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February 04, 2009


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If anyone is going to raise salaries....

I suggest they should start from The schools, Hospitals, and Public Safety....

At a time when the whole world is going through recession, we are talking about giving ourselves a raise?

If this recession keeps on for a year or two. Palau would experience major short falls on a lot of public services. I sure hope that when that happens. Those leaders who gave themselves raises will fork out the money to pay for any short falls. If not they would look like leaches that sucked the blood out of their own people lives.

Wrong day....wrong time.....to give raises

why not!!!!!!....money grows on coconut trees

ok so the global economy is going into recession and these guys haven't even started working and there is merit for a raise? tireka te kelsakl?

Fyi, the US president gets paid $400K to manage a country that is many times our size with a population of 300 million versus our 20K. Someone tell me how this is logical, or correct. Don't get me wrong I like pay raises- but only if the people have done a considerable amount of work to move our country forward. So please kemiu el chad er olbiil, aikal deruchall a diak el klokliu ra blimiu

I am neither for nor against pay raises for government per se, BUT :

I KNOW I'm not the only one who sees the disconnect in this idea to raise government salaries and another headline posted on this site:
ROPGov may furlough employees

*Steve does a scooby- 'huh?'

ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS!!! The first strand I just read is that the Prez is laying-off workers and not hiring because of the troubling economy and the lack of government revenue from taxes! WTF!!! How can a senator even propose such an idea in light of the current issues with our economy...let alone continue to spend taxpayer’s money by wasting 'man-hrs' during a legislative session by proposing this preposterous bill!! Is Palau really lacking on ethics and morality?...this is a SNOBBISH act. Are the politicians so brave to blatantly do such a thing? Do these politicians have such a strong political neck-hold on average person there?

I mean I CAN NOT see any positive outcome for such a proposal! Even from the senator’s perspective...nothing within political ethics at least. The only political agenda I can see is DANGEROUS political 'back-scratching' between OEK and the Prez's office....I mean this is not the proper method or approach to gain effective bi-partisan or inter-gov't work relations!

Cmon, am I the only one who sees the blatant gov't porking here? It is BLATANT people. I tell you if this bill even gets a second motion, then all Palauan's might as well bend over and kiss their own butts goodbye! OEK is right there in Koror, will someone pls STOP that madness over there! THAT IS BLATANT gov't pork fatting! I hope the prez does not approve nor has anything to do with this Bill! RIDICULOUS!!

O my bad...I forgot, sessions are held at the New Capitol office...which is even more expensive to operate and maintain. It's easy to spend someone else's money huh senator(s) but what you fail to realize is that you are eating away at the ground you stand on!

is he fuckin stupid???

I knew it. This is what I was expecting from our NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT. I mentioned it before and I will say it again. IT's two for the president and one for the people. Now that their salaries will be raised and the people of Palau will either lose their jobs or cut hours. I will pray for all the Palauan people during the four year term of our president.

our gov is like going to home depot nothing but a whole bunch of "TOOL". is this man serious, this is what happen u smoke alot of THC and come back to the politcal arena. sorry just stating the obviuos.

I think its time for a REVOLUTION.........

I agree COLA/salary increases should be off the table under the current economic conditions; however if you read the article closely, Baules' proposal/recommendations for Executives' COLA increase also includes ALL gov employees as well. Unlike you, I commend Sen Baules for not including himself/Legislative in his proposal and that tells me he knows full well he's making enough already.


I agree with you, this is just the beginning and we see interesting news... wonder if there's more that will happen...in four year Palau people will be struggling under new elected Admin...... 2 for family.....1 or nothing goes to Public.....oh...my bad maybe stimi check for Public.......

kom milrael obliil lolengit a sekngyo e mesaod el kmo a moktek a osiik a klungiaol el mora beluu ma rechad el ngara chelsel. e chelechang el blam ngai aikal lolsechal e kom di kemiu el lolngesechekl a ududiu e diak mesekemam ar mechebuul... aikal lududiu ng diak lungia ildisel? bai mongasech a ududuir a kot el ngariou el chad el tir a meruul a merngelel a ureor e kemiu el di dengokl di molemol eng diak a metemal.. a benefits ra amt el molai plus ra ududiu a ungiang.. bom sebechii a kelel ngersuul e tia beluad el rokui....


