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February 04, 2009


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Any updates about Youlsau Bells--Senate Confirmation?!

UPDATE: YB's confirmation was deferred today by the senate.
Maybe they are really making sure everything is in order. Now's the time to call each senator up and tell them what a witch this person is so we don't have to work with her anymore!!!

youlsau bells for president!

alii, ak kulmes ra session er elchal sils e mral kora mlo mengesngasch a luchek er a kleblengul a diaz ma president ra senate.. a diaz a present er a report el di mle ngii ma pres ra senate a sign er ngii e a 5 ra members a mlarngii a concern er tir e dimlak el besterir a time el address ra uchei ra loltobed ra report.. elsel a klaomodai er tir e a pres ra senate a mle soal tirkei el rokui el members a loltobed a concern er tir e tir el rokui a di mle validation er a ikal degrees er a YB.. A Sen Eledui a uluchais el kmo mla recieve er a letter from penn univ el kmo aikal rokui el documents er YB are all fake and Forged....

ak meral kora mlo merur el chad er belau era kleblengul a Sen Diaz... di mlad er a aikio er a YB e obes a ngerchelel..

Kuk mla mo kirel mengai a petition e kede recall er ngii meng bai mo full time el DJ ele sei a kuk el meduch er ngii...

I agree Diokang radioman Diaz is an embarassment to the republic and although he keeps insisting he is independently-minded, we all know he is pro-JT and part of the hidden, manipulative network that connects JT to his Senate family including Lucius, Joshua, Moses, Seit, S.Kanai, and H. Fritz. I do not know YB but I do support her because I feel she is being treated unfairly. Considering all of JT's appointments, my assessment is that YB's qualifications by far certainly do not match Sandra and Doc's but I think it's better than the others. If you can convince me that Johnny and Yano are better leaders than YB, maybe then can I change my mind. Jackson is a different story and I understand he can be divisive, but I would vote for him given his education, toughness and leadership experience.

Now let's talk about Gibbons. Do you think he is qualified to be a MOJ? Obviously he has gubernatorial leadership experience but I believe he won that time because he is Ibedul's brother and his rival was your Senator Hokkons!?!... My point/question is, why haven't you said anything against Gibbons who doesn't even have an Associates degree? Is Yano educated?

well YB fan, the reason is gibbons didnt lie about his qualifications. i understand there are people without degrees who worked hard to get ahead but lying about your credentials is like cutting in line of everyone who worked harder. i think they should deny YB. it would be an embarrasment to Palau if we confirmed her- its like saying it is okay to be untrustworthy, so long as you look good to the senators.

what the hell was she thinking - and more importantly, how did she get away with it for so long

Yadda Yadda This sounds like Load Davidson all over again. If its true, I wonder how much YB paid for these fake documents just like Load Davidson did so people could take his name in vain.

Time to check all those foreigners working in the govt. who claim to have degrees especially in the MOE. I bet all of you that YB is only the tip of the iceberg. I also question Gov. Jackson's business degree. The school he claims to have attended no longer exist just like that scam Nautilus City but I don't know because it sounds like Load Davidson is back with his hands out.

YB is done. she is holding on to create doubt but there is nobody who attended UPenn Wharton under the name SHE presented in her forged diploma. Registrar ain't having a change of heart. All the investigating in the world ain't gonna change this. The question is does forgery and perjury matter, not to Diaz, but to the rest of the Senate ... to US? I say there is not a chance that sad, sick woman represents us.

you ask how'd she get away with it for so long? try it. put Yale on your resume and see how many check.
when they do and find out you DIDNT attend, tell them they used the wrong name.
see if they check again.
if someone does, tell them they used the wrong name again.

see where i am going with this . . .

She got away with this because the previous president was thinking with his other head and it looks like diaz is doing the same thing TR did.

Eang elik... a YB a kuk kmal di tilobed er a Heald college el ngar er a Kapiolani Blvd. er a Hawaii. Kemiu ko mekerang... Ng kuk kmal oba babilengel er a dental assistant.

