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January 07, 2009


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Naturally they have to pass it for public safety. I am just wondering if they Sex Offenders are required to disclose that information to the employer. How would one know?
Do we have a sex offender registery in our Island? Is this a full proof law? Or Are there any loop holes that still needs to be re-visited?

All angles needs to be looked at closely before this law becomes final. It's a waste of tax payers money if we have to make another law in the near future to close any loop holes...

Just a thought...


We should do like the U.S. and require for a sex offender registry. Hurray Hurray for HOD! Finally, a law that makes sense. But like Mosi said, let's make it full proof and make sure we have all the angles covered.


E komelekoi el uaisei e tengera mo mekall aikal taxi?

Alii and Happy New Year to Everyone,
This is a good bill, in its intent. BUT, shouldn't convicted sex offenders be IN JAIL?

So, lets give these guys light sentences so they can be back out in society so we have to worry about them. How about the OEK increase the penalties and jail time for scumbags like them instead of having to worry about where they are going to work because they are out in our communities soon after they are convicted and "jailed."

Not to be overly negative though, but it has to be a better all encompassing piece of legislation. Hell, put a listing out in the newspapers on who they are and where they live so I can be diligent in protecting my family against them.

Meral tekoi, da ones been jailed have to stay away from society, even the ones who came from guam or saibal. why he do dat and she talk bad to others? not fair to people of palau or my family.

I don't know Mardingaol, it would be very dangerous if names are put out as a listing. They will be targets at some points. These are people too, not animals and imagine some of those sex offenders were drunk, or the sex-offended lied about their age or situation? Listing names will condemn them from society when the purpose of jail is to rehabilitate them back. Things like this needs a lot of consideration.

For this bill, why do is there a need to make a bill for this, when simply you can revoke their license for a certain amount of time? Yes one could say "He or she will need the license to support the family, etc, etc." But remember, he or she did a crime and must understand the consequences.

I agree that it would be dangerous for the convicts. But that is the consequence of their behavior. Yes these types of criminals need psychological rehabilitation as well; in the meantime, I would like to know who to keep my kids, family, nieces and nephews away from because it would be dangerous for my family as well. Yes these convicts are people too, but when they choose to act like animals, my preference is for them to stay away from people.

We are still a close knit society and we know what family does/has a tendency to do certain things. We know who to look out for in every village. However, this is getting to be less applicable.

The employers have a duty and obligation to get police records and background checks for people before they are hired - government employees should not be an exception. Transportation shouldn't be the only field - how about teachers and hospital workers.

Again, a well intended bill but it doesn't cover the whole problem.

My concerned two cents. Again, somebody in the courts should be looking at sentencing guidelines and the criminal code should be updated by the next OEK.

There is currently a sex offender registration law. It just went into effect a few weeks ago, so no one is on it yet. But it's fairly thorough.

Once a sex offender - always a sex offender.
Make them register and keep them locked in the registry for life.

I feel molested just reading the article. The bill prohibits hiring of convicted sex offenders from driving taxi and SCHOOL BUSES? Sad that it took this long but better late than never.

What ever jobs they get hired for, a substantial amount of time and effort should be required to supervise them.

What about Prohibiting sex offenders from living or working Within 1,000 feet of areas where children congregate.

"What about Prohibiting sex offenders from living or working Within 1,000 feet of areas where children congregate."

Wouldn't work well in Kayangel.

hehe well aramid we can either reduce measurements or expand kayangel.

Check out the link to this sex offender website for Hawaii. There's also an on-line sex offender search where you can check the street or area you live on or input a name for a background check.


It lists the offender's name, address, offender type, and offender status. It also shows the offender's photo, description, automobile, home address, and previous convictions.

We need something like this to protect and inform our families and caution our children. I'd want to know if one was my neighbor or lived close by.

I have to take issue with the comment that we have to understand or imagine that "some of those sex offenders were drunk". No one has to imagine, understand, or in any way take drunkensess into account. Drunkeness in no way excuses, mitigates, or invokes compassion for these crimes. The victims of sex offenders have their lives fundamentally changed for the negative by the offenders decision to commit these assaults, whether they chose to do so drunk or sober. Those who commit these heinous crimes should face severe punishment, regardless of whether they were drunk. They should not work at schools, drive taxis, or work in public settings that involve children. This is a small price to pay for the lives that sex offenders ruin.

Lets say that an attractive 30 year old woman was drunk and dropped off at her apartment from an office party, she is very tipsy and suggestive. Bumps into a male high school student, around, say 15-17 years old, then seduces that minor, (and we know how 15-17 old males act at that age), then both commit a sexual act. The drunk lady clearly commited the sex offending crime by having a sexual act with a minor (whether sober or not, she did have a sexual act with a minor).

She did not have the intention to get drunk and suggestive, but the powers of alcohol and peers made her in that state. Now this is where I would say it is a mistake, and accident because of she was drunk. She if were sober would not be easily suggestive and in her common senses.

