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January 07, 2009


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Great News!!! Good for the economy...
I guess this New Year is starting to look bright.

I don't think one hotel will and another Surivor is going to help the economy. Plus we are outsourcing our water, electricity, and waste management even more with each new developing structure being built more and more around the island.

good point Aramid. Hope the jobs go to the locals.

olekoi, do we really need another hotel? Halle ngdi telkib etechosimr a chesmerel for lack of business.

These are the kind of news stories that sends me to the dance floor. While some retailers and restaurants are closing down, it is refreshing to know that other businesses are coming online so tax reveneues do not dry up.

This waterfront resort is beautiful and will promote the beauty of Palau. I will also draw more spending kanko dang to Palau.

Lets encourage more of these good developments to Palau. We need them for jobs and taxes.

What the heck??

One word: Monopoly

Who owns it? Whose money went into it?
Who is benefiting from it?

What percentage of locals will get hired??

Yes, it does present it's own set of concerns when it comes to waste management, electricity and water source....I agree with that common sense insight.

It's no better for any one business, big or small to lose business. The difference here are palauans trying to have some subsistence, as in small businesses, and not surviving for various reasons, as opposed to a group of people teaming up to build a hotel and maitaining it's success and popularity.

Still rooting for the small business entrepeneurs...just wish they are more prepared to get through the tough times, economically. It can be tough on a small remote island and more so when they don't have much in the way of financial help or securities for their losses...

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