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April 03, 2008


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I'm confused.....did your informant mean the President did not arrive IN or FROM the Philippines. Media reports have him arrived in Manila on Tues/Wednesday. See Pacific Magazine online today.


My appolgies for not being being more specific. However, it is said that a signing ceremony - Facilities MOU - scheduled for today 4/03, 11:00am at Ngerulmud was rescheduled because "the President did not arrive early this morning from the Philippines as scheduled."

Omdui, thanks for the clarification.

Mmmm...what could possibly have gone different with a presidential schedule? Maybe the entourage is basking in the "girl clubs"?

Continental flight returned back to Guam, never arrived in Palau. TR was on the plane. Word is they had mechanical issues.

Don't jump to conclusions so soon people.

Rumors lately described an incident that high ranking official in PI expressed his dissatisfaction for President & First Lady to go through proper security before boarding the plane. Continental Airlines could not accomodate such request to allow passengers to pass without security check so while arguments went on..the plane left without them.

Let it be a lesson that all must conform to the rules. Let's wait and hear His Excellency's explanation of the situation. He may have had a successful delegation and the Philipppines were trying to impress him by failing to comply with normal FAA regulations or US homeland security measures.

To all,

Thank God for our President Tommy and first Lady Debbei Remengesau, jr; have return home alive. Welcome home Mr. President/1st Lady.
And all delegations.
Our worry have disappeared upon arive.

And thanks to Gloria A. Macapachal presidento of Philippines and your people and your government.

Sorry for ECC-VP. '

bye bye.

The real story for anyone who is interested is that our wonderful President refused to go through airport security and missed his flight. He then "chartered" a plane. I wonder if the poor citizens of Palau had to pay for the charter or maybe its more checkbook diplomacy. Below is a link to the news story as reported by the media. Thanks again, TR (and other corrupt/spoiled politicians of Palau) for using tax dollars so wisely.

Airline justifies barring Palau president from flight
Posted April 3, 2008, 4:43 pm

Continental has to abide by their rules. I think, it's time to purchase our own plane for the president. Ngmeral meklungang a btelud meng mla mo meseked ra tungelel a skoki!

Dont agree with our President on alot of issues but I have to take side with him on this one. Continental airline have been killing us with their extremely high airfare for far too long and now the have the balls to shut the door at our president.

Hope their fate will follow that of the Aloha and ATA airlines.lol

Shame, shame for TR the president of ROP. As we all know security is tight for airlines passengers's safety. TR did disservice represent palauan citizens by refusing to go through security check. So much for diplomatic act by TR. Did he have something to hide? Was he too intoxicated?

Two quastions:

Who is paying for the charter plane. And what was the President hiding?

Frankly, I don't think TR has the right to refuse security checks for any airlines unless it belongs to him.

If he wants to get on a plane without being checked, he should buy himself one - you know, like Airforce 1 or something like that.

Of course, Palau would have to pay for it.

Thanks for poorly representing us one more time TR. I'm sorry I voted for you.

None of "our" tax dollars were spent. As a courtesy, the Philippine government provided the chartered flight. Anyway, he really should have been exempt. It's just ridiculous that you would subject a head of state to security screening. Very disrespectful. Hey, they (Continental) have been charging outrageous rates and serving us cold sandwiches, so at least be proud that our leader would not give in to their silly requests.


Disappointed & Observer,

Before you piont your short fingers on others, get your fact straight..

It was not TR's decision to refuse security check.. It was a decision made by PI's vice president and his officials..

For your information: All the expenses were all paid by PI Government..

And for your vote: you had a choice so don't come here and cry about it..

TR needs to abide the airline rules. I don't see this as being disrespectful, it is a safety issue.
What continental did, was follow the rules and TR was using his position to bypass security check. This is wrong, maybe continental airline will not allow him in their aircraft. This will save palau lot of money!!!!

Observer and the likes, read on...


I do agree with Daisy. We have to be patient..what we post here does have great effects on everyone, especially those who surf this blog. We are not bersisk so lets not conclude first or preach with malice in mind.

Let get our priorities in order, public safety comes before any title. Secondly, what was Tommy hiding?










