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February 04, 2009


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is this the best thing our president could come up w/. laying people off from work, as if people are not having a really hard time making ends meet. "THIS MAN IS AN ABSOLUTE TOOL"

And here we are talking about raising salaries for Ministers, VP, and the Pres.....

Very sad....


THREE MONTHS of FREE labor from each of the GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS could free the nation of some badly needed funds! Some of them are wealthy, so they can afford it anyway.


I think its time for a REVOLUTION......

when the clock striikes 3:60 te landlord will crow

Mosi, they arent only talking about giving them a raise, it has been introduce in the senate.(Senate Bill 8-10)"the proposal seeks to increase the annual salary of the President from the current $50,000.00 to $100,000.00, an increase of 100 percent. The Vice President will receive a salary of $70,000.00 intstead of the current $45,000.00, an increase of 55 percent.Ministers will see a 50 percent increase of their salaries from the current $30,000.00 to $45,000.00." tia belau, issue #5.
Maybe they do deserve the pay raise or maybe not. No matter how big a raise they get, when the go Surangel with us regular folks, we still pay the same amount for a sack of 50# rice. I dont think furlough is the answer to this crisis and i definately doubt that raising salaries will help either.

You are absolutely right jnl,

It's funny cause Baules is JT's cousin, I wonder if anyone has asked JT what he thinks about the proposed bill. It will be very interesting to hear what he has to say about it.

The question is...(Are they both in on this?)
They may both deny it, but my eye brows are still way up there.....Need some answers to bring them back down...LOL



They say furlough but that`s a nice way of getting rid of those who are sitting in offices pretending to work and to stop irresponsible spending by government offices. I hope the President and his ministers will think about the needy and jobless citizens first before they ask for their own raise.

The whole idea stinks. Instead of giving raises to Teachers, Police Officers, Doctors, and hard working public servants who are making much less than what they are worth, we give more to those who are already making more than the rest of the population. At any rate, we simply cannot afford to give raises to anybody in the Government.

We are back to the same game...self serving public officials. I hope my senators are looking at this seriously.

It's so sad if they furlough some of the employee
especially when they have kids to support and loan to pay, why can't reduce prez and VP, some of senator salary and wait until economy in Palau is getting better then they can talk about raise salary.....that way no one lose their job.....tiaikid sel dolekoi erngii....domakes el moruchei......and cut down some of the employee in Government Dept and raise our salary....techebuul a rechad er Belau the one's that will effect this furlough

Good leaders don't ask their followers to do what they themselves will not do. Furloughing goverment workers while at the same time giving themselves exorbitant raises is poor leadership. It further widens the gulf between the haves and the have nots resulting in cynicism and mistrusts of our leaders.

However, we all knew that we could not sustain the behemoth government we have created. It was a train wreck in making but no one had the balls to stop it or alter its course. Pity we had to wait until we are now forced to take actions. All should make sacrifices, and most would say start at the top, as they can most afford it and it sets a good example. This is highly doubtful, as the pattern seems to be that once our leaders are elected they become more concernced about themselves than those they represent.

Bush handed a broken economy to Obama.
TR handed a bankrupt government to Toribiong.

Now Toribiong has to fix TR's mistakes.

Hard times require hard decisions.

Use some of the compact trust funds to save the workers.

I suggest if Mr. President want to lay off some of the goverment employees, start with the ones that TR hired during his administration. Most them are very highly paid who doens't have the qualifications in those areas their at. They prey on other people's work to make the public think they are the ones who provides the ideas and knowledge to run the agencies.

Check the list with personnel on who are the most highest paid employees-Does the salary match their qualifications and years of service.

When JT ran for President, he promised that he would NOT cut any government employees until there was alternative private sector demand for them. He SAID, people need their jobs and it is a failure of the administration to create alternative opportunities, so until we create those I vouch not to cut any current government employees. BULAK!

