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February 16, 2009


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Wow..what Diazman has said here only confirms what I have been saying...where his head is buried. Yes, Diaz is still going to make 50 thousand, but you and Marvin are paying him. How do you know I do not
live in Palau? And for the two of you to make a mockery of the name or
the use of the Palauan word, "Bekau" is so stupid it is not even funny.
You do not even know the reason why I am suing it. If you have shifted
your attention to my comments rather than what the senator is doing, then
I feel sorry for the two of you.

more obstacles for these otv owners?

why not just say "thank you but could you go home you have wasted your time with the visitors channel and otv and helping to bring film crews to Palau."

good people should be encouraged to stay.

but they are leaving, but you didn't hear it from me.

and i also heard that they will leave their company to the palauans who have been loyal to them, i am guessing their partners or friends or employees.

well, let me say it, and i speak for a lot of us, you won't be forgotten.

You and Diaz are cut from the same cloth. You're jealous of Chin. He retired as a lieutenant colonel of the US army. You say "chin's military record is one of shame and a true embarrassment to our people". Let's see the proof. It's very easy to talktalktalk with no substance to back up what you're saying. You are full of it. And have you been stalking his daughter? How do you know her life? She can do whatever she wants. Are you good friends with her? Did she spurn you? Or did someone choose her over you? Get a life, and get your facts straight.

Comment deleted by Administrator.

Get a life pervert !!!


DIAZMAN....You might as well just come out clean and admit you are the very man himself trying to hide behind a make-up identity. You for the most part, is just like the rest of the folks in here along with their common sense. How you word you constructive criticism is overwhelming. First off, you didnt grow up in palauan solid. You spend half of your life in Saipan and other places trying to earn a living. Do not ask what have we done compared to you. You are a senator, you get paid to do it, while we voice out our concern as voters. Don't speak to loud of your earnings. You are not the only one in here with that figure. Speaking of taxes. When did you start paying palauan taxes...for how long. You just came on board. Sit back relax and enjoy the stir of politics. That's how palau has and will always been. As for Sashimi...alii e kemol atar. Kau a kor a di smau el menga dechiil a malk...isn't that what Chammoro raised Palauans eat. Peace out

Chin lost and he is out and as such should be left alone if not respected. I supported Chin and he lost and that is it. I am not here to defend or campaign for him again because in my book, you are out once you lose as there are other people to pick from. Let's leave him and his family out of this.

And for your info, Soooonia is married to a guy from Peleliu who could be related to Lalii.

diazman is diaz. from what i read diazman talks just like diaz. diazman also gets too personal when someone says something about diaz. his main points as for why diaz is the man are the same things diaz constantly shoves in people's minds while on the air at his radio station. basically, he is the man, he has money, he is influential/popular, and he is a power hungry lesbian- hence the phrase "diaz for president"

I can't believe that you would say something like that about Chin's daughter. Can you live with yourself for saying something like that about anybody?

I usually have my co-workers read these comments at work but this time, I was ashamed to allow anyone to read your comment. How would you feel if someone say something like that about your daughter someday? Momdasue a tegoi ra uchei ra omolekoi.

personal attacks no no no

why is everybody so angry?

relax it's just political games

must be the economy stupid

belau banana,

you are just going off arent you? you just know what the problem is in this gov AND the us gov! your statment that palau is lacking worthy individuals" to me is a meaningless string of letters put together in a pathetic attempt to make a statement sound cynical. you dont read the facts therefore you make general statements that lack support. have some dignity please and do not come here and embarrass yourself by making empty claims and ridiculing an innocent person who does not deserve to be ridiculed by YOU. from the beginning you set yourself up to be contradicted when you said, "the fact of the matter is, in my view" because your view, is not made of facts. what does "every new guy available" even mean?ngidi el chad el ngii a mesobil? a lechub ke mesaod er a re "beches el dirk kilerd"? de meral chebuul er kau le ko locha di orrenges a telulechoid e me er tiang ma leko ke kmal mesod er a rechad. im not talking bout public officials. recessions, we'll get through those. no one is trying to be like obama nor do we all have to farm to feed the kids. so do yourself favor and sit on your belau banana because that might get rid of that edginess that you seem to have.

omdui, why do you allow these offensive comments to remain here? it destroys any credibility your site might have.

