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March 26, 2009


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About time


when can we get a recall petition going? has he only been in office 3 months .... you mean 3 years and 9 months more? is he the CHAIRMAN OF PALAU'S TOURISM COMMITTEE in the Senate? Ha!

Finally the court makes a good order

love this ... gonna go to hearing at 9am to see diaz watch his own hanging.

I just wish they allowed cameras in the court room so that we can all watch Diaz squirm. Hope to hear a detailed description of what happens in the court.

On another subject, I also think Diaz is just being used by other politicians to further their own agendas and destroy political opposition. Maybe, someone else is "pulling his strings". Any speculation on who the real puppet masters are? I think that Diaz is just the mouth and not the mind behind all the BS he puts out there.

As a Palauan who has entertained the thought of investing in sustainable energy sources (ie, windmills, solar energy) to help our people and island the last couple of years, I'm absolutely mortified at the thought of investing millions in such a project and having to deal with this type of behavior and lack of knowledge from our island politicians. It saddens me to say that my investments and energy will be better focused somewhere else.
Frieda Ongrung-Funk

plz explain more about this entertaining post:)

just what did Diaz say?


ps- currently not in palau. fill me in.

Diaz, why talk about killing people if you're no killer yourself. C'mon now, put a lid on your funk. You're not a tuff gong. You're a business man and you should stick to that! Need I remind you that you're a senator as well?

Good luck.


How sad to realized now how childish and immature Diaz is, not to mention his image as a senator. There are a lot of us Palauans living abroad, and, can you imaging getting pressured and harrassed like the foreigners living in our country? This guy is not fit to represent us and I'm ashamed to admit that I voted for him.. never again.

I am very troubled by the image that our elected official has created for all to see. Using his position to try and bend the system to benefit himself which is ilegal in the first place. He stoops even lower by trying to kill his competitors by being instrumental in taking away his competitors funding through UNICEF. I am ashamed and furious of the fact that he is our Senator. Something needs to be done to stop this guy from shaming us all.......


Wow, it looks like most Palauan people are now growing-up. I am really encouraged when reading most of the remarks on this blog.

We cannot and must not support the likes of Diaz, remengesau and Nakamura who use their position to abuse and intimidate.


Believe me, people has seen his true color and for the remaining of his years as our senators, he will be a laughing stock among our citizens. Here we are begging the United States for more grants and yet one of our Senators is harrassing their citizens of their rights living in our country. What might happen to those of us living in the United States experiencing free speech and rights to enchance our careers? And for you Diaz, your ill behavior is certainly going to endanger other Palauans lives. How Hillary would love to hear about this scenaro.

Well JP,

Who is to blame when we get scenarios like this. It is the majority that voted back Yahoos like Dias and Remengesau.

It is not as though we did not know what they stood for. We all had experience of their bad behavious for 8 years, yet we still voted for these fools!

If you want to change Palau for the better we need to convict the likes of Nakamura, Remengesau, Shmull, Esang and their cronies.


For your info, Diaz is JT's crony and mouth. See what happens when you believe in self-serving politicians such as Diaz and the likes who are mostly JT's cronies? You end up having a man like JT as your prez! JT's victory is a consequence of your trust in re-electing Diaz and his cronies and that's your reality, you fool!

I stopped writing about the arrogance of Diaz when lot of people began to criticize me for what I was saying. Now we see CJ has decided to put a lid of
Diaz..an act that is long overdue. For a while I felt like Christopher Columbus when he told his foes that the world is round and that if sail toward the horizon you would not fall into an endless abyss. Now what...you fools? For those of you, who despite what has been said, are still supporting this crazy man are just as stupid and just as fools as Diaz is now and until you change..and this is because, as the saying goes, komla kma dechil a Diaz.

he'll have his day in court so lets hear both side of the story before we draw our conclusion. i don't agree with senator Diaz for the wrong he's done but i don't jump into conlusion without the final outcome of both side of the story. don't worry about US cause they know and understand that not one is perfect so they won't hold all palauans acountable for one persons mess.

