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January 26, 2009


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I doubt his mother's illness. Hope he is not using his mother as an excuse coz he might get that bad news when laughing on his flite out of Belau.

I don't blame him for leaving town because nothing is going to happen to those Palauans who were involved with this fiasco. Why spend his time trying to bring justice when the outcome is already seen here. Well, I guess certain Palauans can do and commit any crimes without facing any consequences. Kedemeral chebuul kid el mechebuul with no voice with anything happening back home.

What a total waste of tax payers money, not to mention our breathing space! Has this guy ever scored 1 for the people since he stepped foot on the island? First of all, we had to pay for his overpriced salary; then for his housing and transportation; then for his office rental; his utilities; and his support staff; an investigator; aaaaaaaaaaaaaand 2 other police officers for his security! And I know how short-staffed the cops are! And right now, I'm wasting my time talking about HIM, so THE END!

That is why we do not need HOALES, especially lawyers, here in Belau. They come and work, earn their money, not to mention what they will write on their resume for their next stop, and they go. Leaving us holding what they could not finish and cannot be accounted for.

Let us say the government hires Arnold as an SP and he bungles the job, we will at least have him in our midst and can be held accountable. Whereas Mr.Harley will be gone and the mess he will leave behind will be for us to meliik. Walton, Richenthorn, et.al. comes to mind.

Well now, just for fun I did a google search for 'HOALES', suspecting that it was a misspelling. Sure enough, it was and is.
Haoles. Now I get it as to why you hated on me so strongly in another post.

Harley should have been gone long time ago

all he did was dismissed those criminals and say good bye Palau, I've collected my fees now I am gone.... see 'ya in the next life

Lol, the mom is probably doing fine, playing online bingo in the comfort of her home. Lame excuse.


some of us when faced with something we feel is out of our control we tend to be very narrow minded and scared and start blaming other people. labeling people and calling them names is also very common in the older folks.

Whats really going on here in Palau. I thought that the new administration will clean up the house ones in the office. are they just going to sit back and not do anything about this shit?

Does anyone know what happened to Satoru Adachi at PPUC? I see PPUC is advertising for a new CEO/GM for PPUC. I thought Adachi was "the" answer for PUC after Peavey? What happened to him being the choice for Palau?

maybe his back in hawaii as a new CEO for ABC Store. i hear their looking for someone with good management skill.

It's easier for us to put the blame on outsiders, instead we should be asking ourselves, on why "we" looked to others to step in and clean our mess. Gone is the Palau of Honesty, Integrity, Duty to ones' country. During the 60's no able bodied Palauan would have stood by and let this happen.

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