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January 26, 2009


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I'm sure Jackson Ngiraingas is not surprised!

This is a great opportunity for the governors to learn something new so they an help their states.

Malaysia is a oil producing country and is the leader in palm oil and tin productions.

Opportunities only knock once so do not miss this chance.

prostitution and gambling is all you need

You watch Nautilus City rise up from the ashes. I thought Lord Davidson had moved on to Mauritius or wherever. What is he doing back courting Palau again? Must mean now, he sees a chance to make a quick buck. No strings attached, my ass. With people like LD, there are always strings attached. Nothing's for free but my question is what's his angle? With his boys in place in the National Govt. mainly Jacko and JT, the sky's the limit in LD's champagne and caviar dreams. LOL Oh by the way, I thought there was an oustanding warrant out for LD should he step foot on palau.

Momes!! It's starting! E uai dimlak el meketekt el dongiil.

I'd do a background check on these monkeys. The next PSB unfolding before your eyes.

Oh yeah, I have a unicorn to sell if anyone is interested, plus a pink elephant.

yup here we go again...let the "for sale" sign of belau fly.....money talks and bull-shit floats...

All you negative commentators sound like Tommy's cronies ?

Tommy's era is over. Learn to live with this one.

All you negative muck rakers will eat your words for prejuding others when the states start their projects. Just wait and see.

again....let's sell belau like we've done in the past but not finding the right buyer only this time w/ luck and a whole lotta GREED i think we can succeed.
no...tommy was another failure like the rest and no i didn't vote for his ass either. i'm just a poor belauan who's worried that our island and the people will eventually lose their identity if we're not careful.
'chew on that and hopefully it'll sting your lips'

looks like we're turning to Malaysia as Chen of Taiwan is being indicted

just watch, the governors will soon build big houses and drive expensive cars in a short time

but i am also hoping something good will come out of this one

Mayalsia-----60.4% Muslim, 19.2% Buddhist,
9.1% Christian (World Fact Book). Economy is sliding into recession (International Herald Tribune--January 22, 2009)--Most bets are the increasingly less popular Prime Minister Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi will soon be replaced by the United Opposition Leader AnwarIbrahim (IHT--Jan 18, 2009). The costs for a background check in Malaysia is less than $500.

So, is Badawi looking for a place of refuge or business?

LOL ! The way things have been handled back home from both private and government leadership has affected the peoples veiws on many issues concerning our island. I am noticing that every issues that comes out of our island has been met with a lot of skepticism......

Sad to say but we need to work very hard on transparency in order to get back the peoples trust.....

Just a thought,

A kemiu el chad era Belau,

First, Lord Davidson was invited by us southern landowners to our states to provide jobs and financial opportunities. They did not come on their own to make a quick buck. There are too many better opportunities in other countries sweeter than Palau. But it was our hard work and their willingness to help Palau that brought them here.

Second, the land we put up for projects are ours. Please respect our property rights which are guaranteed by Palau's Constitution.

Third, if you have alternative and workable ideas better than what the Malaysians are offering us southerners, lets hear them. Otherwise, stop the criticisms.

Fouth, Lord Davidson came to Palau legally and has been approved to do business in Palau because he has no criminal background and has the financial backing to do business here. If you found anything that our government missed, let us know. Otherwise, stop the smear campaign. This is disrespectful to our friends.

Fifth, Davidson is not interested in our small local politics. All he wants to do is clean and above board business in Palau. So stop the politicking. The Presidential campaign is over and JT is the man in charge for the next 4 years.

Bringing investors to the south is hard as it is. It is disheatening for some of us Palauans to subject our business partners to indignified treatment, smear tactics and baseless allegations that some of you are spreading here. What ever happened to the Palauan hospitality and welcoming spirit that our ancestors taught us ? Is this the type of Palau you want your children to grow up in where character assasin is a culture ?

The coming of Badawi to Palau is no small event. Let us cast aside our differences and petty politics and welcome the man. It is the right thing to do and the Palauan tradition to treat guests who visit our island.

Amen to that!!!!!!! Southern Comfort

You have my vote on what you are saying......

However, keep skepticism alive. It is healthy. Any project considered should be able to pass any building and environmental standards, that for instance, could be passed for the coastline of California. It is only Palauans that can preserve the beauty of Palau for generations to come.

