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January 02, 2009


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It is shocking to read such thing about Palau. Raising income for lawmakers rather than investing in a stable regenerating money factories like what Ponaphei does. Comm'on, buy a machine which can make soaps, oil, or other local goods which will help Palau earns income to help citizens with continuous jobs. Use the money to improve areas where they bring income to Palau and its citizens.

It has been 15 years or so when we became CFA, but we haven't seen or witnessed any progress in becoming independent nation. We are still relying on compact money to run our government. Use this money to create ways that Palau government can operate without reliance on other countries for financial support.

It is sickening to know that there is no strategy on how to utilize this compact money to regenerate income. It is ashame that this money is being used to pay a person who is cutting grass in his own village. This can be done through "hinrokoshi". Stop employing too many people to do redundant Tasks.

Create factories which can produce goods to be sold abroad.

Stop making unnecessary laws. Palau is too small to handle these unnecessary or redundant laws. Rather making more laws, come up with a business venture which will make prosperous Palau before the compact money runs out.


The RICH are getting RICHER and the POOR are getting POORER!
They promise the voters of things that they'll do, but the first thing that they
Intend to do was not mentioned such as, "Let me get as much greens before..."
they are only part time, but damn they scored.


Ea Iwong,

Ngkora diakde sal understand a chomosaod. Tiang ngeral mesil el momeruul a soap? Mangeral factories a kelel ungil?
Ngkora tekoi a uldasue mekam luut el mii a eldechedecham.
Ngmeral shocking e kau.. hehehe

$750.00 a month is nothing compared to the value of the work they do and how it affects all Palauans living in and around Koror.

It's not much, but at least I am hoping that it will entice more educated Palauans to remain home and care for their island and the People.


I thought a major part of why an individual ran for office, whether, state or national, was a committment to better the plight of his/her fellow men..not so much as monetary compensation. At least, that's what they said when they came around - 'house to house'.

Enlighten Me

it's called...'MONEY TALKS AND BULL_SHIT FLOATS'....with that said i guess there'll be a lot of 'FLOATERS' everwhere in our political arena.

lol. "Omond"... you got that right, Omdui!
I just can't imagine how they (legislators) can handle the rigors of constantly pampering themselves. lol. Yack, yack, must be tough...

it looks bad on paper but at least Koror has the funds to do this. maybe if they raise their comps they won't be selling the rock islands to the highest bidders - wishful thinking.

Even if they have enough funds to do so at this time, what makes them think they deserve to increase their salaries? What happened to their promises to the people that they will make the difference if appointed? I wonder if anyone would even considered running if the salaries are within minimul range. I guess the Senators has done it and got away with it so why not them? Wishful thinking in short-term plans lacking long-terms dreams to benefit us all.

Good one Temekai, agreed..alot of 'floaters' in OEK.
They should use the money to help the people of Palau, not themselves.

Ungil beches er rak.

Only show your face in session and get paid for it. you don't have to do anything. Kinda like the staff who do nothing all day but gossip online. Bullshit rules in Palau political arena. Get used to it.

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