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January 20, 2009


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Ka mesa tial rrechorch reng. Ng meral di chad ma bedengel. Elechang mla ngmasech el mo ra HOD me tirkei a rua Bells ma Anastacio el locha kaderuakl ra Oles e omechur a mo kerrekerngir ra Casino er tir.

A elebuul a deubech ra bterir a renga ra kakerous el btelul a terremakl. A remechebuul el diak a skulir a mengal mo ebuul a lolemolem el uaisei a omeruul.

koshiba was right

Emery Mesubed was found NOT GUILTY today.

Emory Mesubed.

I's sad that this happened but it may be a blessing in disguise in a way that we're definitely not ready to tackle something of this caliber. some of us are thieves, incompetent or just plain STUPID. lesson learned, take it for what it's worth and move on. nobody is going to jail on this.....i guarentee you that.

These guys were just errand boys for
Tim Taunton.

They should put more effort on getting Tim
to stand trail in Palau. He still has money.

What makes the 3 el "expert witness"? Ngera mle qualifications?

you think eng ngar ngii a techall el moluut a ududir a rechad luluu bank ra PSB? I feel so bad when I know some of the "mechas" who stayed up at nights cooking taros and selling them and have their hard earned money deposited to that bank and now,....aika chedengal a uos!!!!!

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