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February 11, 2009


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Prez ok's OEK's $50 salary and in turn OEK ok's prez's $100K.

i saw an ad on the side of a septic truck that says..."keep clear, this truck contains political promises"....and i could've sworn the truck was parked in front of the OEK in honto....how ironic

I am equally disappointed in our elected leaders for their short memories. Not long ago, they we're knocking at the doors of the average palauan joe, witnessed first hand the living situations of people living below poverty line. Living on -payroll to the next. Making do with the little that we have. Consumer price well above the average joe's minimum wage of $1.80 -$2.50. Yet, only months after election, they propose, pass a bill that will ensure the next election time they would get paid annual income of $50,000. A rechad ra belau a longelang ra rengelel a cheral a dengkii mar cheral a klaul, ele udoud losuk a kekriei el diak el sebechakl a delengcheklir. Ar rebekel chad or a average el joe ra belau, a diak elwa ngidil techal tirkal el Senators ma most ra Delegates el diak a tal lebol meringel a btelul el kirechel, a delengchekl, cheral a dengkii, ma kall ma omesiou ra telungalk er tir. Ka bomomiich el kmo without ra ududir ra senate eng techa a omodsui el locha momeringel a btelul el kiral a bill erngii ra dengkii, cheral a kelir ma cheral a cheluch el mo oreor.. Tirka di ungil beserir el diak louspech aikal luldudir, te di feel el kmo te entitled ele temil ngilt el mora aikal deruchal. Choi, temeral milngilt endi klungel a ududir e kmal ditir el meluk. So please, please lomesel el morurir era chuchei ra lekong. A uchul temil ngil a ilekong ra kai deruchal el mo meruul a lach el tabesul el mora rokui el chad ra belau, ng diak l'lekong mel di loureor el meng lou a ipengir. A belulechad a kmal mekngit a economy er ngii, a bekel bedengel a meklou el kombalii ra merikel a dimla lay off ra chederir el left and right. Betok el Stowang ra belau a mla close ma lechub eng downsize, yet ea rechad ra Olbiil er kid a mikeou el mora elbuled a rechad er tial belau, el lobdois er tir a mililt er tir el mora kal deruchal. Aikal blak dung a locha kmal dimo reuebt ra mechad el ding, endi kid a rebekel chad kedi momechititirir mete melemolm elwaisei. A kora di kmung aikang. Ka dimomdasu.. tiang democracy ra ker, I wonder.

Hello Citizens of Palau,

Do you know how expensive it is to live in Palau?

A coke at the PPR cost an arm and a leg!

As a proponent of the high life, I think that we must set a very high standard and pay our ministers and executives even higher pay so that they experience and know how to live life to the full - just like TR Jr and Nakamura did in the past but even better than that.

How else can our citizens learn to live well if our leaders are not given the means to live well.

Ha ha ha ha ha, all of you who are envious of others, eat your hearts out!


This phrase caught my eye...
'When our leaders in OEK claim that they cannot bring their salary down from $50,000 because of the need to preserve the sanctity, respect, and the integrity of its work... '

Hey now, this is a good idea. If one wants to preserve integrity, one must raise their own wages. After all, isn't it a Universal Law that the more money one makes, the higher the integrity of their work ?

So, I guess the rest of us are not able to preserve the integrity of our work because we have nobody to skim off of.

Wanna get their attention? Stop payment of all taxes. Yesterday.


Government for the elected first then the people. Ngkal Diaz en Ngarker?

Promises, promises but when we get elected we can do whatever we want for the next four years!!!!!!. Jesus, Yang the people cannot even make ends meet but Senator Baules needs more money for his udel.

So Sen Baules' intentions have been made clear with the prez's signing of this bill. Scratching each other's back...fat bellies rather...is what we have here!

Prez, I am very disappointed in your actions! They are transparrent and it seems you made no attempts to hide them or play it off, so your either really brave or very very arrogant! In one political breath and move, you furlough your workers because of an economic crisis, and then turn around and grant your peers a raise...this is extremely arrogant and proves that Palau is headed towards lawlessness and the decipatation of ethics!

Why do you want to reap your gold from the poor? I seriously doubt your uncle roman would approve....or would he? Just remember, your riches and gains are really not that much, and are short-lived, and you are raping the very (and only) land you can stake a claim on. Do not understimate the power of your 'little' people? You are shooting yourself in the foot!! Your term of office is quickly mimicking that of corrupt leaders such as Marcos and Bordallo. I know, you make think our issues in Palau or to insignificant for international attention so you feel safe, but don't count out the 'little people'.

Prez prez prez....let your conscience guide you to do the right thing before it is too late. There is NOTHING positive or ethically sound that can come from your actions right now....only sumthin fishy between the prez office and OEK. Cmon, we're really not that stupid....nor are we powerless. Do the right thing prez...that's more rewarding than the cheap beans you'll gain from the public...cheap small beans.!

