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January 14, 2009


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1) Education

2) Health Care

3) Wage

4) Retirement Programs

5) Controlled cultural Expectations

6) Child Care Services

7) Public Support Programs

8) Benefits and Services

9) Sports Programs

10) Unlimited Forms of Public Entertainments


1. Good paying jobs
2. Decent benefits that go along with jobs
3. Lack of information about what is available (i.e. jobs matching education attained)
4. Housing concerns (having to live back "home" when returning from abroad
5. Lack of independence
6. Avoidance of island politics
7. Cultural/family Expectations
8. Preference to stay abroad and gain further experience in career field
9. Upward mobility in current job abroad
10. Ability to help family better financially if living outside Palau

Not so important factors:
1. Avoidance of angry ex-girlfriends
2. Don't want to bring my car down to Palau
3. Don't want my relatives driving my car in Palau
4. Haven't learned the Cha Cha.
5. High Speed internet not really high speed
6. Quality of weed where I live matches that of Peleliu
7. Fishing is decent where I live
8. Family won't give me land because I'm a bad boy
9. Strip clubs not available
10. No drive through window at Bem Ermii
11. No good beer on tap
12. Can't get the Daily Show or the Colbert Report
13. Still haven't met Obama
14. Peleliu Club/SLC not air conditioned
15. Can't stand Koror traffic
16. Pissed off at the PNSB for giving me a f!@#*ing LOAN instead of a SCHOLARSHIP...that's right, you heard me
17. Superbowl at Kramers doesn't really cut it for me
18. Relentless stupidity from OEK
19. Too MANY Taiwanese in Palau
20. Can't get my favorite beer (Sierra Nevada)
21. Not many good looking girls/ladies of legal age that are NOT overweight
22. Afraid of accidentally hooking up with a relative
23. Afraid of meeting siblings I didn't know about
24. Cannot fathom a morning without my double chai latte
25. Won't get much out of my Blackberry

1. Education
2. Better paying jobs
3. The American Dream
4. Benefits from jobs (health care)
5. Diversity
6. Society accepts alternative lifestyles
7. Entertainment
8. Amazing food
9. Faster internet connection (everyone can vouch for that)
10.Coffee shops and bookstores

Waiting for the Remengasau administration to lapse. I cannot stand this administration. They have not created any opportunity for a Civil Engineer like me.

1. High paying job
2. Upward mobility / career options
3. Benefits - retirement, insurance, etc
4. Lack of available housing - first i'd have to find land, hire an architect, before i build a house, and I don't want to live with the rents in the meantime
5. Lack of entertainment options
6. Internet and telecommunications
7. High cost of travel outside Palau

That's about it. I love Palau but wage/ learning opportunities presents a challenge. Will be back eventually.

Mardi, your list is hillarious. As a female, I have to say, in response to your lack of hot, non-overweight girls, that we Palauan females face a lack of hot, non-beer belly guys who have jobs and don't live with their mothers.

1. Less gossip
2. More things to do
3. Better opportunities
4. More competition
5. Great places to shop
6. Great places to eat
7. Better looking men
8. Bigger selection
9. Travel easier
10. No siukang

1. Much better education
2. Escape from people
3. Escape from politics (including cultural politics)
4. Escape from undeserving jobs (I don't want to be a "handy boy", or "oots-oots-fetch boy" when I am more qualified than that)
5. Escape from bad social life
6. Better tech & entertainment(internet, computers, etc.)
7. Nothing in Palau
8. Better people (intellects, social skills, physical appearance, health, etc., makes you motivated)
9. Adventure and activities (white water rafting, road trips, mountain climbing etc.)
10. Better overall opportunity at life and experiences

That's true, all of these people have good points,better salaries,entertainment,technologies,etc...There's a lot of beautiful places outside of Palau too.Ive seen a few.But in Palau,there's no homeless people,less crimes,no wars,more polite people,lots of clean water,lots of fish,as for women some Japanese do frequent our island,beatiful rock islands too.That's just me.There's no place LIKE HOME.(PALAU)

I hope the ladies won't get too offended. I just realized that I have insulted a whole bunch of ladies, though I truly meant it to be a joke and I'm glad you find the humor in the list. Again, to all our ladies of Belau, my apologies but my "not so important factors" was meant to entertain.

