bart,
Maybe you should take your words and live by them instead of being hypocrites. Not unhappy people, they are playing your games, just like you, just playing it differently.
Jones, Jones, Jones.. what can I say, I'm at a loss for words, what are you thinking? Did what you just spewed out made you feel any better?
Hope you have learn something here, as with the rest of us.. Don't pass judgements too quick.

Kamsal, their statements in here were not to condemn Shane at best. How many of us here talks about something before the judgement has been passed. Unfortunately, their true identity was revealed and some of us just crucified them. Kired el mo kaukereu kid el cheroid ra beluad leng sebechel a injustice el tegoi el happen el merkid. Adang


let's see if we can make something good out of this.

Since Richard is well connected in Honolulu and have worked at the HPD, maybe we can ask him to look for a lawyer to represent Shane and sue the State of Hawaii for negligence. We can all pitch in and pay for Shane's lawyer.

I think Shane has a strong case based on what I've read. If he wins, the money will provide a roof over his head.


Ladies and gentlemen,

With more info’ coming in, it is becoming clear that Shane has a very strong case of mistaken identity.

Now if he(shane)decides to sue and he should, attorneys in Hawaii should by now be knocking on his door or calling him on the phone. What he should do then is get in contact with Richard first or Richard should make an effort to reach him.

With Richard "connections" in hawaii his counseling and advice, should help Shane “choose” the right attorney to represent him in court.

If shane has a strong case and at this point in time everything seems to point that way, a right attorney will give shane an opportunity for legal fees payment after the case is settled. If Shane decides to take this direction, then not a penny will come out of his pocket beforehand. But let us make sure of this, so please if you have more info, do post.

Hmm, I have a problem with Marvin's 'confession'. He said he took the info from Richard and basically ran with it. So in a way, he's putting blame on Richard, shifting it, just a tad, away from him. Nice try, Marvin. You should have just said how sorry you are for your part in the gossip department and leave it at that without coming across as trying to cover your behind. It was up to Marvin to verify if the story is true before opening da mouth. Do tell us, in what way we're you trying to help Shane?
It does not mean the story is valid just because you heard it from an individual or a newspaper, and here we thought, your'e smarter than that. Now again, Marvin, your'e putting Richard's name out there because you need somebody to fix your 'mess'. Why don't YOU try to get a lawyer for Shane yourself? I'm sure you have 'connections' in Hawaii like Richard.
Your'e so lost that you probably have ended up at Marvin's backyard.

Sechal buik don't have an attitide like yours. I rather end up at his backyard than yours. You probably don't have any backyard at all..

Diak meral sechal buik, before you open da mouth, you should check to see if you have any backyard to speak of because if you don't, I suggest you keep da mouth shut tight...

hey all, sorry to dissapoint you but richard does not have connections in hawaii...he thinks he does but he's far from that.

good day all.


thanks for the info'. whatever the case maybe, we still need someone in hawaii who is familiar with the legal system there to let us know about this situation. After all, we are contributing information to help our fellow palauan who needs our help. don't we ladies and gentlemen.

hmm..bai kora soak el agree with sechal buik...liked to think that way of marvin too, but now the more he "opens da mouth" the more doubt, i like get....heeh...anyways, here's my point, ngkora diak el soak a "oto" ersel last el tekingel a Marvin, If he wins..."provide a roof over his head"..what ever you mean with it, I take it to mean that he (Shane) is 'homeless" and wihtout a home or roof over his head..well Shane might appear that way or so you have heard, think or conclude..but Shane does have a family and a home, in Hawaii, Palau and elsewehre on this planet, I believe...ng locha di ngil soal kiei el uaisei, and as far as I know, and from family members, he chose to be where he is, kuk soal uaisei (engera mekngit ersei, dingil tang a uaisei?) mengkora mo mekngit a renguk sel molekoi el uaisei e Marvin... ka locha mal ngarbab a rengum/uldesuem el chad, ngaukai, kamouchais..again, sechal a buik a locha bai meral dilu tekoi, "kileed eke kuk di mle aiamar" emo ongellau el telkib el kuk mochu, "open da mouth". sulang e mousubes alsekum ak ngiluu tial "blai" el tuchakl.


