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January 21, 2009


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i wonder if Joe withrew his name because JT is his biological uncle.

just wondering...

So what, if JT is his biological uncle? Aren't most of us Palauans related anyways?!

I think Joe has all the credentials to be a Minister and he will probably do a GREAT job at it, too.

Besides, it not confirmed yet, that he really withdrew his name. However, if its true I'll be really disappointed.

I like Johnny Gibbons being from Koror but don't know if he has a college degree which, if he doesn't, that would contradict JT's slogan - the best, brightest and loyal. And when it comes to the looks, I prefer photo opps with none of them but Dr. K and Yano and with Chilton out, I hope JT considers Sandra P. to be the MOS so that my camera can be more useful and not too flashy.

Joe is a good candidate. However, I know he withdrew his name because he owe PCC 2 more years. When he went back to school he was still getting his pay check from PCC (administration leave). Now he's doing his thesis towards his PHd. So his reasons for pulling out, if it's true, is because he still owes PCC 2 more years. But he is one of the most qualified to the post.

Scott Yano for MCCA?! You're kiddin', right?

To Miteruai: With Joe's withdrawal, I too, think that Sandra P. would be good person to be MOS.

To Turk: You're right about Joe being a good candidate! And thanks for the info about his withdrawal...It seems like that is the obvious reason.


At first glance, I had the same reaction but after some thought I think that MCCA can be run by anyone. Afterall what is the the function of this ministry but to minister to our cultural heritage and customs. Anyone el medengei tekoi ma siukang er belau a sebechel mor tial deruchalle- tokuni tirkel medengei a tekoi ra nlgoik, kodall, ocheraol, cheldecheduch, tekoi ra dui, klobaks, etc., etc., etc.

If I were the president I would have chosen someone from Ibobang then I am not the president.

Uchel! Stop It! In my short time cruising through this website, YOU are the 1 person I have come to respect here. But now, I sense that you are giving up..ke kora mesikang sek feel er kau. Don't give up on Palau. I've come to admire your sarcastic wit, and your patriotism which shines through even when you sound like, "aw to heck with y'all". You know that MCCA isn't just about matamatong. Essentially, in all ministries, it's about good leadership...so again, I reiterate..."Scott Yano for MCCA? You're kiddin' right?!"

One more time... Scott Yano??? Tia telemall.

Youlsau Bells?! Give me a break!!!! She does not know anything about the environment. Nor does she holds a biological/physical/chemical science degree! Ng metemellang a environment ma natural resources er kid ma tourists a mo diak el mei er Belau!!!!!! Tia ia soal a President er kid el nguu a chad el diak lodengei a kirel a environment ma natural resources meng sebechel el di melukouk era Babeldaob el lolsechelel a ralm er beluu er Belau e diak a mengerodech!!!

Sandra is the right choice for MOS....
I agree with you turk.

Come to think of it, she not only has the qualifications, but also she has been our VP
once and that makes here more experienced than all out there including Joe. This is starting to look like the best and brightest was just a slogan. The catch phrase there was "Loyalty is a must!"

You say, "The catch phrase there was 'Loyalty is a must!'"

So is Youlsau Bells - loyal?! She was a Chin Supporter! OR is that water under the bridge now?! Is she capable of running a ministry especially when the her office has not been accountable for their funding?!

Mr. President, we know you want to put an educated lady on your cabinet so choose wisely. The type of people you also put there will reflect the type of person you are.
YB is a bad PR for your administration. No one will be happy to work with her because she does not respect people, her staff and colleagues. She had deliberately over paid herself while her staffs are under paid. Not to mention, accountability is not her forte.

Sorry Mosi, I don't think Loyalty is a MUST in YB case! Makes you wonder what is mingling in the dark!

Sandra will be good in any cabinet post. Smart lady but after all these years, I still wish she would stop it with the "im so smart" attitude and be a little humble. No other objections though.