How in the HELL does more money, or paying someone more correlate to the preservation of Sanctity, Respect and Integrity? These are all values that have NO monetary value! Values that are gained through positive actions and deeds? You can not buy or pay for that? Where in the HELL did they come up with that?! WTF! Kmal keltukl...te omdasua el kmo ke de kmal mekebeluung! That justification is funny and full of crap! Holy crap, do at least half the senators know the definition of sanctity? Let alone prounounce it? Can Sen Baules? WTF

Well I guess the Sanctity of ones family, the Respect for dedication and hard work that has been there even before these new elected officials came in, and the Integrity of being a provider in ones house hold is really not a big deal to these elected officials.

What they are saying is furlough them so that I can get $50,000 to save face from the world that my position is still very Sanctified, Respectified, and Integrified.

It seems like these guys are more worried about what others think about them and the position they are holding before they start worrying about the less fortunate ones.....

This just takes away the meaning of the word


First Bill signed into law huh....
It's still the begining and it's starting to look ugly for the people.

The first law enacted under this new administration relates to members of OEK's salary. Is this a telling sign as to where this aministration's and OEK's priorities are? First they take care of themselves then maybe the people next. The timing of this, shows lack of sensitivity and disregard for those who are suffering economically and the government workers who are worried about their job security. How will this set up the reaction from the governement who will be furloughed? I suspect many will feel angry, and abandoned by their leaders. It is akin to child watching his parents gorging themselves on food and turn around and tell the child there is limitied food in the house, so you will not eat for awhile.

Tia kid a ker; somiu a diluut el mesuk ra $1000 per session? mal somiu, komedengei el kmo tela kebesengil a tal regular session? special session? A bo do dak a kebesengil a regular ma special session eng diak bo lengelakl ra $50,000/year?

Again, ker di mlo eltelaol ra bul a BBQ ma campaigning ra tial mlo merek general election e kongei ra amendment ra ududir tirkal chad. Alii kedemol obes, tia de ble de kengei er ngii-ngodechii teletel a ludeuudel tirkal chad ra Olbiil, lokiu a sengkyo.

O yea, another point to make...our former-prez, who now is a curr-sen, just got a pay raise!! It's Ironic and embarrassing! Hey, at least someone from the previous 'gov't' has a stable income...ppphhhbbtt! RIDICULOUS!


I'm not surprised at all with the President's first act in his legislative agenda. Just take a look at his choice for Chief of Staff, Isaac Soaladaob, for instance. The people you surround yourself with says alot about your character.

um, can we please go back and redo that election?

Bah! Too late. We'll just have to cry out our hearts. Bet fishing and farming still do for survival. President and his goons in the the house and senate will steal from the poor palauans for the next four years. And you said TR and Kuniwo N. are bad. Now whose worst??? God Bless

Al sekum a milengilt a meral omdasue ra rechad ra beluu e te torikes er tial lach el cholengasech a ududir!!! Ng di ngmla mo bleketakl el uase ng tir a makot eng mo kid. Erei e doutekangel ma next election e dorebt er tir.

Time out !!

Many of you have missed the point.

a) The $50,000 is not a salary increase. It is only changing the old pay system of $1,000 per session to regular two week pay system as called for in the Constitutional amendment that majority of Palauans voters for and is now part of the constitution.

b) After taxes, only $37,000 net per year is what the congressmen take home pay. That is only $1,541.67 every two weeks.

c) Congressmen are big contributors to the Palauan siukangs, including your funerals, house parties, ngasech, private family emergencies and some goes to pay the loans they used to run for office. Congressmen use their money to entertain foreign guests and officials who come to Palau to discuss important matters relating to the future of our country.

So the money is smaller than you think !!

Its best that the congressmen are paid a high salary so they do not get too desperate to commit corruption in the government.

Lastly, its a good incentive for the congressmen to work harder in enacting new revenue measures and improving our country's financial position.

Criticisms is part of democracy but first, you should get your facts straight before you fire you guns.

Razzio Belau...I humbly say THANK YOU! I see the point, and I rescind my criticism....as far as my misguided perception that they were getting an increase in pay! MY BAD!! =} Let's do the math and ensure that this is a fact though. The backside to this 'salary' pay is the senators can opt to just not attend a session...is there a commitment clause that ensures they do their job and have/attend sessions?

Thanks Razzio...but I still have my concerns with the prez. Again thanks for the info!

Razzio B,

Are you saying that these people are more likely to get corrupted if we don't give them higher salary?

Average salary for a state senator in the state of Hawaii $35,000 to 45,000 a year. Can somebody explain to me how a senator from Palau with about 20,000 people makes more than a Hawaii senator.
Kid a di ngara oisal a JT elrokui..... God bless PALAU!


Hey Mosisechektak,

Have you not heard the saying pay peanuts get monkeys?

President JT should be receiving $500,000.00 or even a million annually because he is the only man capable of mayking Palau fianacially self reliant!