This is a two-pronged insult.

1. It's an insult to the Government of the Philippines. By acceptable and traditional norms, Heads of States visiting a host country are extended expedited clearance at airport security points (more insulting when a PhilGov official had reiterated the request, and Continental claims it's a US law! Screw US/American laws...if Philippines go far enough to honor your laws in their country, why don't they extend a small courtesty request? Continental is guilty of arrogance and greed that can only explain why so many people are starting to dislike the Airline.

2. Simple and no-excuse insult to Palau's Head of State!

Trying to allude security checks for airline is a safety violation. I don't see anywhere on continental policy that president of palau is exemtp from security checks. When you use public
transportation you abide by their rules. Tommy forgot that he was not in Palau. Ambarasing situation for president and the rest of us palauans who live by the rules.

I for one may not have agreed with President on some policy issues but in this particular situation, I agree that he should have been accorded highest protocol and dimplomatic assistance.

In several of my traveling, I have to witness our respectful Floor Leader and several members of OEK on security check and felt bad that certain protocal among our dimplomatic countries were missing. Despite their inadequacies in our government, I still believe that they should be treated above standard when flying. Continental could have assisted in private security measures rather than to take depart without assistance.

I agree that we should look into another airline that would show some respect to our leaders and does offers us a "choice of flying".

Recognition to the goverment of Philippines and the people of Philippines has been long over due. Salamat Po!

I work for an Airline and even Senator MCaine, other high official reps., Movie stars has to clear security check points. Heck! Even the head of TSA has to clear security to be on the non sterile side. What is wrong with our President? It does nothing but reflect how ignorant he is.

Wonder if someone from TR's large staff contingent called in the bomb threat to stick it Continental? Passive-aggressive island-style the whole way.

Redil er a Belau, thank you for sharing this fact. I hope you all can learn and be on the same page as the rest of the world. Tommy I hope you read this blog, being a president of Palau gives you certain privileges, but alluding security clearance is not one of them. Be humbble and get in line like the rest of us.

Redil er belau and others,

Even if our president decided to go through the process, the host country simply would have some reservations about it because it will also make them look bad for not following proper protocol. Again, this was not a visit by Eddy Murphy or John Mcain on a personal trip, this was an "official visit" by the Head of State, not Senator A, B, or C, and proper protocol was expected.

Many interesting comments. Maybe this is just Continental's way of saying to Palau not to go about messing with their extremely profitable airline route and sending an underhanded message to Palau.

Continental Airlines is protected by the Compact of Free Association. In the compact is reads, in my interpretation, that Continental shall be subsidized if they fall short of their revenues by serving the Republic of Palau. Continental should be grateful for Palau's compact and not try to thwart any efforts for Palau to find alternative airlines that will open up Palau to European travellers and other high end tourists through signing on an alternative to Continental.

I strongly beleive that continental has gone to great lengths to protect the micronesia routes as they are the most profitable for any US Carrier. this is a FACT.

This is just one more thing to add on to the INSULTS we keep receiving from Continental Airlines. Againm, these guys are subsidized by the US Govt. if they fall short of profits while serving the Republic of Palau. Look it up.

INSULTING and DEGRADING. Too bad we don't have a choice of airlines.

For all you guys dissin the President should really get your facts straight and take a good look at yourselves. TR isn't there representing himself but all of Palau. Continental just did that to him cause they signed a new airline ageement.


That is the spirit. Presidents and Head of States must be accorded proper protocol when traveling because they represent countries. Tommy is our President and Head of State and deserves no less treatment.
Good thing he refused to subject himself to those treatments in Manila!

To the Government of the Philippines and its people.. we owe it to them for the safe passage they provided for the our President and his delegation.

To Obserer and Redil ra Belau:

You both need to look beyond your emotions and address the issues.

TR, first and foremost, is a HEAD OF STATE! Do you both have a clue as to what that is and when you two cast your votes for anyone to be a PRESIDENT? It goes to show how shallow you exercise your constitutional duty of voting! Have some respect!

The President, having been directly involved in his US official visits (not State Visits), receives US Secret Service protection (24 HOURS!), transportation and airport security clearances (in and out!).