Youlsau is also a good pick and I hope she gets through. I guess it comes down to having three smart, educated, and capable Palauan women on this team: AG Ernestine, Minister of State Sandra, Minister of Environment Youlsau. Ladies always bring a component of levelheadedness(sounds like a Bush-ism)to any team and I think it will work out. All the best though to the new administration with some savvy ladies on the team.

Mardingaol, how do you figure that about Sandra? Get over with your character assasinations. I know her to be a humble lady and very smart. Too bad you have a problem with that.

Yes to "Stin" and Sandra. Oh Pleeeaze! to Youlsau.

There real question is not whether Youlsau was a supporter of Chin or not but whether She is qualified/capable for the job. Tia Belau er kid so if the Toribiong administration picks someone who supported Chin, who can do the job, then why not. I have seen her resume and it's quite impressive but then we have Janet here who implied in her post that Youlsau's degrees are some how forged/faked.

therefore I call on you Janet to bring your concerns to Ngerulmud ASAP mel meteritr tial lultel eklem while the confirmation hearings are still going.


Youlsau hated Chin because he was the only person who put YB in her place regardless of the fact that she was sleeping with his boss!!
The question is, who is she sleeping with at this time?!
As for the forged degree allegations, I have heard that she got her MBA from a prestigous Business School in the United States. If anyone has the name of the school let us all know so we can do background check on her.

I've also heard these YB rumors and would like to know if they are true or not. Those of you who have seen her resume (Uchel?), where did she get her masters and bachelors degrees?
I have witnessed this, if you get on her wrong side, she will do what she can to screw your professional career over. People like that should not be in positions of great influence.

Why question Toribiong's nominations?! He will be responsible for their actions so why worry?! Give him a sense of respect and we will wait and see if his cabinet members are the "best, brightest and loyal" among all Palauans!!

Who is Scott Yano?? And where is Sandra P.?? How about her for MOS??



I see you are birds of the same flock. Go flock yourself if you don't like my comments about Sanrda. I said she is a good pick and I gave my opinion about how I have experienced her to be in my interactions with her. Again, a good pick and everyone of us has our drawbacks, starting with me. Stating someone's shortcomings who is going to be holding an important cabinet post is important so we can recognize the weaknesses they posses. This way we can learn and improve. Just because I said something critical about your auntie doesn't mean that I'm against her. Me bo domii a tekoi - I support her pick and Youlsau as well. More women at the top levels of Government.

It looks more like the Good, the Bad and most certainly Uuuuugliest!

Once they are all in place, I want to see how it goes this year.

Start taking notes. LOL.

Youlsau Bells, is a pathological liar and a fraud. She's difficult to work with and most environment workers in Palau hate her. Anyone would be a better Minister of Environment than she would. She used to be called Debbie Sullivan or Deborah Sullivan before she came back to Palau in the late 1990s. She says to people that she graduated Magna Cum Laude, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania with an MBA. Someone please look into this as it doesn't seem likely. I hope JT wont want to be known as the President who selects a fraud to be on his cabinet.

In a way its good to hire people who dont know anythign about the position your offering, because you can train & program them to be a certain way. If they talk theres a million ways shut them up. They dont know shit so there wont be no shit.

-bom ermii

Mardingaol, dive down to the bottom of the sea somewhere and relax for a while then come up for some air. Don't get defensive. In your many interactions with her she outsmarted you and you don't like it. That's what you meant. That's not a shortcoming, don't you think? If you really support her then watch what you say. Just because I believe in Sandra does'nt mean she's related to me.
Kabobii a tekoi

bom ermii...huh? Elaborate more on your thought process pls. It's interesting but the part about 'if they talk' I don't get...waddaya mean?

bom ermii...aaahh. I think I get it now, you are implying that the president want's unqualified, ignorant/naive people in his ministry so they can be mindless robots? okay, I see your point now. yea, that'd be scary.