The other Presidents of Palau before him only administered grants into their own pockets!

TR being the worse because he did not even have the bearing of a President being an idiot that look like a small chimpanzee !

It is a shame that this corrupt pompus fooooool is now a Senator (even though a demotion from President). I said before the people deserve what they get! Those who voted for TR - junior, shame on you!

Folks support your good President JT and give him the power to turn Palau into the economy that it can be!

Let our President bring in foreign investors that can make Palau a financial powerhouse.

Bring in the banks, bring in the insurance houses. Bring in the developers. Bring in airlines! Develop our natural resources! Change our archaic laws. Give concessions for business! Get rid of the FIB, EQPB and anything else that drive foreign investors away! Let's make Palau a financial center. We can do it.

Forget the hype about curbing development for the environment! When we are rich as a country we can and will look after the environment.

We need to have money to look after our old and our kids. We need money to send our kids to the best schools. We need money to improve our sewage system and our garbage disposable system. This is how we can look after the environment, by have state of the art machines that do not pollute!

We do not protect the environment my passive existance and doing nothing to upgrade our country!

We want and need Nautilus City which will be a modern, efficient and environmental friendly tourist Mecca!

Viva President Johnson Toribiong!

So that means we have to compare how many sessions they attend this year to the past years.

There is really nothing that gets the attention of Palauans more than money and what heats it up more than anything else is that someone ELSE is getting it!

Yup, you guys are overly sensitive - why not look at what CAUSED the problem? The LAST administration burying their head in the sand, doing nothing, and lulling us all into believing "all's well" - what a load of lies (by the LAST administration).

Grow up - what is on the table today is to clean up the mess of the LAST administration.

What's more, you should all realize that if you do not give a workman the right tools and funds, how do you expect a good job?

As long as they take care of the country and us, so what if they get paid well? Cheapoes and hypocrites are the ones shouting 'foulplay'.

If your 'friends' did it, you would all be lulled into believing it is GOOD! Anyone else, its bad.

Go soak your heads in the sea and wake up!

Hey Islander,

Chin was making only 45,000 and he was a VP...
Some Senators were even making more than him.
He never complained and knowing him. He would not even consider furlough because he cares for the people......

It how much you care and love your country. Not how much you get paid. I know some Doctor's who took lower pay to work in Palau for a certain period of time. It was not the money they wanted. It was the island and the people that attracted them....What are you talking about?


Chin was a 'yes-man' to Tommy! As Minister of Justice he did nothing to curb corruption. He turned a blind eye year after year! He let Tim Taunton leave the country when everyone knew that Taunton was robbing PSB Bank!

Chin let SP Walton get away with lies, deceit, and itimidation! In the end when Mr. Moran came to palau to expose the pejurous Walton, Tommy smuggled Walton out of Palau!

Chin did nothing to investigate the AG's scandalous foray with a Chinese madame who operated a prostitute den in Palau. We all remember the scandal about photos taken in Hawaii showing the AG and the Chinese madame in a compromising situation! What did your wonderful Chin do? NOTHING! Shane Shame Shame!

Soooo.. much for your Mr. Chin loving his country!

Chin is a fool who joined forces with a con artist and thank god they did not win the Presidential elections!

Mosi, your propaganda about Chin is bull shit!


You got that right,knowing Chin he is very respect person and honest and he really care for
poor people, I know that there was a lot of
wrong things during the election, but he never once raise complain about it, he swallow all the wrong things and let the election go smoothly...

Oh, my goodness.

Islander- listen to Mosi and remember Nauru.

Concerned- of course we're dealing with what previous admins left us. That's how this "time" thing works. Look at where we are NOW. The whole point is that this is not the time for anyone to be getting payraises. The OEK makes far more than many people in Palau. As for your "workman" analogy, do they not have offices? Telephones? Staff? Lawyers? Those are the tools they need. They are getting paid plenty already.

Your arguments make anyone who's struggling in Palau shake their head. I spoke with a woman who cannot afford odoim for her children. She cooks rice and puts a little oil and soy sauce on top for most meals. Families have made public waiting houses into their homes. These people don't have the tools they need to SURVIVE.

It's not "cheapoes and hypocrites" who are angry, it's the everyday Palauan who works hard, for very little, who sees the rich lining their own pockets, while they literally STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE.

This is not some hypothetical situation. Where do you live? Go out to honto sometime. Any state, you'll see the struggle. Have a little sensitivity.

Now you are blowing hot air with no substance to back it up my friend.....

$500,000 ? That is a big sign of greed and you cant say anything to change that...

What kind of a world are you living in. You are probably blind about the struggles our people are going through right now. If the first order of business is me first, than something is really wrong.

You talk too much about what they can do to bring in investment and what not, but if you look in the papers you read "Posible Furlough"

Now that is bull shit!

