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February 11, 2009


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Here we go! First law - give OEK a raise!

Furlough tomorrow?

Mekede mesaod a furlough er a government employees in one hand, ea other hand a melas a udoud lolengasech a ududir ar senators el tir a dulilt er tir el loureor el kired ma siorai er a belauad. Tiang mo bedul ker el amt? Tiang ng kuk mocha Amt er a mekesai?

Govt. for, by and of the ELECTED

Wow, the first action that the OEK and the President take is to secure the OEK's salaries at 50,000. What if they left the law alone and only paid them per session so they could not show up to work and not get paid and save us some money.


What about us???????????????

Guys, Guys, guys,

Kokemiu er ngii! Ko mla bes er tial amendment el de kilngei erngi er tial mlo merek el November??? Alii ngkid el mle senkyo el chad a kilengei er ngii. Tiai kid a tara uchul eng diak el kirel ngarngii a ngiidil AMENDMENT EL MORA CONSTITUTION E BODOLAI ER NGII LOKIU A SENKYO EL MO TELOU LOBENKEL A GENERAL ELECTION. NGKIREL MO ILEAKL MENG MO SEBECHED EL MOUNGIL MERITEL E SUUEBII RA UCHEI RA BO DE SENKYO. Ea lak ekerdii elab a medad ra rurt ra klou el senkyo e medings ra BBQ ea uai tia kid el tekoi a ngoriakl.

Ongerung, tia kuk ungil er tial mlo merek el $1000/session.

Ongedei, alii a sal moriou a udid tirkal chad eng mo klou a URA KANE ma lechub mo meklou a udoud el remurt ra eungel a tebel.

Ngmeral tegoi e Uchel, kede uleba techall to change the course of our future edimlo medinges e chetelaul e obes. Mengilekid a Obama el kmal
blak a rengul lolngeseau lomdasue rar citizens er tiei el betok a mla mo diak loureor.

Makora omdasue el kmo; Ngkol mo uangera tial compact renewal el kmo sebeched el mo ngmai a sesel ludoud malechub engdiak? A chelbuul a merael el mei mebodekerkikl a spending habits er kid.

Let's hope JT understands that George Bush's salary was raised 50% from $200K to $400K and he fucked up like a MF!

Truly disappointed by the actions of our new Pres. Talking about furlough government employees and turn around and raise OEK salaries. They cannnot even raise the minimum wage, give cola for gov. employees, Raise teachers and police salaries. Fix our schools, roads the total infrastracture Jesus. Now we know that government is only for the OEK not the people.

the first law is to raise salary!!! are you kidding me?? what a joke. for those of you who voted for JT, you have nothing to complain about. you voted him in.

Cheers! I'll drink to that. Well, Well, there will be more to come so be expecting JT to do more disappointing actions. I have d best seat of the house to watch and enjoy the long jumpy four years. He, He, He!!!!! Bless ya all.

Uchelmais, I agree with your first point, the problem of ammendments included in general elections, but I disagree with your 2nd and 3rd point.

The cost of a leg session is unavoidable, especially after the building of our current 'white house'. It is also separate from individual pay. The fact that a session is more epxensive than an annual pay of a senator does not justify an increase in their pay that is cost less...NOT AT ALL. It only points out that expenses per session need to be readdressed especially when the results are a lot of hot air and wasted time and BS legislation.

Your thrid point is incorrect and filling these guys' pockets does nothing to fix the problem of under the table dealings....because only crooks deal under the table and crooks always want more money. An increase in pay is not going to alleviate their greed. And believe it or not, there is an ethical way to political get the Exec branch and the OEK to work well together. Public awareness thru better meida outlet is one way...that is why this blog-site (is that even a recognized term? ha) is an important tool. I mean yea, getting an honest and a selfless official is probably the best assurance, but I won't hold my breath for that. An outside body, probably independent of the gov't, is needed to keep these guys in check.

The world is experiencing a global economic slowdown. Palau is in recession. These senators just stepped into office last month! WHAT THE HELL have they done to merit this pay raise. I voted for Chin cause I thought JT was a bad character, but when JT won, I thought, god I hope I am wrong. Needless to say, thats not the case. You raise salaries of some of the richest people in Palau, then announce a potential furlough of ordinary people who need their jobs to support their families, then you scapegoat the whole YB situation saying its because of a family emergency. What the hell kind of leader are you?

Obama is cutting taxes for the middle class, providing MORE jobs for the millions who lost theirs, and publicly took responsibility when one of his nominations hadn't paid his taxes. So there you have it - one is a leader, looking out for his people, and another one is an idiot, looking out for his own pockets and providing political favors to his cronies. I thought TR was bad, but I think we may be in for a suprise...

Amen to that ==!!!!!!

Come on. Is anyone SURPRISED? Did anyone vote for JT because of his sound judgement? Trustworthy character? Track record of good deeds?

ngmechas a rengud el kemiu el kmo senators mar delegates a olengasech a ududir. kom ngila ikal tekoi er ker. a ududir a senator rechelechal eighth oek a kmal diosisiu tir metirkel mle senators ra seventh oek el di mlakelngasch ra even penny. Sel beches el llach el RPPL 8-1 a dimo mlodech ra llach el bol udeudel el bi-weekly emo diak el per session. mengchechered a rengud erkemiu el di mesaod a tekoi e diak bo mungil tiritl e momesaod a diaklemerang el tekoi. just a thought...

Tiai a mle somii. LOL. Komngarker? Tukwila, Judge Dredd, LA Lawyer, Mardingaol?

Uchelmais, I've been 'better' informed and looked further into the make-up of this bill concerned, and in enightment, I now see and somewhat agree now with all three of our points. Understood sir...crystal clear. I still have reserves between a salary-based vs per-session based and whether either-or is better, but your points are well-founded....because you knew what your talking about. So I humbly rescind my confused disagreement. Thank you...O yea, it was a posting by Razzio Belau that provided initial clarification...thanks for the info Razzio!

Can either of you provide a link or maybe attach a doc that shows the actual provisions of this bill?

Here it is. See below link and let's all be better informed with what we're talking about...and yes, this whole mis-understanding only solidifies Uchelmais' first point:


An important point made by voted for and approved ammendment "a salary the initial amount of which shall be determined by law, but shall not exceed the amount of compensation received by the members of the Seventh Olbiil Era Kelulau". Just in case some aren't following we're on our 8th OEK.

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