I'm thinking we should also come up with a top 10 on why some of us return Home.

To our proud Palauan in Iraq, keep up the good work and stay safe. All of us appreciate your sacrifice and your service in the US Military. Hope to see you back home.

Happy Inauguration and I hope some of you out there that can serve the Republic as Senators/Delegates/Presidents can come back home and help us in our nation building.

Hey Mardi.

No big thing on what you mention in this blog.
We all know why we left our belau and went abroad
to look for better future.

To all "Palauan Women" everywhere, you are still the number one and will always be number one - #1 in my book so men take good care of your girl.

I know we were requested to stay on topic, but I am feeling a bit nostalgic so here are the TOP 10 reasons I want and will go back

1) Family
2) Friends
3) Siukang (Ngasch, kemeldiil, houseparty) - I love this aspect of Palau, and though it makes me broke, I love the feeling of being part of a community that is vested in each other's success
4) Palauan food - cherangel, chum, delul, cheltuul
5) Music at SLC
6) The breathtaking beauty of our islands
7) Peace
8) Island boys - tekoi ma tekoi, don't care how much money you have, alak el sebechem el omechem a ngikel then you don't quite do it for me
9) The star-filled sky at night
10) The notion that people still come before money. I think that is something that has been lost in alot of "developed" places, and something we have held on to with our culture

Can't wait to go back to my version of heaven on earth.

I agree with Oreor. People -- rather family, comes before money. I miss Palau (my family, my friends, and all the islands beauty.) But, I must remain here because of money. Money is what the people back home need, at this time. One day, when I can financially support my family, while living in Palau & enjoying everything on Oreor's top 10 list, then I will go home!

1. Politics in the Government
2. Educated Palauans are usually given the second and third priority in the Palau hiring process.
3. Palau cannot afford to pay students who have acquired a Master's Degree. (It always has to be a fixed process) or should we say "Helicopter"?
4. As it has always been a fact "It's NOT what you know or can do, it's who you know" Is it know or BLOW!!! LOL!!!
5. Survey the government thoroughly. There is an agency in Palau whose janitor was answering the phones, and talked too much that she caused my last name be reflected as a different name.
6. Government employees must be professional, and not kora di memochang e klechad er tir ra office.... LOL! so Belauan style... Let's Belau style at the beaches and not in the offices....
7. Last but not least, Have the Palau National Scholarship collected all the money owed them from the 1990's? I pose this question, because I am being told to start making payments on my loan scholarship loan which I took last school year.... ( U b da judge)

- Pay is not a concern because if I do decide to come back home, I won't be paying rent, so that's a plus.

10 things why I want to stay in Palau.

1) Fresh fish, fruits, and taro,

2) No Rent

3) Rock Islands

4) Tagi

5) More Relatives to share with

6) More Friends to Associate with.

7) Feel of belonging

8) Culture and History

9) Living off the land

10) Home

It's where we belong............


too many chiefs and not enough indians...in other words...politics, politics, politcs, politics....it's way too much for such a tiny place to live.
customes are getting out of hand and getting worse. standard of living does not match the cost of living so everyone and their mothers are in debt for the rest of their lives.

1. Wages/Business
2. Benefits/Medical Ins.
3. Good living standard-Nice Home/Furnt.
4. School
5. Cars/Auto Services
6. Night Life-Outing/Dinner/movie etc.
7. Shopping-Food/Clothes
8. Travel/Vecation
9. Intern/Cable Acce.
10. Overall-Good living Standard

I hope that someday I can move back to Palau and have the same kind of life style and able to maintain it and be part of the community. theres no place like home and Palau is Home for all of us. we all should be proud of that as Palauans.

