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January 07, 2009


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Hang in there guys.It's happening everywhere.
There is nowhere to go when you are already down. Eccept going up. Cut down, Cut your loses, but don't loose hope.

Rubak lobengkemiu....


I'm not surprised. This is happening to a few people I know, except our leaders who are living it up. To the business owners, don't lose hope and keep the faith!

We must frequent locally owned businesses and help our fellow Palauans retain their businesses. Opt for locally owned stores before going to foreign owned businesses.


hehehe, oh afghan, you are good. Just throw it correctly back at the source.

I don't think our leaders or the wealthier businessmen are to blame for the closing down of the smaller businesses in Palau.
It's really the population -- the number of people vs the SUPPLY. It's the basic rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND. Over the years, the number of stores and restaurants has multiplied, thus exceeding the "need"/DEMAND for the products/produce/merchandise/services they sell.
Just look at Oreor for example. Beginning at Ngesaol to the Etpison Museum -- the street is lined with stores, hotels, laundromats, and apartments. And how many stores can you find in just Ngesaol? Ngermid? Ngerchemai? Ngerbodel? Iyebukel? For that small population of people (rich and poor), you've got over 5+ stores, possibly 5 Laundromats, 3+hotels/apartments, 1 gas station/store, and 3 restaurants. The people of Top Side may never have to leave their neighborhood to support the stores in Meyuns. Same goes for people in Ptelul a Chang, Dngeronger, Ngerbeched, Medalaii, Meyuns, and Malakal. Many businesses are closing down because not everyone can reach out to support. There are just not enough PEOPLE!!!

ALSO, Palau's ACCESS to merchandise outside of Palau has been broadened thanks to the WORLD WIDE WEB (i.e the INTERNET!). Online shopping has brought the "world" into the hands of the men and women of Palau. Who wants to buy some no name gaudy jeans at Jezzrae when you can order clothes from JCPENNY, MACYS, OLD NAVY, GAP, and BANANA REPUBLIC online? 10 years ago, people ordered clothes & shoes from the JC PENNY catalog and it took a month. Today, you can order it online using your Bank of Hawaii Visa Check Card, or your sister in California can send it to you in the mail – it only takes 2 weeks to get here. In order for a stores like Jezzrae to stay open & out of the red, they would have to specialize in the merchandise that the people want --- the brands! Not knock offs or tailored!!! Also, they must sell clothes that fit the people. "Somehow", people have grown out of their usual size of clothing and are unable to fit into the clothes that Ben Franklin has to offer.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.....and maybe it is better for the smaller businesses to close down. Their owners should to try something new -- something that will work for the small population of Palau thus keeping them in business for the long run.

Menguai tia chelebuul ra Belau and you think they are gonna be able to afford brand name clothes?

Not everyone has internet access and a card to order online for items, or young and with a mindset to show off what brand names they wear/have.

I do see the problem, however, that some items are sold for 3-5 times the actual prices found online. And of course everyone wants the lowest comparative prices. But the main problem is that buisnesses are closing down because fewer people are spending, and the cost of running them gets higher.

A buisness outlet has to change quickly to adjust, either selling something else or sacrificing things to keep it in buisness or face closing it down all together.

In Palau, I wanted to buy shorts so I go to One Nation and I see rejects merchandise from China and they sell them for a very high price when they only bought them bulk for about $1 each. Believe me, I know the manufacturers in China. The good merchandise will be shipped off to the U.S. while the rejects will be sold to third world countries including Palau. The Indian owner at One Nation has become a millionnaire and has open another merchandise store in downtown Koror. His profit goes back to Singapore, where he's from and draining money out of Palau.

For the grocery stores, they are not too bad when I compare them with Guam prices. Many items like Tuna, and Japanese foods are cheaper in Palau. I always recommend, don't bring food to Palau and instead bring your wallet spend your money in Palau to help the economy.

i've been waiting for news like this...and how ironic that there is a new hotel being built while small businesses are just not cutting it....and what business, pray tell, is the one mentioned to be one of the oldest businesses in Palau, but no name given?

people are hurting and i venture to say that if people don't start preparing now, it will only get worse....

so i am for the small businesses and for their survival...if not preservation...

and i guess palau government is in no position to give handouts?? yeah, right...

Oh please, Need More People... That's okay, I'll stick to my "knock offs & tailored"... thank you very much.

Rodech, if you're the famous, one and only Rodech, right on!!!

"I believe in miracles, where ya from? You sexy thing, you?!!"

Turn it up, turn it up, ya'll, sex machine, stay on the scene, like a sex machine.

I stick to knock offs most of the time but nowadays it cost just as much as name brand. Some of the stores close down because their still selling bell bottoms. Knock knock it's 2009.
Just because people act outdated doesn't mean they have to dress that way. Say no to high price knock offs from taiwang, foreign countries too. time to start a nudist camp in Palau save more money.

It would be interesting to know how long these small businesses were running, before they had to close down. But I guess, we are left wanting, when news breaks out, because there is never enough detail to any one article....it's just chais rar merael and no real detail. I end up having more questions than anything and no real place to go to to find out more. Whatevers!

So Bandidos is going? Was going to check it out, but I guess I don't need to now. Ha!

Is Sure Save Mart still standing? (No reason I asked this, except to throw it out there...)

Ngemeded e rebeluu, aika elbuliu eleko komou bael a brand names? This is why ekomdi broke edi blals elmora kodeliu. You can look nice with no brand name clothes, and it's cheaper! Mkuk dimngara sebechemiu.
Alsekum engdiak a lemesiu el mesaod a meral tekoi, ese problem er kau, engdi llak moleiisch a klebelengum ra seked.
Change a blekerdeliu ra uchera momesiich er kemiu.


...The one and only! @ your service, for your next *flute solo* session in front of your computer reading my posts... Be careful what you wish for. lol.

Hello Palau.

Sustainable Economics affects us all. Sending 170 plus Palauans to work for better wages at Agriprocessor, and then using Guest Workers in Palau and paying them next to zero there is in part a cause of the problem we are all having.

We have collectively over inflated our idea that the NEED everything and we don't Need to Produce Something.

Palau, you have fish, are your citizens fishing and providing fish for the world market or are you selling fishing rights? Are you selling shells to button makers but not making buttons in Palau? Do you have Nuts and Foods that are unique to Palau or the islands. I remember buying nuts in empty beer bottels... I wish I could get some in California... or that big nut that was almost like butter...

The mail and internet sales work both directions. Rather than saying what you can't do, ask yourselfs what you can do. By the way a hand made item is better and more prized than a factory made item... Oh how I miss having my things made for me. This is a skill I respect and wished I had.

Do I know Palau. Yes, I lived there 7 years and taught at PHS... Name... Mrs Yvonne Best'Boisek. Now it is just Ms. Yvonne Best.. But, I keep Palau in my hart, and wish you all well.

But, stop trying to be California, or the USA. Be Palau. Debt Spending and Inflation is not natural to your environment or culture. Your freedom is to be free of both. EVEN if this means you eat boild fish and tarro 7 days a week, being out of debt is freedom.

Amen to that! Yvonne,

Now that is straight to the Point...

Palauans are very optimistic with our new President. I like what JT said the other day about putting first priority on the Compact Review. He went on to say that we need to minimize spending and open our doors for investors.

To me that is a perfect first step to a sustainable economy. It's still the begining, but so far I like what I see and hear. Hopefully the new OEK will stand behind the new President with one goal and one vision in turning our country around. This power pull and finger pointing in the OEK has to stop.....


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