YB fan, I disagree with your statement about Ngiraingas toughness and leadership experience makes him qualified for the job. YB fan, let me point out to you some of his statements last night that I know they are not entirely true.
1. Senator Whipps: What are the three things that you see in your ministry that you think are the most important
Ngiraingas: Water, Electricity, and Sewage.
Note: He went on to say that the water collection tank in Malakal have been sitting there for years and it is a waste of money. He further says that he will clean it up and filled it with water for use and so on and on....
Ocean: YB fan, Peleliu State has three collection tanks on top of the hill close to Peleliu Elementary School. The plan was to pump the water from the well which is located right next to the airport to the collection tanks and treat the water. From the collection tank, the water will use gravity flow to reach the households. This would give ample amount of time for the water pump at the airport to rest before starting to pump again. This process will require less workers, decrease water pump maintenance, less electricity usage and less money.
Problem: The Peleliu water collection tanks have been sitting there for decades! Water pump is pumping water 24-7 to supply the household. The chlorine has to be poured inside the well. The chlorine will not mix well enough which in turn will bleach household laundries! YB fan, do you want to know their solution to this problem, add in only small amount of chlorine!!!
This process will require more workers for 24-7 office hours, increase water pump maintenance, increase electricity usage, and more money.
Problem: Peleliu state has a porous sands which it can't catches as much rainfall to its underground water lense. Furthermore the island recieves less rainfall than most of Babeldaob states. This means the underground water as of today is not enough to supply Natilus City. With less rainfall and porous sand problem at hand, I believe Natilus City doesn't have a choice but use desalinated seawater method. This method will eventually have great negative ocean-environmental impacts (lack of dissolved oxygen, create strong current which small marine organisms cannot escape from it, and so on).


Yes, I agrred with you YB Fan. My observation and findings that Sen./Pres. Mlib and Diaz both lack of college degree. Then, how culd they they make a better judgement for YB. Diaz was only in militry as radio technichian but Sen. Eledui was in higher status who commanded battalion.

According, to Moses the Obudsman, YB spent over $5 million dollars to remodeled, renovate and repair her office. At PICRC, YB failed to pay rents for the office space she used. How the hell he appointed her. Its big blow to JT but Tr couldn't help her. Sorriy TJ.

Ombudsman can say YB may widraw her appointment. YB is wise enough to understand now, that politics in Palau in playful/colorful. Her uncle ex-speaker was pardon by YB boss TR. Bells went Ngerchelong to compaign against JT especially Kerai. Joel is very smart politician who was overthrown by Bells. Joel able man to make call in his brother nomination to make Tony the Tigre cry.

Noble man, once said that women can decide to slip her way up with her beautie. Can YB do it again with the senate.

Kemeral soak el youlsau. LMAO

I think Ngiraingas clearly showed his true colors when he says "I am a good leader because I work with my heart instead of my mind"!!!

As for Diaz comments on YB MBA's degrees, I think he never employed educated people in the past to know that an employer has every right to ask schools for diploma's verification. Diaz, diploma and transcript are two different things to begin with. Transcript is an official document of a school that shows someone's academical records (course grades). Copy of the transcript can only be requested between two institutions (schools) beside that person. Diploma is an official document of a school that proves someone was actually graduated from that school/university. Verification of a diploma can be easily requested by the court, an employer, and so on.
Both Senator Diaz and Tmetuchel comments obviously point to a single fact: Both Senators don't have college degree to understand the difference between Transcript and Diploma!!!

Maybe Diaz and Mlib should do what YB did and forge their degrees so they're all on the same page. D and M, please do your research before you open your big fat mouths.
What's so sad is that this woman is a shrewd and hard-working person. Too bad she is manipulative and uses more than just her smarts to get her places.
It's time to go with what the ombudsman said, YB, withdraw your name voluntarily and stop this circus.

Senator Tmetuchel graduated from a university in Tokyo that his father sent him to and he speaks Japanese well.

Wow! Has Japanese degree ever been used for a good use? Perhaps you've misunderstood the Taiwanese/Chinese Language for Japanese Language since most of his customers are no other than Taiwanese/Chinese...

Eat shit, Gum!

"Senator Tmetuchl graduated from a university that his father sent him to and he speaks Japanese well."

By your tone I can infer that you are one of the remaining fossils or offspring of such fossils that still thinks Palau is still afraid of the Tmetuchl name. No doubt, the Palauan people now have no fear of that tactic but we are also annoyed by it. You mention his father as if Mlib has the brains and moxy to get into school on a scholarship. Rest assured, that old man is in the ground where he belongs and we don't fear nor revere your gods, the Tmetuchls.

