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February 11, 2009


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So if it's illegal for gov't officials to go on all expenses sponsored trips by private companies (lobbyists), then why did this congressmen go? What is wrong with our leaders?! Ngdirke 27 days ra le sworn in @ Ngerulmud! This is such bullshit!!! Tiang mo rael a keskelel?!

Its not illegal to take fact finding trips abroad. These congressmen consulted their OEK legal counsel before they left.

It would be illegal if each of the congressmen are PERSONALLY BENEFITING from this casino deal. However, if they are on a fact finding and exploratory mission to gather the necessary information to make wise decisions, then its not illegal. In fact, it is recommended that OEK members inspect the Korean casinos to gather information to support or go against controversial bills.

Tia Belau only made an opionion that this trip was illegal. However, that is not a qualified legal opinion. Listen to trained lawyers before you get too twisted out of shape because of an opinion by a newspaper reporter.

I say the OEK should reserve one of the casino licenses for the state of Angaur. The casino idea for Palau was conceived on Angaur and so that state deserve to have one of the casino licenses.
Do whats right OEK. Fairness is the way to go !

one down one to go...that's prostitution is what's left, gambling is here already.

Ngera chised e sechelei me kom longelang el kirir
tirkal mengeteklel a beluad.
Desui Fisherman
Sel modsaue a casino le borngii er Belau,it will make Belau economy better...no it will create a lot of problems,bringing casino to Palau will not be benefit to all the people.....the money they use for travel can be used for other things
like...transportation for school especially the student from babeldaob or improved the Hospital facility......wai tial klou a chelbuul ra beluu
e komelai ra casino meng mengal mo cherad a beluu,casino is only benefit for some rich people
but not the poor people in Belau....chelik tia dirk kuchelel e kemiu a momes al muut el mechemolt el bol langerengii ar chad....

This is a classic case of government officials accepting bribes. It does not matter what they call...what ever finding. Didn't these guys just take the oath of office to uphold the law and protect the color of their offices? I wonder if this is part of last legislature's what ever finding mission... Bells, Anastacio and the gang?

If it is,indeed, true that the house legal counsel rendered his opinion advising the members that this conduct is not prohibitive then that counsel ought to be terminated. The bar association should question his ethics.
Where is SP,AG and public auditor; are they moonlighting somewhere while this activity is taking place right under their noeses?

I think these freshmen lawbreakers need to take ethics 101 course. just a thought

Desui Fisherman,
I suggest that you keep on fishing for desui and forget about Casino. You think that is the answer to your problem. Believe me, I have seen the worst result of welcoming the casino into Angaur. I bet your mom or dad or even your grandparents will not be able to sleep at night leaving the doors open. Those people in Angaur that are pro to cosino don't have properties but will do anything to manipulate to have casino. Study the outcome of the casino carefully. Preserve your island than to exploit it.

This is only the beginning folks. The Korean investor wants a casino in Airai or Koror. Soon a bill will be introduced in the OEK to ok gambling.

Wow. I thought the last bunch was rotten.

Cancel your trips to LAS VEGAS! Dim park eleng mermang er medemiu!

I hate CASINOs...cause it's another illusionary tool to take more money out of dry pockets.

Can I say IMPEACH the crooks??

I'm AANGRYYY...tia ya Belau rekid??

Komdi kiei e elect er tir!!!!!!

disappointing? you expect more than this? why???? of course it is disgusting. who leads the pack, Mlib and the second most senior, Diaz. Well it can't get better if that's the helm. you got tarred and feathered! ha!

YES!!! Finally e ng mochar ngii a casinos... Kuk di free a ilumel er chelecha me kukuk. Ak di pay a $10 e mad er a rrom!!! Kom meral mesulang a rechad er a OLBIIL. This is why I voted for them...

Proud Palauan

I don't know guys, but I feel that Elected Officials should either wait for them(Investors) to come knocking on the door with a proposal, or If they want to bring in a particular business in the island they put out a proposal or a bid process for a certain investment. In that way they are clean and clear of any influence....

We can't allow ourselves to be entertained with all expense paid away from the public's eye. It's a conflict that will lead to influence and corrutpion if allowed...

Where is the transparency that was the theme song during the campaign season...


I know these Korean so called investors were here in Belau last year and were looking at a possible investment, i.e., places to build a casino, silver city, golf courses , etc. etc.