Please refrain from dragging politicians or prominent people's children into your ugly discussions. What some of you have said here about VP Chin's daughter are unacceptable and you people are pretty pathetic. Echoing some of the sentiments here...how would you like it if people said things about your MOTHER, sister, cousin, friend...etc.. Stick to the topic.

Talk substance and leave people out of it who have nothing to do with DIAZ/MBTV/OTV crap that is going on.

Why don't we talk about the ethics code and the new SP and how it relates to the bill that was passed instead.

who CARES about lalii and sonia? they didn't run for office. no one voted for either of them. we should all be embarrassed that we're so bored with ourselves that we're talking about them.

YUKK belau banana that was pretty low. The worst comment I've read on this site. Once you use politicians family & children to state your opinion, you know it's time to either shut up or go away & renew your mind.

If her action reflects Chin's Character, then how can we even begin to imagine YOUR PARENTS CHARACTER.!?!

It is probably jealousy that drives foul comments and thinking. They have/are nothing so they go for the low blow as a retaliation for the lack of abilities or privileges.

you need to turn off you computer for a while and do something else. theres no need for trash talk.

anyone catch OTV weekend report? it was about DIaz's assault trial. he is under a gag order to keep his big mouth shut about the case. He was having a hard time on the witness stand keeping his lies in order. AJ Foster ,,, lets see how you can make your mark on this territory.

And LIFE you were looking? What does that say about you - PIG!!

having problems with MBTV bill - go protest with your signs. talking about diaz or laling or whoever does not help.

Belau Banana, your character assasination of Lalii Chin has no merit...it doesn't matter. She is still one bright young Palauan lady, an attorney as well. She is entitled to do whatever she wants. So what if she got drunk? I'm still proud of her achievements. Case dimissed!

Alii Omdui,

Ng kot el souak menguiu a uldesuir a bebir ra rechad e a ngaruchei a rechad er a Belau me a uchul ak di blechoel mer tia blog le kuumera el kmo ku suub a tekoi el di mlak kudengei el meklou a belkul. Ng kmal mekngit a rengud sel donguiu a kmal mekngit el tekoi el moktek er ngii di oltuub e orretert e omekrur ra rebebir ra rechad. Ngara ng sebeched el suub er a ouaika el omelekoi? Bai kora di rulid a rechad er Belau el ua de mekngit el chad. Kuk di uldesuek ngak le ngar ngii a freedom of speech el bla desuubii ra tekoi ra democracy. A ker a kmo a Belau er kid ngmo ungil el beluu a di dolokoi a mekngit el tekoi kirir a rechad malechub a ikel mondai er kid ng mo ungil? Ungil sunday e lekor kemiu a rechad er tia blog rokui.


ngak oumerang el kmo tiang a diak lungil llach. le ngerang? ngak a ngara skuul ra ngebard e blechoel lorrenges ra wwfm lokiu a internet. a le bebil ra taem eng mo chetik lorrenges ra Diaz eng di diak el sebechek el mekerang.

chelechang eng mla morngii a OTV meng kuk sebechek el mong e orrenges a chisel a beluad. ma lmuut el betok lungil el tekoi el sebeched lomes malechub e ke de chemuiu ra chelsel tial OTV. e sel kuk bol soak lorrenges a chelitakl er belau e ak kuk mora wwfm.

a wwfm a di sebeched lorrenges e merekong. bebil ra taem eng mo omekbitang a Diaz sel loltobed a chisel a beluad. ng blechoel sel kurrenges er ngii eng mesemchokl a chais ma tekoi el mo ungil ra osengel ma uldesuel e diak lotebedii sel kmal meral chais malechub eng tekoi el dilubech.

