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March 10, 2009


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Why is there any need to restructure? Now that the 'disgraced' AG is no longer holding a post of trust in government, just get someone TRUSTWORTHY to do the job - putting the AGO under the President's office directly under the control of the President? Why? Just because of a few bad apples, why the need to place the AGO under direct control?

More important - what is the Bar Council doing by letting the FORMER AG (who advised and was supposed to charge the PSB officials) now acting for the former attorney of the PSB attorney! No wonder the attorney's boat was allowed to leave Palau. WOW - the former AG and the former attorney for the PSB! This says it all! Its seems to be clearly out in the ope now!

The former AG is now attorney for the former attorney to the PSB - does this not cofirn the collusion of why no one was convicted for crimes and the losses? It seems that it even is bona fide evidence of a need to cover-up for someone higher up. Could it also be evidence of coflict of interest having been involved in the entire case?

Perhaps this is why NO ONE is being held liable or accountable for the huge losses that the Palauan people have suffered through the collapse of the PSB?

What are all the people who have lost their savings doing about this? Shame on you if you do nothing and allow this form of justice to continue!

What is the MOJ going to do about this and about the Palau Bar Council allowing such people to practice law in Palau? Shame, shame, shame!

Shame on Palauans for allowing these cheats to get off scot free and to be able to take on clients in cases where they have previously been 'on the other side'. Is it the priviliged insider information that they have been able to use to get people involved in criminal activities off? Perhaps they are allowed to get these people off so that the real culprits will not be investigated? Why is Palau allowing those with infromation on the guilty parties of PSB fiasco to leave the country and remove their assets from Palau?

It seems that there is sufficient evidence of re too many parties in bed with eachother and a need to cover up the facts to save their own skin! What is the President doing about this?

Is the President placing the AGO directly under his control to oversee that the AGO personnell carry out their duties correctly? It sure shows us that he is dissapointed in the actions of that office! What else has been uncovered?

Must we loose even more faith in our judicial system before something concrete is done to criminals?

'comon you guys, do something right for Palau for a change!

NOT at all delighted!!

The bad should be removed - not just from government! It is about time someone was placed in jail!

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