I'm suprised to hear that the great Senator Mlib has a degree at all. From the way he conducts himself, you'd think that his education was as expansive as the other Great Senator Diaz, a GED. Well, it's reassuring to know that our great senate president has a degree, even if he doesn't put it into any good use at all. Which bring me to wonder, what was his degree in?
I like your comments, Robespierre, but your tone scares me a little; I like it!

Thanks a lot to the JT supporters that put this shitty government in office (illegitimately, anyway).

You're right, Dilsiich. Diaz and Mlib are idiots. Needless to say, they are only doing everything they can to follow the orders from their Johnson Toribiong. Don't forget, Diaz a convicted felon bar-brawler. Mlib is a murderer at-large.

It is clear that Youlsau Bells is a crook, a liar, a con-artist. The fact that Johnson, Mlib, Diaz and the rest of their bandwagon support her show what they are really all about. So to all THEIR supporters, thanks a lot you crazy loons!

They say, it's the people that Johnson surrounds himself with that are the problem. BULLSHIT! The man's been with these thugs for over SIXTY years. Show me a man's friends and I'll tell you what kind of a person he is. He has friends in such people precisely because HE IS JUST LIKE THEM - DARK, DECEPTIVE, EVIL, SLANDEROUS, DIRTY BASTARDS!


Don't you dare believe you will ever find peace until you are all gone from the scene.

Do we know the results of their decision yet before we raise our blood pressure here? We appointed them to lead us, therefore let's give them a chance to figure things out. And please, don't call us "mekebelung" because you don't know who we are. Sounds like you haven't got over the fact that TJ won the election. Get over it and get a life!

Never realized there were so many avaricious, jealous and small minded people in Palau...!

If JT's friends are a reflection of his character then I would say thank god for that because Remengesau's freinds and those he pardoned are the scum of society including Murderers, Wife Beaters, Thieves and Ex-Cons...

Viva President Johnson Toribiong, Viva Minister Jackson Ngiraingas, Viva Palau!

Hey check this out, OTV has the entire report of the Youlsau Bells "saga."


get to the website and click on WEEKEND UPDATES!!

Hey, check this out! OTV has the entire report online!!! Checkout the website and click on WEEKEND UPDATES! Interesting.....



I don't agree with you on that, we appointed them to lead us, how about appointed them to lead themself and raise their salary...Prez should know what to do base on his speech during the compaign...We voted for people to go in and do work and serve public with honesty and respect..not people to go in and we give change to figure it out...it looks like there is no team work in there and you do what you want and I do what I want......I wonder if Prez can be able to provide a transportation for the student at babeldaob or build dormitory for them....yes it's the fact that JT won the election....so it looks like 2 for him and 1 or nothing goes to public.....

The Senate rejected Yano and it was a close vote 9-4 on Jackson and 9-4 Gibbons. AND you're tellin' me that they they don't have 5 brains in the Senate, all added together, to end THE Bells aka Barclay aka Sullivan CHARADE ? It is clear as day that she is a fraud. We can go around in circles all day but if it walks like a duck ...

Another thing: Everyone keeps talking about her looks. Is this the same overweight, middle-aged, mother with knky graying hair and stained teeth? Maybe her different names are causing the confusion, but Youlsau Bell is as homely as they come.

So sad that Yano didn't get in...wonder who's next on the list???

What boggles me about YB is that if she had only forged her masters degree from UH...or even another university (not ivy league) then no one would probably have questioned her. But she had the audacity to claim she got two masters - 1 from Univ. of Penn (wharton) and 1 from Duke ....and to top it all off - she graduated summa cum laude! Who the f... does she think she's fooling! o wait, my bad - we got a couple of idiots who got voted back into office pushing her along. btw, the global executive program she claims to have graduated from at Duke did not even start till 1996 and the first graduating class was in 1997...she claims she was there from 1995-1996??? she is a psychotic pathological liar and even if by some miracle she becomes the minister - she will always have this hanging over her head ~~


My olfactory meter on YB's degree is registering on the HNGOB side. I must confess that I was one of the first to to extoll her credentials but I am beginning to have some reservations.

If my support for her were 90 to 100 percent then it is now 50 percent. I suggest that she be put under oath and tell us the truth. If she continues this charade not only she fooling the president but also the whole palau. Just watching the whole thing on tv gives the goosebumps. I mean is she that thick skin!!!

Common YB come out tell us, your supporters, the truth!!!!

Did you all know that the width of your nose is proportionate to the width of your mouths? That means the nosier you are, the louder your mouth becomes ahahaha! How about we talk about something else in the open thread instead of talking about someone? We've seen the sessions about YB so lets bring in something else.