e dirrek el osisiu el taem eng diak el kirel el mesaod er tial llach leng ngkal chad a dirrek lorrurut ra osisiu el siobai. meng sebeched el kmo ng tara di medochii el medir.

chelchang e sel losaod eng uasei a rechad ra ngodech el beluu a diak el kirir lorrurt a tekoi ra media ra chelsel belau leng diak el chad er belau, ngak a bai omes er ngii el uasei a uchul ma diaz a meruul er tial llach a locha bekikl a bolak a rechad lorrenges ra wwfm.

ng kora di osengek el kirel tial tara beches luldasu el mo llach.

Open a new thread please!!

I say let's do the right thing and have the PEOPLE decide on this bill. Often times competition works for the ecomomy because everybody is not only given a chance to excell, but to demonstrate his/her talents. But, what do I know I'm only a spectator!

Ng merang e Uchemelis ehh....

Kede oketa mla smaod a rokui el mo lemuut ra diak el kired el mesaod....LOL

Omdui ng diak a beches?

belaubanana, can't help but wonder what you have accomplished so that you can be so critical of chin and seid and toribiong. these people are respected by alot of people in this community and if you think you can do better than by all means, please run for office and show us. however, if you were raised as palauan, you would know this is a small community - we don't go around talking shit about people and their families. And you are right, you sound like the idiot that is diaz, only I don't think he's gone so low to attack a person's private affairs.

tunnel minded bloggers.
how about the other bigger issues in palau. we seem to get a lot of attention when it's about a a person, but not with issues. we're done with youlsau bells, now it's diaz, then chin's daughter, who's the next victim?

I agree w/ aha. Everyone here has a degree in cross examination and gossip mongering...(I only just got my Associate Degree) But there are a lot of professionals in this field, who if they put their mind to it can come up w/ workable solutions our leaders can be made aware of and possibly be impressed enough to implement. Diaz should pull this bill, have another of the senators who favored this bill rework it and propose it again. Then we can discuss the issues of the bill. It becomes almost impossible to differentiate the personal issues of the bill's author(DIAZ) with other network operators in the area(OTV) and the actual concerns of the bill and how it will affect development of media in Palau

green order, i agree totally. the bill should be withdrawn. diaz should recuse himself from discussion and voting. maybe a reprimand so we don't have to see this kind of self-dealing again. then someone else should author a bill to bring palau in compliance with compact requirements for radio uhf etc.

silch ra DIAZMAN ma otoil, alsekum kom metitur el meluches a tekoi ra ngebard e bai lak moluches le kom kmal mengerad el kora wai ngilchal hero er kemiu ra diaez el diomekiaes. te meral chebuul a rechad er belau el dioumerang a tekoi el tuobed ra ngerel a diaz, ng chad el obssessed with himself e kora char ra kosiil el kalebong ma kalemei, hal eng di telkib eng kuk mo mengiremrum ra resechelil. DIAZMAN is probably diaez himself ea otoil a mla mo mengirmerm meng dikea lesa kerdel..

Does anyone know the wordings of the bill? what is its aim?


i agree with the others and Sen. Asanuma. I understand that you expect all the bloggers not to use words that are too disgusting, but Omdui, these is getting out of hands. delete those comments that are not neccesarily to be posted, so people can start to understand that if they post something like that it will be a waste of their time typing cause it will never be read.

ak direk el mertial el me msuub a kuk diak kudengei ma dirkak renges el tekoi ng di selbebil ra time ekede diak de rekir atal topic e give up ra mekngit el tekoi. It is true that i get embrassed to let friends read what i read when we hang out.



You Johnson supporters are so funny. The elections are over and you still drag Chin’s name in here. Here’s a quote from life “sink palau deeper into the abyss” – oh okay, so you admit Johnson is already deep in the abyss. And you think Chin would have made it worse. So by your own account Johnson’s already doing a bad job. LOL. And he/she talks about Chin’s daughter’s undergarments. LOL. What happened sista! Johnson couldn’t visit you last night. You have to wait in line. Or maybe you’re a guy. So what happened bro! Diaz couldn’t visit you last night. LOL.