Diaz is becoming an iconic clown who epitomizes the incompetent and corrupt Palauan politician. He embarasses the educated and the self annoited high brow Palauans. Every time he behaves outrageously there follows this cacophony of outrage by bloggers on this site who deride him and call for his ouster. However time and time again he has the last laugh. He does have his followers who keep propping him up. This is what really scares me.


You just said everything. So what is the missing piece of the puzzle? You think the Court can make a difference on this one?

Man, I don't know what's the missing piece. Maybe you or someonelse can quess what it is.

The source of Mr. Diaz's power seems to be his radio. It gives him unlimited access to the people. Like him or not he can be rather entertaining and convincing in what he says on his radio show. He is a smart man, hence he is going after OTV which stands to erode his media audience market hence his influence on the people/voters. However, the manner he goes about it, by using his senatorial power is either out of arrogance or stupidity. I think it is the former.

I hope the court will at least put a leash on him.

I hope the court put an end to it, otherwise, he will continue to exceed his power to justify himself. He cannot accept defeat or someone else better than him. Therefore, he will do whatever it takes to take them down before he gets there. His radio is his means to reach the people with one-sided opinion. I, for one cannot stand his radion station because he, somehow always turn the conversation around diretly toward him and how good he is. Now, that's someone lacking self confidence of himself.

"Court Orders Diaz" This one makes a good headline. Don't you just get tired of reading/hearing about this idiot and the things he is doing. I could care less if he is not a Senator just running his mouth in his Radio Station or Running his Dial Store business. But too much is too much. Let this be a lesson to those who voted for him. People like him are a disgrace to the country of Palau. "Making death threats"....Jesus, you couldn't even hurt a fly...even if it landed on your filthy mouth. I guess people actually buy that with the fact that you were in the military. Little did they know that you were nowhere near being a soldier...a TRUE SOLDIER. Thank God you actually retired...

Politically we need someone like Diaz. He is by no means a perfect human being but in many cases he has struck a chord in the hearts and minds of many ordinary palauan people. Think about this notion. With Diaz silenced, who will be in charge of island propaganda? Time and time again Diaz has proven to be a useful tool in the disemination of information. Now whether that information is tainted or skewed is up to the interpretation of the receiver. It is this skill that all palauans will need to develop over time if our democracy is to survive all the current govt. in fighting. In other words, we still need Diaz because his words and actions stoke the fire in our still young and fledgling democracy. Give him a chance. He can still change and so can we.

Ar mechas temor abolak a diaz el mengelaod ertir? As an elected senator he still deserves our respect as much as our critisism. The fact that he was re elected speaks for itself. Like I mentioned in the past, we can't live with or without him. We just LOVE to HATE him.

We need OTV too, just as much, maybe more because they are training young Palauans. so we have got to as Palauans throw some of our weight their way on this one, not much time as i think maybe they are running out of patience.

love to hate him? you that bored?

can't live without his rhetoric and racism?

can the court just make him filter his shows?

has anyone seen him these last few days or is he locked up at WWFM?

Need him....you must be out of your mind! Trained to interpret what he say...The fact that he was re-elected speaks for itself....No! NO! NO! The reason why he was re-elected is due to the majority of palauans still living in the dark. Lack of common sense which a lot of palauans does not posess. He's still lucky enough to run his mouth...For most of the people, you just rely on the idea that he is a Senator so whatever he says must be legitimate...It seems that his stupidity is wearing off on most of the palauan people. Good luck relying on his facts and his will as a public servant. Peace out.

The court's decision will not "silence" diaz...it will simply stop him from harassing OTV. He will be allowed to continue his radio show, so don't worry about losing your source of island propaganda. He'll just have to find someone else to pick on....