AND NOW, less than a month in.... he is announcing this? What the hell kind of leader is he? People in the US are losing their jobs left and right and this is the best he can come up with?

lets all pray for the rejection of this ridiculous proposal and squeeze our testicles...... amen. my eyelashes are tilted 45 degrees.

the fact that he uses the term "furlough", does it mean that it will most likely be temporary? if so, where are they going to get the funds to reinstate the employees that will be laid off?

unfortunately, i'm graduating with 2 bachelors this coming may and am hoping to get a job at home for a year or less to get some hands-on experience before heading off to graduate school. with these kinds of terms, i hope to find a job and it's not money i'm looking for. i'm just looking for experience and only enough money to sustain my stay there.

this is unfortunate for the employees that will be getting the short end of the stick because of other people's mistake. hopefully, this means that those that have gotten used to saying, "bobechititerir e desterir" will actually say something. in the end, it's us, the common people, that suffer from these short-comings.

hopefully, i get a chance to work at home and help address these issues. after all, i'm only 22 yrs. old and there's only so much they can do to me if i open my mouth. both my parents are either retired or retiring this year, so they will not really be threatened with their jobs. and frankly, it's been going on way too long and the gap between the rich and the poor in palau is too big.

i think i've said way too much, but best wishes and prayers to all the employees in palau!

side note: i would love to see at least one of our "distinguished" leaders whether current or previous to learn from Obama and say that they screwed up when they have caused so much turmoil and difficult times for our people.


Rather than raise and furlough there should be a cut in pay. And I think the cut should start from the top.

other suggestions
instead of furlough there are other options like, job-sharing, 4-days work week, shortened hours and even compt time off. these are all good and will give time off for employees to go fishing or farming while at the same time still maintain their medical insurance,seniority, and other job benefits. they will receive less money but as least it's better than no job at all. furlough will still be an considered for those who are not productive. early retirement with pay-out is another option.

cheers to politics junkie who is graduating in May & still have high hopes to return to palau and help the his/her country.

This is a response to bkulatiull in okinawa's comment calling the President a "tool":

What would you suggest the government do to save the country from going bankrupt then? It is so easy to criticize and use poor taste in making comments when YOU are not the one responsible for the welfare of not just government employees, but also citizens as well. You think Palau is the only country that has come up with the idea of laying off people? YOu think the President just came up with this idea from the top of his head? Of course it is a difficult decesion, but someone has to clean up the mess that was created from the previous administration. Democracy was intended for people to have a voice in government. Do you have a voice? If the answer is yes, then use it constructivley instead of destructivley. God Bless.

A furlough would sound very nice as the gov't is already overpopulated and some sectors should have never existed... But why a pay raise bill? I confuse.

I think we should go back to the basics work from top to bottom....cut high officials pay and then work our way down...no furloughs...besides government top dogs has all the wealth... they can afford a little slash from their paycheck...to help heal our economy.

why would anyone think that the pay cuts should start at the top and trickle on down to the bottom? isn't it wiser to just cut the unnecessary gov't workers and keep those that are needed to run this nation of ours?

it's high time that we get it in our heads that the gov't isn't the only place to work! and don't tell me there are no jobs in palau because there are many. it's just that we often think we are "too good" to work them, hence the multitude of foreigners that walk our streets every sunday.

now don't get me wrong, i agree that pay raises are ridiculous to even bring up at a time like this but if anyone deserves them, it is they who are trying to get us out of the crap we've been swimming in for the past several years.

so please, stop your bickering. instead, why not ask hokkons baules what the heck he was thinking? don't be fooled by the arrogant pompous ass. he's likely up to something!

Alsekum ngdiak lorael tirkal chad ra ngodch elbeluu ekerdi omes ertir ete nguu abeluad. Kedouspech ertir elmekerang? Ngera loruul ra beluad eldiak elsebeched el remuul? I say furlough all of them and give back Belau to the PEOPLE!

Ngera chised e Hokkons, what have you done so far to deserve the rais?