They have a young palauan partner who initially wanted them invest in Melkeok or Ngiwal. I do not know why they have they changed their mind and have decided on either Airai or Koror.

I guess it's the the rock islands and infrastructure that makes the difference in the decision making. Either way it's fine. The thing that I am most worried about is the way these guys are being courted by this firm. I still don't think it's proper for them to go on trips like that being sponsored by these investors.

Thanks Uchelmelis,

I guess we have to do a wait and see until a clear picture comes out....


Mosi & Uchelmis:
What I fail to understand is WHY our LAW-MAKERS are going to Korea to visit casinos when there is a LAW on the books that PROHIBITS gambling and are being fully funded by the investor?

For example, what if they were invited to the whorehouses in Nevada for an "educational" tour of these brothels, knowing that PROSTITUTION is illegal in Palau.

Wouldn't this be the same thing? Either my reasoning is upside down or our lawmakers are F/UP in the head.

LOL !!!! Mardi,

Upside down, side ways, or what.....
You make a lot of sense on that one.

I hope I can get a response for your comments from our lawmakers. Thanks for making it more clear.


I guess for now we would have to call some of our LAWMAKERS....John.

After this episode, we could then have our lawmakers travel to the shark-fin factories in China and Taiwan to tour them on the dime of the shark-finning company because after all, we do have a law AGAINST shark finning.

And after a while, all our laws should be reversed because investors gave us a whole lotta lovin (us being our representatives in the OEK).

And so the story goes, and we then totally dismantle our laws because of private interests.

Dear friends,

All along I have been highlighting that the laws and indeed the general thinking in Palau is archaic and infantile. Whomsoever enacted a law to say that paid trips given to our OEK Members is illegal is a damn fool!

One may as well enact a law that makes grants illegal or scholarships illegal, financial stimulous aid illegal, charities illegal! If anyone believes that nothing that is given is without ANY strings attached or without an agenda is childish! Even charities have agendas -are we to say it is illegal to be charitable? Palauans choose to stretch everything so far as to end up looking bad so why not this?

When the USA and Palau entered into the Compact Treaty, why did we not shout that this was a bribe on the part of the USA and it was corruption on Palau's part? Perhaps you dissenters would advocate that we put the US President and the Palau President in jail for signing the Compact Agreement. After all Palau had to give in to the demands of the USA for moneys that the USA gave Palau under the Compact Treaty!

Everything can be viewed from a negative side and it seems that Palau is turning very negative; no wonder Palau is getting nowhere.

Palauan people should come to terms that Palau is a very poor country and survives on the good graces of others! That is a fact! Accept it! It is nothing to be ashamed about as it is part of the prosess of becoming a mature nation! What is shameful is that our last two Presidents and their Ministers did nothing to make Palau financially self-reliant from the grants that were received. That is the real shame!

Palau should embrace and be grateful that there are still countries and foreign investors who are still willing to spend money to take our OEK Board Members to visit their countries so that our politicians can see for themselves how things are done elsewhere. This is a beneficial learning process that does not burden our nation's funds.

Palau needs its politicians to be worldly and travel takes money that Palau does not have, so why not accept opportunities with grateful goodwill rather than jealous sceptitism? Hell this is the typical attitude that has made Palau a crippled country!

If the intentions of both the foreign investors and the OEK were underhanded and covert and that corruption was the order of the day of these foreign investors, why would there be a need to take OEK Members anywhere and/or to view and/or study anything - just pay the bribe, buy the politicians and all will be forthcoming!!! Come on! Why are you guys so stupid? Is it your envy that is talking? Next time your clan member or friend pays for your coffee, refuse! - turn him in for corruption instead!

I say to the OEK Members, go forth and learn and when you find anything that is good and beneficial for Palau and its people bring it back! Bring in any investments that provide jobs and tax revenue to our beloved Nation.

If casinos can bring wealth and increase tourist numbers to our shores than bring it on!

Malaysian, Koreans, Taiwanese, Japanese, Americans, British, German, Singaporean, Italian and indeed all foreign investors should be made welcome as long as their investments benefit Palau.

We Palauans marry them, have children by them so why not accept investments from them? Are we that hypocritical? Why can we not do business when we allow inter-racial marriage?

