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January 26, 2009


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AAAAY! Why don't they just dismiss everyone? Hmm? We're better off dismissing them all at this point -- ng mla mo diak udoud to carry this BS any longer.

I think I'm giving up on Palau. Can someone please give me some hope?

Sorry ! BuckleUP is the right word to prepare ourselves for the outcome. I am done with this issue. There is no justice in Palau. Even though people helped themselves by loaning themselves thousands of dollars. It seems like this thing will be twisted around to point directly at Tim Taunton the only white guy who will take all the blame. Other than that if you are a Palauan and you helped with the sinking of the Bank. Do not worry keep the money. It's never a Palauan's fault.....It's gotta be the white guy!

Giving up hope....


A kumtelechakl el kmong KLOU LOUUS ra MISONG a lolab a moklou el kabelment el MIUS ra elsel a AMPT er kid. Kired el hire rar chad er Belau el mo meruul aikang, ea lesekum eng direkl el mo kikanai eng kirel mo MERAEL A RASECH!

Omomdasu eng sebechel mo ungil a Beluad ma lechub ete betok a MELOMES a rengrir el do OUMESIND el NGEMOKEL RA UDOUD!

Why blame Tim Tauton only, neglecting the fact that these indivicuals had choices to make. They chose to make illegal loans knowing it was wrong. If they truly cared for us Palauans, I doubted, they should have warned the authorities before the bank closed. Granted, Tim alone was guilty but they didn't because they were involved,also. Like Mosi had said, I'm giving up hope seeking other alternatives elsewhere to get ahead in life.

Tim Tauton is not in blame, the blame should be in our leaders. Our leaders should know very well that the Bank have to comply with all requirement and have insurance before they open to serve public.They failed to do their job so lot of palauans lost their money and that really hurt.My advice is, next time if there's new bank coming to Palau, please stay away from it and stick to BOH & BOG.

Yang oiiiiiiiiiiikel!!!!

You are right. There is no justice in Palau.

Don't blame the CJ though. He makes decisions on what he is presented and its clear that the lawyers should be castrated for this....even the dope that is being selected as SP.

Not giving up on Palau yet, but it is a sad, sad day for all of us.

Aika ng mle tela ludoud er beluu a lengilai(Techang moluches el lomeklatk mel sal lmuut el lokisii a ngesel a rengud er beluu)?

Tiang belurir a remedengerenger el chad er ker ltang? Alii e tia sel dolemolem el uaisei eng diak a luut er ngii!! Ng di ua ngalek el di dolemolem er ngii ea luut eng dikea le mekard ra mekngit el blekerdelel!! Ng dirrek ra doruul er ngii el uaisei, e tirka el beches el mengetekled sel lesiseb e te uai a le lechotel a chimorir ra belsir ng sulir a rechad el mor tir ra kuk di rolel a tekoi el cheroid e diak lolutk ra ngerchelel el ngara kingall me te mo mecheleterir e di meruul a tekoi el mora rechad el tomall a llach ma budech a diak de kelii.

Alii aika a uldudir tirkal chad ra beluu el dirk oumesingd er tir a di mla ngmai a lsal betok eng $2,000 ra cherrengelel a ududir el mla ra kiuar ra PSB.

Ak meral beches el kmo ak tara kot el lulbekau e chudelei el ngar ser bab e le kulemdasu el kmo kau a tara chelimosk e dachelbai ra ureor el loiak a osengek ma ultebengek ra teletelem sel moureor el kora kmal sekekull e delodau ra delongelir a rsechelim. Engdi sola e tiakid el mla me ritiang mak di mo kmo, altang beot er ngak a ousubes er kau eleng dimlak a ududek ra PSB, engdi ak melechesuar a ududir a betok el chad el kmal mle meringel el loureor el mengarm a secher ma kelekolt ma kleald ma cherrodech ma omelatk ra ngar medad el klengar a le di le ngemed a meringel chad el lududir ra di dersta el chad. Ng diak el tekoi!!

Ma ikakid a eru el tekoi el sebechel losebelau ra mederir ma didiich el merael ra beluu el kirem: A kot ea chelechal el omedaes e diak el sal lolsongeb er kau a ildisel a udoud el kirem el blals e kmal kirem el mengkad, eng di kirem el losiik a rolem e oluut er kau er tial klengitelreng el di tal rolel e di chimo el rolel a kokad a udoud el kau a mui el medengei el kmo ng kmal telang. Ea ongeru a kmo ng kirem er chelechal remurt el ngara rokui el chelsengrir a rechedam ma re diak el chedam me ke oldingel e olengeseu a delengchokl ma kebliil ele tirkaikid tir el chad el chomtilmall a rengrir er tial deleboes el lomeruul.

E di kau el lomes e chudelei, a klaumerang er kid a osebelid ra tara klebesei e ousubes er kid alsekum me ke de obult e suumech a mle telemall.

Ak Belas el kuk mla lengelakl!!!

It is sad to know that people can get away with this kind of shit in Palau. If the criminal case is dismissed without prejudice,can they still bring it up on a civil case on a later time? no crime was commited but he still owes the money.

respond anyone???

WOW!!! charges were dismissed!?! I guess others are born lucky, while others who try to save their hard earned are not that lucky!!

For your information, the whole PSB Nightmare was just THAT...a nightmare. After reading this, you will suddenly awaken, and realize it was just a bad dream...NOT! If we can't get them in court, then let's make their lives miserable. Let's shun them in public; let's turn away from them on the street; let's visibly whisper when we see them in the stores; let's not invite them to anything; let's not hire them for anything; let's not smile at them; let's not wave hello and bye to them; For God's Sake! Let's not be Palauan about this, and pretend that hundreds of people's lives weren't turned upside down because of these greedy "merechorech" folks! Kede kmal bekedengmes, edi meruruul a tekoi sel desterir ma rengrir eng mekekerei aikal tekoi el riruul!I personally have decided to make a whole grand show of crossing to walk on the other side of the street when I run into Debbie, Margo, Emory, Mario, and the rest of these thieves!

E kimots ngera te lucky er ngii te mesiou ra rengelekir lolab a rechor ludoud e lucky. kedebai lucky save a ungil a rolel ludoud el mlo kesiib a medal a nose er kid el kirel el kirir a rengelked.. te merur ng diak!!!!!!! el mla ngmai a ududir ar beluu dongerenger e chelechang e te melbelubet er tir e oltelechakl ra dibus el chad ra ngebard mar mla mad.... ea chelik bom ngim olmedem ea rechad er belau a diak le mekebelung... kom chebuul kom di meruul a chisiu ra ikrel ea chelsiu a meral blachediil..

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