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January 01, 2009


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alii Rokui,

Kmal el ungil beches el rrak leko er kemiu ma telungalk er kemiu rokui. Mo ngetmokl a bedengiu me lak mechesakl. E a Dios lomekngeltengat er tia el beluulechad ma beluad er Belau me kid el rokui el ngelekel. Happy and healthy and prosperous 2009 to us all. God Bless.


Same to you, Santy! Best regards to your family and have a great, safe and peaceful new year!

Happy new year to all you, Palauans living back home. Every where I went today, especially grocery stores including liguor stores were packed with people. Everyone seemed to have great spirit. It might be the parties they either are hosting or attending. In any case, there is no place like home this time of the year. Again, happy new year to all. Steaks tonight is no comparison to Um and brak anytime.

Happy new year Omdui! Many thanks for the techall... looking forward to 2009 Okedyulabeluu blog. Your efforts are much appreciated. A while back, if I'm not mistaken, you mentioned about thinking of revealing yourself. DON'T! The mystery will keep us coming back for more! Though I have an idea who you are, but, you never know....

To whoever you are, wherever you are... hoping you'll have a successful 2009!

Kmal ungil beches el rak el mora Belau !

We enter into 2009 with many challenges.

The best thing is that the Remengasau administraton is coming to a close so Palau can walk forward. Finally the 8 years of inactivity,
confusion, lack of direction is closing up.

Hurray to a new year.

Dirrek elkmal lungil beches el rak lekorkemiu rokui. Domuchel ertial rak el menga kall el lungil rabedenged edolngeseu rarouspech a ngeso. Lak dobes elkmo kedemo ngeltengat a dongull rar meknlou erkid.


HAPPY-Ness for the BECHES EL RAk...

ngmeral di kea ngikl era kereker engdi bol wise and sem sem peace/happy- ness to us alls

Happy New Year Everyone! Man I would love to eat some clam and sea urchins right about now. Oi oi! Not the land type but the ocean type.

Happy 2009 Omdui and all! Omedeto!

Ungil Beches el Rak to all Belauans!
Let's all forgive, but not forget what 2008
Had done to angered, saddened, and split us and
try to support our new leaders to make our Belau better.

My big problem and I can't get over with it is that the idiots who are still thinking that the morons/embrassment (such as Diaz, Mlib and etc) are the right representatives than Sen. Asanuma, so I am sorry if I won't practice what I just
said above.

I wish and hope and will be praying that our President will appoint Sen. Asanuma
to be one of his top guy because he is the only honest and hard working man that most of us know.



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