Ngkmal meral tekoi aikal molekoi,sel borngii a election e temo merael obliil and said if I elect I will do this and that, but once they got the seat, do you think they care for any poor people in Belau receiving eight thausand a year, hell no....chelsel a chewal rak e kid a momesa Beluu el kmal klou a chelebuul er ngii....e tirkang a diak losebech ra kelel ngersul lete mla ngmai a kingal, all they care is for them self and their family, during the compaign if anyone ask help from them they will help you, but now if we go and ask help they will say sorry voter.....

What a waste of time.

how sad, they didnt even mention the directors of these ministries.

welcome the new wave of political corruption. next 4 years will be mad.. get ready.

YB Fan, your commendation of Sen Baules has NO substance, and your point fails to explain or show his good purpose or any practical reasoning! At any perspective, there is NO gain in an increased salary for ANY gov't worker right now! Furloughing workers and then raising salaries only computes to a current balance, which is either zero or negative!! It does nothing to positively stimulate the economy!!

If you are using this clip "recommendations for salary increases and cost of living adjustments for all government employees to better reflect current economic conditions" from the article above, then you should be able to realize that within this statement there is a FLAW!!

If the current health of the gov't/economy warrants laying off workders and the decrease in manpower, it is logical to also decrease pay...not INCREASE IT! The idea of stimulating the economy by giving more money to workers is only effective in countries like the US because it creates its own currency...WE DON'T! Besides, I think the fat cats will only tighten their belts after eating their fill!

So PLS, break-down your reasoning for your support of such an obviously ridiculous bill. Based on the reputation of our gov't and it's officials, it is hard for us to believe that Sen Baules' is such a selfless person!! Even if he was doing this through the kindness of his heart...AGAIN..HOW DOES THE PUBLIC/PALAU GAIN FROM THIS!?

The senator has the OBLIGATION to explain this to the people...even if it is part of a complex, well calculated economical plan! I highly doubt that anyone on the senate seat is qualifed nor capable of such economical foresight!

The dillema is that our economy/budget is small in scale, but our problems our so complex. I'm a simple bean-counter, but it does not take a genius to realize that this is FAULTY!!!!!!! IF ANYONE...especiall you YB Fan..can explain in 'layman' terms how this can POSITIVELY affect the economy I will shut my mouth and jump on the bandwagon and push for this bill.

I am sure Sen Baules knows COLA increase is impossible given the current economic downturn and for him to exclude OEK in his bill tells me he is trying to send us a message that our President is underpaid and therefore needs a raise. I think he simply included VP, ministers and most especially ALL govt. employees in the bill just to make it look attractive when he didn't have to or perhaps wasn't bold enough to be specific. Sen Baules is basically saying that in this difficult time no one should be given a raise but the president because that will make him perform at his best. Our prez is making less than our top paid docs, CJ and even PCC president when he should be paid more considering his job is so much tougher and that isn't right. I understand some American univ. presidents make more than Obama, however I think part of the reason PCC is doing well (I think) is because of P. Tellei's performance. As such, we need to sacrifice just one time by giving JT a raise which I believe can have positive impacts.....Outa here now!

Awright, YB Fan, I understand your thought process and based on your previous comments on other threads/subjects, I feel that you are well-intended, and I appreciate that! But I still oppose your views. The prez DOES NOT need a pay raise. He is holding, as with all other elected officials, a PUBLIC office....providing a PUBLIC service. These positions should not be perceived as potential for financial gain or stability....and if you want the pay to reflect the duties and responsibilities, I think you'll find that our elected officials are overpaid! Cmon, a population of 20,000 (17,000 indigenous), that's hardly Small Town USA.

If Sen Baules' really believed the prez is underpaid and warrants an introduction of a bill, then being straight-forward and direct about it is the only RIGHT path. Raising the salary of others to sell your point or influence the acceptance of a bill is borderline bribery. In our current stressed economy, we do not need senators making damaging bills and wasting time just for the sake of making a point. We need REAL bills that produce REAL results.