1. marijuana illegal
2. guns illegal
3. prostitution illegal
4. casino illegal
5. speed limit too slow

these are my top 5

others can be summed up with one word- FREEDOM

1.opportunity for higher education
2.Job with specialty base on education and training
3.Reward the pay much higher than president or Dr.Kurtai.
4.Not ablicated to sukang for survival.
5.Debt free 6. Travel
7.Varieties of entertainment, broadway play, concerts etc.8.Handsome rich husband. 9.Great health care system. 10. Elected president Obama!

Life is great in USA, when I go home it break my heart to see my relatives giving their last dollars for customs. As I give my mother money for personal use she is so brain wash that she must meet her custom abligacations before she put food on the table. This is so wrong people needs to take care of their basic needs. Be responsible for their financial needs instead of depend on old lady on social security checks to bail them out. I don't want to hear from you all
defending sukang as ways of living for centuries.
Its out of control and lot older generation who don't have disposable cash are made to feel guilty if they don't participate. Palau will never be independent nation until each and everyone of us learn to live independent on our owm. As of now Palauans in Palau this is the only way to exits. Im here to tell you there are options. Move away from Palau and get education,
get a job that pays competative wage, you can move up quickly if you work hard. Palau will never be able to afford highly educated person for what their worth. This is my story and many brothers and sisters who left the Island to pursue careers. life is USA allowed me a chance of good life I would not even have a chance in Palau.

Wealth ultimately is derived from the earth. Mining for minerals, food...what doesn't come from the earth?

In the USA the access to wealth (i.e., 'earth') is becoming increasingly regulated (I won't fill up this post with all of the controls on the people...). The best way to determine if there is indeed freedom for the people of a nation is to look to how the access to wealth is 'regulated'.

Are there laws prohibiting you from drilling a water well on your OWN land without a permit? Are your livestock tagged and registered with the government? Does the government set up a reward/penalty system to grow or refrain from growing certain crops? I will pose more questions if this proves to be of interest on this thread.

What I find a bit humorous is the value some put on 'education'. They are 'educated', yet not learned nor wise. When the present corporate paradigm finishes crashing to the ground, what will the 'educated' do? Manage the uneducated, no doubt....LOL

Off on a tangent: Oil controls nations, food controls individuals. I read that Palauns are net importers of food, this is dangerous and I feel a national security issue. When the imports of 'cheap food' are shut off COLD, or prices of staples quadruple overnight, what will Palauans do?

By the way, in reference to freedom, I see the questions in the third paragraph as freedom tests. If the government and politicians are continually meddling in one's ability to provide, something is wrong. Remember what Stalin did to the Kulaks and WHY he did it.


Right on steve great post. Post more thank you.

Mardi Ass, you can kiss my big fat ass. What's entertaining about that? don't believe your apology.
I agree Steve, 'educated yet not learned or wise'.


People have different priorities, and just because you term your life in the US the good life, that doesn't mean it is to other people. I myself am american educated, and having already climbed the corporate ladder in America, I think we as a small developing nation need each other and I greatly defend siukang. I have learned that this "good life" rat race doesn't end. Once you have the mercedes benz for $50K, there is the maserati for $200K, and people have turned away their families in search of material means, which I think is a degredation of values. We don't have the scale for insurance in Palau so we depend on community and each other. I know that if your family got sick, people would come to help you because you have helped them.

1) weather
2) union
3) welfare
4) various development/physical disabilities benefits
5) housing
6) road
7) friends
8) food
9) parks/recreation
10) no chewing

How has siukang teach palauas to be self reliant?

How has siukang teach palauans to be self reliant? It has not, it has teach palauans to be helpless and depends on relatives and friends to buy your house etc. Poor out of control welfare
system. This needs to be demolish!

Ten reasons to move back to Palau
H---, can't even think one reason to move back.

It sounds like there are abusers of the siukang system, but it strikes me as not being dangerous.

What is dangerous is a government-mandated siukang (if I am understanding siukang correctly). They take your money and do the siukang-thing with no strings attached. The money sometimes goes for drugs and other vices, at least with your present system the mooches can be told NO.