With all due respect to Senator Ada I find it hard to believe any university will freely give out information on a former student. Let alone a "Senator" from some little known island. Back in the day you can see an alumni directory but these days these things require validation by the student for privacy issues. Hopefully the truth will come out. And welcome to the JT and Tmetuchl administration. You get what you voted for.

Rolaids, you're right. How 'bout them counterfeits! But then they don't bring as much sensationalism as YB. I like your nose analogy. Kmal merang.


thanks for being a critic.

now for the facts:

i wondered about what they would release the name and found out U of Penn's privacy policy states that they "may confirm school and year of graduation information ... verifying resume information”. The privacy policy is at http://www.alumni.upenn.edu/privacypolicy.pdf

they even list the the alumni names on the website for Wharton Business School Alumini List. There are two Debbie's on the list but their lastnames are not Sullivan nor Barclays.

the degree she submitted was signed by the wrong dean, a dean who retired 2 years earlier. that is enough for me.

but you should go to the UPenn website get the phone number of the Registrar and call. Give them all of her names and you will find out the same shocking news: she is a phony.

do it yourself.

JT get off the sinking ship. Cut her loose. Withdraw her name.

Uchel and Odiulbad,
Im glad your comming around to aknowledge that your changing your mind about YB. Uchel, yes,I did brought up my concerns to the senators. But I asked them to find out for themselves so that YB can get a fair assesment. Unlike Diaz who was smittened and went wild on the first day of her confirmation. Now he follows her around town like a lost puppy. I wonder why he doesnt mention Jenn's name anymore on his radio.

I'm very disappointed on Diaz for taking her side as is without validating her credibility. Unless, he knows the truth,, he should remain bias on his decision until proven, otherwise. This saga has cause me to doubt his stance on issues he will be faced in the future.

I hate to admit it but I was one of his faithful supporter thinking his stance on issues is to verify and demand that the truth be known. Little did I know that his double standard is one of his ill character to manipulate people. I guess it's better to notice it now then to remain believing the fairy tale stories.

Is there still doubt out there?

How can Diaz chair the credential committee when he don't know what it means? the last term he was the chair of tourism and he acted like an ass. He embrasses me so much that it make me sick in my stomach. How come all the senators know about his attitude/past and keep giving him a position that he doesn't even understand his role. The tax payers are paying him to work at his radio station and nobody cares. During the morning hours that he is at the station blabbing his mouth, i wonder what time he should be at the office. He is stealing money by putting his hours of not working.

Please Diais make your free time useful and learn other things at PCC library that are related to your job. fuck your station with that ASAHI commercial coz it's too annoying.



Janet, who is this Jenn that you speak of?

The protocol followed by most nominees to appointed offices is to withraw their nomination if confirmation hits a snag that may in some way affect the President. JT can't be bogged down with this before his presidency has barely begun. YB should step out of the way, by removing her nomination. This in respect to JT and for our Belau, so we can move on. Just my thoughts, but I am only a poor honto coconut husker. What do I know?


You are exactly right, but her ego will not permit that. She is driven by power and she is so close she can taste it.

Like Diaz, she also thinks she can beat this by confusing the poor honto coconut husker, that is how little they think of us.

I guess you guys forgot the Palauan, its not who you are but who you know.

I guess you guys forgot the Palauan way, its not who you are but who you know.

in case of YB, it is not who she is, it is who she says she is ... lol.

is there a picture of yolsau bells??

Before, this gets too far out of hand, readers should be aware and satisfied that when YB is exposed she will be effectively blacklisted, at least future employers will be aware of this debacle and it will be difficult for her to gain employment. However, if her resume is on the up and up....Everyone who says shit about her will have to eat it....just trust that the issue is being investigated and attention has been put on these schools(which also have reputations to deal with) and if this story gets picked up by continental US news agencies they will be portrayed as idiots....just let it flow naturally now that the general public and interested individuals are aware of the situatuation...and YB will be put to the test...its a small island and if she fucks up...she'll pay!

Di-ass are you a carniv,whore... please stob el di mengang a mekngit and go back to eating vegete balls.

Ngerdiis that was in the eighties now is not who you are but who you do



SURE LADIDA HERE IT IS......http://www.canvasback.org/images/tentcity.JPG

This can't be her? Are you sure you have the right person shown here? I'm disappointed! Not the image of a person I expected to see.

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