As for me, I think the Nautilus City Project is the best so far for Palau because Lord Davidson has devised a complete plan from developing a scheduled airline service to bring tourist to Peleliu from the countries we Palauans have thus far neglected within the ASEAN region. For your information, Australia has tried to join ASEAN for the past decade!

Furthermore, developing a mega project on Peleliu that is away from the main populated areas of our Nation is brilliant because any 'negative' effects (if any) will not affect the main populous!

Viva L.Davidson and Minister J. Ngiraingas and God bless our good President Johnson Toribiong!

Thank the Lord that we do not have any more negative men in high places!


Devil bless your good president JT... and your pro Ngiraingas..

Legalizing gambling will increase human misery and economic dislocations in our Islands. Money spent on gambling won't be spent at local restaurants, bars, stores, and visitor attractions.

Gambling facilities dramatically increases problem and addictive gambling, domestic abuse, child neglect, suicides, and more. And gambling is the fastest growing teenage addiction, being twice the rate of adults. Up to 90% of problem gamblers commit crimes to pay their debts, including stealing from employers and parents, credit card and insurance fraud, and tax evasion.

Is there anyway to lobby from abroad?

... Let me also mention that one of the criteria that these Korean investors insist on is that the casino will be open only to NON-palauans, i.e., if you are a palauan forget it you will not be allowed to play let alone get in the premises unless of course you are a worker. One of the mission or moktek for the OEK members is/was to see how the local populations are not allowed into the premises of the mother casino in Korea.

N0w, do I like the idea of gambling in Belau? I say we are gambling everytime we go to Guam by betting that the contint won't fall down from the sky; everytime I suit a tank up and go diving to 30 meters; putting my kid to school hoping that he would not turn out to be a monster, etc, etc...

Life is a gamble.

Once the casinos is in place, I would think the new bill will form too. A bill to allow Palauans in the casinos.

hey,...let's legalize 'CRACK' so our coconut politicians don't have to share their pipes in their dark tinted cars rather than smoking it in public where we can understand the kinds of laws and ideas they come out with. we really can't blame our CRACK-HEAD coconut politicians 'cos you and me elected them into the office and now we're chewing our toe nails and asking ourselves.....'WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE THINKIN'......electing these people....

You talk bad about our politicians does reflects all of us because we voted for them. So, please respect them in a sense that they represents us whether you agree or not. There are ways to prove your point without loosing your charm.

You stupid buggers. Palauan people have no money to gamble. If you think casino operators want to open a casino to take many from Palauan people you must be from cuckoo land!

Casino operators would go bankrupt if they depended of Palau punters! Ha Ha Ha!

Let me say something. JT is the President by popular majority vote. Let the President do his job.

Everyone should shut up.

The government has not even had time to be properly formed how can you say nothing is happening? You are a fool as far as I am concerned!

I suggest that you ask questions in two years time!


Hey Kerdi, sound like 'nerdi',

The devil has your heart so do not wish him on others - he has not finished chewing your guts out yet.

Best that you go exorcise yourself and if that don't work go deep sea diving where I am sure your heart lies with the devil himself. Maybe you can find yourself there?

Just make sure you do not invite him to return with you and stop wishing him on ANY Palauans - you are stupid enough to wish him on our President! Sore looser!- SHAME on you!

Hey Mardingoal,

are you stupid enough to think that they are hot harvesting sharks fins in Palauan waters? My, you must be DUMB indeed - who do you think runs the fishing from Taiwan? The Taiwan Mafia and they are neck deep in shark fins and soup it up to China.

Does Palau have any patrol boats following the fleet? If not then Palau does not know what goes on out there and even if we did not license them they would do it because Palau does not have the means to protect Palauan waters.

So maybe you could put your efforts to DOING something instead of spewing out stupid hypothethical rhetoric that is WAY behind the times.

People that can't keep up to speed and who do not keep abrest of what's happening are the ones that resort to procrastinating - just like YOU!

Do you REALLY know what is happening in Palau? Looks like you THINK you know but in reality, you live in La La land!

Wishful thinking and dream on!


Once again,

Palauans have been systematically fed crap that Casinos are BAD!!!!!!! And as expected, Palauns have swallowed it (and other such crap) hook line and sinker! Who's the fish? Palauans are! They have fed you worms and you have swollowed the bait. The competitors (who have gaming laws) are the ones putting the lies out there and you guys have swollowed it right to your gut and it continues to fester and go rotten there!

