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January 07, 2009


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Ulekum a kmal mla er sei meng chance er ngak e kuk ontir a imo ra ikel mlai ra obis ra President. Ng ko ra kmal bekururau ngikal beches el President? A lebeskak a ta ra ikel mlai. Ea kmal di mo oumakit e lou keiukl e ou desbedall. Ma rengalek ra skuul meng sebechir el melidai er ngak, lek dirrek el locha kmal mo bekururau el chad....

Good for you JR. At least, you didn't try to camouflage your intent to get the boat, but rather came right out and asked for it. I gotta admire a man for that.


Are we suppose to believe that TR would actually ask JT something like that in front of others?

Right after the prayer he ask for a boat. God will be so proud of TR. pleazze.

I pray that our new President will be similarly generous to the PDC...I mean Poor Despondent Citizens of our beloved Palau.

I too cannot believe this. What else would he be asking after his term ends? Secured job for all his cronies and family members that he hired in the government.

I am mortified that TR asked, but more so that JT gave in. JT, lets see some real leadership. Cough up the balls to tell TR that this is governmental property, and for OFFICIAL USE ONLY. It isn't that hard. The fact that taxpayers have to pay for this sort of bullshit is ridiculous.

How are you surprised by this move by Johnson? First of all, he didn't win the vote. He bribed the Palau Election Commission for it. Speaking of corporate involvement, I wonder if there's enough room in the morgue to keep all Santos Borja, Ben Yobech, and the rest of the perpetrators of last year's fraud elections at the same time.

Palau is a divided nation. The stupid Honto Hillbillies actually think they won this vote! And anyway, good luck for those who actually believe Johnson's gonna do any good for that matter.

Koshiba as Compact negotiator and word of Ngirai Tmetuchl as presidential chief of staff??? You gotta be kidding! These guys stab you in the forehead before they get you in the back! Harry Fritz handling the food committee and possibly Public Works??? He's clogging the sewers is what he's good for!

Make no mistake: Palau is divided! The election was a fraud! And as the Palauan saying goes, "A Reng a diak el kkelsuul (Don't underestimate those you have committed offenses against)!!" The results were certified but not anointed by Truth. It's as inevitable as death. Santos Borja should know that!!!

As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told President Bush at the UN General Assembly and so to Johnson Toribiong: "You will live the rest of your days in shame and agony!!!" Hear, hear!

May the last Toribiong be strangled by the guts of the last Tmetuchl!

People such as you are the reason why this country may be divided. General Election was over in Nov. and the new administration is taking place next week. If you and the “other” anti Johnson/Kerai Administration continue to be negative then this country will be divided by your arrogant statements.
If you have proof of any fraudulent actions then you better file a claim against the people you are naming. To call some of the well-respected people in Palau such names you should have the back bone and facts to back up your LOUD – no evidence – STATEMENTS!
Let me remind you, the government of this country is a democratic system AND the MAJORITY of voters of the Republic of Palau voted for the present administration.
(I wonder if CHIN/SEID won the election – you may be here stating different arrogant remarks!)
I urge you to write carefully and factually.
Help this country to regain hope for the next four years. The economy is bad, the spirit in Palau is down and stating unfounded statements will not help our people, our country. Make suggestions and solutions to help the next administration succeed, in turn our lives will improve.

We're in a JT gridlock first on the agenda screw the loose screw. This new administration's motto: Divided we stand, United we fall.

Your right hawkings, Palau is a divided nation.

I made some inquiries and heard that there's actually a public law that requires that the boats from the President's office be put out for bid since part of the intent of the law was to encourage use of private or business boat operators versus govt owned. So, TR and anyone else will get to bid for the boats.

Is this just another rumor made up to distract from certain campaign promises or the lack of an actual plan?