Palau Leadership don't care about us ordinary people!! They want the money for them only!! Come on you think we have changed,,It is us to blame for voting these people to get richer.

It is sad because most of them are well to do compare to a alot of people in Palau. They are not losing any sleep over their needs being met on a daily basis. In fact, they expect to be payed more with less hours in the office than expected. Welcome to the real world of Palauan politicians who declared to care for the people in words only but not in action.

I can't help but see JT sort of imitating Obama. Lol!

I think SW Jr. made his point once again with his statement that the OEK Budget would be less strained if congress took a 30% pay reduction and received approximately $35K, instead of the $50K ceiling that they can reach, Finance Minister/VP Mariur would agree, and he stated in Palau Horizon Vol.11 #52(Friday Feb. 6 Issue),that "...since the National unified budget for FY 2009 was not enacted into law, the gov is operating under continuing resolutions(for their cash)...and the gov should spend w/in their budgets and not requisition any large orders till this issue is addressed properly and shit. Trim the pork...spend w/in budget and don't fire anybody...because the government is one (or maybe it IS)the largest employer in this country and with the US heading into the double digits in Unemployment(I think it is estimated to hit 12% at the end of this year) that Palau should be very careful with how they treat people.Concrete symptoms of the sickening state of our economy include the increasing # of burglaries, closer scrutiny of gov spending/usage of non-monetary resources-vehicles/gas/power/, marked increase in number of mid-semester dropout at PCC-(Students attend classes and those eligible receive Federal Work-Study Jobs only until the infamous "refund" checks are disbursed then they withdraw, check with the staff of the Admissions office and ask for the numbers-this I must insist is hearsay, however my source is good-next there is the yearly cycle of the non-profit/school tuition Tax refund....people who take part in this give to legitimate non-profs such as Red Cross and ROPgov entitles a person a refund of up to 10%of their nat'l taxes filed, these people seem to be demanding the non-profs their money on a daily basis when it is the Gov which has tasked itself with handing out the refund check, and finally kick out Shimbros they are the devil to us just like what happened to the indians....legalize 4:20 P.M. as the time to get off work and give a free bonus sample....shoot

Meral Mesiou,

Minister of Health Dr. Kuartei

Good example of a Great Leader!
Making the biggest sacrifice in his life to serve our needs.

$105,000.00 to $35,000.00.

President, Vice President, Senators, and Delegates. Furlough, won't solve anything but cause more pain and frustrations.

I strongly feel that now the people of Palau should start a "Focus Group" and we can utilize the group as a tool to help all the people here in Palau to try to bring support and ideas to our government. Ng mla mo time el kirir a rechad er a beluu el step up e mo osiik a uldasu el kmo mekerang a dekaingeseu a rechad er beluu. A belau a meral mla mo keltukll ar ungil beserir mar mechebuul. Ng dirrek el employees era ROP a kumerang el kmo kirir el dirrek el start a focus group within their ministries. Te chebuul a rechad a bo de start el lay off er tir

JT and KM,

A belau ouspech er a Merit System! Start el llomes er tirkel chad el blel hire er tir a Tommy e moltobed er tir leng kmal betok er tir a diak el qualified for the JOB or background experience er tir.

I know President Toribiong is a Christian. Pray for him that through his faith in God, Palau will get out of the mud and be blessed.

Komdi mengedermaot ra beluu ma uchul meng diak el bolungil...Chritian can be turn out as devil
Belau can get out of muddy if there's team work...

Almost everyone in Palau is christian, while were praying for the new president lets not forget those who will be loosing their jobs, and the many families that will be affected by his decesions this year.
The people need answers and nowadays they also need to survive.

You want to get rich quick, sue someone. Oops my bad, be a PALAUAN POLITICIAN.

My fellow citizens,

The people get what they deserve. Why bitch now! We voted Nakamura and Rememgesau, two terms each! Even though we knew how corrupt they were.