I take this, as someone rightly put it, to be an overdue THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES! They went extra MILES to make sure our President returns home as scheduled, as they undertook their international duties as a sovereign nation to protect and ensure safe passage of a Head of State from another country!

The issues here far exceed those you've been barking into the discussions here. This not about TR nor his wife nor his delegation. It's about a conduct of relations between state to state, which commercial entities should honor, respect and accord some preferrential treatments when HEAD OF STATE is involved!!

Geez, why am I wasting my precious Friday time addressing you morons!

I don't know about whether this is an insult by the airline or arrogance by TR, but when the problem came up couldn't TR have just said "It's ok. No big thing!" It's not like he doesn't normally go through security when he flies. He is our President, but don't we expect our President to be a mature person who is above these sorts of little things? Tia kmal kekere 'l tekoi.


please read KnowSomething's comments again, please! Let me know if you need more elaboration.

I think its time we should allow Philippine Airlines to start flying to Palau. Da hell with Continental....all these years you've been profiting from us with your outrageous fares. Idiots!

Very amusing.
He's the HEAD OF OUR ISLAND NATION and above all, he's human like us. We don't expect him to be perfect, but believe me...he did the most logical thing a head of any state would do if welcomed by another like him. Would any of you, in his place, preferred any less?

Why squabble whether his actions justified or not? are there propogandas between the lines? The way I see it, prolonging this issue adds more insults to ourselves..

As Kebloes sed.."tia kmal kekere'l tekoi".

I concur. Let us give our president and the other parties involved ample time to settle this matter before we start passing judgments and jumping to conclusions. Yes, it may not be a big deal to you, relatively, but this is an "international matter" and should be addressed as such. Again, reserve your comments and allow some time for them to present their cases instead of speculating and pointing fingers here and there. I am sure there is a lot more to this than what we are hearing and reading in the news. Maybe the media is "sensationalizing" it. At any rate, bom soro e de besterir a techall tirkang el chad (Daitorio me a "Con"tinental) me bong el sebechir el meskid a komakai el omosodel tial tekoi el dilubech er a Huriping.

There is far more to this than meets the eye!

What was he trying to get away with by exercising his 'immunity' to carry through security checks?

Having 'immunity' or not is one issue BUT when a security measure is requested, he can refuse or accept to be frisked! If he refuses then the airline owes it to all their other passengers to do what they feel is right AND it proves they have the right to refuse to accept him as a passenger.

What is worse it brings GREAT suspicion to everyone of what TR was up to. The airline would not have required him to be frisked if they did not have ample to indicate something was very wrong! No one takes 'immunity' lightly and no commercial airline would like to cause an international incident of this sort for no good reason. So it looks real BAD for TR!

His entourage accepted the request/s - WHY not him and his wife? Very fishy! Indeed.

Glad the other passengers arrived safely.

Well done Continental Airlines for sticking to the rules and regulations.

These 'tin-pot' Presidents who have dilusions of grandiose should be taken down a peg or two!

These people think that Continentel Airlines is making money from Palau sector flights but they don't realize that Continental Airlines lose money form this sector flight and only carry on the service for assistance and goodwill to backward nations.

How many airlines have gone bankrupt flying the Palau route! Even their own stupid airline went belly-up after a few months!

Palauans should be reminded that without Continental Airlines services Palau would return to the dark-ages and their little economy decimated.

These ungrateful turds!

I have been a loyal shareholder in Continental Airlines for years getting little returns and it makes me sick when these piss-pot countries get above themselves.

Come on Continental Airlines boycott Palau. We don't need their crummy business and that's a fact!

These people are called Palauan. And yes you are making money from us for charging ridiculous price. Our, so called dark-ages, according to you was peaceful until these ungrateful turds start flying over bring more ungrateful turds!

Uncle Sam,

"I have been a loyal shareholder in Continental Airlines for years getting little returns and it makes me sick when these piss-pot countries get above themselves."

From your posting is clear you are not a share holder of Continental Airlines.

If you are, then you are one screwed up share holder and you need to learn a little bit of your company's history.

