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January 26, 2009


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Why Oh Why, Am I not surprised? As someone stated earlier "might as well dismiss them all".

Sorry the comments above were a response to the "First PSB case ends in NOT Guilty" headline.

Perhaps Uchelmelis would like to step up to the plate as a copy writer for an ad campaign to attract non-haole money to Palau. Such a goodwill ambassador.

Does anyone know what happened to Satoru Adachi at PPUC? I see PPUC is advertising for a new CEO/GM for PPUC. I thought Adachi was "the" answer for PUC after Peavey? What happened to him being the choice for Palau?

Palau tourism is down partly because the previous administration put its focus on non income generating activities. In fact, they
squandered 8 precious years that we could have
used to improve tourism.

Its not too late. Lets learn our hard lessons from yesterday's mistake and support Johnson improve our economy which is one of his adminstration's top priority.

I am not so sure Razzio B,

Guam and the rest of Micronesia has experienced the down turn and continue to receive less every month on tourist arrivals. It's the recession that is affecting all of us....


The world wide financial meltdown may have direct impact on the poor tourist arrivals in Palau but this does not explain why during the time of plenty tourist arrival did not increase like in other countries.

Tourist numbers arriving in Palau have beed stagnant andf have not increased by much from the days of President Etpisom!

My perception for the decline in tourist is that Palau has not improved with regards to giving tourist what they want when coming to a so-called island paradise like Palau.

First the flight schedule and arrival times are horrible.

Next, Palau is expensive!

Next, Palau offer very little by way of entertainment, shopping and variety of food.

Next, Palau's fishing has been decimated and the dive facilities are archaic and uncomfortable!

No wonder the tourist arrivals are dwindling!


So what are you proposing?

islander, u sound so depressing and annoying. what do you know about the tourism industry. archaic my ass. if your not being a fuckboy for the nautilus city investors your bashing something which you probably have no idea upon whatsoever.

Ha...that was brutal response to islander..but within context, he is repeating the obvious...and yea, that can be frustrating!

He is right in almost all regards but I do not understand what he means by archaic facilities. Despite his whining, it is funny and interesting to note that out of all the subjects or threads on this blog-site, he is the only one who has chosen to invest his opinion on this particular subject. Why is this important and interesting you ask? Because tourism is the ONLY industry that we have in Palau that produces an inward flow of money....which should be the PRIMARY focus of palauans and especially our gov't! I wanted to whine and bitch just as much as islander, but i resisted partly because I know it's just whining and I don't have any REAL solution, but primarily to sit back and see how many hits or comments bloggers will make on this particular subject

The fact that this subject incurred very little attention reflects directly at how our focus as a whole is askewed and poorly placed. I mean, there are only currently 10 hits on this thread and 4 comments were for a different subject.

This is the core of our problems right now. Ke de meral mla mo mekngit a osenged er a roled e mengal mla mo cheroid er a motek er kid ma klunguoled! I personally fear that the Nautilus project, because of the sense of urgency and therefore the possible lack of thorough planning and the intense scrutiny in it's environemntal and long-term affects, that it is not appropriate for Palau or peleliu....at least not right now.

The idea however is ABSOLUTELY what we need, but let's not rush into sumthing without proper planning and attention to detail. We can learn from mistakes like that DAMN 'isoar' there in the middle of Koror..what is it Palasia hotel? Yup, that there is a good example of a mistake we should definitely learn from. Man, it makes me feel like we should create zoning laws or sumthin like that. Harmony with nature is the way to go. A lot of hotel/resorts in Tahiti and New Zealand have the right idea. Just my two cents!

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