No wonder you are all belly aching!

Get wise. EVERY country that has a casino law that makes gambling legal (however restrained or unrestrained) is FAR more prosperous than Palau.

Now who has egg on their face?

On the one hand you moan and ask the government to act but then belly ache about anything they do - you guys just want handouts and a do nothin' government that puts Palau deeper into poverty! Boy, you must enjoy seeing your fellow Palauans being poor!

Anyone who does anything has their every move questioned even before it has happened. No wonder you guys all supported the past do nothin' government!

I feel sorry for the real poor that you are all ignoring - the ones that will get jobs if casinos do come to Palau!


Islander you always say Palauans want this and Palauans need that. Please speak for yourself and try not to talk on behalf of the entire Palauan population.

Some Food for thought: Money is a God to some and Casino Gambling for us may well turn out to be "fool's gold". In the 70's Koreans made every attempt to take over the Hawaii Economy and then Guam's and then the CNMI and then the Philippines. They love to export their peoples, their traditions, their customs. their way of thinking but it is only in our nation and the Philippines where they have strong influence whether purchased or not. Being what some view as a "poor country" is not the fault of any one person or Current/Past President or OEK or Senate Member---the root cause of our situation falls the shoulders of our "fore fathers"--in their "wisdom" (and some may say greed) they made the woeful decision to adopt the American System of Government, When that decision was made, Politics raised it's ugly head over our wonderful nation, it is devouring our peoples, our cultures and our traditions. Instead of entrusting ourselves with a Parlimentary System of Government with checks and balances that actually work (such as the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia etc etc) with a Constitutional Monarch with advise from a strong Council of Chiefs and Women's Groups lead by the Bilung), we chose the U.S. system which we all know by now, does not work for us--it creates destructive divisions that can never be healed and causes us to argue and fight with one another. We are few, we are forgetting who we are and where we came from,our children ignor our Customs, disrespect our Elders, our Environment etc. Greed and corruption live openly in our midst---I ask all of us to consider we institute a Constitutional Amendment, stating that we have an elected Parliment with a Prime Minister elected by the Parliment and appointed by the Constitutional Monarch ( A leader with a real, authentic Mandate from all our breatren who have gone on before us through our history, an inherited bond of leadership with all of us)--I believe we need to reach deep, back into our past and consider a leadership process that served us since our very beginning for our healing and for our future. Yes, as with most all Constitutional Monarchs throughout history, there have been both good and bad, after all, they are humans as we all are but I believe the plus' far outweigh the negatives. Those of us who are older, can well remember the better days before the U.S. imposed their system on us--it has proved to have been a tragic misdeed and careless insistence on the part of the U.S. Casino Gambling?? Opening up our borders to untold "investors"? Prostitution?? Whatever?? I say let the ones who have an inherited responsibility to our nation and our nation's peoples and future make the final decision. Food for Thought

I would rather have the casino to help move Palau toward self reliance than to continue on the old system of METARA and a welfare state.

Where is the Palauan pride of independence and self relaiance ? We have become fat and lazy and expect free handouts from others without working for it ?/ adiuwl !!

Islander slander.

What you are saying in this blog to kerdi/nerdi doesn't answer my question to you. Can your viva Toribiong can spend his own money to provide a transportation to student from babeldaob? And if he can that's good but if he can not and. may devil bless your President and you....so shut the F and go get life before you tell kerdi to dive, oh and by the way devil don't have kerdi heart, devil have your President heart.....

Here's some recent articles relate to gambling:


February 11, 2009

Las Vegas Strip gambling revenue posts biggest drop on record

Bloomberg News Service

Las Vegas Strip casino gambling revenue tumbled 23 percent in December, capping the worst annual decline on record, as the city enters the second year of the U.S. recession with thousands more hotel rooms and fewer visitors to fill them.

Gambling proceeds in the biggest U.S. gaming center slumped 10.6 percent to $6.12 billion last year, the steepest decline since data started being compiled in the mid-1980s. Last year was bleaker than 2001, when the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks frightened travelers and led to a 2.1 percent drop, said Frank Streshley, an analyst at Nevada’s Gaming Control Board.
December’s gambling proceeds of $474.2 million represent the Strip’s 12th straight monthly decline, according to data released today by the state gaming regulator in an e-mailed statement.