When Continental went bust in the early '80s it was Palau routes as part of Micronesia/Asia Pacific routes that sustained your company.

It is the reason Continental wanted to buy out the Micronesian governments shares in Continental Micronsia, you ididot.

You'r lucky Mr. Hilblom is not around anymore to put you in your place with those types of comments. Many tourists to Palau are source of revenues to

Palau and the Philippines are some of the most lucrative routes your company is serving, you idiot.

Press Release from Reuters:

Palau's leader stranded after refusing to be frisked by airline > PHILIPPINES Reuters in Manila Apr 04, 2008 The president of the Pacific islands of Palau was left stranded in the Philippines after a state visit when he refused to be frisked before boarding a Continental Airlines flight, officials said yesterday.
The flight left Manila on Wednesday night, leaving behind President Tommy Remengesau and his wife, Debbie.
In a bizarre twist, the plane had to return after midnight after the control tower at Manila's international airport received a call saying there was a bomb on board. No explosives were found, according to General Atilano Morada, chief of the Aviation Security Group.
"There must be some room for the exercise of common sense in all decisions and there must be respect for the dignity of the highest level of government," Mr Remengesau said in a statement. "I would have expected that the airline would honour internationally recognised protocols regarding heads of state, as well as show some courtesy to our Pacific culture."
He refused to fly with Continental after the airline insisted he be patted down before boarding, much to the dismay of the VIP party, including Philippine Vice-President Noli de Castro, on hand to bid him farewell after a two-day state visit.
The flight, with Continental subsidiary Continental Micronesia, was going to the US territory of Guam, with a connection to Palau.
No one from the airline was immediately available for comment, but airport officials said they had allowed the president to proceed without frisking. However, since it was a commercial flight flying to a US destination, the airline said it had its own rules governing security.
Mr Remengesau and his wife left Manila yesterday in a private jet provided by the Philippine government

As I stated earlier, Continental could have assisted in private security measures rather than to patted down our President in front of his colleges and high officials in PI before boarding. It's a simple act of disrespect for our Head of State to be treated like a commoner when I am sure he had all the body guard surrounding him at all times. Whatever..let's all be glad he is home and safe.

Yes all palauans are glad the Mr. and Mrs. Pres are home safely. Old and young we must rejoice. Tommy has few more months as a president. We must be patient and see what he is going to do for the ROP. I have my doubts.

After reading the statement from CO on PM, I totally agreed with CO.

To ensure safety and the regulations that CO must follow is a procedure that must be enforced and practiced on every flight. I personally wouldn't want to be in the same aircraft if I know that not all passengers on board were screened. There is no other way to provide safety to all passengers but to effectively screen everyone. Although I understand TR's concerns, I think his safety and the safety of others come before his title and everything else when boarding any commercial aircraft, especially originating from a foreign country into any US state or territory.

I'm glad that PI government was able to get him to Palau on a different aircraft.

I also feel and understand the frustrations of others in regards to the high cost of fares of CO in and from Palau. However, our government leaders haven't utilize the other airlines that service Palau to provide connection services out of their hub to US and other destinations for passengers originating from ROR. I'm certain that there are several major airlines that originates from Taiwan to US and other destinations. If that can be done, it will not only provide other options to our people and guest but it gives CO a competition that might force them to reduce their fares and improve their services.

On a side note: If CO pulls out of Belau, it will hurt Belau more than CO itself. Trust me the Guam to Palau route is not that profitable of a route; if it is then we'll see other airlines fly on a regular schedule instead of being chartered.

Our leaders should focus on the Taiwan, Narita and Manila routes for these hubs provides services to US and other destinations. Hawaiian Airlines flies to Manila now. If that Cebu Pacific airline comes into place, we may utilize that service to fly to HNL and other US destinations out of Manila. We also could utilize the FAT service to connect to China Airlines and others that service Taiwan. Again these are just some ideas that will definitely give competition to CO and perhaps force them to be more reasonable.

Just my view!

uncle sam you stupid f----k

uncle sam

What is your problem and what are you trying to prove?

Omtikl, I am not trying to prove anything.