Maybe, their supporters can ask JT or KM what was actually discussed since it is also making JT look bad.


if the president of palau asks you for something in front of the public, it is in toribiong's good sense for him not to say no? kemiu el ngara ikrel belau a mal diak modengei el kmong ngara teletael sel dengara belau me lak molab a ikal kuk kle-merikel er kemiu el leko ko medengei el kmong ngera crisis. a kot, e komo put into perspective el uase, omko toribiong a dilu diak, ngera mo result er sei? ng somiu ale borngii a mekemad er belau? ngkakid a president el mla pardon a 13 el chad el mlara kelbus mechelechang ete ngar belau el omibais el ual dimlak lolterebek ma okeuad el oumekemad erar rechad.... please! before you make comments, think about the diplomacy and decisions of what toribiong is looking at!

Hontoville Country Bumpkin,

You want suggestions? Go chain your leg to an anvil and jump off the KB Bridge (Airai Side).

And don't think Palau "may be divided." Make no mistake: it is divided. As for the next four years, let's take it from your beloved Johnson. Johnson thinks he is giving a boat to the president when if you think about it, Tommy only made a joke out of Johnson. What a lawyer, huh!

Your Johnson can't help himself. He's like this little bastard child on a power trip. Wait, he is a bastard child on a power trip. He says he wants a new, Palauan AG then tells the current American one to stay on for another year after the so-called election. He says he will not use public funds for the inauguration but personally calls Diaz on his way to session asking him to help pass the 150 grand which he got for the bullshit inauguration.
And at the public health convention he theatrically announces his nomination of Steve Kuartei as Minister of Health when he promised to announce his nominations AFTER the "inauguration." Apparently the crowd there roared with applause. So what? Does he know how to pay the $13 Million + debt at the MOH? Does he have any clue as to how he will save the dying Ministry of Health?
And, Might Be Minister Kuartei, if you are reading, care to enlighten us how you would do things differently? What are your magical plans with Johnson to turn the place around? For starters, would you finally remove and then imprison The Butcher "Dr." Deborah Ngemaes? Cat got your tongue or are you gonna defend keeping her on board? Seems another one bites the dust. This line of professionals continues to fall into the fire of politics. Only Dr. Roberts is the last man standing when all our docs have become politically correct assholes.
Kom Sionganai,
Try and elevate yourself. It's not the world's fault you are stupid but the world isn't gonna have to stand you, either. Do yourself a favor and, if you can afford it, travel a bit and maybe you'll find some hope and hopefully you die trying and just end the misery altogether.

tial chais a "reported" locha diak el merang, malechub e sera ltobed ra meyuns e lorael bedul a oreor eng mla morengii a chimal ma chochil. maleuaisei e lak di lekemiu lolengasech a hi-blood er kemiu. a T/M team altang locha ngarengii a ungil lomesodel el bolotebedii ra uriul.

PS. a OMDUI a tara kot el meduch lomsiich a tamelengel a chetakl.

Well Well Wakare Kotokimiwa,
You call this a “suggestion?!” Try again.
I have not read or hear of an “official” statement from T/M office on this matter. Like you and others who jump into conclusions without actual facts, again unfounded and no evidence.
May I make a suggestion to you: before you start highlighting someone’s background then you should look into your own personal life and the one you love around you? To say someone is a B_____ child is irrelevant in this matter. Mr. Johnson has worked hard to where he is right now regardless of how he came into this world.
Check your history, the past few administration has been granted a budget for inauguration. I do not see any harm in this request whether it is true or not. (Not relying on you as a source). I do believe Mr. Johnson will make a difference in regards to lowering the expenditure of the government which is needed in order for the government to survive.
In regards to appointing Palauan into the AG position, I agree with him. I do think there are capable Palauans to hold this position. However, in the present time, there is no Palauan working in the AG’s Office, therefore the person who will go in there needs time to familiarize themselves with the office daily operations. There are steps that need to be taken for the offices continue functions without major interruptions.
I do not see the issue of announcing any minister for his cabinet. If he felt the time was right then why not. It is his prerogative. Again, help give suggestion to help all the ministries instead of sitting in front of your computer and “complain” about this and that.
Remember, these issues with all the ministries were inherit from the previous Administrations’ and therefore the “new” Ministers will have time to make the necessary changes after consulting with the new Administration.
You suggest I elevate myself? For your information, I have traveled the world. And the one thing I have learned is “negativity” will make you miserable and unproductive. If you want to help the country and the people, make suggestions to the New Minister of Health on what needs to be improve and done. Research and suggests ways to help the basic needs of the hospital. You have complains about a DR then write a letter for the personal files and for the Hospital Boards to review for action. Don’t sit and complain. Do something about it. On a lighter note, be positive and don’t call people “stupid”. This is a reflection of what type of person you are. There is nothing else to be done but maintain a sense of hope for this country. There is nothing wrong with criticism, but do it constructively.

