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January 10, 2009


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Brilliant move by HOD. Politics is politics and those who have the right strategies win. This is democracy at its best.

You cannot pay for anything if you have no money. So the gaming, ship registry and corporate registry Bills are the sources of income to pay for the salary increases.

Kudos to Speaker Bells and Floor Leader Anastacio for a wonderful job.

Salute to Speaker Bells and Floor Leader Anastacio for masterminding what may be the best political maneuver in Palau's history as a Republic.

What is the best political move is to earn/milk the last dollar from the republic for their exit for good. Here we have the House majority insisting on having sessions until last friday so that they may get their thousand dollar /day and now running away for fucktfinding mission. These spams should sliced and diced and casted out of the political scene for good.

they could have extended their invitation to the three outgoing senators too.

Te di eblad e merechorch el chad a uaisei a teletelir. A rengrir te meral morets el mla osechesii tial llach el kirel a ududir a rebeches el milengilt e me soiseb. Ak meral mercherached a renguk ra rechad el uaisei.

Ng kmal telal basent a bo lolai er ngii a Bells ma Anastacio el kiral tial Casino?

Rebeluu kom kmal mo ungil el metebengii tiang. Tial lomeruul a diak el bol klungiolel a beluu. Ng di mo klungiolir tirkal merchorch a rengrir el chad. Kede meral ebuul a rechad er Belau. Kede mekesai ma rengud tirkel mo sebechir el ngmai a skulir a mei el me olengeseu ea lechub e te me mengereker ra elitechetud ma elebuled.

Tirkel Uaisel Delegates ma choldubech a aikakiid el uldasue a di okodall!

Ngmeral tegoi, a rengrir ngdiak dodengei el know tia morngii alenguu er ngii. To find excuse to skip town a di ocholt uldesuir ra klemengetel a time el ngartial deluchall. Te meral mocha chemolt el old men lacking any kind of mental stability needing to prove their manly and greed as well.

lol Uchelmelis... "fuckfinding"... I'm curious to know as to what they'll "find" on these kinds of missions. Must be fun, eh? sheesh...
Politics is thriving sooo well in Belau..lol

I know what they are "fuckfinding" here in the PI....hahahaha

They'll be in Angeles City where "fuckfinding"
is usually take place.......LMAO!

Your funny Uchelmelis e sulang el mla sisecheklak
ra tara bedengel a mission.




Daitorio erkid a melais erar rechad era OEK el kmo tedi olengasech er salary era President ma V-President mar Ministers ediak lolengasech au dudir a rerul telael (2000) civil servants. Ma ker? A Daitorio Tommy ngulebes erar employees era el ngara cheungel el 8 years. Omo ker era Big Albert C-ro eng melekoi el kmo kede chebuul. Le sera 2004 ea Big Al ma Isaac Soal a mle oldubech era salary increase ea Daitorio ulemekedong ertir mora Uchula Ngas ekmur tir el kmo diak a usoud mengdiak a salary ncrease, ok.

Daitorio a mlarngii a techelel seraa longetmokel era Re-Classification bill elmo llach. Edilul kmo ng salary increase endi dimlak. Just fake.

Elik "enough is enough".

Thank you.

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