We knew that they were wasting and skimming off Palau's resources! What did we do? NOTHING!

Crumbs that spread off Nakamura's and TR's tables were enough for us to turn a blind eye!

Now the party is over and so it's time to pay the piper!

Fortunately, we now have a responsible President in President Johnson Toribiong. This good and wise man is facing reality. He knows what he needs to do to save Palau from becoming totally bankrupt.

On owr part, we must give him our FULL support if we love our Palau so that he (the president) can make things better for us.

When one has gangrene, one needs to take drastic measures like cut the infected parts off. Take bitter medicine and bear the pain.

If we do this, we will heal, we will become stronger but we will need to learn the hard and bitter lessons well.

All of us must realize and stop day dreaming that we can survive on our own because we cannot!

All of us must realize that we need foreign partnership in order for our economy to grow..... Protectionist policies must go!!! Corruption must go!!!! Complacency must go!!! Unrealistic demands must go!!!

We must reform the FIB, the EQPB,the FIC!!! we must reform our laws to make Palau a place where foreign investors que to invest.

We must attract foreign banks and foreign insurance companies! We cannot simply look at Palau as being just a tourist destination!

To do this we have to enact sophiscated laws that make it worth while for such institutions to come to our country.

We must become competitive! We must forge new relationships! We must have new idea and new businesses!

To begin with we need to show the world that we are a people who abide by the law.

We need to show the world that our laws are not bias! We need to show the world that we are not frighten to put our leaders up for scrutiny and if they are found corrupt we will bring them to book regardsless of their rank or family connections!

Let us begin by scrutinising Nakamura, TR and all the Ministers of the past past corrupt administrations.

Let us bring to book all those responsible for the PSB bank collapse. When we do this the world will start to respect us, then Palau will prosper!

Bury your head in the sand at the peril of our childrens' future!



Diaz just announced on the radio that Youlsou Bells have withdrawn her appointment to be a Minister. Her reason was based on the health of her child who has to be sent to Hawaii for medical care.

I knew of her as a Debbie Sullivan who was an aerobics instructor. She also went by the name of Cathy Sullivan. I was shocked to find out that she is now a Youlsou Bells. I could never figure out why she goes by so many names. Thought people should alway carry one name.

I wonder if she can prove that her MBAs from both Wharton and Duke are authentic.

I understand that we have to find ways to minimize gov't costs, and learn to "live to within our means". When I got a loan to build my house, I based the size on the needs of my family (not fancy), and my income (not a lot, but adequate to make biweekly loan payments, pay my basic bills, and still provide for my children). If I get laid off, and I no longer have the "means" to pay my loan, how is that helping our economy if the bank takes my home (leaves me and my children homeless); and strip me of the means to support my children? I want to contribute to the "healing", but should it be at the personal expense of the welfare of my children? When I got the loan, it WAS based on "MY MEANS".

Uh ... do not want to hear youlsau or cathy or debbie or sullivan or Barclay or who the hell she is, she must be evaluated, am 100% sure she has some mental problems and should be locked up and get evaluated. Senator Adalbert is right and has been right. Do not let crooks get into this government and mess it. That is the way to work, that way we can get rid of corruption and other illegal matters going in the government.

usp lada,

islander: i like the way you think!

investigator: this doesn't have to be a setback - the choice is yours. granted, your family will have to make adjustments but what your children can learn from you is how to persevere through hardship. believe me, this is far better than anything you could ever buy them with the money you're earning from a gov't that is in trouble. find another job. it can be done and i wish you all the best!

The President should have not passed the law to rais their money. IS this a JOKE!! their trying to layoff people to balance the budget to pay their motherfucking asses!! Wow, ng dikmedung morngii a uldikel ra beluu. A sign kmal mla mo betok. Klou chomerchorch, a rebuik a di unemployed me te di eltelaol di betok a accident. Rich get richer and poor get poorer!! Thats the new slogan for Palau!!

