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January 02, 2009


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wooop--deee--dooo!!! what the hell does our island have to make a stand like we're the big "KAHUNAS" in the region. we're the smallest of all the islands that are so called "republic" who depends on other countries to survive and yet we want to talk shit like our leaders. just what kind of sanctions that our coconut island has for fiji if that's the case.....stop selling coconuts or fish to fiji...???? what does belau has for export to think we can have sanctions to other island nation...nada...zilt...nanai...NOTHING!!!!

I don't know edeng,

But I think Fiji have helped Palau in Health,and Education in the past. Probably more I just need to refresh myself.

How ever Fiji today is under a military Rule rather than a Democratic Government. For a small Island. I am proud of that decision from our President. Democracy need's to be protected. We cannot allow our neighbors to stray and turn a blind eye. It will have a drastic effect in our region if left unchecked....


I totally agree Mosisecheklak! if this issue is being ignored then how can we stand on our Democratic regimes.

Our UN vote counts.


Alii, a Fiji was under the British government many years back until they arrived their Independent. It was British who brought Indians to work for British not Fiji to benefit the wealth. Fijians were us Palauans were Spanish brought Catholic, German profited the phosphate in Angaur, Japanese put us in second class citizens in our country and USA brought democracy that changed our traditional culture.

Fijians and I believe that foreigners' power have Indian to Fiji and when the British left. They did bring back the Indians back to their home.

In our own country the Nisei stayed now their DNA are aggressively overtaking everything from lands, chiefs title, government positions, compact funds, our 2 leaders have spent all compact funds unwisely but for their personal gains. "They have robbed our children future funding".

I believe Palau should help Fijiians and save them in their own our government. Our leaders are double tongue like a snake. For example, we tried to save the Earth while promote Japan to harpoon the whales for their consumptions.

Long live FIJI. Keep Palau for Palauans and Save Fiji for Fijians.


679 - ollek ng meral diak de understand a ikal molekoi. I'm afraid to ask for clarification coz you might confuse me more.

When Samoa became independent they made the Indians leave. When Fiji became independent they let them stay because it was easier. And now the tide has turned they use violence. Samoa is the model, not Fiji.

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