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March 23, 2009


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Can you imagine drinking the wine bottled in the bathromm from them? Who knows what the condition of the bathroom looks like? I hope they get send home. Before we know it, certain areas just might become, their "china town." They will try anything to make a buck and we are too naive to realize it. Who knows what else is being practiced behind close doors.. Are these people seriously been cleared as far as their health is concerned as well. The thought of the wine being bottled in the bathroom just makes me sick!

I wonder if they are selling us our own products that were originally stolen from us in the first place? If they can dominate the World's Economy who are we to stop them?

I strongly disagree when we say "Who are we to stop them from dominating the world economy:.


If you see things that foreigners are doing to pollute our country and economy. It is your responsibility to report it to the proper authorities.

Ngeiask el Buik er Belau

Its obvious its our taro that their using. Where else did they get the taro to cook and turn in to wine, obviously they did not get them in from China!

They should be deported and BUIK is right!! if you see any illigal activity done by foreigners report them to athourities!

Remember if we see any illegal activity being done by Palauans, please also report it to the authorities.

What do we do if they are the govt authorities or officials? I guess we can just keep taking pixs, gathering evidence, and give to the next admin. Or, the media.

Don't make me laugh,

Reports were made with evidence supplied to the Minister of Justice (CHIN) about the AG's and SP Walton illegal activities! What was done? NOTHING!

The AG was was cavorting with a Chinese Madam. His wife Greenburg was involved in extortion activities and also manipulating the FIB. This was also reported! What was done? NOTHING!

SP Walton committed purjury and cheating. This was also reported to the authorities. What was done? NOTHING!

Many expatriate attorney drink and smoke pot during working hours. They drink and drive! This was also reported. What was done? NOTHING!

TR, Nakamura, TS and the Finance Minister have all be reported for corruption. What action has been taken? NOTHING!

Now you guys want more reports to be made. What for!!!

Bye Bye! Good luck wit reporting! Ha Ha Ha

MOH-Dr. Kuartei got drunk and had an accident on friday morning 3/20/2009. He was not even taken to hospital. No, he refused treatment or be interviewed by police. Stitched his head at his pharmacy....Dr. Mekoll did it for him. His pick up truck was taken to the shop in Airai and hidden behind the fence. Is this what we called open government? No DUI, NO reporting if it involve higher ups...This make former MOC-chin looks like a saint compare to the present one.

someone is already sounding like a broken record and also makes me think that he or she is here just to bark and whine about their own preferred ideology... whatever. i believe that for someone to gain listeners, they must show that they have credibility. that also requires someone to listen and show competence, character, and composure. with that being said islander, please come up with something better for once. im an occasional visitor of this site, and everytime i come by, i usually read you in the blogs writing superficial and shallow negative comments about tr or kn or who knows what and seldom fail to plug nautilus or cheer for "long live blah blah blah! or foreign investors" have some originality in your thought and look for other reasons why we should let foreign investors own the land that we have lived on since the days of our ancestors. i wont go into details details on why we shouldn't. i honestly was going to, but now i just feel that it's senseless if you are going to convince someone, assuming they are palauan, not to sell our own land/home to foreigners. it is sad to know that islander actually thinks that we should sell out to our trusted foreign investors just to live comfortably. just because there are a few people who are powerful in our island, i dont believe we are at the point already were monopoly is being seen as an obstacle for competition within the economy wherein others cant share in the wealth. just because you think that way- you are already convinced that selling your island out to foreigners is the way out? sad.

also to you, this should be a site where learners, citizens, or anyone interested can pull well thought ideas from the blogs. lets not have a wild west shootout, where spraying (as tr uses it) replaces the metaphorical guns. lets share by all means but lets not keep shoving ideas in peoples faces relentlessly while attacking anyone who seems to disagree. THAT is the easiest and crooked route.

and maybe that way we could take this okedyulabeluu even further to the next level where we have meaningful discussion that truly makes this a thriving blogger's website in the truest sense of the idea..

waisei- ng chebuul a lsekum ng merang meng mo re ngii a scar ra medal a spam er ngii. a le sekum ng merang e tia telemall el arrest er a re bulis. haha. de ngeltengat ng dimlak de lose ra tara rare el dr. re kid. whew!

you're all acting like you didnt have those taro wines now that they report on how they made them lol just joking.

moh- What sad is you coming off trying to sound like a saint on your first comment, then on your last two posts, your'e doing exactly what you're telling Islander not to do. You think those are "meaning discussions"?

There's a lot of "Islanders" in here, so molengull el dikau el mengebelung er kau...

"meaningful", I meant.

moh- nice try but i dont understand you. how am i doing what i tell islanders not to do by posting a light comment. i was talkng about meaningful discussion" in the context of islanders blogs as opposed to what he/she discusses which i notice that he/she is always attacking someone/plugging nautilus with no real claims.

i did not mean that everything has to be serious discussion. that is impossible. bai mokokau le kau itia el mla ochotau e brad/sis. ng dimlak el deu renguk el olengasech er a rengum. locha di chetim a kusaod a taro wine ma lechub ng stephen kuartei/islander? ngauai. sulang e mousubes

moh- Kekuk merolang, diak a chised... watch what you say, that's all. Hope you can understand that.

Taro wine sounds nasty. Just get the recipe before you deport them. Give the recipe to the senior citizens and let them make the wine and sell it to the tourists or they can drink it and have a good time. LOL.

you seem to be well educated person, well informed of every issues that happens here in Palau.

But that doesn't neccesarily mean that nothing is being done about some of the issues you have brought up. If you follow Tial Belau, Palau Horizon, and Island Times you will learn that charges have being filed against the AAG for DUI.

And the reason you say that NOTHING HAS BEING DONE is because you really don't know whats really being done. You do have the right to speak freely on any issues you wish, but please get your facts straight before........

Did you also know that any Palauauan Citizen can file charges against anyone who committs a crime, and get reimbursed by the National Government after conclusion of the case. It's the Law.

Please, lak di moteb e lak a ngerang. Alsekum keuase kechad er Belau, by all means do something about it. Lak mdu ak mla mo mesaik el report.

Kmal di uldesuek el-

Ngeaisk el Buik er Belau

Viva Islander! Islander for the next presidente. Hehehe

Let us in and will take care of you just like Islander said. REally everythings going to be ok!! More money for the people you be happy with us!

Hello Buik,

You say that lots is being done to bring criminals to justice.

If this true then wonderful. I wait to see.

I wait to see SP Walton being brought back to palau to face purjury charges.

I wait to see the AG and his wife being brought back to Palau to face charges for taking money out of the PSB using insider information. I also wait to see the AG place under arrest for cavorting with a Chinese Madam who ran a prostitute ring in Palau.

I wait to see Minister of State, Shmull being indicted for tax evation and for buying a boat for $80,000.00 cash. Shmull also did not declare commissions that he earned for brokering land leases.

I wait for TR and Nakamura to be indicted for tax evation and for corruption as accused by Joshua Koshiba and Minister Ngiraingas.

Viva Sellouts of PALAU!

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