Our country is plummeting to the abyss, as they say, and of your own doing. So stop this fake outrage over Diaz – Diaz was Johnson’s biggest fan and so you’re all in one oruikl. You are tasting your own medicine. LOL. Can’t stop laughing. Thanks for the entertainment. So we should be seeing more of this in the next four years – LOL!!!

johnson and diaz supporter that just goes to show your stupidity..JT has hus been in the office less than two months his cleaning up all the trash remengesau and chin did you dump ass! your blaming him for the mess of the past administration while he has been in the office less than two months? we all know that accept you that goes to show your not educated and you probably make less than most of us...haha loser! were in the new administration and it's our time so talk talk talk..yap yap yap but were here and were living it up NO MATTER WHAT YOU AND EVEVERONE SAY you all are bitching and moaning while were fighting for the best of belau! LOSERS!


yeahyeah: every new administration claims to clean up the last one's mess; and they pick up a broom and start doing it. Your idol has done nothing but ask for more meetings. He has requested for a meeting with Obama, and Hilary Clinton, and the DOI Inspector General, and whoever else from Taiwan, blah blah blah. All he can do is request for meetings, so he can talk, talk, talk; and yap, yap, yap, as you say. That's what he's good at. That's all he's good at. And he's not fighting for the best for Belau, it's what's good for him and his eloquenceness. You're the dumB (yeah, with a "b") ass. Where did you get your education. LOL!


idiot your the idiot one go hide yourself like what chin and the rest of his supporters are doing...go live in the mangroves lol. we won you lost so get over it! haha..

Friends shouldn't let friends read this blog.

shy you can email omdui1@yahoo.com

I don't think Obama knows where Belau is. JT should wait for Hillary's response to his letter regarding COFA review status before planning big meeting with Obama who so far has only visited/met with Canadian leader of all the world leaders.

As for JT's letter requesting for US DOI Inspector General to investigate misuse of govt. funds by the previous administration(s) in line with his promise of transparency, WHAT A JOKE!?!?! Obama's speech yesterday with respect to confronting massive deficit he inherited is the best thing to do, so I hope JT can learn something from it and move on.

Exerpt from Obama's speech:
"Now if we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit that for too long, we have not always met these responsibilities — as a government or as a people. I say this not to lay blame or look backwards, but because it is only by understanding how we arrived at this moment that we'll be able to lift ourselves out of this predicament." Obama

I say move on by initiating a Transparency website, like Obama's Recovery.gov, where you can post details of all govt. expeditures for everyone to view and analyze. Taiwan govt. just gave $3M stimulus fund so it would be good to see how it is spent.

Mechikung everyone.

formerly YB fan


I am testing my machine if it's working or not. Can't seem to post on this blog. OMG what is this JT and Chin talk for? I have seen the two men up close and personal in few ocassions. And they are very cordial and civil towards each other. The election is over so let's move on and see how each of us can help our country through this economic hard time. Sulang.



kemesulang ra e-mail address era Omdui, but for your other comment, i share ideas and i do ask them their legal opinion on some issues that i don't have any clue on it and since most of them were working for HLC, SLC, President's Office, Public Defender, and etc., because they do care and love palau. If you can direct me to other site that i can read anything that are found here, please let me know. Randy Riddle is one good friend who will let me know anything he heard regarding Palau and while he's been sponsoring a palauan kid, he comes to this blog and it's embrassing when others are too childish to talk about serious issues.



The problem with the 'discussion' here is twofold:-

1. A lot of the people here are showing themselves up to be so nasty that they cannot see straight. Is this the result of Palauan culture of is it merely the result of sore losers venting anger? Whatever - the end result is that you are showing the world what a lot of nasty people exist in Palau. Perhaps you should take the time to see if you are just making wild suppositions and pre-empting the outcomes instead of taking things rationally.