==, Yes I drive mercedes in summer and I swith to
SUV in winter, marserati not my type, I prefer BMV. I did not have siukang for all my cars, houses, blings other luxuries I posses. All bought in cash due to yes high level of education
and a lucratic career. Also helped that I married well. As mentioned above I will never achieve this level of wealth living in Palau, participating in siukang. Got to go for latte before my beauty treatment.

okay Surech hope your mercedes and BMW and SUV and your houses will bury you.
in america you owe, owe, owe and work and stress the more you own the more you owe.. and when you get laid off - you lose your house and when the stock market crash you lose money.. but your family will always be there good or bad times
can't enjoy your wealth by yourself, no fun at all. why do you think bill gates' donating millions to africa?

surech palauans do not need your money.

Prestige, this may be hard concept for you, I live within my means. Don't believe in using loans, why pay interest? Its simple make lots of money, spend less, only buy the best with cash. Nope don't owe a penny to bank or credit card. Stress nope not me. Stress is living in Palau & get bombared with siukang every week. What a point of working your paycheck is spent for you.
Scandal relatives will be mad if you do not go
through the weekly ritual. I will coin it as UAB

3 reasons not to go back:

1. Can't find a reliable job in Palau to feed my growing family & keep their health/dental coverage effectively.
2. I don't have a house to call my own - I must build my house first because I can't see my family living in relative's house for more than 2 weeks.
3. My children are doing good at school here in the States and going back to Palau is going to put them in an awkward/backward situation if the school system remains as is.

Reasons to go back:

1. I want to serve my island nation in any capacity.
2. I want to go back and be part of the community to help my island nation.
2. I would like my children to live in Palau, to learn the Palauan culture, heritage, and the way of our ancestors. Because I want my kids to feel like real Palauans - not just because they have been told that they are Palauans.
3. I love the fresh food, the beauty of the place, the hospitality of my people, the beautiful island people, and the air of true home.
4. The chance to spear fish any time I want.
5. The chance to cha-cha any night I want.
6. The chance to go to Market and talk with nice locals and buying bento.
7. The chance to visit relatives everywhere & help bring in new concept of doing things.
8. The chance to hopefully learn something from my elders who will soon be gone.
9. The chance to get up and breathe in the cleanest air of the Pacific.
10. The chance to get back to my roots and show/share my beautiful island with my family.

Prestige, yes I send money home and quess where most of it goes the dirty word "S". It is devastating knowing my family could use the money
but the palauans uses "S" as a prerequisite to existance in palau. You might have benefit from my cash flow. Don't be so sure of yourself.

The reason your mom is brainwashed to put siukang first is because the daughter she has has abandoned her for a better life - benzes and lattes. Live it up and enjoy it. But don't go bitching about Siukang to make you feel better about your material gain and guilt. Either help your mother or don't. Whatever makes you sleep at night - but better go easy on the lattes.

Pe, My mother have chose to live in Palau, she had a chance for a better life. I respect her
decision its the only place she has live. Do you have any guilt knowing people can not afford to particapate in Siukang and yet society dictate
good palauans participate. People get loans for customs, no means to pay the loans. How crazy is

For all the Surech's;

Then why are you guys still voting in every election. If you guys are not willing to sacrifice your benzes, beemers, lattes, etc, etc, then you guys should not vote in any election. For your vote affects the lives of those of us here in Belau who participate in KEMELDIIL, OCHERAOL, HOUSE PARTY, NGASECH, OMENGUDEL UDOUD KIREL A SOCHERANG EL CHAD, LANGEL, OMENGEUNG, etc, etc,. And please do not bother to come to Belau lest you miss your daily lattes.

Uchelmelis, correction, many request for absentee
ballots went unaswered. Its okay my candidate won! Wow I forgot how many customs there are, probably not a complete list. How does one make it financially? Oh I come home yearly, maybe I need to make extra trip and attend a siukang. Wait last time I came home, I was a good palauan and attended a funeral with my mom, I got sick from food poisoning and end up in hospital for 2 days. As I was dosing in my hospital bed, my cousin rush in my room asking for more money as my clan has to "$" for funeral expense. I did not even know the deceased rubak but I was expected to pay part of his funeral expense. It is sad Palauan culture does not forster self reliant.