February 10, 2009

Groups push against legalized gambling bills

Advertiser Staff

Law enforcement officials and social activists are trying to kill the idea of legalized gambling in Hawaii before any formal proposals are made.

There are eight bills before the state legislature this session that would legalize some form of gambling.
Anti-gambling groups say that rather than generate fresh revenue for the state in hard economic times, legalized gambling will undercut civil society and lead to increased crime, corruption and economic hardship.
Groups opposed to legalized gambling gathered at the State Capitol this morning to speak out against the bills.
"Gambling is not going to save the budget of the state of Hawaii," said John W. Kindt, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, who is in Honolulu to lobby against the bills. "You can't gamble your way to prosperity. It's such an outrageous drain on the economy."
Honolulu City Prosecuting Attorney Peter Carlisle said crime would increase if gambling is legalized in Hawaii.
Members of the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and the Honolulu Police Department's Narcotics Vice Division, echoed Kent and Carlisle's beliefs.


Another recent article:

Reports: Gaming revenue down, casino debt climbing

Casino debt climbed to nearly $93 million downtown, $773 million on Strip

By Amanda Finnegan

Fri, Jan 30, 2009 (6:38 p.m.)

More bad news affecting Las Vegas' economy came out of two reports released Friday: Financial analysts are saying 2008 gaming revenues for Nevada and the rest of the country are down and that Las Vegas casinos are piling up significantly more debt.

Fitch Ratings, a global credit ratings agency, said U.S. and Nevada commercial and racetrack casino revenues fell 3.5 percent in 2008 to an estimated $36.2 billion. Fitch said the rating would have been much worse if not for emerging markets like Pennsylvania and New York. The declines since September were notably worse than the full year, Fitch said.

In Fitch’s 2009 gaming outlook report released in December, the agency said the U.S. gaming industry will remain under significant pressure in 2009 and will likely recover in 2010. Fitch expects overall consumer spending to drop by 1.6 percent in 2009 and remain soft until 2010.

Seven gaming companies defaulted on more than $13 billion of high yield principal in 2008 due to heavy debt loads, a difficult credit market and strained liquidity, Fitch said. Station Casinos may soon join that group as it is on the cusp of defaulting on an additional $2.3 billion after its failed debt exchange offer in December.

Jefferies & Company, an investment bank and securities firm, said Las Vegas casino operators like Hooters, Fontainebleau, Black Gaming, Cosmopolitan and Herbst (owners of the Terribles chain) are at a higher risk for defaulting on loans. Harrah’s and Station Casinos are at an even higher risk, Jefferies & Company says.

Leverage in every Nevada gaming market is the highest it has been in 17 years, the firm said in its Friday report.

Jefferies & Company reported in the Nevada fiscal year, average Strip casino net debt jumped from $391 million in 2007 to $773.4 million in 2008. Average Las Vegas Downtown casino debt rose to $92.9 million from $6.7 million in 2007. Jefferies & Company said debt significantly rose related to the building of CityCenter, Encore, Cosmopolitan, Fontainebleau and privatization of Harrah’s.


Search 4 da facts,

You are NOT telling the Palauan audience anything new.

1) The world economy is in a recession. Income for the auto, housing, computers and other industries are way down. Gaming is no exception.

2) Hawaii is against gambling because of two reasons. a) they are afaid it will suck away income from other local businesses. b) the daily air charter from Hawaii to Las Vegas will close.

You are the one that should get your facts staight. We in Palau know the issues clearly.

You should be happy to know that despite the world recession, Koreans are willing to build a $30 million casino in Palau.


Easy when talking bad about prostitution.

Before the Germans put a stop to it, prostitution was a culture and tradition of Palau. Its called Klemengelungel and Omengol.

Women frequent men's abai to perform services for money.

So if you want to promote or preserve the Palauan culture, do not talk bad about prositution. It was our culture. Talk to your village elders so you can be educated on this practice that was once a tradition in Palau.

And Bealu has evolved Razzio Belau,

We are now more educated and we have modernized our health care system, educational system, and the public safety is now a priority to maintian
a civil society....

Kede mla omakes el bedul luchei, me lak mongurs a boro el mla mechoit e diak lusbechall ra delongeled.


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