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February 04, 2009


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Makes a lot of sense. Great thinking SW Jr.


Good idea to get the cashflow situation more manageable. I hope that the Govt. goes through with a line of credit so that the vendors can get paid on time.

This is only half good idea.

Here is my proposal.

Stagger the payments. Keep the quarterly
payments but have businesses whose name start between A to I pay tax every 2 months beginnng January. J to P pay every two months after February. Q to Z pay every two months after march.

This system will stop the jams on January, April, July, October at the office of Revenue and Taxation. Also, it will improve government collection.

Try it because the existing system is outdated.

this is to support the pay raise 'cos there's no budget for that bright idea....

instead, most of these people whom baules think they need raise, if not all of them are well off and should work for free to build our coconut island.

chew on that

I agree with everyone, this does seem like SW Jr's plan is effective..but Razzio Belau's proposal is extermely sound! He is right, not only does his idea create a consistent flow of funds, but it will also reduce the amount of pressure created by deadlines and quarterly workloads...therefore requiring less man-hrs/manpower....which would correlate to a positive 'trimming of the fat'.

The only flaw I can see, which is probably one of the negative factors for the previous quarterly system, is that it potentially encourages poor individual financial budgetting and planning. It seems that generally Palauans are not adept in prioritizing their finances....which I want to add that the infuluences in our cultural practices/customs (siukang) have a great affect.

But overall, I think Razzio Belau's idea is the best way to go as far as splitting the population by either SSN or alpha by name. Kudos!

monthly tax collection monthly- every 30 days monthly?

lets start taxing all these siukang. it doesnt hurt to collect maybe 10% from every ocheraol, houseparty, ngasech and any other form except kemeldiil. that should bring in addtl rev.

ok...babeldaob for minister of tax.....now that's an original one, you hit the nail right on. siukang has become more like a business in itself rather than what it was originally intended for. now the issue is the watch-dog to monitor exactly what's made during the siukang so the appropriate tax can be assesed. i can see some belauan style activities in the making on this one, nevertheless it's by far the best idea i've seen.

Just curious Surangel Jr.

Where did you get this idea? Never heard of such a thing.I also want to know the economist that came up with this. Kamom cheritm?

How about we start taxing land sales and land leases? All the wealthy Palauans will now have to pay their share for getting land on the cheap and this way, it will also get reported on who bought what....

What do you thinks?

why not!!!! we adopted the U.S constitution so why not go all the way and tax the shit out of everybody. compact money won't last another 5yrs with the way the world economy is and our so called republic can't even pay its electric bill........"HOUSTON...we have a problemo!!!"

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