Is it this the submitted line-up for Pres- Toribiong's ministers:

1. MOF -- VP Mariur
2. MOH -- Dr. Steven Kuartei
3. MOS -- Dr. Joe Tutii Chilton
4. MOCC - Scot Yano
5. MOE -- Masa-Aki Emesiochel
6. MOR -- Gov. Jackson Ngiraingas
7. MOJ -- John C. Gibbons
8. MOCET - Youlsau Bells

Please, call your senators and urge them to vote/confirm of any above names. Or vote no.
I heard Senator Diaz does not like some of this names cause not close enough to meet the level of the outgoing ministers. Such minister Temmy Shmull, Otoichi Besebes, Alex Merep,

Thank you.

Western Civlization...that's what we've bought in to both abroad and in Palau. A life of stability that is often confused or blurred with a life of luxury! Even with the so called 'benefits' from a life abroad, it still has it's own problems that are in a sense and in a matter of perspective lateral in scale to the issues of Palau!

Maybe we are looking at things the wrong way or rather asking the wrong question. I never really RAN away from Palau, I had every intention in returning. As a matter of fact, the longer I've been abroad, the more I have learned to appreciate and love Belau. So it's not anything that Palau falls short of that may affect my return or make the longing to come back home disappear, but rather what Palau has or what I remember it to be like that makes me daydream!

So, the real question is, what is it that keeps me longing and compels me to RETURN to Palau...that allows me to abandon what I have worked so hard for and established here?

- Tial Debed
- A Keled
- Culture (I didn't want to say siukang coz it seems so corrupt)
- Our Songs and Dance
- Chelbechebed
- Tekinged
- Telungalek (Family)
- Chad er Belau (We are a good bunch believe it or not!)

Refocus on these, preserve these...instead of trying to transform Palau into something that it isn't and shouldn't be and I think Belau will begin healing.

I don't mean to go off tangent by what the issue is but since you're the expert on being self-reliant and independent and claiming that "Palau will never be independent nation until each and everyone of us learn to live independent on our owm" please, take you're own advice and quit mooching off you're husband's success!! gold digger! go work on you're grammar or sip on you're latte and educate yourself meanwhile be productive!

i live in the northwest US mainland and i know for a fact many palauans here help their families in Belau on siukang. unfortunately some of us whom i know consistently send money to Belau via western union have lost their jobs as a result of the US/global economic downturn. it is so bleak it makes you think palauans in Iowa and Minnesota are the least affected! anyway, i just wanted to let you know we understand siukang in Belau and we are helping out. i myself was in Belau recently for a funeral and i know it was siukang help which made it less expensive for me. thank you.

Mekomsesei, What is not true of being self reliant leads to independent. I am mooching off my husband ha! ha! No I made right choice, don't hate me for this. Yes my latte has arrive, later.

surech, read what you just said, you do no make any sense. 'nuff said!

Mekomsesei, be patient you may learn something new. Take my brilliant advice and move forward.
You are a bigger man or woman than what is shown on your blog.

I don't take advices from freeloaders and people who come off as arrogant! I don't believe that you are highly educated because you're grammar is ridiculously bad and you're logic is flawed. You just don't talk like someone who would be educated. In any case, one would think that you would be humble about your "alleged" wealth and luxuries. And, on another note, I don't hate you for anything, what you do is you're prerogative. Must be nice living the good life!! Enjoy you're latte and you're beauty treatment. Good day to you!


I hope e kungiil "Ongibiachall", wish you luck with the life you have!!!

It is obvious that Miss Surech puts a lot of emphasis on material things to feel good about herself. A typical of " gold digger" possibly married to an old man. Ea kei, you are pissing everyone here because of our economic downturn. I suggest that the next time you return to Palau, bring a chef to cook for you so you don't get sick of our local food. Ngdiak a chised!

Surech's argument has some merit. She is obnoxious and full of herself but what she writes about is a legitmate reason as to why some Palauans don't return to live in Palau. Some of our customs have become burdens to many and have lost their relevance to others. I initially become emotional and defensive, when I read comments from the likes of Surech but we must not let our emotions cloud our objectivity if we are going to have a rational debate on this issue.

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