The life of that minor is changed forever but I think will not be traumatized by it. Sex offending crimes do not limit on gender.

What if this same attractive lady was drunk and hit an innocent person? Do we excuse her behavior because of her drinking problems? I doubt that anyone will look at her crime lightly. If she choose to drink resulting in provocative behavior lacking common sense as you said, I think she is still responsible for her behavior whether intoxicated or not.

I know some people who have been victimized by these scumbags as Mardi said, and are suffering emotionally therefore I think their names (scumbags) should be post for everyone's protection. Let them feel what's like to feel victimied by the society.

What, OEK was taking a siesta when proposing this bill? Why limiting it to drivers only? They better believe that the laws apply to themselves, too! lol.

Full of hotty air,

It doesn't take much to molest you, eh? lol.
Uhuh, either reduce the distance so we'll have more of the dirtbags roaming the streets with easy access preying on their would-be victims, or expand the island with funds from the molestations that some thoroughly enjoyed. Brilliant! lol.
But seriously, that 1,000 ft. you mentioned might work for the State of Georgia where that law is in effect, but it's not doable in tiny Belau. Betcha they'll walk that length to fulfill those demented urges...or how about catching a ride with a fellow 'Booty Bandit' for a night of prowling!


Yep, they are people, too, but with a lesser mental capability than that of an animal. I dare you to say that again AFTER they've sexually assaulted one of your kids.


About airing them out...I wonder if you can still say that honestly if one of them sex offenders is a close relative of yours? And they do end up IN JAIL (If they're caught), but the sentencing is NOT 'life in Prison', so eventually they'll be out again doing what they love best.

Drop them all off at one of the deserted islands in Belau, miles away with no chance of escaping (I doubt any of them swim like Phelps)and let them molest one another. Hey, that could be paradise for them! lol

"but with a lesser mental capability than that of an animal"

We don't eat children or be able to go online.

Lets sat an 18 year old has a consentual act with a 16 year old, or say 14-17 for good measures. Similar cases like this are around the 'States. This is by the eyes of the law (depending on which and what state) a sex offending crime. The 18 year old is labeled as a sex offender, 20 years later when he is 38 years old, married and with kids and is a respectable person in society and has not commited a crime since that day.

The sex offended is in his or her mid 30's as well. The 38 year old is still labeled and registered as a sex offender, why? Because the law says so, and of course "once a sex offender is always a sex offender".

All bases have to be covered and situations considered. This isn't a light hearted situation where we say "they belong in jail" or an island.

And if you guys can't think of situations where this law can have flaws, how can this be a good one?

I wish there was an edit button but above:

"And if **you guys can't think of situations where this law can have flaws, how can this be a good one?"

Should be:

"And if **I can think of situations where this law can have flaws, how can this be a good one?

Taxi, your comment made me wonder if you were either an offender yourself or a staunch supporter of the taxi business that it doesn't matter who is driving the vehicle.

Anytime that children are vulnerable, and of course, as children they are already vulnerable, society should not play with fire. Get the offenders exposed to the public so there can be some knowledge about them. And by God Almighty, please don't give them a position where they can have absolutely wonderful access and influence to prey on children. Please don't. That would be stupid.

ANyWayz, we need a registry and a requirement for the offenders to register...heck, they should just have the person register before he is released from police custody so that it's not dependent on the offender...get it done and get it in the registry, not something as an alternative, but mandatory and supervised before the offender gets released back into society...

just sharing my thoughts....for what it's worth...

Just reread this topic...so the big question is...they were allowed before, right?? It's a rhetorical question.

Hmmm, so all this time, I or anyone else who rode taxis or school buses (wow), had no idea that I was riding along with a pervert behind the wheels???? He could have been eyeing his victims, and knew where they lived and traveled to, and perhaps fantasizing...are you disgusted yet?

Well, I guess anywhere else we have that vulnerability to perverts (known and unknown), but please, for a small island, let the registry follow up in step with this barring.

Should we start a petition??

hello im filipina libing in palau 23 years but I was born to raise. My story is
when i was young there was some taxi you dont need to go in because the man looks scary to me gets lots of times the taxi driver try to hit on me and make sexy but i try aboid him beacuse i know his was perbert So i estop calling that one and i call another one but another one do to me the same so i dont know that one but im happy to be filipino palaauan and libing with good palaauan because i know the right and low is on my side marami
salamat, to my sister who write in the newspaper for palau she is better to speak english than me but thank you kam sulang.

Registry for sex offenders, dual citizenships, and convicted felons will take a toll on our leaders. We might not have anyone eligible to run for public office. LOL.

Almost every teenage boy, in any culture, dreams of being seduced by a hot older woman. Those lucky enough to have this experience bragged about it and were envied by their friends. Armid, just because you didn't get to experience this, doesn't make it abuse. LOL, I'm just playing.