You know what Palau is getting everything they deserve for voting for JOHNSON TORIBIONG. The guy lost, what 2-3 times before and guess what there was a reason for that. But you know the people spoke and the deserve everything they get. The president of the United States makes $400,000.00 a year, the President of Palau will make $100,000.00 per year? That's 25% of the U.S. president's salary, a country of 250+ million people. It is plain corruption to allow this to happen. Minimum wage in the U.S. is approximately $8.75hr depending on where you live, and much lower in Palau. We can make all kinds of comparisons but the fact is Palau is a dependent nation dependent on outside assistance and until we are a truly independent these public servants don't deserve any kind of rewards such as pay raises. They've been elected to make us self sufficient and so far it's been utter failure. How is this so we are a nation of approximately 30,000 people. We have access to so many resources and we're still barely getting by? Failure!! A side note here John MCCain ran 2-3 times and guess what...that's right, see what I'm saying. It's time for change and maybe time to go back to the traditional system, at least there everyone new their roles and new what was expected of each other. Now we're force to believe they know what there doing, even pretend like everything is ok. These politicians need to be reminded that they exist by the grace of the Palauan people and not the other way around. And please don't insult our intelligence by saying "preserve the sanctity of the office/position."

VP didn't have to cheat his way into office. JT will make our island a living hell.

ONLY rich and Meteet el chad ra belau will be rewarded in the next 3 years.

PDC WILL PROSPER. Hokkons, Tmetuchels and relatives will get their way and poor palauans will be left out, le ke di mo melengai er tir.

The saddest thing is when you already see what's possibly going to happen and others just insist that it will be alright.

I hate hearing this because I keep thinking of the PEOPLE! A chelbulir ma urungulir.

Kid kedekora considered el Third World Country? Engera uchul? Leng ngomeruul el uaikal bla derenges...

again, a minimum wage a waitang, ma gov't furlough a mla happen, e tir a mongasech a ududir??

Ngmeral mechas a renguk e meral mekngit a renguk er ngii. E kesib a renguk el dirrek. Leng voters el luluumerang, malechub te milcheblad, malechub te mlo semeriar, malechub te tal blai, el luchul meng milngai tial ticket ra Johnson/Mariur.

Akmedektang el ekor Belau. Akdi orrenges e medengei el kmo ngmeral mla mo ngodech a cheltel.

Ngmeral mekngit a renguk er a Beluak; ngaruchei, ar Chad ra Bleuak.



Even some of the postings in here are so personal anc crass that it makes me want to puke. We are sounding more and more like WWFM and its amoebic DJ. I mean the level of debate here is mostly name calling. Let us raise the level of debate so that the country can rise.

I,eventhough I supported Chin, hope and wish that this present government be succesful so that we all can have a better and bright fututre.

Admit it. Your idol is a crook and a liar. So you throw out the last administration's faults in here to distract from that basic fact. You need to come home to Palau - enough of that Hawaiian kine - and come see how your idols are living the high life. It's amazing how TR is now the root cause of this pay increase, next you'll be saying it's Chin's fault.

This is what you wished for Islander. Live it up. Stay in Hawaii and keep writing your dissertations because that's all you're good for. And incidentally, all JT's good for too.


Good luck Uchelmelis. You go rally the government.

The new administraiton is the worst thing that ever happen to Palau and this is just the begining. Holy crap i dont want to imagine the end.

I really want to barry myself somewhere else.




!!!whatevers:???? palau is a third world country, look it up. we're not economically independent. hello... that's part of a third world country.......our government is questionable, we don't manufacture, or really export anything, (fish if you want to call that exporting, we barely get anything for it and in the long run it hurts us more), we can't even pay our bills (ie. powerplant), should i keep going on? we elected these people now and 8 years ago to do this, what happened? 30,000 people, companies have more employees than our population. what happened? the country is barely getting by, and that's why people complain. if i had it my way i'd march the president, vice, ministers, and every congressman up to the bai and make them explain themselves or beat the living crap out of each one of em, and anyone else who stands with them. that's how we do it palauan style! democracy is a western thing not a palaunan thing so stop your crying.

Usually, you get a pay raise & a promotion after you've done SOMETHING to deserve it. All we've done is vote them in, and now they're getting a pay raise!! It's only FEBRUARY and someone is getting a pay raise!!!

OUR GOVERNMENT IS UTTERLY USELESS! New and old administration -- who gives a sh*t anymore!

Poor stays poor and rich become richer.

Alii Hopeful,

I am out but I would like to make the record straight on historical facts on OEK salary. First of all 5th OEK had the highest salary of $54K which they increased during their tenure and was eventually sued by Chamber of Commerce. COC won in the case. However, 6th OEK continued to enjoy official expense on top of their salary which the court ruled as part of their compensation in the COC vs. 5th OEK case.