Her education (ivy league degrees or whatever) and being a woman doesn’t matter. Youlsau Bells is a huge embarrassment to Palau. She gives Palau a terrible reputation. TR looks good overseas because other people (not Youlsau) in Palau work very hard on environment issues, but at home TR lost a lot of credibility because Youlsau treats people with such disrespect and arrogance. She is known for never participating in anything or doing anything to work with others. She is just always MIA unless she is trying to get something like money or a job. Ask anyone on the boards or committees that she was on. She is always a “no-show” to everything. That lady is all talk. She just takes credit for other people’s work. She doesn’t work with Palauans and insults Palauans regularly. She prefers to work with people who are not Palauan. She is greedy for power and dangerous and hijacks money and credit from others while she is incompetent herself. JT has made a big mistake by trying to appoint her. If JT insists on appointing her he will immediately lose the respect and support of most people who do environment work in Palau. I guess we will just have to see if he is as gullible as TR.

I think Sandra is a good pick but I heard Sandra didn't go to college- can anyone confirm her background? I wish there was a way for the public to see if these people are qualified. More transparency in the government would be great.


thank you. I thought I was the only one who thought that she was all talk. I've encountered people from the region who've dealt with her and they impressions of Palauans soured because of her attitude as well as her ineptitude in dealing with them.
Have a hard time biting my cheek in meetings with her because ngdiak a kora mellengmes er ngi.

YB? not sure if she's the one i knew when i was
attending UOG back in the 80's. but if its her,
back then, she was quiet and only chew her
betlenut. is she in her 40's?
just a Q.

Alii Everyone:

What would be YOUR dream team?

Just curious.


FYI, Sandra attended SDA elementary school and she was the smartest girl in her class even PMA. I believe she went to finish college studies.

There are many successful people in Palau/USA who did not receive formal college studies. Sandra was first female to hold Minister of Administration, Female Senator, Vice President and very successful business woman.

I personally TRUST her that she will do a good job. She is like Madelein Albright and Hilary Clinton as US Secretary of State.

I hope JT will appoint her to MOS. I pray, God help Palau.

Thank you,

That's the same YB we are talking about!!

Wow! Some really harsh words spoken of YB in here. I don't know her nor have I heard of her until now but something about her tells me that she will get the job done irregardless of what people say about her. I will wait until proven wrong, otherwise. We need strong women with true conviction of making the difference for the people.

Congratulations to the new government and the new ministers. I hope they lead us in the right direction. I hope they are all honest and work hard and JT will replace them if they did not perform well.

God Bless Palau.

I wish your gut feeling about her "getting the job done" was right but it's not. Ask the people at UNDP who have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Palau through OERC that have not been accounted for. Many of us in the environment sector have been told that Palau had a good reputation until Youlsau took over. Don't take my word for it, please do your own asking around and you will find out for yourself.


Innuendos and insinuations like you have just made don't cut it. Since you seem to know a lot about YB and her doings come out with it. Don't come out here and throw aspersions and not back it up. If you are insinuating are true why not come out and say the truth. Why make us go and look for what you are insinuating. Come on people this is our Belau. If YB is truly as bad as you are implying we need some facts. She is about to be confirmed and the senate needs all your input. Provide! Provide! Provide evidence!! Please! The new administration may well thank you.

Janet, Chad, YB critics, et. al. provide proof!!!


Youlsau Bells also known as Youlsau Henney. Henney is working for Shallum Etpison/NECO Marine. He is nice guy who is well know for diving at the deep open ocean chasing birds to spear big yellowfin tuna, big blue marlin, stripped marlin, and black marlin including wahoo, giant grouper, ect.

Youlsau should be truthful about her lastname cause she is married. Why not using her husband name or lastname. She is an opportunist cause she is half haole. I for one, doesnot believe that she deserve to nominee. Cause her uncle Tony Bells did not support Toribiong_Mariur. Also, Youlsau did not compaign nor openly support JT/KM.

