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February 16, 2009


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Wow! I wonder what Senator Diaz thinks about this. He was the one who proposed to have it broad casted to the public to show they are not hiding anything.

Knowing that Senator Diaz is very close to Senator Melib makes this news very interesting...

It did not bother Melib before, why now?

Maybe its because Mlib doesn't want to the public to see him squirm every time Senator TR calls him "Chairman" instead of "president" during the sessions.

Insecurity in power leads to dictatorships.

Sen. Tmetuchel,

You are a dissappointment! Don't you know that media cameras are the only means to see all of you senators performances?! I want to make sure that those senators that I voted for do have ability and capability.

I have to say that as a Senate President, you waste your time pinpointing small issues rather than big ones. You obviously hate Senator Remengesau and Whipps. Sen. Tmetuchel, trying to stop a colleague from voicing a one million dollar comment takes a brain, experienced and professionalism to do so....not coconut brain and years of service.

Good Luck on the next Senate session! I'll be watching you!!

I guess the president of the senate, Melib, is living up to his name. He is now taking the bold step to "Melib" the new dictum of the senate by dictating new policies. He knows that his uncle is the president of the country so he is brave enough to "Melib" what he wants irrespective of whether his actions are irresponsible of not. I guess he does not care about what the constitution say about freedom of the press so he now "Melib" the new sets of senate policies that are either stupid or arrogant or both. What I do not understand is why there is no public outcry regarding his action. Is it ignorance or stupidity or both.......ma ker a kmo ngkang "Melib" a klungiolel Belau alechub eng klungiolel?

No surprise there. It just speaks to Mlib's bad and weak leadership. It must be genetic since JT seems to have inherited the same traits. It's a family affair.

Guess we'll just have to rely on Diaz's fair and accurate reporting/interpretation of the Senate sessions.

what is the reason for this Mlib? Chelik, it seems like everyday Palau is heading towards the wrong direction. Control of media is a trait of non-democracies (ie dictatorships and communism)-we the people who are paying for your damn salaries want to see if you are doing your jobs. We also have jobs and lives and can't come sit and watch during your sessions.

mlib and diaz are a bunch of mobsters hijacking the senate.... oh, dear, a sign of awful things to come. is all of this motivated by their insane jealously of otv? why? because they are an independent who can operate without political favors? palauans, we should start fundraising for otv because we need them here just to see our own senators in the mirror. shameful.

Ng me____ch a Sen. Tmetuchel. Ng ka mla mo kired el kuk chorelii a mesiil er ngii. Alii a Belau a chedaol el beluu el diak a ngarbab ra ngidiil chad!!!

A chelik morechebesmiu a Senator Tmetuchel a soal a media camera out of OEK, this is the sign
once the media camera is out then all they do is base on want they want not public want, me chelchang e mo diak a media camera ma rebeluu a modiak el sebechir el momedengei el kmo ngera temeruul ra chelsel tial Bucklement....dirk kuchelel....techebuul a remechebuul el mle sengkyo er tirkal di meteet el mora kingal....alii diak mobes Casino is coming so Senator want to remove media camera......

Transparency is Mr. President's policy.

He will strike down the proposed media Bill.

Sen. Mlib should also be transparent.

Senator Mlib's true color showing now. Next in line would be our president. God Bless the people of Palau.

who wants to see them pickn' their noses anyway.
turn off all cameras.

Melib Melibech or Melubech

Here's what I just read in Roureur Belau:

"The reason for taking such measure is to prevent the media from videotaping during recess or when the Senate is not yet in session because the information reported could be taken out of context.... Filming of the Olbiil Era Kelulau session is done by staff and follows a strict rule of turning off the camera when either the Senate President or the House Speaker calls on a recess. When sessions are in recess, whatever is discussed are not recorded either on tapes or in the journals."

I smell rats, what are they hiding?

Professional conduct should be practiced at all times, whether the cameras are ON or OFF, or whether they are in "short recess" or not.

If they conducted themselves as Senators, they wouldn't have to worry about being "taken out of context."

Hugo Chavez in the making.

what this is: they want to do whatever they do behind closed doors...that way no questions are asked until after the fact, or after the act....


We need those cameras in now more than ever, public needs to know that our officials can be held accountable when they place private interests ahead of the public good.

i wonder what good the cameras will do in the oek when diaz has the power and exclusive right to report whatever he thinks is relevant or otherwise. after all, didn't he cut out the credits on the otv piece and use it on his channel? anyone that considers anything diaz says is either a moron or a deaf man... which are you?

seeing is believing.....the idea of not having a camera/videos in the coconut hut is so that we won't witness the stupidity and incompetence at work. we voted them in, we have to take their crap now...for the next 4yrs. WHAT A JOKE FOR A GOVERNMENT.

I wonder how US will react to the proposed limitaton of the freedom of the press and protectionism that affects its citizens from owning businesses (otv) in Palau .