Result: You guys cannot even wait and let the law take its course and so you also cannot see in logical reality:

Next result: You pair up the support of members of legislative chambers when the pivitol person of your discussion (Diaz) ran on his OWN ticket, not as part of the two-person team that won the election.

Are you so perverted to not realize that party politics does not exist here? When and how elected Palauans make allies is not part of who they supported during elections but on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, all you TR supporters who are so used to TR abusing his power so much that you can link him to just about anybody in any position of power (foreigners included) and any legislature (some Bills were even conned into being introduced by sincere legislators as a mere ploy to hoodwink persons and clans that TR had made promises to but renegged on when he used his veto)!

Now, after two terms of TR and his predecessor KN, you provocateurs are so ingrained with the manipulative two-faced scenario that existed in the past that you always seem to be able to transpose that disgusting situation to the newly elected office bearers without even waiting to see what the outcome will be. Is this because with TR the whole thing (whatever Bill was presented) was a done deal (one way or another)and you guys knew the outcome even before it was tabled?

That may have been the reality that existed during the PAST administration but kindly do not assume it is the same in this one.

For many such reasons we Palauans voted in someone new because we were so sick of the past 16 years of office bearers running the country for their own pockets and for their own friends well-being at the expense of Palau's well-being!

This NEW administration will more than likely not be supportive of such a Bill as it is so one sided that it is quite ludicrous in nature. Only TR supporters would even consider such a Bill being passed - as this is exactly what TR did: pass Bills to suit is own personal ends - just the sort of self-serving Bills you are all used to seeing being passed (by TR). Now many of you you assume that this is 'done deal' before it is passed by this NEW administration!

Any Senator can introduce a BIll - what is pertinent is how much support it will get from our other legislators and from JT (no longer to be confused with TR!).

However, if the Bill receives support then it is merely yet ANOTHER monopoly for Palauans - what's new?

Did not ALL the other past administrations support this sort of policy? Now, just because some 'local' imigrants are involved, you 'US' patriots are sooooo enraged? Ha Ha! Very funny indeed!

2. There are two camps still existing in Palau because the sore loosers still cannot believe they lost and still will not adopt a wait and see attitude before making wild judgements. How will they ever lend any support to the new administration?

Palauans should be well warned of such persons' existance and should view their protestations with skepticism.

Reason? The sore loosers actually believed they and their friends would rule Palau forever! Why? Because they believed Palauans are so stupid and so easy to lie to!. Fact 1: Palauns are tolerant but are not as stupid as you guys thought they were! So please stop lying about others and making bad assumptions bred out of your own shock, fear and stupidity!

Instead, get real! Ask yourselves why? Fact 2: The PEOPLE are sick of what went on by the past administration - this is a democracy: let those voted in do their job! This blog site is not an administrative tool to prompt or to degrade our elected office bearers.

In future, please direct your anger (if you must show off your childishness)specifically to whom it should be directed and do not link innocent office bearers to your discussions (presumptions)until they prove themselves to be involved.

Perhaps it is you who should grow up and should all stop whinning (like 'cry babies' yourselves?) and making presumptions like idiots - you are just as self-serving and pervertedly arrogant as you claim are some of our legislators & Senators that are STILL in the Senate today.

Reality check: Palau has a law, and new law-makers. Let the law do the talking and stop showing the world how nasty you bad loosers are!

'Curious' Observation: It is certainly VERY strange that you, Mosi (as posted on 16 Feb), are now believing that Palau needs foreign investors! Are you really "trying to bring in investors"?

Is this a fact or is it just for your local foreign 'friends' that you now support in this one instance?

How very curious! Are you finally growing up or is this yet another example of your double talk? ha ha ha ha! LOL!

Curious you came out good in the beginning but then you reached climax before delivering.
Seems like your chewing a previously-chewed betelnut. LOL
Kousbech a fresh?

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