Good advice Alii. A good politician should know when to get off the soapbox. Its no secret that Marv is considering running for Angaur delegate. Maybe in his mind, he thinks has a lock on that but we all know with palauan politics stranger things have happened. With Marv's comments, whether timely or from the heart regarding Shane, is a minus in my book. He should have just apologized and left it at that.

Star aka Marvin,
I Got you all riled and why? Truth hurts, doesn't it? your are getting too defensive for your own good. Ng techa chad el mla iamar edirk mengedek er ngii? Where the heck is your backyard so we can toss our garbages there?
Breath in/out and be open to what's out there besides Marvin's shits!
The End!

Ngmlar ngii a backyard e te mle reposess er ngii a rechad ra udoud! So embarrassing!
Elechang melasm to get another one, so let's just wish her luck on that one and to remind her to please, to take your time, don't try too hard el try e lolechit, 'cause you have a long way to catch up. A friend er kau a mal ahead!
THX SO MUCH FOR THE INFO!AK KIMERAL MLO JEALOUS! LOL. Adang mekerang e kekerel buik!?
Hai, Ngbai derengmiu el betok a ngercheliu ra party! Get busy with the concert planning, that'll take your mind off mua. Lol!
See, you have to be smarter than that sel omomekakeu!

I wish I can be more of a help to Mr. Ngirmidol. Maybe you guys could direct me in the right direction? I live in Hawaii and I've crossed paths with Shane quite a few times. Uneducated in the legal process of this state, I wouldn't know the first step to take to assist Shane. I am willing to help because I feel that Shane has been discriminated against in the most vile way. If you have any suggestions or opinions regarding this please do post. I will try to take the baton and pass it along to the right hands. Thanks again!

Try getting in touch with Richard, I don't know, but maybe he knows where to go to get this kind of help.
Did the newspaper who told the story do a formal apology? That would be a good start. What about calling the radio stations in the area where he's at and tell his story on air? Then get with Shane and presuade him to file a suit against the appropriate people.
Sulang for trying to do something there.

I agree with Mrs. Pierantozzi. The Chamber of Commerce has more things on the table to digest.

Marv and Ken... you should have went to the media... or Diaz!... it is a public interest where the public should know about our fellow Belauan, not an international dillema.

To agree with you with one thing Marv, yes, this kind of thing happens to every society, Belau was not the first nor will it be the last. Mr. Ngirmidol IS innocent until proven guilty... thank God he was not in Louisiana.

And Ida, with your comment that all Belauans are guilty or have the rage virus??? What is wrong with you?!?! You may not know this Ida, but also people "who" can just "happen" to "fall" and "vacation" in Belau may have an interest in building a business in Belau... not "only" those who "heard" from the "grapevine". Ida, this is one "alledged" situation to a Belauan, I would like to know the statistics of what you have portrayed to any other country/nation to what you have wrote.

All for Shane:

To my understanding the newspaper did not imply that Shane was guilty of anything. They basically just told the story with the information given to them in regards to this case. The clipping that this blog is based on is just, in my opinion, a recap of the events as they unfolded. It was printed after Shane was released and therefore told the story with strong support in Shane's favor. However, local island news that told the story from day 1 labeled Shane as (again in my opinion) a guilty person. I could be wrong and biased because he's a fellow Palauan, so I am going to go online and look through the segments again. As much as I respect Richard, I am hesitant to approach him of such endeavors. I personally know him to be a very busy man that might not be able to fully dedicate the time and attention needed for this case. Radio stations here are not as informative as you would think. Hardly anybody pays attention to them unless the music is on. At the same time I feel that they could be very biased as well but I'll try to research that a little more. Maybe I can try to get in touch with Shane as well, he really has been keeping a low profile since he was released, even amongst us Palauans, poor thing. I do believe there is an attorney who I think is a legal advisor that resides here in Hawaii. I think Stanton is his last name. I think I'll find a way to call him up and see where he can lead me.
Again whoever has any more ideas, feel free. For now I'll take the baton and ran as far as it'll take me.
God Bless!


Your wonderful. Your info' is sincerely and surely appreciated. Please do carry on.

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