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January 07, 2009


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Kede medengei el kmo, Ng diak a kmal kombalii el Ngar Belau er elechal taem el sebechel qualified el remuul a ngerchelel a Security ra Skosio er kid. Ma omultebedii el mo ra buai el kirel a Bidding. Eng locha di mengilt a KN's company. Ng bleketakl el kora diak a rrau el rreng er ngii.

Eng di sel di de telokl e kemiu muai sei ra milekokl. Eng kora kmal mo mechas a rengud...

I am not too familiar with airport screening procedures, but wouldn't the TSA have to certify first a company first before they are allowed to do screening at an international airport that involves U.S flights?

A kiko ra dillung, sai kel move, corruption people ... KN ma TR, I WISH YOU A GOOD IN HELL AND DEATH BE AFTER YOU ... E buul a Belau er tirkang, they only think of their F--- pockets only, the TRUE COLORS HAS COME OUT ... Hope JT do someting about this corruption!!!!

usp lady

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