Don't underestimate the value of your land.

Like JT says, don't be afraid of foreign ivestment, BUT hold them up to strict standards. If they dont pass, it's ok. There WILL be other solutions to the economy.

Like Reagan said 'trust but verify'. Demand any project to be transparent and accountable.

Re: prostitution and gambling is all you need

We have those here in the USA. We have Prostitution in Congress and Gambling on Wall Street. Hasn't helped us any.

Uchel and Steve, not sure where your conversation is headed but I do enjoy hearing from you all.

I think its time we just let the foreign investments take its course.

Palau is not the same place we once knew growing up! Kids today are not like kids from the 1970's or 80's. They want more than what Palau can offer and the foreign investors can give them what they want. We can't keep holding on to that picture of what it WAS like. Times change and Palau has hit rock bottom. People can't afford their lifestyles anymore because money is tight; we can't even hold on to our siukang.

The only way Palau will gain a profitable economy quick is by selling parts of itself away to the highest bidder. WE HAVE NOTHING BUT OUR ENVIRONMENT (LAND, OCEAN, & AIR) TO SELL.

We can talk about saving, conserving, and preserving this and that part of our environment all we want. But the sad cold hard truth is that they (OUR LEADERS & their supporters) are not going to listen! Collectively, they haven't done much anyway but sell, sell, sell us out!!!
And because of the years of LACK OF PRODUCTIVITY in OUR GOVERNMENT, we have so many hotels around Oreor; magroves have been dredged to make room for businesses; our sewer is always backed up; its harder to find and catch fish; most the kids speak English and have really bad Palauan linguistic skills; no medicine at the pharmacy; lack of preventive medicine; lack of educated teachers; ......we are the REPUBLIC OF LACK THERE OF!

But, our leaders then and now, will do what they think is best.... our government is broke so they will take the offer that is given to them. It can be from Badawi or Donald Trump! The foreign investor can be Islam, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Gay, Straight, or a Transvestite -- no matter where he/she comes from and no matter who he/she worships...I believe out leaders are going to pick the person with the fattest wallet.

IF Badawi do arrive in Palau, the entire world will know Palau. If ever Badawi endorse a Malaysian high grade investment in Palau, it will be a vote of confidence that Palau has become of age, as far as quality investment is concerned. If ever the world media covers Badawi's trip to Palau, the investment community will follow with fat wallets and international grade projects that will be object of envy from our neighbors.

Our old Palau of tin shacks, outside toilets, dusty roads, lack of direction and hopelessness will give way to modern housing estates, relaible sewer systems, high paying jobs, modern lifestyles, and hope !

Roll the carpet for Badawi. Because a 1000 mile journey starts with a single good deed.


Sorry to say, a partnership with Malaysia will not 'alert the media'. Malaysia is considered a 'developing country' or 3rd World in old terms itself by US (whether justified or not). Malaysia is never in the news in US. Sorry, but in actuality, no one will care. Except Palauans. That's why it's up to Belau to make sure the reason they come - the environment - is preserved.

Think of this. Why are they choosing Palau? They have a lot of beach, and tropical environment of their own. Not to take away from the diplomacy taken place to initiate the partnership. But when you know motives of others, it is easier to protect your own interests. Just a thought.

I hope that by saying "single good deed" you don't mean deeding over half of Angaur and lands in Peleliu to Jackson Ngiraingas and Jackson Henry.

Who the F&*&^% cares about Malaysia anyways. If you really wanted legitimate investments, go to Singapore. But in this economic climate, the only investments coming down here will be the shysters and crooks looking to score quick and move on.

You davidson is looking to get publicly humiliated and probably beat up.


What you mean by arriving of Badawi the entire
world will know Palau? Anyway who cares if Badawi coming to Palau, if we really want investment go to Singapore or Australia.......
Why didn't you lay the carpet in Ngerelmuud for
JT. Do you think Malaysia is rich country....next time travel to Malaysia and you
can see what's inside the coutry.

July and Mojo,

Read the comments above by Southern Comfort.
The Malaysians were invited here to do legitimate business with specific landowners.

Respect the freedom of the landowners and the laws of Palau that permits locals to partner up with foreigners. If you see any laws broken, call AG Beattie or Police Director Yano.