Roll 'em is paving the way for others to challenge this moron. Unfortunately it has taken foreigners to show the Palauans that there are laws, that no title allows anyone to do this and that the court system works. It is also unfortunate that some will see this as the foreigners attacking their beloved senator instead of seeing this for what it really is, justice for all.

Psychologically Diaz just invites this sort of mentality from some of us. Just like when he was a child and literally unloved by his family exacerbated by the fact surrounding his mother's rejection of him. This is the crux of Diaz life story and the mental engine that drives his motivations in life. Most palauans know this story very well because they've experienced it first hand or know immediate members in their families that have also faced this type of rejection. This goes back to the notion that we are not all perfect and just maybe Diaz deserves our compassion and not our rebuke. Remember fear is just pride turned upside down so show some love and understanding. Diaz needs it

Love and understanding is what you give to an abused beaten dog cowering in the corner, not a rabid german shepherd which is destroying everything around you. First let him realize human values then he can be treated that way.

Lets get this straight. Diaz is not some poor abused victim here. He is a senator, a radio host and very powerful force in Palau. He uses his position to introduce legislation against his competitors, he uses his radio station to foster racism, fear and hatred. He openly attacks those who disagree with him and degrades the "Palauans in the village" who he thinks he controls through his superior intellect. He drives away tourism, and has become a focal point for Washington D.C. who is looking at him as the representation of the Palauan government and business. This is not poor Diaz, this man is a danger to the future of Palau. He is bad for a harmonious society, bad for growth, bad for foreign investment, bad for tourism, bad for the compact and embarrassing to call himself Palauan even though he is 1/4 Japanese and 1/2 Chamorro. Although he is only 1/4 Palauan he attacks others calling them half casts, this is a clear sign that he is delusional and evil. If you support the devil you will go to hell.

You guys give too much credit to Diaz!!!

I suspect what's missing in all our lives and especially in Diaz's is love. There is not even a word in the palauan language that comes close to its very essence. Without it to color our disertations and contemplations, have we as a people grappled or even reached that level in our actions and sensibilities? Diaz is a product of the same society we have been party to since our birth. So what makes him the social pyriah that many in the upper echelons of palauan society abhor him yet still listen to his rant and raves. Is'nt it our palauan tendency to magnify and put under the microscope anothers inadequacies as many here have attributed to Diaz. Maybe it just makes us feel better about ourselves to put someone down. Lets all make sure our collective ingnorance never gets in the way of our untested brilliance. Love is the key.

Alii Diaz,

I listened to your radio the other day. You complained about Custom, Immigration and quarantine officers, who asked Amboi if he is your boy friend? You should be proud of the cause you are out closet already. Now, send back Imelda she has a boyfriend in Midtown Mobil.

You can appeal to CJ Arthur N. for dimissing your case. Oh! CJ remembered that Diaz once said, you don't have partner/girl to release your stress and thing. He rediculed you CJ many times in the past years.

Now, CJ its your turn and you must command with auhority to apply the law equally and justice for all. Diaz is to small fish. Let go. okay.

thank you,


Folks I wish we could be more professional in the way we write or what we say about people whether they are in leadership positions or not and stay
"above the belt" so to speak so we would not go into personal stuff. After all, the folks we write about including Diaz have friends and relatives who may be accessing this blog so let us give them the respect they are due. I am one of the most vocal critic of Diaz, but I think we need to maintain professionalism in our deliberations so that the integrity of this blog could be maintained. Ak meral olngit.

P. Thomas,

Go man Go! You tell these ignorant sods! Samsay you are a fool for canvassing that we need a greunt like Dias.

Go on say that Hitler was good for Germany or Sadam was good for Iraq!

Samsay you make me sick! It is people like you that enables monsters like Hitler and Lenin able to exist and bring misery to the world!

Well said RM,

I want to see justice in Palau. I want to see real sustainable investment coming to Palau. I want to see an end of monopoly and protectionist policies in Palau!