I am responding to hate blogs written by the likes of:-

Kiuar, quote; "Continental Airlines have been killing us with their extremely high fares".

Seseimasesei, quote; "TR really should have been exempt" and "Continental Airlines charges outrageous rates" and "Leader not give in to silly request".

Note sure, quote; "Continental Airlines went overboard" and "Punish, sanction, throw out Continental's monopoly" and "President will go after Continental Airlines" and "I hate Continental Airlines".

The USA has been helping Palau for 40 years and almost everytime something is not to Palau's liking the reaction from some Palauan nationals is very severe and uncalled for!

Most Palauans show great ingratitude and behave (consistently) like spoilt children not getting their way.

It is just a 'wake-up' call for them to realise how stupid and proud they are of their micro status in the world and the courtesy which the international community grants them. They cannot abuse the 'hand that feeds them' with no come-back and they should count their belssings rather than foster hatred in their hearts - exemplified by such hate comments!

I would direct you to the blog written by Oketol, quote: "If CO pulls out of Belau, it will hurt Belau more than CO itself. Trust me the Guam to Palau route is not that profitable......."

Continental Airlines has done nothing wrong, they are following international avaiation rules.

If TR wanted to make sure of his exemption then the Government of Palau should have contacted Continental Airlines first to request for such facilities and I am sure some mutually agreeable resolution could have been reached.

But NO! The TR administration is either too stupid or too arrogant to take such steps!

Now an unnecessary incident has occured and Continental Airlines is bearing the brunt of attacks from Palauans who feel 'insulted' when they should look at what TR is up to!

It is the Government of Palau that is slack and unprofessional!!!

If Palau cannot pay for their own plane for their President, then he should accept what commercial airlines do to protect their passengers and planes - TR could have chosen to show good example but he chose to give in to his (well-documented) arrogance instead. Perhaps they need to focus on why, when his entourage all complied! For him to remain adamant and stubborn is questionable. Instead, the Palauans magnify their false pride that they allow to be bruised through the sheer arrogance of their pompous President.

Furthermore, TR claims to champion the environmentalist cause? BULLS**T!

This dumb clown kept the plane on stand-by for 3 hours. Did he worry about this polluting the atmosphere? Hell, no! He only postures to be an environmentalist when it suits him!

Instead of making plans to get on the next flight, he then allows the Philippine government to send him home on a charter flight which again added to him further causing pollution and to an unnecessary added cost burden to the Philippines. The ordinary Palauan citizen would take years to pay this extra and unnecessary cost - and it could have been put to better use by the Philippines to feed the Pilipino poor!

The Palauan people do not consider any of this - only that they did not foot the bill! They jump to defend a proud and arrogant President without a care for anything else - least of all the passengers who were put out by his antics.

I am sure that if there was no good reason CO would not have been so adamant as to require to frisk TR. Have Palauans taken a good look at their President lately? With his dark galsses, ear-ring and wayward behavior, he is a prime canidate to be frisked!

Palauns need someone to show them the other viewpoint and they need to GROW UP! They can take it as 'constructive criticism' if they are open minded enough to do so!

They should realise that Palau is HUGELY dependant on the good graces of CO.

Uncle Sam,

You call it right!

I have returned to Palau several times to visit colleagues and every time I get more and more disillusioned.

I hear many locals hurling ignorant remarks about how the US uses Palau.

Palauans believe that the US should pay and pay and continue to pay for Palau's so-called strategic position! I think it is high time for someone to bring reality to these puffed up fools.

The US needs Palau like a second ass-h**e! There is Guam that is being beefed up - not Palau. If Palau was so strategic, why is Palau not being used instead? Is it because of they are unreliable?

Palauans seem to want to do nothing for themselves, overburden the government, and rob their funds dry and chew beetlenut! Apart from thet they have a tendency to SCAM foreigners.

Palau has lost it charm considerably!

Wow...Perhaps there should be a certain section strictly "reserved" for rants. Take some time out, do some work around the house, go to the gym, find a new hobby, take care of business in the magic room, and just relax a bit. You folks are going to kill yourselves with all these animosity and hatred. I can hardly breathe!

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