Thugs and bullys have no place in a peace loving country like Palau. You have not stepped foot on Malaysia so do not prejudge them. I am sure you would like other country to judge Palau is island of thugs and savages.

What does it profit a Palauan to gain the world and loose his Palauan soul?


Hey Mardingoal, be careful who you call monkey. As I see it the only sour fool is you and as such you deserve the title 'monkey'.

My question to you is; why are you so angry about the Nautilus City Development happening or not happening and about the Prime Minister of Malaysia coming to Palau or not?

Are you involved or have plans for another project for Peleliu that you want to sabotage the Nautilus City Project?

Whether the Nautilus City project materialize or not depends on the Peleliu landowners, UKIHL and the Government of Palau.

The Nautilus City and other tourist projects have not been implemented in Palau because the privious Government under the Remegesau Administration did not make the necessary reforms to satisfy the requirements of foreign investors.

We now have a new Government, no doubt policies will change. Hopefully, foreign invetors will be satisfied with the change and they will flock to Palau for the sake of the people. Otherwise, we will just have to wipe our ass with leaves and read by candle light and fish by rowing our canoes!



If there is a con, than it is up to the police to arrest the offending parties. It is not for you to speculate and bad mouth everyone, fool!

Right now we should be looking why Palau is in such dire streights and almost bankrupt! We should be investigationg the last two administrations!


Islander you sound like just like the publicist for that woman in California who just gave birth to eight babies. No matter how you butter the Nautilus City bread, its still moldy!!!!

Think of your comments last before JT the former UKHIL board member and now Palauan President came into office. You said that Load Davidson had moved on, was done with Palau, and was now focusing his investments elsewhere.

Well well, lo and behold as soon as JT ascended, Load is back in town. I wonder why? I bet he's trying to sell us those non existant bridges to untold riches as well as those projects tied in to his own delusions of granduer. HAHAHAHA Come on EL Presidente, appoint Peter Moron to be Palau's Ambassador to Muslim laden Malaysia. I dare you!

Tia Belau.

Travel to Florida Orlando so I can take you on
cruise to Malaysia........

JT was an attorney who was hired by UKIHL to obtain a foreign investment license. As a practicing attorney, he respresented anyone who asked for legal services, whether the client was a Plaintiff or a Defendent or a foreign investor.

UKIHL was one of the many clients JT had. JT's legal services was sought by everyone, including foreign investors, because of his caliber. This does not mean that JT owned the company, UKIHL. He only represented them as an attorney, nothing more.

JT has desolved his legal practice.

This is written to clarify JT since he does not have time to defend or explain anything now.


KOROR - The World Bank has asked President-elect Johnson Toribiong to schedule a meeting next month to discuss oil and gas exploration in this island nation.

In a letter to Mr Toribiong, Nigel Roberts, World Bank director for the Pacific East Asia region, said he wants to improve his understanding of the challenges Palau faces, as well as to discuss progress made in the current assistance program .


Guess who is on the Senior Team for Anglo Oil Exploration here on Palau? It is none other than our current President. To verify look at following document. Why do you think he came out with a statement not too long ago not to be afraid of foreign investment. He is merely setting the table of acceptance for him to take the ROP into oil exploration as well as mega scams like Nautilus City. And as President, he is at the head of the table saying pass me this pass me that all the while the people at the end of the table like us are left with nothing.


wow domestic sentry, thanks for the info. last time i checked Nauti website, JT's name was replaced with Lucius as one of its directors and now seeing Francis on the Oily team....huh! i guess we can say...it's all yours!

use of the word CALIBER and the redundant display of his EXCELLENCY Prez JT in all of pro-JT newspapers in Belau, huh!

Dom Sentry,

That brochure is an old publication.
JT was the legal advisor to that company back then.

JT since had surrendered his law practice and shut down his law office. He no longer
represents anyone as a lawyer. He has taken oath of office to serve the people of Palau.

What is wrong with oil exploration ? We could use the revenue. Palau government is broke and soon our hospital, PPUC and our schools will close because of money woes.

badawi el bediu a dechil...lol...

what does he want?? he must want sumthin'....

La di dach;

Leng techal chad a diak el bediu a dechil!!! LOL!!

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