The same US that gave us money to start up a government, which we modeled after theirs. Democracy. Memo to Diaz and Mlib: freedom of the press is a major tenent of a democratic government. It is sometimes referred to as the fourth branch of a democratic government. Is this the type of government US wants to back up?

The same US that opened its borders and gave our people opportunities for a better life. Now we want to exclude its citizens from owning businesses in Palau.

The same US that we will soon sit down with and beg for more money. Our leaders seem to react without any fore thought as to what their actions will do to Belau as a whole and its generations to come. They need to stop being so self absorped and think beyond their noses. Good leaders are visionary, a quality that appears to be lacking in some of our leaders.

Ea chelik! Never mind Mlib and Diaz! We already know they're stupid and insecure! What about all the other senators?! It's sooooo plain and clear that this bill is completely biased, and would give that moron Diaz complete monopoly over the media! Why are they even wasting time discussing such trash?! Ngak a dimlak sengkio ra oua klebelengul a Diaz ma Mlib! So why am I being punished over their stupidity, insecurity, and arrogance?! Lebo rengii oiusssssss!!

COMMUNISM at it's best...not so different from Cuba, huh? If we let them pass these bills, we will no longer have the FREEDOM OF PRESS and FREE SPEECH!

LOL! Mardi,


seems you guys looove the senators and wants to see their faces in session, especially handsome diaz and mlib. :}

you betcha that the US Compact team knows what's going on here on the ground.

we can run, but can no longer hide. its all on the web too.

diaz is giving the US side the ammunition they need to feel emotionally disconnected from Palau.

and isn't that what motivates people to help eachother? a feeling of closeness? the diaz xenophobia machine is what needs to be shut down at once, honestly.

Yeah man. Looks like he's sitting on a tack or something sharp whenever the old dog TR calls him "Chair". I think its very funny.

Aside from that, I really like listening to and talking with Senators Ada and Kesolei. There are good people in the Senate.

Mlib probably just insecure in his senate position because like everything he has in professional career, it was UN-EARNED. Keep riding papa's tailcoat.

Things are getting ridiculous. I do worry because us Palauans usually are very tolerant of things...until its too late, then the &*% hits the fan.

My two cents.

I hear you my friend Mardi,

Those are the two of my favorite Senators. I especially like Ada for the no nonsense attitude where you say what you mean and do what you say. He is not like those that stay quit and freaks you out when they sneak in something that most did not expect because it was very vain in the agenda. Ada is direct and serious. We need more like him and Senator Kesolei.

You are very right my friend,
Palauans are very tolerant. Te di oueling ra metemllang. Meke de mekiis el mocha meruul ra tekoi el de elbangel er ngii eng metemall. Ea deluut el mo melilt e kede lemuut el mo mengurs er tir...LOL

Kede meral ebuul...

To all Bloggers: How do we get rid of DIAZ??!!!

This Dropout; Abused when was young; Mental case; now taking out all on citizens of Palau; not one day college education; naturally damb; he was forced to retire while E7; very competitive of CHIN, ADA, YANO and other military retired soldiers where is the lowest ranked one; ha, ha ... he is no compare to CHIN and ADA el meral chad ra blirir; naturally bright than him. BELAU A TULCHOID BECAUSE OF THIS CROOK EL KMAL MEKNGIT RA BLIL EL DIAK EL DELODAU ... WHAT IS THE REMEDY?????!!!!

Don't listen to Diaz that's the remedy.

USP---thanks for your post--LtCOL Chin made himself, America and Palau proud while serving in the U.S. Army--He and Director Yano and High Chief Reklai are three examples of Palauans who did their duty in an outstanding and inspiring manner. You can tell people like Chin, Yano and High Chief--they do not sit around and make up fantasy stories of their Military Career or achievements---they do not have to lie about their services in Vietnam and pretend to be somebody they never were or to have experienced combat when in fact, they were safe on a Secured Army Post facing a Radio placing phone calls for real soldiers to their loved ones at home. Anyway USP, I believe a more in-depth check will reveal he retired a E-6 rather than an E-7---he seems to have alot of problems with his memory.

USP and Twelvepole,

I agree and thank you for your posts. Interestingly, Chin, Yano, Senator Ada and High Chief Reklai all respect and like one another. Diaz is excluded not because he was the lowest ranking of them, but because he lacks integrity, would rather talk the talk rather than do any walking, and rather than being constructive towards advancement of Palauans, he insists on trying to drag everyone else down to boost himself.

fellas, let Diaz be himself. he's done a lot for Palau so give him some credit. He sits around and talks a lot, and sometimes he talks too much, but who is not. He speaks his minds freely and openly so you know where he is on issues. He is a no non sense and practical leader who's done so much for many people. That's why he got re-elected.

USP, 12pole, Ngkeklau and Chelu,
i think you're all right in your views of Diaz and with that it should be okay to be either pro or anti Diaz. however i recall him speaking up against use of govt. funds to finance JT's inaugural event which means he is indeed his own man and he can disagree with anyone. i just hope he keeps pushing the limits without fear of Joshua Koshiba or others who have physically slammed his face.

