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February 04, 2009


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Great start....

Compassion yet firm...

Good Job Director,


Amen to that.

I wouldn't get my hopes up on this issue of return of government property because some of these assets were "misplaced" many many years ago and are not accounted for. Good job though to Director Yano on his approach.

Fire the head of Supply office, get a new person in there, and start over. It astounds me how stuff just goes "missing" and nobody is held accountable.

If you don't return the stuff, they will have the newly appointed Ambushman, I mean ombudsman go after you and yo momma.

lets see if we get results.

I hope this is not the attempt of the BPS to locate the lost firearm and let someone go with repercussion.

If its not then great job Director.

I mean without any repercussion

Is TR going to return the government boat ?
Lets see if the law maker abides by the laws of the republic.

TR and his cronies have a lot more to return than a lousy boat!

TR and the Nakamura crowd have sucked palau dry!

Palauan people should know that we only have cash reserves to last us at best for 3 years.

The National Government's total income is approximately 20 million and the government needs about 60 million to operate on a shoe string.

What can we do?

Bring the people who stole from the government to justice. Confiscate their assets! Put them in jail! That's what we can do and must do!


True Llach er Belau

how about the lexus? and the harley? how about the expensive i phones and black berry phones given to his mistresses?

Aikal rokui el blam saod ra chelsel tiang a kora kmal mechas a rengud......mechel chang eng locha mowangerang tial bucklement er kid ma moungil klungeolel belau..........kamei e doker ra razzio el wasei ngera kora ungil bodo rael er ngii eng moungil a beluu,eng kora mechas a rengud ra rechad ra oek a lolengasch a ududir ea
beluu a kmal klou a chelebuul er ngii.

Well this is intresting. Must check all the TR family members who are working under the ministry. I heard that one of them is driving a qovernment vehicle with a civilian license plate, not a gov't.

I suggest Justice will have a hotline for people who know something but are afraid to speak up to call and report what they know.

A very small island -
someone must have seen the boat, cars, rifles...

Here they go again with the TR bashing. JT and KM and their supporters are soooo busy running around trying to find ANYTHING on TR since all they can do is try to distract by blaming and continuing the rumors. I guess it worked during the campaign, but only for half of the voters. It's also just a way to cover their own BIG plans and/or their LACK OF PLANS.

What was the specifics from their platform? Has anyone received their household stimulus?

BTW, their memos are a joke. Better do thorough research before you write memos and quote laws. I guess JT could always defend KM when their sued.

Go get them, Director!!! ... white oldsmobile hidden in Peleliu at Joe Nobuo's house in Imelchol with Peleliu Plate on it that does not match the engine number and the registration card. Also Toyota Tundra LP #9491 or 9691 ... which was given to ROP during 1999 Pacific Forum, and this plate when you check the RC at public safety, is a number plate for a sedan belongs to another person and not the Toyota Tundra, white pick up truck ... check it out, its about time accountability in the government begins!

usp lada ...

How about charging the OEK members who gave away their vehicles with embezzlement and misconduct in public office.

Same goes for TR if any govt. property in found under the stairs or buried in the sand in front of his beach house.

no one wants your stupid liitle gov toys that were purchased indirectly by uncle sam. of the us of a A LA compact. stop flattering yourselves. more than half of the gove rev is compact funds.

theres one government stapler that is in my cousis room cause he forgot to return it to his mom who works at d pcc financial aid office. ill bring it tommorow mr yano.

Eang elik... Tia laptop era olbill el blak nguu el me er a Iowa. Ak di omusech a turkey el ou myspace... Come and get it if you want it. Diak a ududek el send er ngii

Same on you, soakkauyoulsau and somethingcornyhere ... so you think its a joke, you LLLL00000SSSSSEEERRSS!!! just check around you cause you father or mother or cousin or relative who steals from government to feed you must have something hidden somewhere ...

I would tell on my own brother if he done wrong, you see what kind of person are you, EXACTLY LIKE YOULSAU, SHE IS A MENTAL CASE, AREN'T THEY ALL KIND OF ... SHE NEEDS TO SEE A SHRINK AT NH, I AM SERIOUS ....

diak a chised ...

lol...from one focus to another...lshimc...

this is lame...what? like someone will come forward? and then again, if no one comes forward how would you know who has what? and so why not just go confiscate it, if you already know?

Grace period, fine, but then it also implies that they know who has these alleged missing items.

And I hope nobody borrowed a wheelbarrow or anything like that and left it at their house. Tsk tsk....


Maybe the BPS Director can hire back Harley to prosecute the would-be theives.

This is very shameful. No respect for property own by the tax payers. I hope they get prosected if they don't return any property within the grace period no matter what their position was, then we know that the law applies equally to all, not just low level government employees.

Director, public safety should make like a hotline for the public to call and report anything they know. Lot of us knows who has what but we are afraid to come forward. There's no such thing as secracy these days. If we want to tell someone about something, we always have to make sure who is related to whom. Favoritism is very common these days no matter if you are being truthful in what you say.

A hotline is a good solution. Anyone could call in anonymously to report what they know so you could conduct an investigation on those people who have claimed gov't properties as their own.

On a different note: Check all those TR cronies who are in a higher position including your ministry.

check the former presidents father's house. i saw former presidents office truck and a blue crv escort furnitures to his father's house. and brief cases that seemed like gov't owned.

God bless Belau er kid

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