Some of you guys in here as so full IT. Do you think that TR can just take take the boat as his because JT said OK? Give it a rest. Any government properties will be surveyed and assessed before anyone can buy them. Tommy will be bidding for the the boat just as anyone can bid for the boat. speaking of government properties, HOD also will be surveying the old HOD vehicles and putting them up for bidding so if anyone of you is interested you can also bid for these vehicles. Endi tulelchooid ra Did ra Ngmatel akmo rechad ra respective state er tirkel ngara majority will be given priority on the bidding process.

Speaking of Chief of Staff, Ngirai would be an ideal Chief of Staff on any administration. I have had an opportunity or two conversing with him on the past (eventhough I supported Chin) and foun that he is smart, articulate and knowledgeable. But knowing JT he will not pick Ngirai for the obvious reason-Ngirai is JT's nephew/cousin.

JT also is the next president and as such he will choose whom he wants for any of the ministry, assistants, ambassador, etc, etc,..I.
I would be appoplective if JT nominates/chooses someone other than those who supported him. Imagine if he were to nominate Uduch or Marvin to one of the ministy, his supporters would go crazy.

Me reko molengull kimii el negative heads and start come out of your shells and lets all help Palau, I trust that we all can help each other go up the ladder instead of pulling each other down ... alii the Almighty is watching ... Tommy better return that boat, I myself will go to Oll and take that boat to Koror, that is for sure, and the Lexus which he said will be given to the next ROP pres, he better return that too or, I will go there and take it personally, ha, ha ... merchorch a ________ kmal mekngit ...

usp lady

Hello Investigator,

You are really full of crap!

I hope you will say that you admire TR when he ask you for your wife.

I want to hear you say that at least he did not camouflage his intent to screw your wife. Ha! Ha! Ha!

What an arse hole!


Ko meral di tulechoid el rokui. Morael el mo oureor e llak dim ngar er a medal a computer el di kacheblad. A om ngar er a merikel, e kuk llak mosaod er a rechad el ngar belau. If you're so concerned about palau and it's government, go back and help. In the mean time, shut up e morael el mo omusech a turkey!

love always,


erenguul, kau tial ngara merikel so you do the same. Diak a chised.

what do you mean do the same? Go back to palau? Hell no!!! I don't complain about Palau and it's problems cause i'm here in the states. If I want to complain, i'd go back and try to help solve the problem. But for now, I'm more concerned about the US economy cause I'm here. Help yourself before you help others. Peace out.

p.s: it's my day off... Ak mesikang el lomusech a odimiu...

love always,

hell yes! You are complaining and you are full of bs.

love always,

why dont all of you get a life....no matter what you say in this site it will not change anything one bit! your just wasting your time but I guess you guys have no life and are so bored that you just look forward everyday to turning on your comoputer and coming to this site! again, no matter what you say here it will not change anything or have an affect on politics in palau! you people are what we call LOSERS! GET A LIFE! this is my first time in this site cause a friend told me how much losers are in this site and that she laughs at all your comments...your all buch of chicken shit hiding behind your fake names and spending hours on our computer! you all belong in the sewers of palau! JT won get over it! Chin is hiding himself! GOOD! move on!

Jaimie, I guess you are a loser too for visiting this site. why don't you get a life?
Ng weekend mem relax e kokau lou ngeroil ra rengalk ra obliil. Kau kekelsakl??

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