Although you didn't explain how raising the prez's salary can impact the gov't/palau positively....I did come up with my own deduction, which still has no merit. Maybe you had in mind the 'projection of power'? ....more like the 'glamour of power' really...but let's analyze that! Pls see my next comment.

cont'd - so okay, are we worried that if the president is not compensated for his 'service' than he may not be able to present an important and powerful appearance...by driving a beat up car...by dressing and looking like a bum...living in a shack? Is this the concern? Well, I tell you what....the projection of power goes beyond a nice suit, a bullet proof car, a nice place to stay and all that other 'glamorous stuff'. It's got a lot to do with character, reputation, actions/reactions and in the prez's case, PUBLIC SUPPORT....which will be there as long as there are RESULTS!

No worries anyway because I think the prez is doing well as far as personal finances right now....he is way better off than a good 1% of the population....so no, I don't think he needs a pay raise.....I know I know, we are compensating the position of office, not the person....but are we really?

If I hit the nail on the head as far as what Sen Baules may be concerned with, it still does nothing to our economy or improve the gov'ts financial woes by ensuring our prez looks good and is well-compensated. I'm sure we can readdress this at a later time.

The more I think about it the more fishy this whole thing smells. I really refuse to believe that the senator was purely concerned with proper compensation. Something really fishy is going on and Bless the prez's heart, I hope he isn't getting mixed up with something bad.

The PSB fiasco isn't event old news yet and so we should remember how easily the wool is pulled over our eyes. We MUST question the intentions of our elected officials because trust IS an issue. Sen Baules, your bill does nothing to gain my trust in you but rather only raises my suspicions.

Senator Baules is living in lala land. No one in his or her right mind would even think BS Like that.

Senator Baules is probably high from smoking udel.

I agree with Oreor that: ngdirkak el start ra ureor and already ngmla morngii a omelkoi ra ngesecheklel a udoud. LOL! The nerve!

NO Way Palau!

Senator Baules, I do respect you but isn't this a wrong timing to talk about raising any salaries since ROP MAY FURLOUGH EMPLOYEES.

If the gov't fund is getting low why dont' you come up with something that could supplement ROP fundings or save money.

Forget the idea - it's not going anywhere. If any of our leaders get a raise we will do something to overturn it. No raise at this time of our free falling economy!!!!!

Our leaders should think and do something to increase Palau's Government efficiency and productivity. How about looking for ways to help with our economy? Why not increase governmental support through technical education/training/referrals to small businesses. Our small business community needs to grow and become competitive even to nations outside of Palau. The potential is there but our government over the years have not "gone outside the reef to fish." Palau business community could use some state of the art support to increase their competitive edge and in turn hire our citizens, thus help boost our economy.

Greed is greed Our family has learned that first hand. Seeing people take advantage of a dying man ( our father) lie about my relationship with my father and hide behind attorneys because you are afraid of a confrontation and are a coward. Amazing what money will do to people. I work hard for what I have. I don't have to influence people with lies to steal and take advantage of people who are dying...........and I don't have to imitate my sister (kei kei Asanuma?) But this is what greed does to people.

I thought you fell of the face of the earth. I guess your case is not settled yet so you are here for more sympathy. Yes, amazing how money can drive people nuts! Take your case somewhere else where people will listen to your woes in life.

I just can't wait for us Palauans to be more smarter when electing our officials. Whatever problems we are facing because of our economy, let's not give up and help each and everyone. There'll be time that all of these will stop and everyone will be at peace. One thing that we have to remember is that, it's not only us who are affected by this economy at its low point but what we should do is turn our hearts to God and He will take care the rest.

ota di moruul e molekoi a ungil please e lakemuaisei. Ngkal dil a kmal elam a rengul.

Oh NOOOOOO not this bisch again. Nancy Please!!

i am upset over the money that is being given to an elite few, while the rest of the country suffers...smells like socialism/communism...

Yes it is la-di-da!

whatever others say, keep fighting for what is right. what you sow is what you reap so everyone will harvest when time comes.
happy valentines all you ladies out there!
God Bless

YB Fan,
You have no point that is logical. The points you are trying to make are completely idiotic. I'm sorry but, are you serious? You are commending Baules for this bill? Just the fact that you're still signing in as "YB Fan" ...that alone says alot about you! Ke meral chebuul!

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