I know few people who openly support JT/KM from primary to general election like Seit Andres. Andres well qualified and strong loyal supporter. And I trust him to better job, too. Dilmei Olkeriil also qualifed, Tina Rehuher Marugg loyal strong supporter from Surangel Sr. camp.

According to one senator, said that YB need solid explanation for foreign grants detail expenses. YB used the funds with the frmer president. Why? What connection? Pardon.

Senate must be satisfied by Auditor reports before voting. Fair and square. I trust integrity of the highest institution.


What is Youlsau Bells' full name?


Many of you know that I was/still is Chin supporter but the election is over so I look at this from the point of view of how we can best serve our Belau. and thus the question is does YB's nomination help Belau?

What I hear from you guys are just petty accussations of infedility, her degree being false, mismanagement of federal grants, etc., and I say provide these informations to the senate now and don't wait.

As for loyal supporter: Seit is Johnson's brother-in-law and the first that will come out here in this blogosphere is "ngdi melilt ra chedal" ma rechad mle kmeed er ngii. As for Tina Rechucher JT/KM were here second option so she does not (in my twisted opinion) deserve any ministry. Now, here is a suggestion- how Alan Seid for COS? I mean the man can talk an Inuit to buy snow from

My two-bit pithy noncents.

add the word "him" to the last sentence.

Mousubes ea dolch ngara iklek era elechal tutau!

What's COS?

COS is Chief of Staff!!!


U and Alen can go'ta hell! Alen is 4 eva disqualified to hold any public office in our government! His the reason why YOUR CANDIDATE LOST! If he can sell Ice to 'em eskimos, then let him move to Alaska....no eskimos here in Palau!


Ouch!!! that hurts. It was just an idea since the new administration is reaching out to everyone including Chin's supporters, I thought why not ...

Don't get me wrong though, dig through Okedyulabeluu archive and you will find what I said (how I feel then and still do now) regarding the aforementioned name.

i nominate uchelmelis to be the next COS of the new administartion.

elan said

Ngdiak elua telulchoid, but I wonder el kmo ngera mle reasons ra JT eng tutkii a Youlsau ma Scott when there are more experienced palauans?Best of luck to "anko" Jackson. Diak a ised!

Investigator, give Scott a chance, he does have the experience, and I like what you said about Uchel.
Nananana to Derut'me. hehehe

Alii e kmal lungil Beches el Rak. Ea kunguiu eng kmal meringel a ureor meng kmal lungil, ng diak el kirel ngar ngii a cheleklel a ikal lochid ma chimad ma uldesued le ke de omuchel el beches meng kired el di ngmai el me mereked ra uchelel.

Ak di olengit el kmo alsekum me mengilt a ngidil ta er tirkal chad el mong el dikea a cheldechulel eng diungil. Engdi a chad alsekum meng di mo telekib el chebirukel a delecherecherul, ng di mo olengesonges a kldachelbil ma chimal ra urerel, ng di mo kedeb a klsemeriar ma beltkilarengul ra ureor, eng kired el di beches el nguu ra kingall e de bedengcheklii a beches e le te betok a resebechir. Ng diak dolemolem a mekngit e le kid el rokui el sebeched el kmo ke de uai a de dilob ra sim. Le sera le sal mui a kiuar e ke de mle meterekakl a omengited ma delengerenger a milas aikal lududed, meng uoi mle klou el kereior engdi dokes a usekered ma cheriuted e diak douuchel e leng suobel el mla mei meng medechel, e kid a omekungil.

Kid a rechad ra beluu a kired el mo beiusech a medad er tir me te mo kerekikl a tekoi el loruul e leng beches el kabelment me lebol beches el klengar ma klechad.

E kuusubes eng kmal dirk ke betok a soak el melekoi engdi kurael mak mei ele a omengerker a uchul a klmesmechek. Me bekbong mak mei.


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