Because in 2004 election people of Palau ammended the Constitution to say that OEK members will be compensated only if they attend official sessions. Pres wanted $45K and House wanted $55K. Senate made compromise and pushed for $50K. Based on OEK track record since first OEK, they normally hit somewhere between 45 to 55 sessions per year. So we projected minimum of 50 sessions to get full pay of $50K. Some members did not get full $50 in a given year. The beauty of this requirement though was most members attended sessions because of pay I guess.

The danger of this latest ammendment to the constitution is now they are not required to attend sessions and still get $50K a year. We are back to the original problem of OEK members bumming around like fishing and getting paid which led to the ammendment of pay per session.

One important issue is that the 7th OEK merged the salary and official expense so that members will have pay their expenses out of the $50K which I did during my tenure. Bear in mind the official expense is $24,000. So do not let some OEK members make you think that they do not have official expenses money. Plus they have $2,000 per month committee expense. I returned $13K in first year, $15K second year, and $24 in third year as I was pushed into the minority.

Not to boast but I still managed to generate more bills and held more public hearings in the community and oversight hearings without expending all the committee funds. (In hindsight maybe this was out of style on my part).

This is not to justify that the salary of OEK and the rest of top government earners not be adjusted. I was on record several times persuading the senate to reduce salaries of the government starting from the top. And if not increase salaries starting from bottom which I introduced a bill but unfortunately did not get the support.

Just thought I put some of historical facts for your review and critic. Sulang.



Thank you..and you replying with your full identity, is admirable. I realized my error and jumping to conclusions on another thread, the one entitled "Toribiong Signs First Law - $50K OEK Salary", which was pointed out by Razzio Belau and Uchelmais.

Like a lot of bloggers here, I spoke/wrote to soon and fabricated an opinion that was based on an assumption at best and a lack of research and 'knowledge of facts' at worst! I let my emotions get the best of me, and pretty much spat out like a mad-person and accused the prez and the senate of malicious intent...which is just not the case!

So for that...Mosubes, while I eat this crow...feathers and all!

Thank you Santy for reserving your right to 'bitch-slap' me! =) I urge you and all to read my blog on the above mentioned thread which provides a link to the Con-con ammendment proposal, which clearly shows the intentions of that convention.

You do not need to explain your work sked to me Santy, I have mad respect for you because I believe your intentions are sound.

But also know that I will remain critical and extreme at times....just to keep our political leaders in check. For the most part, I am proud of all our leaders and do not doubt there abilities....but like all the 'regular' Palauans, we question their intentions. This is all we have...the simple people..our power..is our voice. But remember behind a roar or a bark is usually a full set of teeth ready to bite =)

Sen. Asanuma,,

Sulang el mla lmuut el mei era Okedyuulabeluu. ak kora mle wonder el uasei why eng diak kebemdum elecha ak mla mo medengei el kmo you never left.

I admire your honesty and i hope those who think that you are putting up a show will know that you do care even you didn't make it. Only you comes here and reply to our concerns or updating us what is going to be done or had been done in OEK. I am saddened that voters will pick Diaz to represent us while the good guys are not. It shows that some voters are like the char ra kosiil e diak el care ra tekoi ra Beluad.

1. Can you tell me what i can do if Diaz is a chair of credential commmittee, but not doing what he suppose to do. YB is leaving the country and Diaz didn't act like he is the chairman and try to look up the situation instead of accusing the registrar of being a fake. Do you think Senators are chelad a dingerir so they're tripping on wonderland while Diaz is being an embrassment?
2. Wasn't Diaz charged with felony and if so, why is he the chair of that committee?
3.Are the Senators that stupid to know why his bill to get rid of OTV is only for his intrest and isn't it a conflict of Intrest?
I doubt i will never be heard if i brought these matter to the right person, because they're all biased.

Again,thank you senator and know that gut the guts to come here but not the rest to answer our concerns and you really do care.



“our leaders in OEK claim that they cannot bring their salary down from $50,000 because of the need to preserve the sanctity, respect, and the integrity of its work…”

Sanctity is synonymous with holiness, sacredness; Respect is synonymous with reverence, esteem, admiration; and Integrity is synonymous with honesty, truthfulness, and honor.
If $ 50K would allow our elected officials to possess and display these leadership traits, heck let them have it. I am assuming that they have these traits already; hence $ 50K will assure us of preservations.

Since early on many of you have taken an interest in our case and over the years had such strong opinions towards myself and our efforts, I felt you should read the OPEN LETTER attached below. Several reporters from the New York Post/The LA Times, Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Washington Review have shown an interest in writing articles on the story about our father and his last few weeks. If you would like to comment, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know and I will pass along your contact information to the respective reporters .

