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January 20, 2008


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A very good idea, I just hope that his people will support and agree with the idea.

Perhaps this what all our elected leaders needs to start doing. With our minimal revenue and resources, why does our elected leaders and other government employees being paid so high compared to our own locals who are performing the functions our services required.

I hope this election will be the beginning of a new direction that we as a nation can put Belau before our very own interests.

Just my view!

Every state should do this. Makes sense! At the national level we should abolish the Office of the Vice President, reduce the number of ministries, and lower the salaries of the OEK to no more that five times the minimum wage. Most of them wouldn't even be earning minimum wage if they weren't in the OEK.

Oh dear,

Here we go again. solutions by people who have no ideas.

Tighten the belt, downsize the government. Sack, sack, sack!

Why don't these idiots propose for the government to generating more money to be able to afford to hire more people! Pay higher salaries! Make our people have better lives!

I say vote for Johnson Toribiong who will bring in foreign Direct Investment.

More businesses means more taxes and more taxes will enable the government to hire more people, pay better salaries and than it will be happy days for Palauans!!!!

I say vote for Johnson Toribiong. He has the solution! Not these idiots whose solution is suffer, suffer, suffer!


I'm confused about how you believe that JT will bring in direct investment which will allow our government to hire more people.

I thought a good economy is where private businesses are the major employers instead of our government.

Just my view!

Having an idea or ideas and then acting upon them are two seperate things. The key is the act itself. So Sonsorol's Governor has this idea to reduce wasted effort in his state government. This is not an entirely novel nor new approach yet the key is the Governor is acting on it.

If we could get our other leaders both national and locl to do the same, the ROP would be leaps and bounds ahead of the game.

I hope the Governor of Sonsorol reads this blog so dS can ask him to call his collegue the esteemed Governor of Peleliu in order to tell him to concentrate his effort in getting the three state boats fixed instead of focusing on national politics. Thanks.

Hello Oketol,

Why are you so myopic. I am lothe to adress people who think like children.

In any event, since you say you are confused let me enlighten you.

First, JT has the ability knowledge and will to reform our archaic foreign investment laws.

Next, when these bad F.I. Laws are reformed, Palau will become attractive to foreign investors.

However, this is only the first step. Reforming bad laws alone will not do the job. It is just as important for the government to actively woo foreign investors to Palau.

I am convinced that JT is the only Presidential candidate to-date that understand international business and hign finance to be able to woo F.D. Investment to Palau.

JT as Chief, a diplomat and a learned man who is internationally exposed knows protocol and knows how to deal and negotiate with foreign dignitaries, royalties and business tycoons and this JT credential is all important when it comes to attract foreign business and foreign diplomatic support.

JT is the only Presidential candidate if elected President is qualified to parley with international investors and be able to convince them to come and invest in Palau.

Now to address the issues you asked about employment.

When businesses florish in Palau (private local and foreign businesses) the government's coffers will overflow with money to spare.

The government will then be in the enviable position to hire good help, pay good salaries become super efficient.

Do you not wish for this to happen?

The private sector will also be hiring and there will be healthy competition between the private and public sectors.

This is now already happening in rich counties.

Palauans will then have a choice to work for the public sector or work for the private sector.


Usually, the private sector pays more than the public sector but the otherside of the coin is that the public sector provide job security.

The individual can choose!

Currently in Palau, under this lousy TR administration there is little choice because there is little job opportunities and little demand and limited work scope.

I fear electing VP Chin, or Surangle or anyone else other than JT will not give Palau the very best opportunity to acheive self sufficiency.

At best everything will remail stagnant but what will actually happen is Palau will go into fianacial choas because after 2009, aid from the USA will cease! Our economy for the last 20 years depended on US aid. Whatr will happen when that ends.

We have to look for alternate sources of revenue and JT is the right man to do it!

JT already has international business contacts as well as personal contacts with highest officials in various foreign governments.

JT has the "Know-How". JT has charisma. JT knows the Law. JT is a man of honor and a Chief who knows and respects Palau's traditions.


What more can we ask for Vote for JT.

This may apply to Sonsorol because its a tiny atoll with few people living on it.

However, it would not apply to the Palau National Government. Cutting jobs can also mean cutting on quality and fast services that the people need and deserve.

By building a strong economy, more tax dollars will flow into our government treasury. That money can be used to pay government expenses and better workers to improve government services.

Let put the priorities straight. Get the economy going. This is called supply side economics. The more the supply of money, the more cash is available to offset our cash strapped government.

Please prioritize !!!

As for Beliliou, I advocate for any development project to be minimal and invested in the northern part of town (Ngedbus and Elochl erea). Southern beaches should be remain as is (lost pardadise) and turning them into a stoned Waikiki could destroy Belau's pride. This is one of the reasons I am not voting for JT. He's too agressive.

dS my friend, of course I was and still am him. I posted JT's article for you remind us we already knew it. And I called KN a dead meat simply to resuscitate the giant. We need him to fight to keep the action in the north where they should be.

W2 gotta split before someone from area code 671 starts making phone calls to 680-345-xxxx or the other ones re-telling me 500K i'merchorch'ers is the answer to Belau's economic problem. Will be back before the primary.


Thank you for your respond, however, spare me your campaigning. None of these candidates' qualifications, experiences, knowledge, positions and reputations impress me.

Since compact became effective, our previous and current leaders including these candidates are still seeking ways on how to develop our home. Haven't the past 15 years taught you anything or even open your eyes?

What our young developing home needs is a leader that will unite all elected leaders, traditional leaders and all Palauans to become one voice and one plan on one boat in one direction on prioritizing the developments of our home before our very own personal interests.

Until we all become one, I'm afraid that history will repeat itself.


W2 I am glad you are still you and I am still me. I agree with you 8000 plus percent. Now if Yusechemad can call Gov. Damian Albis of Sonsorol to ask for some advices for his friend GJN.

Our three state boats are down with no plan to fix them only blame,letters, quotes to the media from the Governor instead of solutions. Way to go Sonsorol Governor Albis!

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