Techebuul a rechad el kmal milecheblad ra ungil
lomelichingel a President during his compaign..
kadi momes er chelchang ngomdasue er kemiu...hell no...during his speech he said that he will do this and that if he take the seat...he did not once mention that his first law
is to raise up their salary....komeral di milecheblad er ngii....mal sekum komoruebt ra chelsel a furlough, e mongill le wal rak e kuk bom sengkyo....adang mekerang





Everyone are just frustrated and are stuggling on a daily basis to servive. They're just voicing their concerns remembering what some of them said during their compaigning trail. I remember a personal aid of one of them that says, " I truly cares" which is in itself not happening now. I smiled when I read it because they know what we want to hear.

Ngkmal diak desuub a subeled edi mo semeriar er tir ma ungil eldecheduch at that time e obes ra ngarmedad el tegoi. Nglocha sebeched el mo ungil lomdasue in four years from now. But for now, we better start thinking about ourselves indidually if that means getting away from there for awhile.


No, I don't think the president and his VP should be getting paid that much money, either. Not at this time, anyway. The people are crying echoing their chelbulir meng mekerang to justify their salaries. What are these people going to do in Palau when they loose their jobs? Would they be able to collect unemployments? I doubt it. These are people who has families and mortgage to pay. What is TJ going to do to enhance our economy? I'm just as frustrated as everyone else because I voted for him.


Enough is Enough because JT got the seat,and there is no ? for that,everybody in this blog know's how to calculate math, public are crying leng kmal meringel a delengchokl er belau,voter's are working on $2.50 an hour and his first bill is OEK salary, why not voter's salary... anyway I did not vote for him nor Chin but I'am supporting them when they do their off island compaign because I'am Palauan blood, and I do care for my Island and my blood people....The first President shot was to sign OEK salary and ROP Government may furlough Employee,so what do you think of this? If your smart enough you will know that this will make public frustration and worry, especialy the old age people that they vote and don't know how to calculate math.....I assure you that if your are in one of the government employee shoe's you are also worry at this point of time..mau uchul ma kwasei kom kmal di milcheblad ra cheldechedechal a JT....lawyer's are smart enough to fool the people.... anyway since I voted for Obama I will ask him the stimulus to help some of the house hold in Palau, and this is one of Toribiong main topic when he get the seat......so now I can say that Chin did not run for President because of salary, he run for that position because of poor people....


Last four year's VP Chin spent his owned money to fix some school bus to be used for transportation for babeldaob studen, Can your pro Toribiong and Ngiraingas can spend their own money to do the same thing? Or spent it for some wheelchair to be used at the hospital,renovate some school facilities...

thanks Ota, I don't care who the president is on the salary issue. If I am not mistaken, a bill has been already introduced for the sky-high prez/vp/min's salary increase and thus my problem/question is, why didn't or aren't our lawmakers debating on the AMOUNT of ihe ncrease? If anything, why not at the most 5% or 10% instead of FIFTY?

The actions by our lawmakers sap the morale of our people. It is about accountability and showiing the way as leaders. What are the reasons behind paying OEK memebers from per session to salary? No sessions, no attendance, no pay, seems to be fair and reasonable. Most of us have to do the work before we get paid. So why do our lawmakers excluded from this concept. The privileged atone to different rules, is that it? Furthermore why was it the first law enacted? It is a matter of bad taste of taking care of themselves first while the headline next to it talks about furloughing government workers. That is discouraging to the average Palauan. Their hope of this OEK and new administration doing things differently is snuffed with what appears to be the same old disconnect of our leaders with our people's needs.

President Obama put a freeze on his staff's salary, but Palau, which is a beggar nation seems to be tone deaf to the world wide economic depression, moves to raise the salaries of its top government officals. The realities of poverty are difficult to deal with, but to see our leaders appear so preoccupied with their welfare and oblivious to the angst government workers have about their job security is sad.

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