We are still litigating the case in Hawaii. Sorry to hear about Ambassador Hersey Kiota and his situation in Washington DC. I have a friend who works with the state department and he knows about my father's connections to Palau and was telling me a little about what is going on and I hope Mr. Kiota manages to come clean. I was in touch with Hersey last year, we are trying to retain Belau hospital medical records from when my father was beaten severely in Koror in 2000 and spent 4 days in the hospital.. Apparently noone at the hospital will release the records to us, something about being related to Elizabeth Asanuma and not wanting to "rock the boat". . I of course passed this along to a friend in the State Department who indicated he was not surprised with the non-cooperation, apparently I am not the only person who has tried to obtain records with respect to a loved one being in the hospital in Belau.

And the PSB? I spoke to one of your bank examiners who visited Palau last year to discuss the compact with several officials and I was surprised to hear what has been taking place with the government in Palau with respect to finances and mismanagement. It is my sincere hope that the PSB situation, the mismanagement of funds in Palau, the Ambassador Kiota's situations will be resolved soon.

Let me know if you would like to comment and I will pass it along to the reporters or just have them contact you if that is alright. Thank you and Merry Christmas! - Nanci Meek

If you have an opportunity please review the You Tube video we posted after receiving copyright permission from a Federal Court in Los Angeles. Nice to see the truth is finally being recognized:

YouTube Elvin Meek Attorney Last Will Part One

YouTube Mayor of City Rialto Last Will Part Two


December 15, 2008

Lola Reklai-Meek

P.O. Box 7042

Koror, Palau 96940


Dear Lola:

You were 10 years old when you came to live with us and I have always cared about you and considered you a part of our family. But I don’t think you understand that I have 44 years of memories with my father. Memories that NOONE can take away, or hire an attorney to keep from me, memories that began 28 years before you came into our lives.

I talked to Dad around the middle of September about 4 weeks before he died and he sounded weak, but there was no reason for me to think he was dying. According to the medical/hospital records, he was in and out of the hospitals for dehydration. What is most alarming is knowing and having been told by Kaleb Udui (his father Kaleb Sr. was married to your aunt Kei Kei as I am sure you remember) how HIS father died, while being isolated from his children and others in Palau, and dying under very similar circumstances. It is also disturbing to hear stories from Buddy and Janet, Stan and Sharon, Wes and Nina and several others, including myself, Nicole and Melvin who have said they tried calling Dad numerous times and the messages were not returned. You know that isn’t like dad.

Wes said one of his last visits with Dad, he noticed the phone ringer was turned down real low. You and I both know that Dad was having trouble hearing and if anything, the ringer should be turned UP. And why didn’t your mom call Wes and Nina, who lived across the street, to tell them Dad was ill? Wes had to pay Dad a surprise visit after he noticed that your mom had stepped out……………and even then Wes said her behavior was strange and she seemed shocked that Wes was there. These are situations you need to call me about and we need to clear up.

Also a conversation I had with Rose who told me what happened in 2001 when Dad was in the hospital in Loma Linda, your mom was staying with Billy and Rose down the street, Dad told your mom to call both myself (I was living in Palm Springs) and Melvin (who was living in Rialto) to have us come to the hospital to see him…………well we never got the phone call from your mom. The nurse called us…….and naturally we all showed up at the hospital. Come to find out from Rose Tsuneo that your mother blew a fuse that night and wanted to know who called “Elvin’s Children”. What is up with that? Don’t forget that Dad was involved with Palau politics and we had Palauan friends BEFORE you were even born, friends that I still keep in contact with and though they may not say it to your face are concerned with your behavior and your mother’s during the last few years.

What happened to Dad on October 2nd when he fell in the bathroom and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance? Why didn’t you or your mother call us then? He didn’t die until October 19th……………..that’s a lot of time to call us right? What happened.? Your mother in the medical records told the nurses that we were not close with dad and that we live too far away and never visit? You know that Dad flew to California all the time, in fact one time in 2000, I think Nicole and I were going to fly out for a few weeks in the summer and Dad and your mom flew to California instead. DON”T make people think that we didn’t stay in touch with DAD……..or see him………..you know and YOUR MOTHER knows that we kept in touch. Maybe this is why your mother doesn’t feel comfortable talking to us…………maybe she realizes that she has lied and is hiding behind those lies. And again WHY DIDN”T SHE CALL US?

It is amazing when you have an estate worth over 4.2 million how greedy people will become, don't you agree?

As you know myself, as well as many others are disappointed that we have not heard anything from you since December of 2003 considering all the communications, e mails, phone calls, etc over the last 5 years. The letter we received from Robert Jones when we finally did write to your mother (again after numerous phone calls to her) stated that your mother did not wish to communicate with either me or Melvin for reasons known only to her. What does that mean? What were the reasons? Was the letter solely at the suggestion of your mother or Robert Jones or both? Since the letter doesn’t mention that your mother doesn’t feel comfortable talking to YOU, I would assume you might know.

It was a convenient move on Robert Jones’ part to insinuate there exists some sort of “Family Riff” in order to satisfy his agenda, selling property without contacting us, utilizing Michael Gould his accountant friend to sell property because at the time your mother was not an American Citizen (although how someone can live in the United States for 30 years and NOT become a citizen could only be eased by being able to travel back and forth from Palau to the US.)