I did drink at a bar once and somehow started chatting with an attractive 40 something lone woman in a nice black outfit and dark stockings, obviously sharking.

After a couple of drinks and a decent session chatting, she asked if I:

"ever made out with a mother and daughter at the same time?"

Enticed and intrigued, the question led me to her place soon after. While getting comfortable on her couch, she then said:

"Wait here sweetie, while I go and call my mother over."

LOL. Happy New Year Aramid.

The woman is 40 something so that makes her momma 70 something. So in a way, Aramid is screwing her own momma? Aramid, please keep these things to yourself.

I almost choked on a piece of toast while reading this. I hope she brought over her cream, bangay, that is...

Yeah, let's hope eng ngarngii a benkei, ngmol kakang er ngii a Aramid eng kakar a mechas ra athritis.
Mengcha ungil a debdaseu a tekoi ra uchei ra lobok a mouth. adang mekerang e Aramid? hehehe

Aramid, these cases you describe are like less than 1% of sexual crimes. We can't put the entire youth population of Palau and others at risk just to protect your Ms. Robinson romance fantasy.


"but with a lesser mental capability than that of an animal"

"We don't eat children or be able to go online."

Oh oh, That one breezed right over your head. lol.

Your masterplan is to use the taxpayers dollar to rehabilitate these sickos, with no guarantee they'll be 'cured', while the rape victims have been scarred for the rest of their lives? Where's Justice?

And what have you gotten yourself into, lately?? lol.

I guess we're done discussing this subject then.

Point is, glad there is something being done about convicted sex offenders and lol to Rooster for the comment about how these recently posted topics will take quite a toll on the politicans (people in leadership)...I think so too. Who knows what's hiding in their closets?

The bottom line is, if you are convicted, then stay away from children and the rest of the citizens of Palau, and don't even think of driving taxis, school buses, etc. where you have a greater chance of acting on your whims and desires upon your "prey." Bo bertau.

Like I said, I wish there was an edit button.

I don't have a master plan, I am pointing out the consequences and flaws in sex offending laws. For example I want to be protected too if a minor (under 18) "jail baits" me at club. I don't want to go to jail for 15 years minimum or be labeled as a sex offender for life, hell no.

I am all for sex offending laws but if they are done unwell, I don't think I will be 100% comfortable with them.

For raping or child molesting, those are clear indications of violence and the sick minded. And I don't discuss those because they involve violence and children. Sorry, no inputs from Aramid (no puns). But I do know that most victims are molested by their own family members and not by strangers.

Going back to the banning of sex offenders driving school buses and taxis, like I said, it is better to nail it down harder to just revoke their license. If they still have their license, they are still mobile and able to do sex crimes and at faster frequency and broader distances.

...do we have laws for necrophelia and beastiality?

Olekoi, "bo bertau" will not solve anything e Bachingko. They will still be out there.

Aramid, stay away from little boys.

What an intelligent insult. I am hurt.

You should be hurt.

Wow! Aramid- Just revoking their licenses will take care of the problem? And here I am thinking that's ONLY gonna cancel their privileges to drive, NOT prevent them from committing a sexual act... they may not be able to drive, but they sure as hell can still walk, run, jump, etc... lol.
And I'm amazed at your sexual preferences, if it's not a senior citizen, it's either an animal or a corpse. When do you find the time?! lol.


"I guess we're done discussing this subject then."

...Guess not, you're still talking. lol.

And what a lovely idea you have. Yes, let's give them a heart-to-heart talk, let them loose, but be sure to give them a heads-up to hide when stalking their victims. That'll take care of the problem. lol.

...Rodech are you really that daft? I am sorry but I just have to put that out because you are humiliating yourself.

"Going back to the banning of sex offenders driving school buses and taxis..."

I am talking about that particular bill, not a complete set of sex crime laws or ways to prevent them from committing a sex act. Just that bill. They should have nailed the bill harder by preventing them from driving at all, not limited to just buses and taxis. Again anyone who wants to insult me, read carefully, not just reading out loud like a robot but understand the whole post.

And what's the point on insulting someone who hasn't insulted you? Does it give you internet points and people clap their hands for you like a retarded seal? Do you look for every small details for errors and think of insulting things to reply back? I hope you do see that I made jokes around but if you are using them to insult me then you are (stupid) not a bright person, that is a fact.

I am done with this article. Stupid people everywhere.

..And the claws are out in full force. lol!
Oh, Aramid, you're so predictable. You are not very nice when you don't get your way. lol. Quit blaming me for your ignorance.
Well, aren't we all trading jokes here? What makes you think you're the only one who'se allowed to joke around? lol.. take it easy..

I can only hope that whatever committee you so desperately want to be a member of does not allow you to be a part of ANY decision-making process ...lol.

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