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January 20, 2009


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Looks good on paper....Now lets get our head
together and give it all we got.

wish you all the best........

tirkal mo remurt ngdiak a kora requirements el kirir el meet before they can actually run? ak kora di mechese renguk ra Lencter el kim dilak el ngara school ra Harris. Meng mle ongeuid eak mel mo class mate er ngii el mol tobedang engii a dirke ongeuid el skuul. ak medengei el kmo ngdimlak el tobed er ongeiai el school. mea Noah el di mle security ra PPR engmasech el mo Delegate.

akora mechelaol el kmo abol introduce a bill ete mekerang? mekera loluches? ngkai ia lencter el mlo mesubed ra Senate e return to report ra floor el kmo "ak mla mong e DAITZ" ngera DAITZ?

tial delegates akora mla mo chercheriaol. arechad ra melekeok temilkera ra lolilt meng ngarngii a rua Theodore el educators ma rua Kazuo el mla ta el le delegate???? ma delegate ra ngchesar el mla mo olsesab el chull engii a di ou sunglass.


The decision was ours, the citizens of Melekeok to elect Lencer to represent our states. You are underestimating our intelligence and decision indirectly. Sel bebir ra taem ea ikal skulir a rechad a diak el ngii a uchul etemora ikal office. Kedomes ra omerelir ma delengcheklir alak a budech engmekerang al cherungel loungerachel a tegoi ra beluu. Bai desa techall a Lencer melosuub loba klemeriar with open heart. I wish him the best! We will be there for you all the way, so embrace your position with the interest of people in mind.

Kazuo?? Ngdikea rechad? Ma Lencer, aikal liltetir ngmle diak el kora uchul mengiluu a deruchall?

Ngak a diak chad ra Melekeok, engdi smiich a renguuk el lomes ra Lencer el mora oberaoud el tekoi.

Daitz, kora kmal meredech el "judge." A Lencer has worked hard to establish himself in Melekeok. Many younger people want to be in Koror where the buzz and the action is, but he has lived in Melekeok for years and doing what he can to help the state.

Education is highly recommended, but if you cannot speak and understand the voters in your home state then your education is irrelevant.

Lencer, good luck with your first term in HOD and may you learn and help your state in any capacity.

Ah Noah is the head of the security at PPR and has done a great job in his duties. He is a good man and stable unlike other former and present politicians. Again, he is semeriar and young. It is a good time for him to help his state.

Komerael di complain and diak a sebechemiu el medesouii....


Ngdi info el morkau to help you in your righteous judgement: Noah Kemesong has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from either Texas State University or New Mexico State University. I believe its in the profile page in the pamphlets distributed at the inauguration. And even if I didn't see it there, I know it for a fact. He's my classmate in PHS.

PHS Class of 1985 for Noah


Noah a tar tirkel di mle attend. Kmal di mekesai el chad el ngara OEK a tilobed lolab a babier er tir.


Ollek, olebo sel kilsal degree er ngii engdi fake? I seriously saw his degree, but I guess with today's technology, anything is printable and possible. Anyway, as his classmate, I wish him well, and look to support him in his seat.

kau e Daitz ma uchel a kuk kmal uangera klechad er kemiu, me ko mesaod ra rechad el tir a mlengilt lokiu a idois ra state el tir omtechei el mora ra HOD...kemeral diak modusekemiu e mesaod ra rechad..a Noah a ngar ngii a skulel ma Lencer mal ta ng di mlak el tobed eng ding smart enough el rechad ra melkeok a sebechir el loumerang er ngii lomtechei er tir...get a life first...lak kom sal mechechei...

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