Why didn’t you call us to tell us he was dying? Didn’t it occur to you that we would want to see him and say good bye? He was my father Lola and you know if anyone on this earth is more like him, it is me. And Nicole, his granddaughter, my daughter, you can just imagine how heart broken she is over what your mother has done. Not to mention the disappointment experienced during the brief time that Dad was sick, not so much as a phone call to myself, Melvin, my uncles or other family and friends. And you know Dad had a lot of friends. Melvin said he managed to call your mom on her cell phone (she actually answered it) and your mother said “Elvin is an adult and can talk to you himself”…………….he was already in a coma and about 7 days away from dying. And where is all of Dad’s jewelry? Did it occur to you or your mother that maybe Melvin should have that since Melvin was his son?

As you already know I went to live with my dad full time when I was 9 years old and we were very close. Apparently that is not the picture that Robert Jones and your mother are painting to others. It’s easy to pass along lies about someone when they are unable to directly dispute them isn’t it? Honestly, Lola, if someone was going to a lot of trouble to tell lies about you and your relationship with someone, I am sure you would react the same why I have.

What happened when Dad went into the hospital? Why didn’t your mom call us to tell us Dad was in the hospital? Why didn’t you call us? I have the medical records, I know what happened in the hospital, how your mom was supposed to set up and meet with a nurse from hospice care and instead postponed the meeting opting to take Dad to the Bank of Hawaii to sign documents, also the next day instead of calling Wes and Nina your mother instead enlisted the signatures of Ralph Shumway and Ann Taylor. I think that is why Ann Taylor called me last year, she was concerned at this point about your mother and her behavior and as Ann said “something wasn’t right and I am so sorry”.

On the day Dad died your mother went to the bank and withdrew $182,000, and yet during the last few weeks he was sick did she call us? NO. Did she call us to say here Melvin…. Nanci here is a plane ticket for you to come out and be with your father? No.

Attorney Robert Jones has not communicated with us and as a result I have had no choice but to take all of this to court. In 2002 Dad gave me a copy of his 1996 Trust because he was concerned about your mother, their relationship and something about Dad finding out that your mom was sending you money behind his back.

You know as well as I do what Dad wanted, it was a fair distribution to everyone and for your mother and yourself to not communicate with us unforgivable.

Two of the most disturbing events have been through two phone calls, one from the an agent at the IRS who was concerned about the figures listed by Michael Gould the accountant in the tax return (which I would remind you was filed four years too late) and having Michael Gould tell me to go FUCK MYSELF and to lose his FUCKIN’ number…………not exactly a reaction that gives a person confidence in him ……….and the other phone call from Ann Taylor last year. I spoke with Ann Taylor originally in 2004 and she told me she was “under strict orders to not speak with me according to Mrs. Meek” What was that about? And last year Ann called me (an attack of conscience I guess) and told me several things about your mother, Ralph Shumway, the people who have been living with her, certain situations she has witnessed, etc. It was not comforting and certainly fueled a fire in me at a time when I was ready to just give up and walk away. Knowing what I know now……….no way.

Also the many times over the years I have called, e mailed and written letters to Robert Jones and was told by his secretary Colleen he would probably NOT return my phone calls………….Your mother has spent over $120,000 in attorneys fees to her attorneys and the attorneys for the Bank of Hawaii. First of all, she shouldn’t have to pay ANY attorney’s fees to a bank which has been named as a trustee. Your mother through no fault of her own is ignorant and easily persuaded which is made obvious by the way these attorneys have been bleeding her financially as well as the trust. And what happened with the signing of the documents relating to the sale of Dad’s property in Arkansas. She signed a document stating your address was unknown as well as me and Melvin, we have proof she knew where ALL of us were living. We also have proof she knew where Aunt Mary lived and yet she said she had no idea as to her whereabouts. Lola? Half the property belonged to my Aunt Mary. And just so you know, a letter showed up AFTER dad died unsigned stating that Dad had the title transferred into his name inclusive of Aunt Mary’s share of the property…………..that letter was never received by the title offices in Harrison Arkansas and we presume was probably written by Robert Jones after he realized we were on to him as far as the Arkansas property. He told my attorney “boy I really screwed up with this one.”

Hope all is well with you and your daughter. Nicole is very busy working and raising her little girl as well. You know my heart, phone and home is always welcome to you and I certainly hope we can get passed all of this. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and pass this along to you. It isn’t too late Lola, I have had conversations with Armstrong and other’s and I think you need to snap out of whatever money hungry stupor you are in and realize that I am not going away, neither is Melvin, and you might want to convince your mother of that.

