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February 16, 2009


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This article is a perfect example of the predicament Palau is in. I really hope that this new administration, the Senate, and HOD will take this very seriousely. They all have to set examples on cost saving measures that will keep us floating while they figure things out. The number of Senators has been raised from the previous nine. That means we are forking out more 50,000 grand a year than the last administration. It does not look good when we see these kind of news.....

I feel the counter offer would be a somekind a military base around area of Belau. Navy I would think. This is just a opinion of mine but seems that US agenda is their protection.

I don't know but money talks, our leaders only lookin for signs of dollars. That's been my outake in our leaders in my 25 yrs of observing the politics in Belau


They knew this was coming and now they're racing against time and hoping the US will continue to give them financial aid? They must have a lot of confidence, after all, they've just added more members and fixed their income.

can someone pass the grey poop on

Too much letters and signals!?!?

Alii Bloggers,

Any thoughts about Obama's speech and if any can
relate it to Palau and the leadership?



We are marking our fishtraps by the clouds in the sky.

Hey Hey people....In regards to financial aid.....more specifically federal student aid....President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, on February 17, 2009 giving more money and aid to college student (which includes Palauans)....how much....find out....

Once Obama finds out that our leaders want to chase OTV and Americans out of Palau he might just change his mind in giving us Palauan student those money.
Don't forget it is Obama that said "If your racist your not going to taste this American apple pie, you can stick to your Palauan Oh pie."
Techang a soal a opai, not meeh.

dias always need oh pie

needs * LOL

The signals of hard times are very clear in Washington. And the way Obama is facing these problems is amazing....

He and his administration came out to face the
public, the bureucrats, the nation, and the world on how and what they would do to fix these problems. He talks about transparency and how they could all unite to fix these problems for they all love their Country. He talks about being optimisic and about not giving up. Instead of pointing or looking back, he is looking forward.

He asked both Houses to work together to come up with solutions. He not only is representing the public but he talks and demands for the needs of the public.

I have never seen any Palauan politician both from the past and the present who has ever been so open and transparent like President Obama.

I really hope that our leaders could learn from this type of leadership so that we could all feel responsible and be part of the solution instead of being in their way whan they are wishpering among themselves.....


Halle Kusischeklau, first of all, we are not bloggers, have'nt you been listening to Aramid?
Second, signs of hard times are everywhere in the USA, more so in other States than Washington, D.C., and enough with comparing Palau to USA, first we get their "capitol", now we want our leaders to be like them? That's not necessarily a good thing. That's why Palau gov't is so screwed up. Our leaders do know very well on how to improve their leadership skills, they just refuse to "go there". Why would they? Hell, they are so comfortable with corruption instead of transparency.

Obama's latest speech is no different than any politician across the globe, full of promises....just ask any republican,,,

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