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January 02, 2009


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I wonder how Eledui and SW JR. feel about this law. Would be nice to hear their veiw's and wether it's good for Palau or not......


HI Mosi..

However these two gentlemen you mentioned above
feel. The law is the law and as such must be complied with. If all pertinent entities find that they should renounce one of their citizenship status then they must..however they feel...

I don't think it would make a big differrence, to me, if an elected official to these offices holds dual citizenships..The only thing that matters is that their work and loyalty be as transparent and true to their offices and the people they represent.

I'd like to think the the enactment of this amendment was born of an ideal of Palau for and by Palauans and not some sinister end-run on eliminating individuals as these two gentlemen from entering a race to these offices.

Anyhu just my thoughts..

Again Happy new Year all..


So, I want to get this straight...

If a Palauan holding dual citizenship can adopt a child from a foreign country and make that child Palauan citizen, then why can't our leaders have dual citizenship? What makes them any different than the Palauan with dual citizenship who actually voted them in?

It just seems like double standards -- regardless of the law.

What if that adopted child who is not Palauan by blood were to one day run for President? Would we the general public be okay with that? Or will we have another Con-Con regarding this aspect?

How about those Palauan kids that were adopted to non-Palauans & now live out there somewhere in the U.S Mainland? How much leverage do or will they have in Palau? Can they one day, out of the blue, claim their citizenship via blood, buy property in Palau, and run for Presidency/Senator/Delegate/Governor -- even though they've been away for 20 years, can't speak Palauan, and don't know any Palauan culture?

Hi my friend Emelk,

Very true and I would like to think that way too. But now that these two are now officialy elected officials. I wish I could get their views on this law. I would dump my foraign citizenship if I had a dual citizenship just to be clear to the public that my heart and my mind is one with the island.

I was just wondering because the former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori was and still
is a citizen of Japan. Where is the logic behind holding public office versus a dual citizenship.


Shouldn't this have been addressed when both declared to run for office?

I think the Election Commission should have looked into this matter before they accepted their petitions to run for Senate. What is the government paying the election commission to do for four years before each election? It isn't SW or Eledui's fault right now. These are the inconsistencies within our constitution and ammendments that we should be looking at!!!!


My thinking is that the fault of Senator-elect Mr. Eledui and Whipps jr. The short story was when they filed for their candidacy they were okay by the dual citizenship of Palau/US. The amendments were approved by the voters and it became effective upon certification of tabulation result. Thereafter, they won their senate seats simultaneously with the approval of new concon amendments. The new section bars the dual citizenship for elected President/V-President, Senators and Delegates to required only Palauan citizenship to be qualified for the above elected offices. I know they will comply our Constitution and they are totally new and different than Lt. Collonel/Kerngel.

The Palau Election acted according to law-PNC.

Sen. Whipps jr; & Eledui strong supporter.


Ngdikea dodengei ra romesiull ra ongeu. A kabelment a blutk a medal. Ma ngor el dorenges engkora ngerel a Hulk a mla mekukii. Ma tekoi a ngara ulaol a melebusech elkmo, msuld a chochim emchoit a idekelem ra rikl. Al blart a chelsel a uach sel chomo rael engdi ngarngii ar dimeskau ekmo ng komisteba.

Why is this dual citizenship drama included raikal meiang el chais? Old news, we knew it was gonna happen.

good day, bloggers.

Ke meral Elimosk el mla ochotii a 2 cents er kau. Mak Frustrated e losiik ra Curious reader el kirel a tial tekingel a Aramid. Eng di ng meringel a dosiik er ngii leng John Doe. Mak mekerang e smodii a uai tial tekoi el mo ra
Emelk el blechoel Grasping for the truth.....


Well said Mosi... ;)


What makes a Palauan is what's in his blood and his head, not the paper its written on. Eludui and SW are very Palauan by heart and have lived in Palau for many years. But the majority of voters voted to allow only full Palauan's to serve in the office, so we'll honor it.

Mosi, don't worry a next el omilil eke smodii el mo ungil ra Emelk.
Lakem sal melangch leng rogui el ngakl a blam dung ea head a mal merengelang.
Akoi, tiang medel waisei.

Emelk el blechoel Grasping for the truth

Well said Mosi... ;) >>>> ??


Ng mle imong el mo tebelong el mo keldei. Ma ki ou sio ra medal a real eng mengelakl a tourist e losebekii sel tutel e di milchedii a tamelengek. Te ngar ker tirkel bekeiit e ngak a kmal mla mo oos sel kuu sio ngak me ngikal tourist. Erei eng di ungil. A kurrenges el kmo a re tourist a kmal betok a temelengir ra rekebelurir. A lebebil e tedi merous el tada....Meng soak el mo mengedecheduch el mo ra Obis ra Gum el kmo, "Tirkel Kelebus te meduch e lou sio?

lmao! ngkuk mla chobedobed. Erei di mo sio kau ma Emelk.

ngmla meteklii a John Doe el merkid. The voters who do not understand this issue should have known what they checked on the ammendments.

Relax e kemiu e tirkal terung a kmal luusemuul el medengei a loruul e full Palauan. A SWjr a irechar ral renounce ra US citizenship er ngii er seral special assistant ra former President Etpison.

E mle medengelii tial tekoi e meruul er ngii leng dirrek el mle delegate el mora ConCon2.

Ma Senator Eledui a dimlak bol officer ra Army meng millemolem el chad er Belau.


Is Palau Election commission playing politics? PEC made quick decision to denied Brien Ser San Nicholas from entering the Senate race. But allowed Celestine Yangilemau to join the race for Sonsorol seat in HOD and others who does have the same situation. Never a had one year residency requirement for the HOD candidates.

PEC is playing double standard, what a shame. Should they PEC board members resign and appoint new members? You decide. Thank you.

I am in flying mode with the new leadership and vision for better Palau to live.

Jusst my thoughts 2-1/2 cents.

Ahahaha, funny Mosi. Cheers.

Amendments to Palau's Constitution related to Palau elections are supposed to take effect in the next elections, which is in November 2012, right?
If that is the case, then the provision on the dual/single citizenship will take effect only in the 2012 elections, am I correct?
If this is so, then what's all this brouhaha about?

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