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May 22, 2007


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Wow!!! Finally, months later, criminal charges against Taunton--wow, very "convenient" he is said to be in N.Z. and out of our "reach". So, what about the "others", you know, THE OTHERS, the ones who sat on the Board of Directors, the Financial Accounting people, the High Level Employees who knew everything, are they all "lily white"--innocent of responsibility? From these charges, one could believe that Taunton was a "one man show"-a Tyrant who ruled over all--and will Taunton ever be brought back" Will an effort "really" be made by our Authorities? My God, if he comes back, he may have something to say about "the others", he may not want to be the only one "in the fire" so to speak--would that not be terrible? No, file all you want, looks good in the paper but this is one "doubting Thomas" who sees this action as an empty publicity stunt--let's "heap" every, fault and crime on Taunton--he's not around, never going to be around so that makes everything easy, too bad that "NO ONE ELSE" has any criminality or responsibility in the PSB debacle.

Mr Taunton,
You are the scam of the earth and deserve to be broke back to Palau to face your criminal charges.
For all those Palauan who suffered financially will see to it that you pay the cosequences of your actions.

I hope the reaiming parites who were invoved in this fiasco will also be tried and pay for their actions. You just can't get ahead in this life by taking advantage of other people. One may for while but soon or later, it will cath up with you.


As just another victim in this scandsl,I hope Taunton gets extradited so we can learn the extent of the failure of PSB.

I wouldn't be surprised if this involves other people including our representatives in government.

Perhaps this calls for an indipendent prosecutor.

Someone who can simply ask the President and his Administration the hard quastion. "What did you know and when did you learn it"?


If some of the higher officials were involved, most likely, they will find ways to cover up their actions. What's the difference between this one and their other illegal actions? I just hope the people will find peace with themselves in order to forgive and move on.

So how are we going to get Taunton? Government Expenses again?

And John Devivo had just returned last month from vacation where he and his wife Monica went to the States.

Let's not allow him to leave this island until all cases are solved. Or we're going to end up paying again. And if it'll get too expensive, we'll end up letting it go just like Peavey's case.

Government insiders, yes the leaders of this country were totally in on the scam, the whole point of the bank was to take money from normal Palauans and foreign workers, so that those who worked in the bank could have big money for custom, houses, and political activities. It is sick.

What is worth it to have big houses, and everything else to impress the rest of us? Now their reputation is ruined and tinted forever. Kid el chad er belau a smiich, Kedemo kmo, ngkang kor ngkel merechorch a delal. Of all the people, Debbie should have known better. I hope it was worth it while it last.

I hope Taunton ass be tried and burned in subelek farm for taking advantage of poor people who invest their life saving for their retirement.

Taunton screwed us royally and most likely will get away with it. "Those dumb asses coconut head Palauans practically gave me the key to their treasury" is probably what he is bragging about to his friends. As a Palauan I am sick and tired of foreigners duping our leaders and abusing our nation/people. As such I am leery of foreign investors with big plans for our nation. We need them but at the same time must be able to weed out the ones who are unscrupulous. Good, honest, and smart leadership is needed for this. Not ones that can be easily bought to sell out our people/nation for their self interest.

A chedil, bai kmal tarengmiu. Leng kuk diouspech ra sitter leng mla modikl ra Guam. Eang diak leua klengelakl! Eang buahaha, leng diak lengak eleng chelewid!

No one can deny the devastating effect this PSB debacle has had, and continue to have, on the the people of Palau. But let's not be ignorant and buy the story that the media and other people out there want us to believe--that Taunton is solely responsible for this mess! It's so easy to call Taunton the "scum of the earth" and all sorts of names, but were we cursing at him all those times the bank made donations to many community functions and gave away scholarships to Palauan students? Sure there are many questions to be answered and there is no doubt that someone has to be held accountable. But let's not be ignorant by pointing fingers and making accusations based on speculation and rumors. We needs facts--credible facts--and a thorough investigation where people in power cannot contaminate the process with their influence, their threats, and their money.


People like Taunton and the rest alike prey on helpless individuals to get ahead in life. Very sad and sickening to see you trying to defend them. Yes, I will call them the scum of the earth, especially Taunton who was mentally stable at the time of the incident maybe not.

I know that he is reading our posting, so I want him to know that he betrayed our trust and friendship. Now he can crawl down their with worms ma iyekl and the rest of the scums of the earth. His destiny has just begun..

Anyways, The truth finally came out. Now we know where some of our money went. They tricked us to open our savings accounts and they took the money for their own personal use.

With this Pacific Bank issue, It also affected other locally owned banks in Palau. I now afraid so I am sticking to US Banks only that are insured.

Chellik. A Obekuk el buik ra Ngeremlengui a ouchais a chisel a Shirley Ann sel lomechar a belochel era ngeremlengui. Olekong pay el $500.00 each time (that's like once a week) el di mai el mesterir a rechad er sei and she tells them to get worth of $400 and $100 is their pocket money. Wow. So far she has not ordered any since the bank closed. ya chelik. ngdurengrir a rua Shirley Ann ma rua Debbie ma Margo.