Working as a private investigator allows me and fellow colleagues in Honolulu access to a lot of information that your mother and her attorneys have tried to keep from us. Honestly what is driving me to find the truth about Robert Jones, the first amendment, the events leading up to Dad’s death, the non-communication on behalf of your mother, yourself, the attorneys and the way the attorneys for the Bank of Hawaii have tried to protect their interests, the conversations with others who have stated that your mother and Robert Jones have told people lies about our relationship with Dad………..all of it is what fuels my passion to do what Dad really wanted and to have his wishes fulfilled.

You and I both know the 1996 trust and its distribution of 1/3 to me 1/3 to Biff and 1/3 to you and your mother was what he wanted. Honestly with an estate worth over 4.2 million, it is sad to see the greed that has come from all of this.

I was sorry to hear about your real father Senator John Reklai and what happened with the way he handled the investors and depositors of the Palau Savings and Loan. I was told and read in the papers that over 7,000 investors lost their life savings due to mismanagement. It was sad the way your father Senator John Reklai and eventually his friend passed away while fishing. I remember Dad told me you moved back to Palau in 1999 to live and work for your father John Reklai. He was also upset to learn that when you and Armstrong were married in Palau, the local paper listed your name as Lola Reklai instead of Lola Meek.

Dad also told me about the time he was in Palau and was beaten and in the hospital for four days. I have tried to obtain the medical records from the Belau hospital and the Ministry of Health for several years, even enlisting the help of Hershey Kiota in Washington DC, but noone seems to want to provide them. I have an e mail from someone (I would tell you who, but I promised him I would not) who said he works too closely with the Asanuma family and he is afraid his job would be compromised. I did speak with someone close to you who said NONE of Dad’s jewelry was stolen when he was attacked, and your mother was with him and she was unharmed. I would very much like to talk to you about this.

Dad also said he was upset about a car he had bought for you in the late 90’s when you lived near San Jose and something about your losing the car or giving it to someone (not sure what the exact story is) perhaps you can enlighten me. How sad you don’t allow your daughter Merkll to use her father’s last name, and instead go by Merkll “Ruthie” Meek at her elementary school in Palau.

I hope you and Dad were able to resolve all of these problems before he passed. I know he was a very forgiving man and being his daughter, he would be upset when we screwed up, discipline and try and correct, but he always forgave.

I can’t tell you how many times he would complain about you and Melvin doing something stupid or reckless, and I was always there to say, “Dad c’mon, just get over it.”

I am glad to see you and Ruthie have a good relationship. I know it must have been hard having your mother leave you with John Reklai’s mother, your grandmother, when you were only a baby to move to San Diego and go to school, not returning for you and bringing you to the United States until you were 10 years old.

Robert Jones insisted in one of his Affidavits that you were going to resume your education, so how is that coming along? Are you still working for Asanuma Enterprises or for your father John Reklai?

Melvin is doing well. You should see Joseph, his son, he looks just like dad only taller.

You are more than welcome to call me and address any of the items I have mentioned here. You can e mail me as well at nmeek48409@aol.com or call me on my cell at (760) 413-5660.

Take care and get in touch with me. You know that I am here for you. I still love you and still consider you my sister. Glad to hear you and Ruthie are doing well in Palau.

- Nanci Meek

(760) 413-5660

ok people,...you have to understand the cost of bud-lite in palau nowadays is out of reach, therefore, our very loved and elected coconut politicians' request for a raise is understood. their fat bellies and their way of life will cease to exist without this raise and God forbid these are our law makers who could either save or fuck up our coconut island...NGDIAK A ISED...!!!
Belau is going down with the help of our current coconut politicians......better keep that BELAU for sale sign towards Taiwan.....

Just to clarify for your information, RPPL 8-1, the Compensation Act, did not increase the salary for OEK members. That amount was set in the law during the 7th OEK ($1000 per session, up to a max of 50 sessions per year). This 8-1 merely amended the language of that law so it would comply with the amendment to the Constitution adopted last November and the $50K is paid out now on biweekly basis.

Hi Nancy Meek,

It's so unfortunate that it happened this way for you and your brother. I empathize with you. Don't give up doing what your doing to get to the bottom of this. You've influenced other people's minds and hearts with this situation so were also hoping to see the truth. If wrong doers dont get their punishment in this life, they will get it in the after life for sure. The truth will set us free.
Your in my prayers.

Hi Nanci Meek,

I have met your father several occassions in Honolulu, Hawaii and he is one of the most sincere person I have known. It is so very heart breaking to learn that he suffered so much while both of his children weren't able to see him. I remember the time just before he passed away I overheard a few friends of mine that Elizabeth wasn't able to get a hold of her husband children.

Now that I have read your letter, I am beginning to recall those numerous times (before your dad passed away) I have run into Elizabeth in Honolulu. Most of these times, she was alone. I asked her about your dad on one occassion and she mentioned that the caretaker was with him in the house. Perhaps, you can ask the neighbors for the name of the caretaker. She/He probably can help you somehow.

I will include you and your brother in my prayers from this day forward.

Were praying for you Nancy Meek!

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