I want to see good schools, good hospitals, good road and good sewage systems. I want to see good telecommunication systems. I want to see a good social system where our old are looked after and our children are given good education. I want to see opportunities for good jobs for all Paualans.

Don't tell me this is impossible because we have no money! RUBBISH!!!!!

The Nakamura and Remengesau Administration received (over a sixteen year period) over 3 BILLION DOLLARS of grants and aids from the US, Japan, Australia, Europe and Taiwan!

Don't tell me that 3 BILLION DOLLARS was not enough to establish a financial base for a country that has a small population of 20,000!!

Just divide 3 billion by 20,000. It gives every man, woman and child $150,000. If Nakamura and remengesau had invested that money wisely and got a return of 10% per annum each man, woman and child would now be receiving $15,000 per annum! Ha Ha Ha!




im a palauan currently in the USMC, that is united states marine corp. i was a small guy at first and now i train us citizens how to fight battles and give them orders how i see fit. im very hummble to know that diaz serve and claim that he did. i for one says that my salary pay for my service. i was a grunt or you can say dirt devil. telecom or ppl like diaz are call POG personell other than grunts. they are deployed to was area but never seen battle. they come back with PTSD post traumatic sindrome disorder. that is that they didnt see war and now living trying to pretend that they did. it is a very big problem in the arm forces and its eating the veterans afairs budget to irons those fake out. hope that diaz will let it go and the victims live happily. ill monitor and will come back to make sure that this guy dont use us military backround to harm palau. love my island to let go to waste. im in iraq now and will be home soon. hope to see nice palau. love ya'll.


For a USMC Major, you sure don't sound or write like 1. More Power to all the the TRUE PW1 USMC and all the PW1 Military Personnel, officer or not.

I don't get it. Military service is good for some palauans but for other palauans like Diaz it carries a stigma. So what if Diaz is prone to telling tall tales when it comes to his military service. Its quite normal in military circles and for some even a coping mechanism. Don't think for a minute that Lt. Col. Chin has never tried to put himself above and beyond when describing the mundane tasks he did on a daily basis when he served. Everyone does it even in the civilian world. In Great Britain, one can even buy their way into being called Lord so and so or Baron whathisname. This is the world we live in nowadays. Everything has a price. So Diaz paid his dues in the military. He has every right to tell his stories. Ultimately, its up to you as to whether or not you believe him. If Diaz current plight has any educational value, at the very least it should show to his detractors that there is nothing wrong in believing in yourself and what you stand for in this world.

Oh, I get it now. I should tell my sons to tell a lie just as long as it has some educational values to someone else. What a bunch of grab I have ever heard!

COCONUT POLITICIAN-Webster's Dictionary means..........."DIAZ". The sad part is that belauans are just as dumb as he is to vote him in office again...uh hm....those who voted for him. now he's become a liability rather than an asset to the government and its image as a small nation. belau and its people have become a collateral damage by DIAZ's poor ehtics that does not exist, limited intellect, and his big mouth.
alii eng mo medinges obechad ra tara taem.


May I ask if you...sympathize with Diaz as you seem to be playing the devil's advocate?

I am so sick of Diaz news - it is giving me an ulcer. Omdui, can we have some other fish to fry?


unfortunately he is taking down Palau and JT administration all at once. he is the news. and it is all bad!

Hey guys,

Alsalmla mo high a blood pressure erkemiu em turn your radio off/listen to some other radio starions. You sound like you are obssessed with radio diaz. Psychologically, you are promoting his radio station, and, I bet ya he is enjoying it!

what happened with the case. heard diaz was absolute diaster and salvador was so bad it would have been better if diaz represented himslef. i also heard that roll 'em attorney was really good and witnesses were sincere. anybody see this? i think this is important case, what did CJ finally decide?

CJ decided in favor of Roll'Em, and the TRO will remain in effect until trial.

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