Chellik. A Obekuk el buik ra Ngeremlengui a ouchais a chisel a Shirley Ann sel lomechar a belochel era ngeremlengui. Olekong pay el $500.00 each time (that's like once a week) el di mai el mesterir a rechad er sei and she tells them to get worth of $400 and $100 is their pocket money. Wow. So far she has not ordered any since the bank closed. ya chelik. ngdurengrir a rua Shirley Ann ma rua Debbie ma Margo.

What I don't understand is this, how stupid they thought this could go on forever. Now, the price is too high to pay. Much more than the belochel price tag. I would be ashamed to be in their shoes if I had to live in Palau. What happened to the ten commandments, Debbie, Do shall not steal,,

Big surprise that whenever anyone tries to look at the other side of the coin or gives anyone the benefit of the doubt (which is the cornerstone of the democracy Palau so claims to uphold), it is labelled as "sad and sickening". I wasn't trying to defend anyone, but even if I was then I wouldn't be ashamed of it. The reason everyone has a right to representation in all democratic countries is because everyone is presumed innocent before proven guilty. So far, all evidence presented has been one-sided and not to mention far delayed in being presented to the public. Smart people would question why it's taken so long to gather so-called evidence to press charges against Taunton and why he's the only one who seems to be getting all the heat. Oh, but I forgot... we must always blame it on the big bad white guy.

I have to play the Devil's advocate because everyone seems so one-sided here!!!!

p.s. Belochel??? Seriously, people.


Now you've made me confess. "p.s. Belochel???" - My answer is YES..Belochel. And she bought them from me. I can honestly say that I'm so ashamed for calling her my niece. She's my niece because Melwert and I are cousins. But even Mel's wife don't go around buying belochel the way she (Shirl) used to. And she claims her father Melw is the one supporting her. Whatever.! After the bank closed, she never came back to buy from me.

Anyways Oltoir. You're defending the bank on your own. I stand to be corrected but I think you're Debbie, Margo or Shirley Ann.

No more money for Belochel?


Did you ever stop and think that the reason why Shirley is not buying belochel anymore is that she is out of job/unemployed and Chuji cannot afford to give her money!!!

Isn't it illegal to hunt Belochel?

Alii All,
Its been a while since we had a chat about this sorry episode in Palau's history.

Taunton will NOT be the only one charged. His is though the one with the largest loans. I'm pretty sure that there will be further charges down the line with the three stooges - Debbie, Margo, Sherrie, and others. I don't think there is any cover up here though. We just have to push our Government to keep the pressure on to make sure that the lawsuits keep coming.

It is not 100% the fault of Mr. Taunton though, as he took advantage of a couple of greedy coconut heads in our OEK in the 5th, 6th, and 7th, OEK that had influence on how we wrote our laws - basically write laws on bankinng and the protection of the public to be weak so this "wildcatting" activity can be done by a very resourceful HAOLE using our greedy relatives to accomplish his desired result.

Let us not let this PSB issue die and be swept under the rug. Already people have lost their money, including myself, and will probably not get it back. THE LEAST WE COULD HAVE IS JUSTICE - Bring them all in for a fair shake.

I agree Mardingaol... and let me assure all, with all of what he has been charged with and the amount of monies that he HAS been charged with... - *evil smile* - Mr. Taunton will be naming... NAMING names!!! Mr. Taunton is going to take the rest of those who followed his path down with him.

Here is a lesson to all of us...Do not put your money in an Uninsured Bank...Bank that is not a member of FDIC is not SAFE! All those APR's and 0% are just bait for us hard working people.

All, fyi the following information on Mack Tim Taunton is off a copy of his resume:


Post Graduate:

The Canadian School of Banking, Staff College, Toronto, Canada

The Wharton School of Business, U of Pennsylvania

Dunn & Bradstreet Credit I, II, & III


University of Alabama, BS Finance, 1969


The McCallie School for Boys, Chattanooga, TN


2/92 - The time he ran away from Palau - President, Director & Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Savings Bank, Palau

12/97 - 12/91 Director for Coral Reef Marine Center, Guam

7/86 - 12/87 President/ CEO for First Micronesian Trust Company, Guam

11/82 - 1/86 Executive VP of Farmers State Bank, Brookshire, TX

11/81 Senior VP of Town & Country Bank, Houston, TX

5/80 Regional Rep. of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Houston, TX

1974 VP/ Sr. Loan Officer for Citizens Nat'l Bank, Shawmut, AL

1969 Asst. VP/ Sr. Credit Analyst for First Nat'l Bank of Atlanta, First Nat'l-Heller Commercial Finance Corp.


Multi-Engine Private Pilot (3000 hours)

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