Yang elik, the senate president just doesn't want us to see when the senate gets re-organized and him having to step down from the presidency, i think that's why he wants to stop video taping the sessions, alsekum eng diak el waisei eng di bital ika ra diaz

Senator Tmetuchl feels it is in the best interest of this country if there were no equipped and authorized media personnel recording Senate Sessions, or committe meetings/hearings...But he can't go with any winning examples of how and why this bill will be effective...unless he goes with communist/totalitarian states/ENRON/....all of which probably have laws or measures in place to stop foolhardy men of importance from saying shit they'll regret later...But if the "Chair" just turns on his fucking television he can watch Nanci Pelosi voting, see the voting process at the congressional level and even have commentary as shit goes down live. He can do this on CNN, FoxNews, and however many channels $50,000 can buy, but he is going to propose legislation that will censor Palauans from seeing shit go down in our own fucking capitol?...


I feel sorry for you that Diaz misinformed you that the two ministers sent their families, and prepared delicious food/arranged/decorated OEK rotunda to pressure senators to vote for them.

The mere fact, was the Mechas of Ngiwal State visited the Delegate/Speaker Noah Idechong with lots of delicious food, especially Suopliwal.

I had conversation with minister hfritz about the arrangement and he said he ordered 50 bentos only. He did not know about Mechas Ngiwal arrangements but he greeted them person to pperson and to thank them for everything.

Again, he understand politics and he respected the Honorable Alfonso Ngirchorachel Nakamoto Diaz decision. He told me that during the public hearing he Diaz claimed that Harry is his cousin. Harry said he will work closely with Diaz and cooperate/support him in the next 4 years to the utmost for poeple of Palau.

How about that? Mr. Senator. I send copy to Harry, MoNRET.


Minister Fritz was confirmed 13-0 meaning Diaz voted for him as well so I don't understand why there is misinformation! And now with Fritz gone to Ngurulmud, who will replace him as the next MoDrN (Min of Did ra Ngematel)? My friend Uchelmelis it is!

Well...it does seem odd that we named our congressional building OEK, when in fact everything going on in there is publicly announced/aired.

Perhaps its time to change the name to something more appropriate like OEB(Olbiil Er a Belau), OER(Olbiil Er a Remenguteling), OET, OEM..etc.

And who says they cant do that? There's no law/s prohibiting them from not airing their programs. And also people, stop degrading others while voicing out your concerns.

And if your one of them ppl who voted for Sen. Diaz back to his seat because.."he enlightens and brings you out from the dark"..you are now like a child afraid because pres. of senate is going to leave you in the dark?

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Alii Palauans,
I have been reading this postings you all make. If you think you're a better candidate, why don't you move back home and make some changes.Stop nagging and be positive...



Can someone have access to senate , OEK to get SP Copeland's letter to sen. Diaz regarding his Communication bill he introduced to kill OTV & Rollem Production.

We like to konw what SP wrote to Diaz. I think it is a strong letter to stop Diaz from attackng US citizens in Palau.


so sad that we got an idiot like cross-eyed mlib who looks dumb and acts even dumber sitting up there on the pulpit.

what a joke. only he doesn't realize how funny he is. he thinks he is the pope. and diaz, he bows. good boy.

what fools we are as a nation. we deserve this.

no media in the senate. why? 6 million dollar question.

how can otv be the catalyst ... these scumbag politicans are afraid of exposure. maybe otv is the right avenue because they don't care about who is who so they call it like they see it. no fear. how scary to those in power. especially those who rule by terror. that is enough for me to stand behind them.

let the cowards try to shut them down. who are the cowards? watch and they will reveal themselves.

otv will prevail as they are blazing the trail of democracy. don't give up, you speak for us no matter what they say. can i buy shares????

this bill stinks as it, but you can revise it so
you don't bring cameras in because it's distracting during the session, you mount cameras on the wall and roll them during the session then shut them off during recess. PNCC can do this since it's a government cable company, then show it on cable. it has to be controlled and with only one company who wins the bid will be allowed inside. this is how its done in u.s. state senate.

Get a life people...Get educated..I'm pretty sure most of you here don't even live in Palau..So why would you be complaining when you can't even watch it live? Instead of wasting your time here, apply for schools or do something more productive....Get educated..

I like this idea.

Some Senators use the sessions as a show. The debates sometimes are heavily dramatized but no substinence.

Case in Point, former sen. Santy thought he was a hollywood movie star. He grand stands and dramatizes his speeches as if he was fascist Mussolini or President Hugo Chavez.

Get the cameras out so the Senators can operative in a neutral environment. If anyone wants to see the Senators in action, go to he gallery in Ngerulmud and watch it live.

Remember, it quality of work in the Senate. Dramatics and shows do not count.

Get real...who has the time to drive to Ngerulmud to watch the sessions? 'aha' has the best suggestion so far.

hey look, there's no need to have cameras in Ngerulmud when you have media man Sen Diaz in the house. Simply call his radio and request for him to update and tell you like it is - Live!

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